Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Washington Train Wreck; Beware What It Foretells!

12/30/17 UPDATE
12/23/17: Another VIP update.
12/21/17: VERY IMPORTANT Update added at end of post!

When a synchronicity smacks you upside your head, its best to take heed. When many do, then beware. I ran across several startling synchronicities that did just that, and believe we would do well to take heed and beware.
The syncs involve the 12/18/2017 DuPont, Washington Amtrak train derailment. May our thoughts and prayers be with those affected by this tragedy. Before I show you the syncs, let’s first take a look at some of the data.
On December 18, 2017, Amtrak Cascades passenger train 501 derailed near DuPont, Washington, United States. It was the inaugural southbound revenue service run on the Point Defiance Bypass, a new passenger rail route built south of Tacoma, Washington…
At 07:33 local time (15:33 UTC), the southbound Amtrak Cascades passenger train derailed southwest of DuPont, about 40 miles (64 km) south of Seattle and about 5 miles (8.0 km) south of the Joint Base Lewis–McChord (JBLM) main gate. Thirteen of the fourteen carriages derailed while approaching the railroad bridge across southbound I-5 near Mounts Road. The lead locomotive, a new Siemens Charger, and several cars went down the embankment on the south side of the bridge; the locomotive ended up on I-5 and spilled approximately 350 US gallons (1,300 L) of fuel. Two cars ended up on the bridge span, and other cars went off the railroad bridge abutment on the north side and onto I-5. The trailing (pusher) P42DC locomotive, № 181, remained on the tracks. Seven vehicles, including two trucks, were damaged by the derailed cars of the train, which was operating the inaugural run of the Cascades on the new, faster Point Defiance Bypass route between Lacey and Tacoma. The southbound train, numbered 501…
There were seven crew (including a Talgo technician) and an estimated 77 passengers on board the train. It was reported that the train was traveling at 81.1 miles per hour (130.5 km/h) when it derailed, while the speed limit on the curved track segment where the derailment occurred is 30 miles per hour (48 km/h). The preceding track segment north of Mounts Road has a limit of 79 mph (127 km/h). 

 Ok, now that we have had a look at the data let me show you an astounding synchronicity with this event, I will then show you some number syncs and then we will consider what this event may mean and what it may foretell.
The 2039 Synchronicities
It all starts with a dream—a dream of a paradise lost. I had this dream on 2/20/2010, and in the dream I saw the destruction of an island paradise and was told that the event would occur at an amount of time equal to the distance from OKC.
My dream was fulfilled 2039 days later on 9/20/2017 when Cat 5 Hurricane Maria slammed into St. Croix, which is 2039 NM from OKC. You can read all the details here; Prophetic "Dreams Of A Paradise Lost" Fulfilled.
So the distance from OKC to St. Croix—2039 NM—matched the number of days after my dream that the event occurred—2039. Now get this; from the exact location of the DuPont, Washington train wreck to the Capital building in Washington, D.C. is 2039 NM. Ask yourself and ponder why?

The line from the Washington train wreck to the Capital Building runs at exactly 87 degrees, 87 is the number of a black hole that some say will effect the earth in early 2018.
And yet another sync; 2 NM from the Capital building in Washington D.C. is the DuPont Circle in Washington D.C. and 2 NM from the train derailment site is the center of DuPont, Washington. BTW; the DuPonts are reported to be one of the 13 illuminati families that rule the world.

