Saturday, November 14, 2015

The 11/13/15 Paris Attacks--Another Friday Crescent Moon Death Day

By now you have all heard of the tragic situation that occurred in Paris. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who have been affected by this tragedy.
There are some facts about this attack that I think that you need to be aware of.
1. The attack took place on a Friday and the day of a crescent moon. Many similar attacks have occurred on a Friday crescent moon. Here is a list of some and a diagram showing the days apart that they occurred.
Aurora Batman movie shooting
Sandy Hook Shootings
Santa Monica Shootings
LAX shootings
BTW; a watch was issued on this blog for both the Santa Monica shooting day and the LAX shooting day.
So now we have another shooting on a Friday crescent moon day. In light of the patterns above it may be prudent to watch for future events in relation to the 147/322 pattern and or another pattern. BTW: the 11/13 Paris attack occurred 44 days (inclusive) from the Umpqua Oregon College shootings and 310 (backwards 13) days from the Hebdo Paris shootings.
2. The Paris attack occurred two days after 11/11/15. Here is some of what Bullinger says about the meaning of the number of two in the Bible.
We now come to the spiritual significance of the number Two…It is the first number by which we can divide another, and therefore in all its uses we may trace this fundamental idea of division or difference…But, alas! where man is concerned, this number testifies of his fall, for it more often denotes that difference which implies opposition, enmity, and oppression. The second of any number of things always bears upon it the stamp of difference, and generally of enmity.
Is not what we have just witnessed in Paris the result of a division between Isaac and Ishmael? Does not what just happened relate to opposition, enmity, and oppression? Now consider what was written in the last post.
Here is something to think about; it is possible that 11/11/15 was a “behind the scenes” date and that future events may occur at esoteric intervals past 11/11 such as + 11 days = 11/22, + 11 days = 12/3, + 11 days = 12/14, + 11 days = 12/25, etc. (HT Matt)
The occurrence of this major terrorist attack at the esoteric 2 days after 11/11/15 may indicate that 11/11/15 was a key date. We will have to watch and see if any other things occur at esoterically important day intervals past 11/11/15. BTW: beginning with 11/11 the Dow has fallen 3 days in a row; we will have to watch to see if this continues and if that was the beginning of a consecutive run of down days—stock market crash.
3. Here is a comment a reader left on the last post that we should consider.
I swear in a recent blog there was some comment about a "two-day offset" to things happening because of cloudy skies in Israel that prevented them from seeing one of the blood moons?
If so, here it is, two days after 11/11, and all hell (almost literally) is breaking loose in Paris, with up to 150 people murdered, and the repercussions that will most certainly follow all throughout Europe because of this (meaning attacks on Muslims, the rise of fascism, greater restrictions on personal freedom and travel, etc..).
As large as the effect of this will be, it is quite possible to see this as the true beginning of the Sorrows, IMO. :-(
There was a two day delay to the start of the Biblical year, using the traditional method, due to a sandstorm which delayed the sighting of the crescent moon. BTW; that occurred 2 moons ago.
That is the information I have at this time. Unfortunately there is likely to be more of these events in the future, including America, as ISIS claims it has terror cells in place in 15 states.
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Note: It has been a rough week on many fronts—your prayers appreciated.



  1. Interesting I saw this about ISIS targets in the US
    23 states and 55 cities listed
    As I said before I do believe something Happened on 11/11/2015, we just did not see it.
    Personally something did happen to us as a family on 11/12/2015 that was a setback and a precursor for the days to come in America. The rule of law is breaking away to the rule chaos.
    Ron Reese has some thoughts about what was happening. You cannot prove it by me but this is what he had to say.

    I do not go "all in" on timelines and the setting of dates but saw a YouTube vid that talked about something interesting in the same time frame of the Paris attacks their is a meeting about cLIEmate change in early December.
    The clock is ticking and without a doubt time is running out.

  2. I ran across Ron Reese on today. God has a 21 day delay as in Daniel 10. I believe this is important. I fully believe we are in the tribulation as there is destruction from storms, earthquakes, and volcanoes world wide. God bless you William.

