Friday, July 30, 2010

The Coming Epiphany--A Testimony

Thought I would post this testimony in hopes that it would encourage others to read The Coming Epiphany. To God be the glory, great things He hath done, I take no credit for any of it, all by His grace.

Hello William,

I have just finished reading your eBook ‘The Coming Epiphany’.

I have to admit that it was very challenging to all my convictions,
but praise God, I now have NEW convictions (like they say, better
late then never).

Thank you brother.

I was always taught a (pre-tribulation) Rapture and have believed
in it for so many years.

Upon seeing the NWO arising to power and seeing the unfolding
of world events : earthquakes, H1N1 pandemic, storms, floods,
oil spills (water starting to look like a dead man’s blood, Book of
Revelation), wars & rumors of war …

I said to the Lord : something is wrong here, I’m not
supposed to be seeing ALL that stuff, please tell me what’s going on,
did I miss the Rapture?

In answer to my prayers, I believe that the Lord has graciously lead me
to your website, where I downloaded your eBook.

Thank you William, for faithfully sharing those TRUTHS that the Lord
has entrusted you with (I will do the same).

May God bless you and your family … eternally.
You can read the Coming Epiphany for free at this blog or download the pdf file for Free here.

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