I would say those synchronicities are way beyond coincidence and there is a message and or warning for the USA here. Before we consider that aspect, let’s first look at some number syncs involved in the incident.
The day of the month: 18, 18 = 6+6+6—antichrist number. 12/18/17 was day # 352 (11 x 32) of the year. 11 is the number which marks, disorder, disorganization, imperfection, and disintegration.
The pushing locomotive, which was the only train that did not derail, was a P42DC—42 is an antichrist number, he will rule the world for 42 months. “And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.” Rev 13:5
It was engine number 181, the train was traveling at 81.1 mph. The rail line cost $181 million to build.
The passenger train number was 501, HW I-5 was shut down and one of the roads traffic was diverted to was Rt 510. The train was traveling approx. 51 mph over the speed limit.
13 trains derailed, about 1300 L of fuel spilled—in the Bible 13 is the number of rebellion, apostasy, defection, corruption, disintegration, revolution, or some kindred idea. The service was named Point Defiance Bypass which ties right in.
There were 7 crew members, and 77 (7 x 11) passengers. The crash happened at 7:33 (3 x 11). The construction of the new rail line spanned 7 years. The accident happened 7 days before Christmas. 7 vehicles were damaged by the trains.
The wreck took place 40 NM from Mount Rainier, that many have had dreams of a major eruption, which just so happens to be 2039 NM from my house; Is Mt. Rainier Getting Ready to Erupt?
So we see many number syncs, and we have several 2039 syncs. Now what does all of this mean? Is there a message here, and or are these syncs foretelling a future event?
I see several messages; such as defiance against God always brings destruction and America is guilty of defiance of God and a large part of the blame can be put upon Washington, D.C.
I believe some of the numbers of this event such as 11, 13, 18, 33, and 42 point to the soon coming antichrist who will rule the world for 42 months.
Thus I believe the message in its essence is; the end times are near, and America has defied God and judgment is coming lest we repent.
Does this event point to a future event? Yes, I believe it does and I believe it will involve judgment coming upon the USA, what exactly and where I do not know, but because of the 2039 distance connection to Washington D.C., my instincts tell me that Washington D.C. may be a possible location and or Mount Rainier.
As to when, I do not know, but two dates that come to mind are Christmas 2017, which is 7 days from the event and  has some number connections to the train wreck. Another date possibility is 1/27/2018, which is 40 days from the event and 33 days from Christmas. That date is also 91 days before 4/28/2017 which is a possible antichrist date encoded on the dollar bill and derived using the number 42. See the post; Prophecy Watch; Beware Christmas 2017.
Would love to hear what you think about all of this and or what you think this event means and may be foretelling.
Note: my first review for The Rapture Theorem was from a pre tribber, and he flamed me, would appreciate if any of you who purchased the book could put in a review.)
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36

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12/21/2017 Update:
We may have a confirmation of a Washington D.C. event planned for around Christmas time. I just became aware of this info today. An intelligence source named Q is leaking semi cryptic messages about recent events such as the Atlanta Airport blackout and the Washington Train wreck and also a future event for Washington D.C. Here is the pertinent data; 

In the beginning of the message we see info about the Atlanta blackout. Notice at the bottom of the message we have; 
 CLAS OP IAD (future).
How about a nice game of chess?

IAD is the symbol for the Dulles International Airport—the Washington D.C. airport located in VA. So the message can be interpreted as; a future classified operation for Washington D.C. and or Dulles Int. 

In the next message “SPLASH” and “FOX THREE” are interpreted.

It is clear that it involves a missile launch and or intercept. 

The info also says that the clock started on 12/7/2017 (Pearl Harbor day) on a 10 day schedule. The Atlanta event was on 12/17/2017 and that would put the Washington event on 12/27/2017. Note: Inclusive counting would put the event on 12/26/2017. 

Let me point out that the info in the train wreck post above points to a possible event in Washington D.C. around Christmas time and info from the last post was linked to Pearl Harbor and it pointed to 12/26/2017. 

Another thought; the train wreck post above featured “a map” where the special judgment number of 2039 NM from my dream is the distance from the Washington train wreck to the Capitol Building. Notice what he says about a map. 

Shall we play a game?
Map is critical to understand.
Future unlocks past.
DECLAS ATL (past).
News unlocks map.
Find the markers.
10 & [10].
12/7 – 12/17. 

Did God allow me to unlock the map? Is the next event planned for Washington D.C. on 12/26-27/2017? Time will tell. Any thoughts, comment below. 

Here is a video by BPEarthwatch about the message. 


Update 12/23/17

Just found another synchronicity. I believe the Lord prompted me to check the distance from the train wreck to Pearl Harbor--the place and event that started this whole investigation and what I believe Q referred to in his info regarding 12/7--Pearl Harbor date. First let me remind you of what was written above in regards to the distance from the train derailment to the Capitol building--2039 which matched the 2039 from my dream.

