Thursday, April 26, 2012

The KJV Rapture Bible Code

What if you took a whole bunch of scriptural phrases from the New Testament and put them into a box and reached in and you randomly pulled out the following phrases;

Day of Christ

The Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ

Glorious appearing of the great God

Six Seal

Sign of blood moon

We which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds

Translated into the kingdom of His dear Son

Saints taken


Wicked men left

Be saved, O safe

What would you think? Would randomly selecting those phrases be coincidence, or a message from God?

It is obvious that those phrases communicate a message—That the day of Christ is when the Lord Jesus comes to the clouds and appears for all the world to see, which happens at the sixth seal after the sign of the moon being turned to the color of blood, at which time the saints which are alive and remain at His coming will be caught up into the clouds—raptured—and translated into the kingdom of His dear Son and delivered from the wrath to come. The wicked men—those without Christ—will be left. So be saved so you can be safe!

Interesting message! But the question still remains; would the selection of the phrases and words that formed the message just be a random coincidence, or could it be considered as a message from God? If it is just coincidental then it would mean nothing, if from God then it is a message we need to pay heed to, lest we are caught unawares.

Now, I did not put a bunch of Bible phrases in a box and pull them out randomly, but I did find those words and phrases in a KJV Bible code matrix.

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The KJV Rapture Code
click to enlarge
As you can see the main term of the matrix is “Six Seal.” Crossing “Six Seal” at the bottom are the almost parallel encoded words “sign” and “moon,” in between those words is the surface text “of blood.” These spatially related words combine to form the phrase; “sign of blood moon.” BTW, in case you were not aware the moon is turned to blood at the sixth seal event, see Rev 6:12.

There are other spatially related words in the matrix; like the encoded words “Saints” and “taken” that cross each other and form the phrase “Saints taken.” They also cross the surface text of “translated us into the kingdom of His dear Son” and “we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds.” Also directly below the “caught up together” surface text is the surface text “coming of our Lord Jesus Christ” and “the Day of Christ” which also crosses and is part of “Six Seal.” Also appearing near this area is the encoded word “left” and the surface text “wicked men” forming the phrase “wicked men left.” This is also in the same general area of “Saints taken.”

There are a few other things of note; crossing “Six Seal” is the surface text “delivered” and “glorious appearing of our Great God.” Also crossing “Six Seal” is the encoded enigmatic phrase “be saved O’ safe.” This phrase conveys the meaning that if you are saved—a Christian—that you will be safe from the wrath to come via being caught up in the rapture event at the sixth seal.

Very interesting Bible code to say the least! This Bible code also puts forth a message that may not be well received by most people. Some at this juncture may, because of preconceived ideas, reject this code as random and meaningless, but if it is by design, then to reject it would be to reject a message from God. So how do we determine if this code is random or by design?

I will be the first to admit that just because someone finds something encoded in scripture does not mean that it is from God. For random codes can be found in any passage of significant length. So; just because someone finds something encoded in scripture does not mean that it was by design—it may be coincidental and mean nothing. To determine the validity of a Bible code one must examine the odds that it may have occurred by chance. The higher the odds, the greater likelihood that it was by design. Here are r values for the matrix.

bible code, blood moon, coming epiphany, kjv, kjv bible code, matrix, rapture, rapture code, seal six,
The r-value of statistically significant terms in this matrix without inclusion of surface text is 8.079, which yields odds of approximately 120 million to one. So does this matrix have high enough odds to be considered to be by design?

If you take into consideration other aspects of this matrix the odds of the matrix would increase. For example the entire matrix only includes 3431 letters, which is approximately ½% of the 739,167 letters in the KJV New Testament. Thus the matrix is a relatively small section of scripture. And in this relatively small matrix the term “Six Seal,” which is only encoded 4 times in the KJV New Testament, appears with 6 sentences or long phrases of definitely related surface text, such as “Hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son.” “We which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds,” “The coming of our Lord Jesus Christ,” “Day of Christ” “Glorious appearing of the great God.” “The Lord delivered me.” So I believe these occurrences add to the odds.

