Saturday, February 18, 2017

The Oroville Dam; Is the Water About to Break?

2/20/17: Important update added at end of post.
Most of you are probably aware of the situation at the Oroville Dam. Some of the latest reports from the alt media are saying that the situation is not looking good and there is the strong probability that the dam will fail. 


And to make matters worse there is a storm, that they have named Lucifer, which is hitting California right now bringing copious amounts of rain. Along with this storm there are also a couple of more storms on the way that could also bring large amounts of rain to California and to the Oroville Dam feeder areas.

One researcher believes that a 5.0 earthquake is possible for the Oroville Dam area because it is midway between two recent 5.0 earthquakes.

Some are saying that the Oroville Dam is what is on the $50 dollar bill.

Several people including myself have always been of the opinion that the Hoover Dam is what is on the $50. There has also been a lot of signaling about the Hoover Dam collapsing as part of an antichrist birthing ritual, and Joe Brandt’s dream also had the Hoover being destroyed a few months before the California mega earthquake.
Thus I am not sure what to think about what is on the $50? Is it the Hoover or the Oroville, or both? Were they originally planning for the Hoover but have changed plans to the Oroville? Or will they both go and be parallel events one following the other at an esoteric amount of time afterward? Here is something that may shed some light on the issue.
Do you see those lines that look to be parallel; they are about 200 miles apart? The top line runs from the Oklahoma City Bomb location to the Oroville Dam, it is 1343 miles long, or 1166.6 NM long. It runs at 289.27 degrees.
The bottom line runs from the New Orleans Superdome to the Hoover Dam, it is 1487 miles long or 1292.29 NM long. It runs at 292.89 degrees.
1487 mi – 1343 mi = 144 mi = 12 x 12. The difference between their degrees to the nearest tenth is 3.6 degrees. The sum of all the numbers from 1 to 36 equals 666.
Here are a few more facts; the OKC bombing was depicted on USA money.
One of the Mercedes tridents on top of the New Orleans Superdome pointed directly to the Hoover Dam. The Super Bowl that was played there featured a Beyonce halftime show and a “water flowing over the dam—breaking of the water” ritual. That is the Super Bowl where the lights went out in the Western part of the stadium. Another trident pointed to the Georgia Guidestones.

The New Orleans area just experienced some bad tornadoes which has a connection to the Israel/Palestinian State issue, as also does the Orville Dam. 

Notice also that the OKC Oroville line goes right through the bunny head. The bunny is a representation of satan/lucifer and is also featured in the Washington DC street layout, and was featured in the I, Pet Goat II film.

There are a lot of interconnecting synchronicities that I see here. The question always comes down to what does it all mean? From all that I have seen over the past few years regarding the Hoover Dam leads me to conclude that one day it will be destroyed. The connections that I am seeing above lead me to believe that the Oroville Dam may be involved in a parallel event.
For now all looks to be well with the Oroville Dam but if additional heavy rains come which cause the emergency spillway to have to be used and if the information about the dam from the insiders is accurate, then they are saying it will fail. We also have the earthquake watch to add into the equation. Time will tell.
But if it fails, and I hope and pray that it doesn’t, then look for a parallel Hoover event to be next and after that the California mega earthquake. If you have any additional info please add in the comments.
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36
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To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen. Jude 1:25
Update 2/20: The USA just sent a carrier group to the South China Sea. This could cause trouble.
After reading the article I decided to draw a line from the Hoover Dam to the Oroville Dam and continue it on and it went right to the disputed area in the South China Sea.

Thus this situation bears watching. Another breaking situation that bears watching is the Wilton Nuclear Power plant.


  1. William- I remember first reading your post about the Mercedes trident pointing to the Hoover dam and the Georgia Guidestones. I checked on Google earth to verify for myself...and the two arms of the trident which are 120 degrees apart do indeed point to both these landmarks. As a helicopter pilot, I then computed the flight path in degrees from the Superdome to the Hoover Dam, then plotted the flight to the Georgia Guidestones. The course was indeed right at 120 degrees from the course flown to the Hoover dam. Great effort and work you put into these blogs. I get even more value out of them verifying for myself....then J become a much more convincing testimony by not repeating what I read , see, and hear...without verifying. Thanks again for all you do!

    1. Thx for the encouraging words and for verifying, it adds credibility to what is being presented.

  2. I see this a little different. For about six years the previous to 2016 the Lord withheld the rain from the land. Extreme severe drought the vegetation on the land has to be in very poor condition especially on mountainsides and hillsides.
    The timing of relief seems to coincide with the departure of BHO.
    And now this "Atmospheric river" that has been formed and set to bring much rain to this area which is the same area that has been most vocal in Trumps policy changes in regards to several issues. Hollywood, the governor, the illegals and many seemingly mentally ill groups that have assembled themselves to blat for the return of evil.
    That which mankind deserves is held back by the mercy and grace of God. It is called judgement. It has been restrained and just like those dams, hold back an enormous force. A catastrophic failure of any of the dams will be certain destruction of property and life.
    When I look at the purpose of these of these man made dams they seek to take which what God provides and parse it out evenly. Now they are of great liability because if the fail it will release and destroy much of CA. Physically and financially.
    A great deal of Americas food comes from this area and the problems that will be incurred will be felt by the whole country.
    Most of Americas grievous sins have grown up in CA.
    The time for repentance is here. Starting with the so called "church", which has stood by silently and collected mammon for it's coffers and built these mega churches teaching their heresies.

    1. I agree the time for repentance is here and it must start with the house of God.

  3. P.S. How is it possible for the L to be inline for use again when the storm orson was just used? I am suspect of that being so.

    1. I think it was different naming entities and one is for snowstorms

  4. I am italian :
    oro italian = english gold
    ville french = english city


    1. Yes gold city that is where the CA gold rush was. I wonder if this will have a connection to gold and or gold price suppression.

  5. I thought the golden calf and the prostitue of the Apocalypse. And even thought of crash of the market international and the end of the USA.

  6. From Nathan Leal of the watchmans cry. "I saw an aircraft carrier sink"

  7. With regard to the two parallel lines joining the Oroville Dam and the Oklahoma Bombing and the Hoover Dam and the New Orleans Superdome it might be a trapezoid shape they are hinting at. The top line is shorter than the botton line by 144 miles. So at each end of the trapezoid the top line is shorter than the botton line by 72 miles at both ends. Therefore, using 200 miles as the difference between the two lines we have the lines joining the bottom and top line being 213 miles long. The total perimeter of the trapezoid is 1343+1487+213+213 = 3256 miles.
    3256 = 37x88.
    3+2+5+6 = 8+8.
    32+56 = 88.
    88 is very meaningful to the New Agers concerning the 88 catalogued constellations and the number of keys on a piano. Remember the light memorial for the twin towers?
    37 is a most sublime number connected with Godhood.
    Just lookin' at the numbers!

    1. Great research, thanks for sharing. It may definitely be significant. They are saying that there may be a rapid snowmelt that could cause problems for the Oroville in the near future.