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Rock Music and the Antichrist

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“The Guiding Spirits of Crowley made it quite clear to him that, soon after his death, the world was going to enter the final stage of preparing the hearts and minds of the people to accept the Black Magick attitudes and values of Antichrist. Crowley was told that a very special kind of music was to prepare the hearts and minds of the people for Antichrist. Rock-n-Roll was that music.” Cutting Edge News Article #1758.

BTW; Crowley was one of the most powerful satanist that ever lived, he died in 1947.

I have been in the ministry for over 25 years and unfortunately I have seen many disasters in the lives of many Christian families and individuals. In seeking the Lord and pondering the why of the happenings--whether it was a teenage daughter pregnant, alcohol abuse, adultery, etc.—I believe the Lord showed me that one of the underlying causes in all of these disasters was ROCK MUSIC!

I know the statement I just made may cause a strong emotional response in you. Before you shut me down I would ask that you at least listen to what I have to say, for I am trying to help you and your family. And what I have to tell you is vitally important, especially in the end times as the quote above made clear. After you hear what I have to say then make your decision, but at least hear the evidence that I am going to present before you arrive at your verdict.

I am going to put this information into 3 posts which are portions of a book called Christian Rock Music; Wolf or Sheep? that I wrote a long time ago regarding this issue. So here we go…

Chapter 1

Imagine for a moment that you are a sheep in a large flock and suddenly you hear a cry of WOLF! You would probably run to safety as quickly as possible. But what if after you ran away you turned around and saw what looked like a sheep coming toward you, and not a wolf. And then a controversy arose; some of the sheep in the flock said it was not a wolf but a sheep, yet others still maintained that it was a wolf. Some of the sheep even though they were still a little wary went over to the approaching animal and came back and said that it really was a sheep, and not a wolf. Yet others insisted it was a very cleverly disguised wolf, it was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. If you were one of those sheep what would you do? I do not know about you, but realizing the potential danger of a wolf to sheep, I would cautiously investigate the situation before risking possible destruction.

An “animal” has approached the flock of God and some claim it is a “sheep” while others are saying that it is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” The “animal” that has approached the church is Christian rock music. Some maintain that this “animal” is a “sheep” or that it is OK for a Christian to listen to Christian rock, but others maintain that it is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” or that it is not OK for a Christian to listen to, and that it could destroy a Christian’s life. This article is designed to provide you with information whereby you can decide whether this “animal,” Christian rock music, is a “sheep” or a “wolf.”

In order to determine whether Christian rock and or any other form of rock music is a “wolf” or “sheep” we will examine Rock music’s origin, purpose, and effect, and then evaluate these aspects in light of God’s word. Before I present the information I would ask you to seriously and reverently evaluate the following discussion with an open mind and prayer. For your agreement or disagreement with this article will have eternal ramifications.

For purposes of our discussion in this paper we must first define what rock music is. In recent years rock music is the term given to a particular form of music with a heavy beat. It can be characterized by music where the rhythm or beat is a prominent and or dominating part of the music or where the music is discordant in its beat or chords. Therefore for purposes of discussion in this article we will refer to music in which the beat is the prominent or controlling part of the music, and or music which is discordant in its beat or chords, as rock music. Tim Fisher in his book entitled The Battle for Christian Music made this statement about the composition of rock music.

"Rock music elevates rhythm as the most stressed element, then harmony-melody is last. ... Rap is the logical extension of the direction in which rock music has been headed. Once you demote certain musical elements into relative unimportance, they will soon disappear altogether. Most of rock music did away with melodic interest a long time ago. Therefore, if melody is unimportant, why have it? This is exactly what rap 'music' has done. It has emphasized rhythm as the only important musical element, while de-emphasizing melody and harmony to the point where they are virtually non-existent. By every good definition of music, rap is not music! It is merely rhythmic entertainment" (pp. 77,78).

The term rock music would therefore include other genres of modern day music, which meet these criteria, such as Rap, R & B, Country, Reggae, Pop, etc. All these modern forms of music in this article will be referred to under the general term as rock music

1. Rock music’s origin.

Rock music was first used thousands of years ago in demonic cults and religions and continues to be used today. I am sure we have all seen scenes of natives dancing around fires doing some kind of spirit dance. These rituals have in many cases been performed for thousands of years. The music that accompanies this type of ritual is music with a heavy beat or music where the beat is the dominant part of the music. As we have already discussed music where the beat is the prominent or controlling part of the music has been defined as rock music. Thus the origin of rock music or original use of rock music was to accompany pagan and or demonic rituals for the purpose of invoking spirits. Following is a quote that illustrates the connection between rock music and these demonic cults and religions.