Not only is the related surface text statistically significant but the words “saints” and “taken” are only encoded once in this matrix and they cross each other and the surface text of “We which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds.”

Further to the right, next to and touching “Saints” and crossing “taken,” is the encoded word “left,” which also occurs right below the surface text “wicked men.” The phrase “wicked men” only occurs 2 times in the KJV NT and appears in this small matrix very close to “left.” All 4 of these terms occurring in close proximity to each other are also statistically significant and add to the odds.

The other significant cluster of terms is “of blood” which occurs 16 times in the KJV NT and appears in this matrix. The phrase “of blood” also crosses the encoded term “moon,” which is almost parallel to the term “sign.” All 3 occur in a 7 x 28 box, which again add to the odds.

All of these statistically significant events increase the odds of this matrix from occurring by chance. If each one of the 4 statistically significant events listed above added a factor of 1 to the r value then the odds of this matrix would be at about 1 trillion to one.

Are the odds high enough for us to say that this matrix was by design and not chance? Some say that only the Hebrew Bible can be encoded, and not a translation. Could God’s Spirit move upon groups of men through time so that the 5th revision of a translation could be encoded, even though translations are not inspired? I will leave those questions to be answered by the statistical experts. But if the answers to those questions are yes, then this matrix would offer confirmation to the fact that the rapture will occur at the sixth seal, and if you have not already, you need to take heed, lest you are caught unawares.

Remember our only source for doctrine is God’s Holy Word; we are never to use experiences and or other spiritual phenomena such as the Bible codes to formulate doctrine. God’s Holy word is clear that the rapture will occur at the sixth seal, and this Bible code whether by design or chance says the same thing.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Auto Immune The Coming Split

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Auto Immune The Coming Split
It's the hands sayeth the Lord
This is it don't forget
I received an email from a reader and artist that included the above picture that he drew entitled "Auto Immune The Coming Split." This individual feels that the Lord gave him this picture and some insights as to what it means. With his permission I am including some of what he wrote to me concerning this.

Hi William,

I find your blog very informative and interesting.

Not sure if you would of or have heard but there have been some strange things going on in Clintonville Wisconsin:,0,7033955.story

I know this has something to do with warnings about coming judgement in the Midwest quite possibly related to the New Madrid Fault Line, The Great Lakes, the Midwest and Chicago...

I don't need to mention the current political ties Chicago has with the White House and that Rahm Emanual was recently elected Mayor of the city. Interestingly Joe Biden happens to be in town today.

I've had several dreams related to giant waves coming in off of Lake Michigan. The first about 15 years ago and know of several others who live here that have similar dreams also.

Here is something else. I am an artist. A few years ago. I started drawing these hand images they are sort of hard to describe. I drew this one image that I really felt the Lord highlight. So much so that in the drawings in my sketch book at the prompting of the Holy Spirit I wrote a few notes next to the drawing so that I would remember to do something with the idea. One note said "It's the hands sayeth the Lord". Just for the record I don't usually say words like "sayeth" but that's what I wrote. The other said "This is it don't forget". I just assumed that this meant that I should really make sure and follow through and do something with the idea.

Last year a friend invited me to be part of a show of work here in Chicago. I had sort of taken a break from exhibiting any work but though this would be a good chance to use one of the hand drawings I felt were important. I picked the one I felt like the Lord had highlighted. I did a few things that didn't occur to me until much later. One thing was in developing the drawing into a painting I felt like I should reference the colors of the uniforms worn in the Civil war. The other was that I titled the piece "Auto Immune The Coming Split".

I can't tell you how this works. I have had the Lord speak to me through images I have created but I never have any idea of it while I'm doing it. It's usually sometime later. The image above is the piece I did. The piece didn't get much of a response in the show so I was a little disappointed but still felt like it was really significant. It now hangs on my back porch. I think that this has something to do with the judgment coming to America. I also feel like it has something to do with a major earthquake in the Midwest. I also feel like it has a spiritual significance to me personally.