Here is another one; 2039 hours = 86.5 days (87 rounded up). Hurricane Maria hit St. Croix on 9/20-21/2017. There are 87 days between 9/21/2017 and 12/18/2017 when the train derailment occurred.

The distance from the train wreck to Pearl Harbor is approx. 2303 NM.

2303 hours = 95.96 days (96 rounded up). There are 96 days between 9/21/2017 and 12/27/2017--one of the days that we are watching and that Q referred to.

I believe that this new sync further adds to the watch for 12/26-27/2017 and may possibly indicate an event for Hawaii and or Washington D.C. on those dates.

Update 12/30/2017
According to Q Anon—whoever he is—there was an event planned for 12/27/17 as evidenced from his 10 day reference in the update above. He also referenced that a missile launch may have been involved. On 12/25 he posted that “we are safe.” Just before Christmas he also indicated that a Delta force operation was being launched. Putting two and two together leads me to believe that the 12/27/17 event was stopped.
Note: several researchers are picking up info that may indicate an event for NYC on New Year’s Eve. See comments below.



  1. The 1988 economist article (with the phoenix on the cover) talked about watching for the Phoenix around 2020.

    Dec 7th 2017 1+2+0+7+2+0+1+7= 20
    Dec 17th 2017 1+2+1+7+2+0+1+7= 21
    Dec 27th 2017 1+2+2+7+2+0+1+7= 22

    2021- 2022

    Also 22 for the Masons means "Action"


    1. Thanks for the info, that may come into play, the devil and his crowd love doing things by the numbers

  2. I think Q anon is A. I.?
    The gollum in the web etc...
    25th December (666)?
    2nd January (555)?

    1. interesting you should mention those numbers, somebody emailed or commented that a prince Harry tweet or watch listed the time 18:15 = 666:555

  3. Christ mass is probably the single biggest trick the enemy has. many would defend and seek to make it about Christ, yet the book of Jeremiah specifically calls out the pagan practice of setting up and decorating a tree.
    I am in agreement that it is a very good possibility that this time period would be used to bring the enemy in.

    The Amtrak (= 222) passenger train number was 501
    Christ mass has a hebrew gematria value of 501
    As well as December solstice
    Christ was not born on this day the imposter was.
    This is the "hook" back to the RCC before the reformation.
    If something does occur on 26-27 gridlock is almost certain for travel.

    1. Thanks for the info about the gematria of Christmas I did not check that, that is very interesting indeed that it matches with the train number and thus is another sync pointing to Christmas time for the next event.

    2. 501 is also the gematria value of Barack Hussein Obama.

      at 3:15 to 3:55 mark


    3. Important to know, may tie in to what is going on behind the scenes.

  4. Shall we play a game. How about a nice game of chess... from the movie war games. The map of "global thermo nuclear war in wargames"


    1. Thanks for adding that in, I was wondering where that phrase came from, the data seems to be indicating the possibility of a missile incident around Christmas. Let's hope and pray not.

    2. At the 1 min mark "shall we play a game" Matthew Broderick goes on to tell it to play global Thermonuclear war. (Begining of movie)

      "How about a nice game of chess?" (Very end)

      at 4:44 min mark


    3. Thanks for sharing, now I understand that the phrase "do you want to play a game of chess" means that the threat has been eliminated.

    4. Perhaps it references the 1983 movie “War Games”. The computer asks “Do you want to play a game.” The end of movie shows Defense Department computer flying thru every conceivable simulation of missle launches and concludes there can be no winners.

  5. They are using the moon astrology calendar

  6. "Q" is also the head of MI-6 in James Bond films.

