Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Coming UFO/Antichrist Deception

Many years ago—over 30—I read in a book somewhere that UFO contactees were told that in the future the UFO men would send a world ruler to “save” the planet. Right then and there, even though I was a new Christian, based on what I had read in the Bible, I concluded that the coming UFO man fit the description of the coming antichrist.
Over the years I have mentioned this possibility to many Christians. Some have looked at me like I was crazy, some have scoffed, some didn’t know what to think.
Well look what has popped up in the news recently;
A prominent Iranian ayatollah says the Mahdi, the end-times Muslim savior, will come back in a spaceship with the sound “of thunder and its power and speed is that of lightning.”
And we all know who the Mahdi, the end times Muslim savior will be.
And he said, Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and the time draweth near: go ye not therefore after them. Luke 21:8
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  1. William- I so believe the great deception will involve alien deception of some kind at a point when the world is falling apart. Of course these will be fallen angels being used by Satan, the antichrist and the false prophet. The very demonic and occult worshipping is going on as I type...Burning Man is being held right now in the hot desert of Nevada. The demonic aura is so sweeping this planet that I feel like taking a bath reading what is happening all over. I truly believe that 6/6/2016 was an epiphany moment..not the kind you wrote about ...ha...but the kind of moments being unleashed by Satan around the world. Part of me wants to pray to God to bring it in my opinion, more souls are being lost than saved.

  2. So do I William and I have always known somehow. They will come to tell us that they created us and how they are here to help Blah Blah Blah,,,, Dont believe it for a minuet, the Holy Spirit always lets you know

    1. The plan calls for satellite generated holographic religious figures with the ability to speak to simultaneously appear on earth uniting the world's religions under the UFO antichrist man. I believe this will precipitate the great falling away and many will unfortunately do just that.

  3. Look at the new movie, "The Arrival"