    1. I think the 21 day delay is of possible significance and we may see another event on that day--not the rapture

  3. Bill, something interesting in a daily mail picture of Pres Holland.

    1. Great article, those numbers look significant and may be in play in the near future

  4. It will be interesting to see how the Paris event plays out and the repercussions from it, My heart is heavy for the people and families of this tragic event. I have read about what you have written about the Friday Cresent moon connection and it would seem the Paris event or this particular Friday Cresent moon slipped under the radar. I'm not superstitious but I think it interesting this event happened on Friday the 13th, There currently is a 2 day off set between the Hebrew and Islamic calandar. The Islamic calandar month starts 2 days after the actual lunar solar conjunction, Friday the 13th of November 2015 was the first day of the Islamic month of Safar a traditional time for Muslims to start wars and to settle scores, one of the first things I was hearing about the Paris attack was that the attacker's were yelling the is for Syira, It would seem to me that this date was not random but it was chosen for what it means to Muslims that is to settle scores. I don't know how we missed this date in high sight it seemed to have everything, Friday the 13th Cresent moon it was a time historically for Muslims to settle scores and who knows what else. As of Friday the 13th its 13 more days untill it will be Thanksgiving when many Americans stuffed with Turkey sitting on our lazy boys warm and comfortable. I don't think I would want to be attending a parade in Manhattan this year or attending a NFL game. It sounds like a bomb took down the Russian plane now the Paris event it would seem the US is overdue for another 911 type event and this Thanksgiving or even black Friday we should be extra vigilant and observant.

    1. Interesting we need to be viligant each and every day now this works will only get worse before we get to see the wonderful ending we know how this story ends.. also need to try our best to still spread his word so that others will have the same promise we do..pray study his word on grow closer to him..your info is interesting

    2. Good analysis about Thanksgiving, I believe that one of Rick Wiles daughters had a dream about something major happening on a holiday in the fall.

  5. We should be vigilant an ANY day. They have the element of surprise.

    1. I agree; Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

    2. All of my calculations in my TIME of the END book, as well as our celebration of the feasts at Oasis, are based on using the same standards of measurements that the Bible uses (human observation of the sky, from the perspective of Jerusalem). If by "exact" you want to talk about nano-seconds and precise mathematical calculations using Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), or "time zones," then it is not exact. If, on the other hand, you mean that on an accurate sundial in Jerusalem the shadow will be pointing to noon on Sept. 22, 2036 when the sun crosses the celestial equator (fall equinox), then we have an exact (observable) match. Given the fact that the biblical calendar is based entirely on naked-eye observable phenomenon -- the observable new moon rather than the astronomical new moon -- then we ought to expect such prophecies to agree with what was observable by normal standards and equipment when the prophecy was made. If you think about it, a prophecy like this cannot be any more precise than the language and technology available to the prophet who made the prophecy. It is a part of the "historical "approach to biblical interpretation to first understand the text in the way the original audience would have understood it (with what was available to them) before making any further application. It is therefore imperative that we avoid reading later concepts, science, astronomy, or even technical language back into ancient prophecies. That being the case, we ought to define "noon" by the same standard that Amos and his readers knew, which was the shadow of the "official" government sundial in Jerusalem (see Isa. 38:8) pointing to noon. Also, the sun is big, and will actually take several hours to completely cross the celestial equator (as viewed from earth). So, the time window is larger than a few seconds or minutes. Even so, the exact time of the precise center of the sun crossing the precise celestial equator would be 9:37 GMT. Jerusalem is ahead of GMT by a little over 2 hours. So, that would be about 11:40AM compensating for longitude. But again, keep in mind that this kind of precise positioning of the center of the sun over the center of the celestial equator was absolutely impossible without modern scientific equipment. The best that could be hoped for using astronomy of Amos' day was that the sun would cross the celestial equator at about mid-day. It would begin its crossing before dawn, and would complete its crossing shortly after nightfall. Thus, using observable methods, it should be estimated to be central in its crossing at about noon (which is in actually 11:37AM using precise calculations). But even so, the sun will be at about the middle of its crossing the celestial equator at exactly noon. The position of the sun in relation to the constellations is another important "coincidence." The sun will be at the point of crossing from Leo to Virgo, which is the beginning/end of the entire zodiacal cycle. In other words, if you draw a straight line from due south (180 deg) through the sun at noon (viewed from Jerusalem), the sun will have just past the tail of Leo and be entering the head of Virgo on Sept. 22.