    Q = 17th letter
    M = 13th letter
    I = 9th letter
    6 = 6





    If you take the masonic "magic square" which is 3x3 in layout and give each a number 1 through 9 you get 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9=45...4+5=9

    1. Very interesting, was not aware of the James bond connection. 999 upside down is 666

    2. Whoops, sorry I meant "M" is the head of MI-6..."Q" is the head scientist.

  7. How about this Q continuum
    Time traveler?

  8. Some observations on the 12/27/2017 date +- 1/2 day. Donald Trumps 70th biblical birthday was in conjunction with zenith Sun on 6/21/2016, dispensation of time between dates is 555 days. His 70th prophetic birthday (360×70)was on 6/12/2015, 1260 days after the 25200 mark is 11/23/2018 and this date is 333 days from 12/27/2017. The division of time between 6/21/2016 and 11/23/2018 on 12/27/2017 +-1/2 is 555/333 and the date shares the same raito as Noahs Ark, Ark of the Covenant and the altar namely 5:3.

    1. Very significant information! Great research and thank you for sharing. I know 555 as the triple death number, any thoughts on 333?

    2. I just checked this, not sure if significant; from the exact time of the winter solstice 12/21/17 11:28 AM EST to the 666,666 hour 18 minute time from Pearl Harbor, which is on 12/26/2017 AM 7:36 EST is 116 hours 8 minutes, rounds to 116 hours which is a backwards upside down 911.

  9. I was checking a few things and I see the Vegas shooting and the December 26th/27th 2017 date you wrote about have a 87 or 88 day count, the 88 being a redigit as 555/333. As far as 333 not sure what to make of it besides half of 666. One thing I think is unusual is why when you add 666 days to sunset 21/6/2016 you come to sunset April 18 2018. Sunset April 18th 2018 israel will start celebrating its 70th birthday on the Hebrew Calendar and Donald Trumps 70th Hebrew birthday was on 21/6/2016 Gregorian, The 666 day count between their 70th birthdays seems unusual especially because Trump has shown himself to be such a great advocate of Israel/Jerusalem and Christians as well, God's elect. The 21/6/2016 date looks suspect.

    1. 555-333=222. 2:22 is the time on back of the old $100 which when folded in the esoteric way looks like the aftermath of a nuclear bomb

    2. THX agin for the good info--the syncs are stacking up!

  10. June 2017- Trump tweeted “Camp David is a very special place”
    Dec 26 is Boxing Day throughout the English speaking European world
    Dec 7 surprise attack on Pearl Harbor
    IAD-Dulles Airport
    Posts 5,4,3,2,1-Launch
    Dark, Darkness... it is dark where the launch is ordered, Darkness is falling where it is targeted to land. The international date line in the Pacific... Dec 26 in NK, and Dec 25 in Washington DC.
    Great Awakening-What a surprise in the middle of the night
    How about a nice game of chess.... 1983 movie “War Games” computer says ‘Would you like to play a game”... computer simulation displays every missle launch/war scenario possible, finally saying There Are No Winners”
    A launch allegedly ordered early morning from Rocket Boy in NK, in a surprise first strike early morning Boxing Day (Dec 26, late night DC time Dec 25) targeting Camp David, perhaps from a NK sub off the east coast. Shuts down prematurely and will fall near Dulles. POTUS orders radar guided intercept...countdown 5,4,3,2,1...
    Sub missle successfully intercepted.
    No retaliation by US
    World unites behind US
    NK overthrows (hopefully) Rocket Boy
    (Perhaps a false flag attack designed to blame NK for attempted attack to get the world united in NK sanctions)

    I guess this is ONE guess.

    1. THX, your scenario is definitely possible. I also see a Hawaii Pearl Harbor attack also possible.

      "Fox three: Indicates launch of an active radar-guided missile (such as the AIM-120 AMRAAM and AIM-54 Phoenix)."

  11. George Washington Mesonic National memorial 333' tall, Washington monument 555' tall with 333 stairs and 50 flights/average 333÷50?, National Cathedral 333 stairs.

    1. There is the 333/555 connection--good work. Q Anon just posted a picture of Washington crossing the Delaware.

  12. One last additional comment on the 12/27/2017 time frame, United Grand lodge of England was formed 12/27/1813 and is a date sacred to masons because it's the feast day of Saint John of Patmos on the Roman calender.

    1. Thanks for the info, I was not aware. It will be 104 years old. 104 = 8 x 13.

  13. Bro. William,

    Has Q mentioned anything about the missing Argentine sub?

