Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Friday Crescent Moon Death Day; An Analysis

10/17/14; the next possible Friday crescent moon death day has come and gone with no mass murders taking place--I am glad of that. However I would like to bring to you attention that we did see a major geo physical event take place--Hurricane Gonzalo slammed into Bermuda. Reports are that there were thankfully no deaths or serious injuries, which is good. But it seems many on the Island are without power and they suffered moderate damage.

Did you know that Bermuda is a British Territory? Did you also know that Britain just voted to recognize the Palestinian State, as reported by Running from Babylon; IRAN - VONGFONG, UK - GONZALO. The storm is predicted to continue on to England.

And what does the name Gonzalo mean? the first part means "war" the second part can have various meanings, one is "salvo." Did Britain just get hit with a war salvo?

So even though we did not see a mass murder yesterday, again I am glad, we did see a major geophysical event. In the original 147--28--322 pattern we also saw geophysical events.

So that leaves us with the question did the pattern continue? I am not sure, but the next date in the pattern is 3/13/15.

There were a couple of other strange things that were in the news yesterday. Like the 12.0 earthquake off the coast of Africa that the USGS feed recorded. Some think this was a glitch in the reporting system, some are saying it was censored. I have no idea whether it occurred or not, but I assume it was a glitch.

Another interesting thing being reported yesterday dealt with the world banking system--which I have no way of verifying.

"Date: Fri, Oct 17, 2014 at 12:13 PM
A new Historical Bond Tax Treaty went into effect at 12:01 AM EST Friday in the USA. This was the last piece of the international law and compliance puzzle because it restored the dignity of the Chinese people, as well as settled their past due international gold commitments....
Oct 16: At 2 pm Obama signed with the Chinese, bankrupting the Federal Reserve and the Federal Reserve is being swallowed up by the UST under new leadership....

Again, I have no way of verifying the last 2 items, and they may be bogus, but I found it interesting that they were in the news on 10/17/14.

BTW: I would appreciate your prayers; I have been working on a very important writing project that I hope to release soon--may it say what God wants it to say.



  1. One of the things that can be overlooked is what has happened in the heavenly realms (outside of time) that is being released or opened to the physical universe and is this "anomaly" picking that up? 12.0?
    I am not sure how these dates line up with time zone differences but the duration of days between 9/25/14 (start of Shemita year starts, Shaking? Accountability?) to 10/17/14 is 22 days.
    What we see happening right off the coast of West Africa is headed toward the U.S. for sure one thing that has arrived is the Ebola virus. Staged event?

    Is what we saw happening with the stock market this week an effect of some back door agreement with China?

    And if the resulting collapse causes Babylon to fall in one hour could it not be considered an act of bloodshed or mass murder?

    Thomas Duncan first went to the hospital on 9/25/14

    Interesting timing, this anomaly.

    1. Jeff, Thanks for the additional information, good info to ponder.

  2. Bill, listen to the 30 minute segment of the John R Moore show on Octover 17 that I emailed you about. I think that you and Jeff are both right and that the Ebola threat will now cause world-wide famine and war, by the year's end. We have little time in which to warn people and must speak boldly now.

    1. The Ebola virus has to be monitored carefully for changes, and hopefully it will not become airborne and it can be stopped in its tracks.

  3. Marysville, WA school shooting. They just postponed the crescent death day one week this time. Related to solar eclipse on Thursday evening?