Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In the Line of Fire of a Missile

I recently read Ultraguy's excellent post entitled "Line of Fire — From Mann Gulch to Mt. Carmel" showing "way beyond chance" connections between the Mount Carmel fire and the Mann Gulch fire. The Mt Carmel fire broke out in Israel on 12/2/2010--Hanukkah--the Mann Gulch fire broke out in America on 8/15/1949--Tisha B' Av. As you probably know Hanukkah regards the dedication of the temple and involves fire in the lighting of the Menorah, Tisha B' Av was the day both Temples were destroyed and fire was used in the destruction. I would recommend reading the post.

At the end of the post one of his readers posed the question regarding the significance of the connections? In pondering that question I was prompted to check the line. In recent months I have become convinced that there exist great circles on the earth that align locations and events that yield major prophetic implications such as the Capital lines, the Philadelphia lines and the Phoenix lines.

So I drew a line from Mt. Carmel, which is very near to where the many fires broke out and thus were named for, to the Mann Gulch fire location in Montana. As you can see the line comes very close--within 50 miles--of the believed location to where the infamous California missile was launched on 11/8/2010 while Netanyahu was in New Orleans. Let's not forget that the line between New Orleans and the Missile launch went through Phoenix, Arizona--linked above.

So we have a fire in Israel, a fire in the United States that are related beyond chance that align with a missile launched by an enemy just off our coast on the same day Netanyahu was in New Orleans being "dealt with" over settlements.

Why would these connected major fires that happened in Israel and the United States that occurred on Israeli holidays that both involve fire "aline" with the location of the missile launch that occurred on the same day Netanyahu was in New Orleans? Why would God allow these beyond chance connections to occur? Is He telling us something? What are the implications of these connections? Distilling the connections down to their essence we have: Fire--fire--missile--Netanyahu or judgment--judgment--pending judgment--land of Israel

Others may interpret the connections differently and this is not "Thus saith the Lord," but I believe the connections suggest that if the United States forces Israel to divide her land that we will receive judgment from God possibly involving a missile or missiles.

God tells us; "And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed." the United States has been teetering on the brink of forcing Israel to divide her land--I believe the missile was another warning from God in regards to her land and is confirmed by the beyond chance connections.

America; support Israel's right to her land or we may be in the line of fire of a missile--need I say where? DO NOT DIVIDE HER LAND! Will anyone listen? Have we forgotten Katrina? Join with me in praying that the leaders of this country will take heed and we would not turn against Israel and thus bring judgment upon our heads.

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