    3. (Of course the exact modern boundaries of these constellations may not be identical with the exact ancient boundaries in Amos' day. We really have no precise way of knowing the exact ancient boundaries, except for the fact that sun will pass the last star in Leo (Denebola) on Sept. 21). Also, the sun will just begin to overtake and pass Mars (the Roman god of war) on Sept. 22 (almost eclipsing Mars). The degree of separation is so small, this would be considered a "conjunction" of the Sun and Mars by any astronomical standard, being less than 1 deg. of separation. I agree that the sun going down at noon must be a supernatural event, not a naturally occurring (regular) event. Here is a bit of interesting info. On Rosh Hashanah (Sept. 22) 2036, at exactly noon (viewed from Jerusalem) the sun will cross the celestial equator. In other words, the fall equinox will occur on Rosh Hashanah at noon in Jerusalem. This is a fairly rare event (the fall equinox occurring on Rosh Hashanah, much rarer than solar eclipses occurring on feast days). In my opinion, the 10 "Days of Awe" between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are going to be the time when the sun is dark and the moon blood red, just before the second coming. IMO, the prophecy of the sun going down at noon marks the beginning of the "darkness" that will cover the earth (Isa. 60:1-2) to announce Christ's return on Yom Kippur. my astronomy program for Sept. 21, at noon. It shows that the moon has past the sun sufficiently (about 18 degrees) so that the sliver of the new moon can be seen just after sunset (Sept. 21). Since the days begin at sunset, this begins Rosh Hashanna which continues through the day (Sept. 22) until sunset. The below pic shows midday (noon) in Jerusalem on Rosh Hashanna. Notice that the sun is precisely at the intersection of the ecliptic (red line marked 0.00 degrees) and the celestial equator (white line marked 0.00 degrees). This is the autumn equinox. Notice also that this is precisely at the intersection of Leo and Virgo, the point where one yearly cycle of the Mazzaroth ends and the next begins. The brightest star in Leo (at the conjunction of the front leg and the torso) is Regulus, the King star. Note the location of Saturn, which is just to the right or Regulus. The planet Saturn has long been a symbol of the god "Sat" (Satan). Note also the location of Venus, farther to the right of Regulus. Venus is called "the bright and morning star" which Jesus claims for Himself in Revelation 22:16. Since the sun will allegedly become dark at noon, and continue this way for the next 10 days (I have the atmosphere turned off in the program), all of the stars and planets will be brightly shining during the day. The following sequence of movements will be in full view directly overhead viewed from Jerusalem.

    4. Watch as Saturn and Venus race each day closer to Regulus, the King star. Below are graphics of days 2-10, Sept. 23 - Oct. 2 Yom Kippur On Sept. 30, the 8th day of the "Days of Awe," the "Morning star" overtakes Saturn On Oct. 1-2, the "Morning star" converges with Regulus, the King star in Leo, the Lion of Judah This is Yom Kippur, when the Jubilee Trumpet will be blown. I am not making any predictions, this is only FYI. However, there is a very good chance that this is what is meant by Jesus in Matt. 24:29-31. "Immediately after the tribulation of those, the sun shall be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, ... and then the sign of the Son of Man shall appear in heaven..." It seems quite natural to conclude from this verse that the darkening of the sun and moon is for the very reason so that "the sign of the Son of Man" might be visible in heaven. The screen shots are how the sky will look at noon each day (without sunlight). However, during the night, the moon will be visible. Normally, during the "Days of Awe" the moon would be waxing, with the sliver of light growing bigger each night until on Yom Kippur it would be illuminated (about 3/4). However, the phases of the moon are fully dependent on the reflected light of the sun and the moon's position relative to the sun. So, to know how the moon would look would first require knowing whether the darkening of the sun was universal, or only locally (over Israel). In any case, the moon will be visible every night, whether partially illuminated red, or perhaps totally illuminated in red. Regarding the astronomical information concerning the date of Jesus' birth in "Mystery of the Mazzaroth," (which also concern the star Regulus), that information is not unique to my book. It was first discovered by Dr. Ernest L. Martin back in the 1960s, and published in his book, "The Star that Astonished the World." I also want to point out that the positions of Saturn and Venus converging on Regulus are not extremely rare events (although they are not frequent either - about every 29 years). There would be little significance to this except for the the timing coinciding with my chronology perfectly, and assuming that I am correct about the "Days of Awe" and the prophecy of Amos about the sun going dark at noon. So, don't go proclaiming this as the "sign of the Son of Man" because it is almost meaningless WITHOUT first assuming that my chronology is correct. I don't see how the prophecy of Amos can not be supernatural. Eclipses are common. So, pointing to them as a significant sign seems a bit underwhelming. The darkening of the sun at the crucifixion was for 3 hours. That cannot be an eclipse. It is either supernatural, or a one-time astrological event (like the Borg Collective Cube floating by blocking the sun :). It cannot be a regular astronomical event (cycle). Regarding the dates, keep in mind that the day begins at sundown on the Jewish calendar, but at midnight on the Gregorian calendar. Rosh Hashanna begins at sundown when the new moon is first visible from Jerusalem just after sunset. From my own experimentation (viewing many new moons), I have determined that the sun must be at least about 14 degrees PAST the astronomical "new moon" (in a direct line between earth and sun) in order to be visible. However, it can occur up to a day later, depending on the viewing conditions and the saros cycle. For 2036, the EARLIEST possible visible new moon is the evening of Sept. 21, which means Rosh Hashanna extends to sunset Sept. 22 IF a very clear sky allows a sighting. If not, the 23rd will be Rosh Hashanah

  6. William- I was on Jim Bakkers telecast and have seen Rick Wiles . I have total respect for Rick and several other guests that Jim and Lori Bakker have on. I had the honor of building the curved stairway that went into Loris House.....My life hasn't been the same. The coincidences that happened that caused me to get that stairway job, what happened during the build, and what has happened since has been a blessing. Sorry to digress, but Rick Wiles being mentioned triggered it.