    1. Looks like there are various pieces of info

  14. Trump train? Train station at western wall to be named after Trump? What are the connections?

  15. This could be the solution of I, Pet Goat 2:

    And LC mark (L=12, C=3) on the floor means that there are 3 days left in the month of December (12th month).

    The existence days of USA are 88200 tomorrow. -> Illuminati 711 (8+8=16->1+6=7 & 2=1+1->11) (88200=7x70x180)

    The woman's pregnancy (Rev. 12) has lasted exactly 9 months tomorrow (12/28/17). The Biblical year of Israel started on 3/28/17 (1st of Nisan).

    1. I'll continue studying Lotus flower in the Pet Goat film. Maybe I was not fully bringing it to ultimate end. Now watch this Aijaa picture what I found from the flower. It's pointing to New Year's Eve. (28+3)

      User jkbugout is a researcher of I, Pet Goat 2 film.

      Pet Goat ii New Year's Eve (28.12.2017)

    2. I think 88222 might be another watch day--1/19/18

  16. Just like in the Pet Goat film...snow and ice

    An arctic blast is going to bring near-record cold for New Year's Eve in Times Square

    New Year’s Eve In NYC May Experience Coldest In History

    I, Pet Goat 2

    1. Good work Olli and I think I remember a skeleton blowing a New Years horn with purple fireworks in the background in the I Pet film

    2. Simpsons Doomsday Clock also points to New Year's Eve 2017!

    3. I, pet goat 2 shares interesting values 332 hebrew gematria with
      Fire is anger
      Blood sacrifice
      Obama Amalek Are One
      Red dragon China
      Killer comet
      Red Socks

  17. Definitely New Year's Eve 2017 is the watch day! Look what I found from the scene of I, Pet Goat 2 movie. Some calculations...

  18. Did you realize that 12 statues of burnt carbonized people in I, Pet Goat 2 movie can be connected to the deadliest New York City fire in 25 years killing 12 people on Thursday (12/28/17)?! Very bad sign for NYC. (Girl and apple in I, Pet Goat 2 film)

    1. That is a terrible tragedy. It is interesting to note that the phone number in the Katy Perry doomsday video--Part of me-- prominently showed an 347 area code phone number that includes some of the Bronx. The next three numbers were 555--illuminati triple death number.

    2. Yes, that was terrible accident but I think it was one major fulfilment of I, Pet Goat 2 movie and harbinger for the big event three days later in New York City. (Note: LC mark (L=12, C=3) means date 12/28/17. Then there are 3 days left in the month of December (12th month)). Girl with an apple which will later drop appears in the Pet Goat movie just before New Year's Eve and is surrounded by burnt people. And you know what? In Bronx fire four of the dead were children! Usually when photographing people bigger people will be put in the back row and small people like children will be in the front row. Now when you look at these 12 statues in the Pet Goat movie you see that there are 4 statues in the front row and 8 statues in the back row. Huge sign!

      Four children among 12 dead in New York apartment fire

      As to the apple drop there is a Ball Drop in midnight on 12/31/17 in NYC. Earlier in the 80's ball was red apple.

      "The ball itself has gone through several changes in the past decades. From 1955 to the late '90s, an aluminum ball was used. For part of the '80s, the ball was styled like a red apple as part of the city's "I Love New York" campaign. After a few years, the white lights returned, and were used until the eve of the new millennium."

      New Event – New Year’s Eve Apple Drop

      This seems too perfect and obvious! Jesus is coming soon! Hallelujah!

      The sixth seal of Revelation will be opened (Bill Clinton and Oslo accords was the 1st seal that is precursor fulfilment of Revelation 6:1-2)! There is a supermoon on New Year's Day!

      First supermoon of 2018 coincides with New Year's Day

    3. Lets not forget purple fireworks--purple rain--uranium oxide. Found an interesting video where the guy also sees many I Pet goat News years 2018 connections. If you look at the right eye of the skeleton man it almost looks like a wolf in his eye. Jan 1 is also a wolf moon.

      From the Q posts I think they stopped the event for 12/27/17.