“The so called pagan religions share the conviction that religious worship is a bodily celebration. A dance of the entire community.”

“The metaphysical goal of the pagan way is to experience the intense meeting of the human world and the spirit world. Spurred by the holy drums, deep in the meditation of the dance, one is literally entered by a god or a goddess. The body literally becomes the crossroads, human and divine are united within it-and it can happen to anyone.”

In Abomey, Africa, these deities that speak through humans are called vodun. From their vodun comes our Voodoo, and it is Voodoo that we must look for the roots of our [rock] music.

“The Voodoo rite of possession by the god became the standard of American performance in rock ‘n’ roll. Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, James Brown, Janis Joplin, Tina Turner, Jim Morrison, Johnny Rotten, Prince-they let themselves be possessed not by any god they could name but by the spirit they felt in the music. Their behavior in this possession was something Western society had never before tolerated. And the way a possessed devotee in a Voodoo ceremony often will transmit his state of possession to someone else is by merely by touching the hand; Western performers transmitted their possession through their voice and their dance to their audience, even through their records.

“Rock ‘n’ roll... does preserve qualities of that pagan metaphysic intact so strongly that it unconsciously generates the same dances, acts as a major antidote to the mind/body split, and uses a derivative of Voodoo’s technique of possession as a source for performers and audience alike, of tremendous personal energy.”
Michael Ventura, “Hear That Long Snake Moan,” Whole Earth Review, Spring 1987, pp. 28 - 43.

The fact that rock ‘n’ roll originated with satanic cults and religions, and has been used for thousands of years by these satanic cults and religions, and is continued to be used today is a well documented fact. Even secular rock stars acknowledged this fact. Here are some comments made by rock star and icon Jimi Hendrix.

"He [Hendrix] had gotten a chance to see Rocki and some other African musicians on the London scene. He found it a pleasure to play rhythms against their polyrhythms. They would totally get outside, into another kind of space that he had seldom been in before. ... ROCKI’S FATHER WAS A VOODOO PRIEST AND THE CHIEF DRUMMER of a village in Ghana, West Africa. Rocki’s real name was Kwasi Dzidzornu. ONE OF THE FIRST THINGS ROCKI ASKED JIMI WAS WHERE HE GOT THAT VOODOO RHYTHM FROM. When Jimi demurred, Rocki went on to explain in his halting English that many of the signature rhythms Jimi played on guitar were very often the same rhythms that his father played in voodoo ceremonies. The way Jimi danced to the rhythms of his playing reminded Rocki of the ceremonial dances to the rhythms his father played to Oxun, the god of thunder and lightning. The ceremony is called voodooshi. As a child in the village, Rocki would carve wooden representatives of the gods. They also represented his ancestors. These were the gods they worshiped. They would jam a lot in Jimi’s house. One time they were jamming and Jimi stopped and asked Rocki point-blank, ‘You communicate with God, do you?’ Rocki said, ‘Yes, I communicate with God’"David Henderson, ‘Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky, pp. 250,251

Look at what Little Richard said about rock music.

"My true belief about Rock ‘n’ Roll--and there have been a lot of phrases attributed to me over the years--is this: I believe this kind of music is demonic. ... A LOT OF THE BEATS IN MUSIC TODAY ARE TAKEN FROM VOODOO, FROM THE VOODOO DRUMS. If you study music in rhythms, like I have, you’ll see that is true ... I believe that kind of music is driving people from Christ. It is contagious" Little Richard, quoted by Charles White, The Life and Times of Little Richard, p. 197).

This next story supports that fact that rock music originated in voodoo and links Christian rock to that same origin.

“In 1981, I was driving down a jungle road in the Ivory Coast with several African pastors in the car with me. I had recently received a couple of cassette tapes from our denominational headquarters that were intended for our teenage daughter.

These were recordings of various ‘Christian rock’ artists. In listening to the tapes, I was very disturbed in my own spirit that such material was being sent to our missionary kids.

But not trusting my own reaction alone and realizing that these pastors with whom I was traveling were very sensitive to the spirit world (both good and evil), I decided to play the tapes for them. The reaction I got was immediate and verbally violent!

One of the pastors asked me this question, ‘Do you mean to tell us that this kind of music is played in your churches in America?’

I answered in the affirmative. His response was filled with disgust and anger as he replied with another question. ‘What are you doing allowing your church people in America to call up the evil spirits with their music?’”
The testimony of Rev. Joe Meyers, Tacoma, Washington, printed in; “What the Bible has to say about... ‘Contemporary Christian’ Music,” Institute in Basic Life Principles, 1990, p. 8.

Even the origin of the name ‘rock and roll’ has its roots in evil.

