Friday, November 1, 2013

LAX Shooting on Crescent Moon Death Day 11/1/13

Just a quick note: A few weeks ago I posted a story entitled;  Beware 11/1/13; the Next Friday Crescent Moon Death Day. In that post I identified a pattern to mass shootings that have occurred in relation to the Batman movie. From that pattern I identified 11/1/13 as the next possible day in the pattern. I also theorized what might occur on that day and on a future pattern day.

That is the data that I have at this time. So what can we deduce from all this information? What will happen on 11/1/13; will it be another mass shooting, will it be a major “incident” at a sports stadium, will it involve Strike Zone 2 and if so will it involve Yellowstone, or if they have something planned will they call it off or change the date because it has been exposed, or is there nothing planned for that day? 
I am not sure, but In light of the pattern of events and all the connections, I think it is highly possible that evil forces aligned with satan may have something planned for 11/1/13.

In light of what just happened at LAX we now have another mass shooting in relation to the Batman movie on a Friday crescent moon death day--my prayers are with those effected. And just like the last shooting it could have been much worse. I would like to think our prayers had an effect--to God be the glory.

This incident may have been a confirmation of the dating of the 70th Week, it happened on 11/01, that just so happens to be day 1101 of the 70th Week, based on a 10/29/10 possible start date. What might happen on the next day in the pattern? I will try to put a post together soon.

BTW; if you don’t think there is a real devil, maybe you should think again. And if there is a real devil, then there is a real hell, and if there is a real hell, then there is a real Heaven, and if there is a real Heaven, then there is a real God. Read; What you must do to be saved.

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  1. 9:31 pm on 11/01/13 all is quiet

  2. You truly own up to the name of End Times Forecaster. To Yahweh be the glory.

  3. great article. The airport terminal itself is shaped like a crescent moon or horse-shoe. Its also reflected on the batman movie map with spots in the same shape exactly.

    (the naval yard from the other recent shooting is also depicted in the design of the map. im sure thats easily found on google youtube by now.) im Nathan Freeman on facebook. blue shirt. red tie.

  4. If there be a revelation of future bad event, does it mean that it cannot be stopped completely through prayer. I thought that the reason God may let us see the future through revelation is that by prayer we can stop the evil?