    4. Here is the video link;

  19. Could they say those famous words "peace and security" (1 Thess. 5:3) on New Year's Eve midnight in NYC?! I argue this based upon unprecedented security measures this year.

    Unprecedented security precautions expected in Times Square on New Year's Eve

    1. That phrase has been going through my mind this week--when they say peace and safety...

  20. I watched Good Morning Anerica this morning. Here are some tidbits from it.

    This years New Years theme is "serenity"

    Security was mentioned several times.

    22 city blocks are secured.

    This is the 7th ball design and 110 years its been dropped starting in 1907.

    Mariah Carey song last year with her audio malfunction. She was said to be given a "second chance" tonight as she sings again with back to back performances.

    They are calling tonight's the coldest New Years in New York in 50 years, and possibly the coldest across the country.

    They termed it a "diabolical deep freeze".

  21. As if confirmation for New Year's Eve theory you just need to look at Katy Perry's watch in her video Part of Me. William wrote about this last year.

    So the watch is showing 10:11:06 and there is also a date on the watch; it looks to be a 10. (Katy Perry's watch)

    These are same numbers that are pointed out in Simpsons Doomsday Clock. (10+10+11+6=37) You get the year when you add up numbers 10+10=20 and 11+6=17 -> 2017! You get the date by numbers 11 and 6 -> 11/06/2017 (2+0+1+7=10)

    So Katy Perry Watch has a date counter. It counts days for each month (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.). In this point of Katy Perry video Part of Me counter is moving to show day number 10. So for the doomsday we get 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10=55! By adding 55 days to 11/06/17 date -> 12/31/17 (New Year's Eve)!

  22. Happy New Year William!

    This is a copy of my video comment for user jkbugout today. (jkbugout's new video)

    "Jason, nothing happened on New Year's Eve but do not give up yet. This New Year's Eve midnight (showed in the wall clock behind Bush) was Midnight Cry told in Matthew 25:6.

    6 And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him.

    And at the same time we had second Super Moon in the short time. Third one (to which Bush is pointing with his finger (third sperm drop)) will be on 31st of January 2018. It is rare Super Blue Blood-Moon, visible in North America, especially in California.

    A Supermoon Trilogy

    Now A RARE Super Blue "Blood" Moon Comes Jan 31, 2018 as End of 3 Super Moons

    Note that blood moons are celestial signs told in Genesis 1:14. We are told in Bible that sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come. The sun eclipse happened on 21st of August 2017 which was first part of these celestial signs. We also must have lunar eclipse (and super moons) before Lord's Day!

    Joel 2:31

    31 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come.

    Acts 2

    20 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and notable day of the Lord come:

    New Year Super Moon Rapture 2018?

    As to the LC mark on the floor, you are right about black L and white C when they mean different years. Black L means dark calendar aka passed year 2017 and white C means new calendar aka year 2018. But C does not mean hours after New Year midnight. When apple has rolled next to C they are forming number 31! Letter C=3 and apple (A) = 1. So it's 31 days after past year 2017! And the blood super moon occurs on 1/31/18 ! It's a high watch time for the Christ coming to His bride!

    In closing, in the Pet Goat film they are showing LUNAR ECLIPSE when Osama and his missiles are sailing on the ice floe in winter time. And we must remember The Economist Cover for 2017 where Star children Trump card is occuring and the moon is blood red.

    "The Star (Trump card #17): Notice the moon is blood red, and there is a comet in the upper middle of the card. The moon is turned blood red after the opening of Seal 6...Seal 6 of Revelation is also the time of the rapture, and thus the star children may represent raptured saints." "

    1. With the 1/5/15 blood moon midpoint date as a possible start date, then stuff would have to happen between now and 6/18/18. If not then we have more time.

  23. There simply can't be a rapture yet. Too much stuff has to happen...such as the AC appearing...then doing the A of D...then we have great tribulation. THEN we can start looking up anticipating Christ coming in the clouds. Its all in Matthew 24, Mark 13, Like 21.

    We have a LOT to experience....many many months at the least.

    1. Ditto, Seals 1-5 have to occur before we get to Seal 6 and the Rapture.