“Rock 'n' roll was a kind of fusion between rhythm & blues and country & western music. Freed was one of the first white people to play this new rhythm & blues/country combination on his radio program, and was perplexed as to what to call it since it obviously needed a new name. Freed had been receiving bizarre reports concerning kids' reactions to this new music, so decided to name it after a ghetto term that black people used for pre-marital sex in the back seat of a car -- hence, the term "rock 'n' roll" was coined.” “Christian” Rock Music, Christian or Satanic?

So undeniably we can see from many sources secular and Christian that the origin of rock music was with the various forms of satanic religious ceremonies. Even the history of its name speaks of its evil origins. Thus the origin of rock music can be traced back to voodoo ceremonies.

“Musicologists and historians are in no doubt that the drum rhythms of Africa were carried to America and were transmitted and translated into the style of music which became known as jazz. Since jazz and the blues were the parents of rock and roll, this also means that there exists a direct line of descent from the voodoo ceremonies of Africa, through jazz, to rock and roll and all the other forms of rock music today" David Tame, The Secret Power of Music, 1984. p.189,90.

Rock Music and the antichrist Part 2

Rock Music and the antichrist Part 3

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36
The end times are knocking on the door and so is Jesus. He wants to save you, will you let him in? Find out what you must do to be saved here.
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  1. William...You nailed it sir! I have seen friends just get consumed by rock music, and it just controls them. Drugs, rock and roll have ruined our country...and yet the rock stars get idolized. They have and are dragging more souls to hell than any movement.

    Maybe I am an odd duck...but I never cowed to peer pressure. My friends all had to smoke cigarettes, get drunk, then later it was pot and drugs. I just let them love the world and I listened to my own drummer, and not the kind that was high on drugs beating out satanic rythms. This country is unredeemable, in my opinion.

    1. Stan, thanks for your encouragement and support, it was needed, the devil has been hitting me really hard as of late--really hard.

      Get this; years ago I was cussed out by a Christian rock musician for the info in this post.

  2. Wow, this one is a hard one... I just can't believe anyone can claim music. Rhythm and harmony are a part of God's creation or am I wrong? Isn't this the same as saying, all pagans eat apples, apples are bad... ?
    But, as always,I much admire and appreciate you're hard work and study. It's way more than I even did. So I will hang tight for the next 2 posts and try to follow this idea.

    1. An apple cane be used for good or bad depending on what is done with it. letters are amoral, but they can be used to make good words or bad. Lines and colors are amoral but they can be used to make good pictures or bad pictures. Notes are amoral and in the same way they can be to make good music or bad.

  3. Thank you for your clear reasoning on this difficult topic. And why difficult? is because too many of us (Christians) are being consumed by this scourge. Some in my own family do not recognize the danger. My advice to those addicted....get a new song in your of the ancient Psalms or hymns. Quit the rock n roll cold turkey.

    1. You are welcome and yes it is very sad how so many are being destroyed by this music.

      When I was first taught about the dangers of Rock music I think some one challenged me to give it up for 30 days, So for 30 days I listened to nothing but melodious Christian music. I then tried listening to a Christian rock song and my spirit had a very negative reaction to it. I can't stand the stuff anymore.

  4. God created Satan....God created the tree of good and evil....Some of his creation we are not to partake of.

    Basically, using substances that break down your will power tends to go towards partaking of Satan's ways.

  5. Bill,

    I continue to pray for you.
    Rock music, Journey, was the music the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob used in a vision to me. This vision, naysayers aside, produced the exact 3 days it took to birth the symbolic 'mother of the anti-christ' Maria.

    God used numbers to back up the vision. God used numbers to back up who wrote it and who sang it. I would assume Journey falls under 'rock music' so I must respectfully say, God can use rock music. Satan can use rock music.

    We need to get back (or get to) a point in our lives where we crave the Spirit of God, a place where we need nothing other than Jesus. God has used rock music to speak to me in a vision just as Acts 2:17 states and I cannot speak to it other than this.

    Christian rock: many, including my own father, have had many blessings from Christian rock music.

    I conclude with the numbers:

    Christian Rock =
    18+48+108+54+114+120+54+6+84+108+90+18+66 =
    888 (Sumerian)

    1. I must respectfully say that you are wrong. Christian rock music is like a cigarette with a bible verse on it or a bottle of liquor with a bible verse on it.

      We are never to base doctrine or determine what is right or wrong based on visions or numbers. Visions and numbers can come from the deceiver too. God's Word is our only standard for faith. God's word condemns rock music in any form.

      A criminal may end up in jail and get saved that does not mean that God sanctions his crime, even though it was used in his life for good.