Sorry, this is a lot to write for no reason. Not really sure why I just did.

Also this just happened today.

I had a flyer from the show taped up on my wall it's been up there since last October. When I came into the office today it had fallen off the wall and was sitting on my desk right in front of where I sit. I didn't really think of that until just now. The other thing was that as I started writing this I felt the Lord prompting me to look up the title of the show and see what it means. The title of the show was Uplift. Just googled it the word.

My dreams of a giant wave coming in off of Lake Michigan lead me to look into the causes of Tsunamis. I've been wondering if it is possible for one to happen on Lake Michigan. After the massive tsunami in Japan this became very, very real to me. Just looked this up.

The Pacific plate compressed under the North American plate forcing it upward. Uplift. The name of the gallery space is The Believe Inn.

Kinda crazy. Just thought your might find this interesting.

Lots of implications here, to many to mention all of them. I do feel like something major is coming. I believe there may be a fault line under Lake Michigan that is either part of the new Madrid Fault or will be triggered by it.

Thanks again for the blog.

Thank you for the information--very interesting! I would like to make a few comments and pose a few questions.

The definition of auto immune is; Of or relating to an immune response by the body against one of its own tissues, cells, or molecules. So the title of the work would suggest that the coming split is a result of the represented entity bringing harm upon itself. If the represented entity is America, and the split refers to judgment upon our land involving the New Madrid fault as suggested by the author, then this drawing suggests that the judgment will be brought upon us by our own actions.

Also notice the drawing itself also suggests this--the hands are all interconnected and one hand attacks itself. So the damage is inflicted by itself on itself. It also looks like one hand is trying to stop the destruction, which if the ax penetrates, that hand will be cut off and possibly the other. What could the three hands represent? What three types of people groups will there be in the end times? Christians, Jews, and those aligned with satan. If that assumption is true then the drawing could be a representation of the evil hand trying to cut off Israel, and it is trying to be stopped by Christians.

In regards to numbers in the picture; there are 3 hands--5 fingers each--that can make a 15 or a 555. 555 is a number associated with death and The Phoenix Code. There are 9 Isosceles Trapezoids--3 big, 6 small with 12 and 24 sides respectively. In the occult world Isosceles trapezoids are suppose to draw dark energies--Pope John was buried in a coffin of the same shape. There are also 8 arcs. What do these numbers and shapes represent? Are the numbers part of a date code?

I superimposed the drawing upon a picture of the United States in the following way.

america, bible prophecy, chicago, end times, great lakes, israel, new madrid fault, split land israel, tsunami,

Now I do not know if this means anything or not, but notice that Phoenix appears in the left circle shape and Washington DC is in the right tear shape. Also notice that the ax hits at the southern part of the New Madrid Fault area. The middle circle is around Arkansas. Do the trapezoids and the arcs superimposed upon the map show locations of major earthquakes?

Here is another thought I had; do the position of the hands and fingers mean anything in Sign Language? If anybody knows sign language or knows anyone who knows sign language, could you show the picture to them and see if they can tell you if the hands are signing a message, and then post in the comments section or email me?

These are my observations so far, please feel free to comment below if you have any other observations to add. But it seems to me that this drawing is another witness foretelling the coming grave consequences of our actions, unless of course there is repentance in our land.

At what instant I shall speak concerning a nation, and concerning a kingdom, to pluck up, and to pull down, and to destroy it; 8. If that nation, against whom I have pronounced, turn from their evil, I will repent of the evil that I thought to do unto them. Jer 18:7,8

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Phoenix Code; A Synopsis

The following is a summarizing list of the essential facts of the Phoenix Code and posts in that series. Note: to see the relevance of some of these things you may have to read the original posts.


1. Phoenix, Arizona was named after the phoenix bird legend.

2. The phoenix bird is an occult representation of the United States alluding to her future destruction so that she and the world can be reborn into the New World Order.

