Friday, May 11, 2018

Beware: Earthquake Swarm at Mt Rainier

It is being reported that Mt. Rainier has been experiencing an earthquake swarm. Sometimes earthquake swarms under volcanoes precede eruptions.



Many have had dreams of an eruption at Mt. Rainier, and it also has some amazing synchronicities as brought out in this post copied below.

Mount Rainier 7431

1/1/18: Updated at end of post.

A few weeks ago by “chance” I happened to view a Google Earth picture of Mt. Rainier and saw an odd looking anomaly at the top of the mountain--there is a bunch of yellow stuff as pictured below.

The photo above was dated July 16, 2017. In all the previous photos I could find no yellow stuff as shown in this photo from July 15, 2014.


My thinking at the time was that the yellow stuff was sulfur and maybe it was a sign that she was getting ready to erupt. Then today this article popped up in the news.

Active Volcano Mt. Rainier Shaken By 'Swarm' Of 23 Earthquakes.

The earthquakes started on of all days 9/11/2017 the same day that I issued a watch for the occurrence of a natural disaster 2 years earlier which was fulfilled with Hurricane Irma hitting Florida.

And what would happen if the 14,411 ft. Mt. Rainier, called the most dangerous mountain in the United States, erupted?

Since the eruption of Mount Saint Helens in 1980, people both locally and internationally have hypothesized as to how much destruction would occur should Mount Rainier erupt. As the largest mountain and volcano in the lower 48 states, an eruption would be catastrophic, not only due to the size of the mountain itself, but also because of the sheer number of people who call the surrounding valley home.

If Mount Rainier were to experience a full-blown eruption today, it would likely be the worst natural disaster in U.S. history up to this point by far.  And scientists tell us that such an event is inevitable…

Now get this, I just drew a line from Mt. Rainier to my house. The line is 2039 NM long! This is the exact same distance of the line that ran from the OKC bombing location to St. Croix that corresponded to the length of time from my dream of the destruction of an Island paradise—2039 days.

I was told in my dream that the destruction would take place a certain amount of time that corresponded to the distance from OKC. St. Croix was hit by Cat 5 Hurricane Maria on 9/20/2017 which was 2039 days from 2/20/2012—the day of my dream. Here is the post; Prophetic "Dreams Of A Paradise Lost" Fulfilled. 

2039 days from my dream Hurricane Maria hit St. Croix.

2039 NM from OKC Murrah Building to St. Croix. 

2039 NM from Mt Rainier to my house.

What are the odds? BTW; the line from Mt. Rainier to my house goes through the mouth of Obama.

Apparently many have had dreams of  volcanoes going off in the North West and specifically Mt. Rainier. As far as when this  might occur; here is a thought, since the 2039 from my dream was associated with Hurricane Maria and 2039 is associated with Mt Rainier, maybe the date will be associated with Hurricane Maria too. Then there is also the eclipse and the proverbial yet 40 days and judgment cometh, which would put us at 9/30/2017. I believe this to be a prime date for a severe judgment(s) to occur. Any thoughts, comment below.

I just looked up sulfur and eruptions and found this; As magma nears the surface and its pressure decreases, gases escape. This process is much like what happens when you open a bottle of fizzy drink and carbon dioxide escapes. Sulfur dioxide is one of the main components of volcanic gases, and increasing amounts of it herald the arrival of increasing amounts of magma near the surface.

Update 1/1/18

The Washington train wreck occurred 2039 NM from the Capitol Building in Washington D.C., the train wreck was also 40 NM from Mt Rainier. Thus the train wreck may tie into the Mt. Rainier eruption somehow. Here is the post; The Washington Train Wreck; Beware What It Foretells!
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36

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