Wednesday, June 27, 2018

“god Will Return On July 26, 2022”

A man named Gary Parker is claiming that he has found a message left by god in the desert sands next to the Great Giza Pyramid and part of the message contains a date—July 26, 2022. He goes on to further claim that this is the date that god will return to Jerusalem.
Below is a link to his information presented on the Josh Tolley show. It is quite eye opening and epitomizes the coming great end times deception.

Here is the link to the website that he referenced where you can see the NASA photos that he referenced.

Here is a quote from the website.

An alien visitation on July 26th 2016 changed everything; the being spoke telepathically. All answers are in the NASA photo and this is where his story begins: aliens return to Earth July 26th, 2022, in Jerusalem, at the Temple Mount.

Here is a quick synopsis of his claims; aliens are communicating to him that they are the ones that have left the messages in the desert near the Great Giza pyramid. Their messages are indicating that they are our god and that god will return to Jerusalem on July 26, 2022. BTW; Gary Parker and I have a few similarities. We were both born in Wilmington, DE and both attended the University of Delaware.

The Analysis

The so called UFO/ETs/Aliens are demonic. They are not our god, they did not start life on earth. Unfortunately Josh is being deceived by demonic spirits. See the following post for a full explanation as to why.

The God Proof

Now what about the date of July 26, 2022? Realizing that the antichrist will be UFO/alien connected and that the antichrist will return to Jerusalem I see several possibilities for that date.

1. Nothing will happen on that date.

2. A UFO/alien/demon will return to Jerusalem on July 26, 2022.

3. The date is a diversion and a UFO/alien/demon will return to Jerusalem on another date.

According to the Bible the antichrist will rule the world from Jerusalem for the last 3.5 years of the last 7 years.

So if the 7/26/2022 date is valid then it is possible that the UFO/ET/demon could return on that date and then take over the world sometime thereafter. That would require that the last 7 years would begin in 2019 or possibly later.

If the date is not valid then it could just be a distraction from the real date to throw Bible prophecy watchers off the trail. Regardless of if the date is valid or not it needs to be watched for antichrist events. But also be aware that it may be invalid and or it may be a diversion from the real date.

But the main thing we must keep in mind is that this man is being deceived, and that UFOs/aliens/ETs are just demonic manifestations and will be a major part of the great end times deception leading to the great falling away and the arising of the antichrist.

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36

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  1. Did you know this? I think it's same kind of disinformation:
    (check the english version)

  2. I was just listening to a yputYou radio talk show, and they believe that Gary's story is the great deception, but that enlil and enki created humans and that Adam was an angel decieved into becoming humans to be good for alians. What the? Saten is a master of confusion.