The Numbers

3. After intense prayer I was shown the numbers 777555 on 10/27/2010 in relation to the timing of the event.

4. The information was posted on 10/28/2010. 10/28/2010 + 555 days = 5/5/2012 or realizing 2+0+1+2=5 a 5/5/5 date!

5. 5/5 of any year is Cinco de Mayo commemorating the original event that occurred in Puebla, Mexico in 1862.

6. 10/28/1886 is when the Statue of Liberty was dedicated and the statue is 1862 nautical miles from Phoenix, Arizona.

7. Secular individuals believe that 5/5/2012 will be a day of change.

8. The 555th verse of the Bible, Gen 22:7 speaks about a burnt sacrifice.

The Episode

9. The Homer Simpson episode “The Surveil with love” features a dirty bomb or nuclear detonation featuring a clock with the time of 5:55. Note: 9/11 was encoded on a Homer Simpson episode prior to its occurrence.

10. In the episode the clock upside down displays the date of 9/11/01—there are 555 weeks between 9/11/01 and 5/5/2012.

11. The hands on the clock point to 11 and 6, and 9 and 11 (upside down.) 116 + 911 = 1027. 10/27/2010 + 555 days (exclusive) = 5/5/2012.

12. The black and white spaces on the clock yield a 33 and 111—the latitude and longitude of Phoenix, Arizona.

13. The number of degrees between the clock hands is 150. 5/5/1862 (the original Cinco de Mayo event) + 150 years = 5/5/2012.

14. The clock flew onto the scene in the video at the 5:55 mark.

15. The plutonium capsule in the episode is the same basic shape of Firebird Lake south of Phoenix and points to Phoenix, Arizona.

16. The episode featured the explosion between streets that form a “V” A line to Phoenix is between streets that form a “V” in Washington, D.C. and Puebla.

The Coins

17. I received a 1947 silver quarter in change on 12/22/11 at odds of at least 1.5 million to one. 19.47 is an important number encoded on the dollar bill. George Washington is on the quarter and dollar bill.

18. 19.47 x 12 (layers in the pyramid on dollar) = 233.64 years = 233 years, 233 days. July 4, 1776 + 233 years, 233 days = 2/22/2010. 2/22/2010 + 2 years, 2 months, 2 weeks = 5/5/2012.

19. 19.47 x 12.121862 (Remember 1862 is the date of Cinco de Mayo) = 236.01265 years = 236 years, 4 days. 5/1/1776 (Illuminati founded their plan in regards to the United States) + 236 years and 4 days = 5/5/2012.

20. I received a 1964-D silver dime in change on 1/7/12 at odds of 2000 to one.

21. Years between the dates on coins = 17, Days between the days I received them = 17. The date 1/7 makes a 17.

22. The odds of receiving both coins 17 days apart, and 17 years apart is at least 81 trillion to one.

23. Silver content of both coins = .35 (face value of coins) x .72 (amount of silver in a coin rounded to tenth) = .2520 oz. There are 2520 days in the 70th week.

24. 19.64 x 12.017 = 236.01 = 236 yr 4 days. 5/1/1776 + 236 yr, 4 days = 5/5/2012.

25. .35 (face value of coins) x 365 (days in a year) = 127 days (rounded down.) 127 days + 12/31/11 (date of Phoenix Code post, inclusive) = 5/5/2012.

26. On 12/22/11 silver closed at $29.30, on 1/7/12 silver closed at $28.75. That was a drop of $.55

27. .723 (first 3 digits of amount of silver in a coin) x .25 (face value quarter) x $29.30 = $5.296
.723 x .10 (face value of a dime) x $28.75 = $2.079.

5.296 + 2.079 = 7.375, 7.375 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 236

28. Taking the dates as days 1947 + 1964 = 3911 days and dividing by 2, their average is 1955.5.

29. 1955.5 divided by 365.25 (approx days in a year) = 5.35 = 5 years, 127 days. 127 days + 12/31/11 (date of Phoenix Code post, inclusive) = 5/5/2012.

30. 1955.5 divided by 360 (days in a prophetic year) = 5.43194... = 5 prophetic years, 155.5 days = 5 prophetic years, 5 months, 5.5 days.

