Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Nibiru Earthquake Watch Update


We posted a Nibiru earthquake watch for 7/21/20 to 8/10/20. Here is what happened. Link to original post; Nibiru Earthquake Watch; 7/21/20 to 8/10/20.


Take note that the 7.8 was the largest earthquake in the last year and the number of M 6.0 + was about 67% more than should be expected in a 20 day period. And let’s add to that; the 8/9/20 rare 5.1 North Carolina earthquake, that was in the watch period, and may be a precursor to some very large earthquakes as explained in the video below. (Note some videos are not showing up on phones, go to the website to see the video if it is not below.)

BTW; the next watch period runs from 9/6/20 to 9/26/20.

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