The Lines

31. The streets of Washington D.C. were laid out by satanic design. A prominent line of Washington D.C. goes through the Masonic tomb and leads directly to Phoenix, Arizona.

32. The line passes near the Bethune memorial statue which from the air looks like a Phoenix bird, and on close up looks like burnt people.

33. The line of judgment from the United Nations to the National Christmas tree is almost the same as the United Nations--Puebla line.

34. The United Nations—Puebla line goes through my neighborhood whose name can be pronounced to mean born or burnt from ashes.

35. On Google Earth at the Puebla battle site is a picture entitled “Explosion Nuclear.” The pic is situated due west of the Fort if the fort was considered to be a compass rose. Phoenix is due West of Washington, D.C.

36. The Big Tree, which is associated with Israel, burned on 1/16/12 which is 111 days from 5/5/2012.

37. A line from The Big Tree through Phoenix goes to the California missile location and is approx 2012 NM long.

38. New York Missile—Falling Tower—Phoenix—Middle of ill fated cruise ship journey.

39. New Orleans—Phoenix—California missile

In light of all of this information we have to ask ourselves the question; Are all of these things just coincidence or are they beyond chance, and if so what is the message? If they are by coincidence then they mean nothing. But if they are beyond chance then I believe that they point to a big event planned by the evil ones—the “setting on fire of the Phoenix bird”, the United States, via a detonation involving nuclear material. I could be wrong, but that is what I believe. I also believe the information indicates that the primary planned date of this destruction is 5/5/2012.

Now let me be clear; I am not predicting anything, just telling you what I have found and what I believe. And just because I believe that evil forces have this planned for this date does not mean that I believe it will occur. In fact, I believe it will be stopped. The main reason that I believe it will be stopped is because I believe that God showed me verses that indicate that the city will be spared by the prayers of God’s people.

1 Sam 23; verse 2

Therefore David enquired of the LORD, saying, Shall I go and smite these Philistines? And the LORD said unto David, Go, and smite the Philistines, and save Keilah.

So they may change the date, call it off, or God will stop by some other means. Also even though the primary target seems to be pointing to Phoenix, Arizona, they may even change the target making the Phoenix reference to allude to the destruction of the Phoenix—America and not the actual place.

Also realize this that even though I believe this event will be stopped eventually one day America will be destroyed so that prophesied New World Order can be born-- as Carlos from Chozeh and Nabiy so eloquently put it.

The “harlot” is America, the ten horns are future leaders of the already established political jurisdictions within the near-future New World Order (not a “revived Roman Empire”!), and the “beast” is clearly the antichrist who will head the New World Order. It is by now obvious to the occult elite that pesky superpower America has to be “out of the way” in order for them to ever bring their luciferian campaign for world dominance to fruition; thus, the conspiracy to eradicate this nation via a nuclear firestorm.

Of course you are free to believe as you choose, but if you believe as I do, then I ask you to pray against this planned evil action, and pray that God would be glorified and many would be brought to Salvation.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A North Korea "Heads Up"

"A hair-raising nuclear confrontation in Korea may, towards the end of the period, threaten man's very survival." The Armageddon Script by Peter Lemesurier p.222-3.

Right now there is a lot of news flying around about North Korea pointing to a potential major conflict within the next few weeks regarding their planned missile launch (April 12-16). Here are a few links to articles regarding the situation.

North Korea Threatens "a sea of flames"

North Korea Begins Fuelling Controversial Satellite

Japan Approves Shoot-Down Order for North Korean Rocket

US and South Korean Troops Stage Beach Landing

Red Alert: Pentagon Activates Missile Defenses for North Korean Launch

Whenever I hear a news item about North Korea and missiles I always remember the above quote from the Armageddon Script which according to David Bay at Cutting Edge ministries is suppose to be a blueprint for what the evil ones are going to bring upon the world to eventually produce antichrist.

So I believe that this situation bears watching--especially if you live on the West coast or in Hawaii. Prayerfully nothing will transpire.

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