Sunday, April 29, 2018

Yellowstone/Strike Zone 2: Is It About To Go Live?!

Some interesting developments have come to light regarding the Yellowstone Super Volcano. As you will see these developments may indicate that Strike Zone 2 on the Batman map may be ready to go live. First I will discuss the map and its relation to the Yellowstone Super volcano and then the latest developments that indicate that Strike Zone 2/Yellowstone may be getting ready to go live!

The Map
A map was featured in the Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises. This map had 5 Strike Zones on it. Strike Zone 1 was right next to the words Sandy Hook. 147 days later the Sandy Hook incident took place—a clear case of predictive programming. That fact led me to think that maybe the other Strike Zones might be associated with future events.

I then decided to overlay the Batman map over a map of the USA aligning Strike Zone 1 with the location of the Sandy Hook elementary school.
As you can see below the overlay aligns very closely with the southeast coast of the USA. Also the words Trillium Park near Strike Zone 4 almost aligned perfectly with an actual Trillium park in MN. This led me to believe that the map was aligned correctly.
Thus assuming it is aligned correctly the aligned locations of the other Strike Zones may indicate locations of future events and possibly even the events themselves.
And where does Strike Zone 2 align? Over Yellowstone. Thus if Strike Zone 2 is Yellowstone, and the other Strike Zones will go live in the future, then an event may be planned for Yellowstone. Now here are some developments that may indicate that Strike Zone 2 may be about to go live.


The Developments
I ran across an interesting article the other day that brings to light some strange developments regarding Yellowstone. The article explains how a nuclear warhead was seen being transported a few hundred miles from Yellowstone and that this was not a normal route for nuclear warheads to travel.
…the US military transported nuclear weapons through the city of Great Falls, located in Montana…the Yellowstone National Park, to the border of which from the city only 200 miles in a straight line and 250 by car.
The question arises: what did the nuclear warheads do in such proximity to the park?...
The article further stated that strange seismic signatures were recorded at Yellowstone in March which led some to conclude that the seismic signatures were from drilling.
For the people watching the caldera it was an absolute mystery – what kind of strange rectangular signals, signals of definitely artificial, mechanical origin? By common opinion, all decided that in the caldera, geologists are drilling something, most likely wells for new sensors.
The article further speculated that the drilling may be for the purpose of placing nuclear charges at Yellowstone for diffusing a catastrophic eruption.
However, now, after the Daily Mail reported about the observation near the caldera of a military convoy with nuclear charges, the situation is not so unambiguous. And what if the wells in the caldera were drilled for nuclear charges?
Previously, geologists have already reported that the situation in the caldera is alarming: the pressure and concentration of magma under the magma dome increases, which can lead to an uncontrolled explosion.
 In this situation, some scientists suggested that the explosion of a super volcano can be made relatively manageable by blowing up the dome of the magma chamber with nuclear charges and thereby dropping excess pressure…
The article concludes with this.
Thus, there are three explanations for the observation of a military convoy with nuclear warheads in the quiet town of Montana. This can be the usual export of warheads for maintenance, which the military simply decided to organize on a different route. This can also be a preparation for war, for example, the renewal of nuclear charges on standing missiles on alert.
However, this may be a preparation for undermining the super volcano in order to remove the tectonic tension.
 At the same time, the recent incomprehensible teachings of rescuers in the caldera, during which they blocked all roads in the park, make us think more and more about the correctness of the latest version.

Adding to the theory, it has just been reported in the news that Steamboat Geyser has erupted 3 times in the last 6 weeks. This occurrence may or may not be an indication that an eruption is imminent.
Steamboat Geyser, which can shoot water as high as 300 feet (91 meters) into the air, erupted on March 15, April 19 and on Friday. The last time it erupted three times in a year was in 2003, the U.S. Geological Survey’s Yellowstone Volcano Observatory said.

The last time it erupted prior to March was more than three years ago in September 2014.

“There is nothing to indicate that any sort of volcanic eruption is imminent,” Michael Poland, the scientist in charge for the observatory, said in an email.

So the question is; was the nuclear warhead(s) for Yellowstone? And if they were, are they going to try and defuse the volcano by detonating a nuclear bomb? If the answers to those questions are yes, then I think they are making a poor choice. We know the modus operandi of the devil is to trick people into thinking that what they are doing is good but in reality they are doing wrong.

Case in point was Adam and Eve in the garden. He tricked Eve into thinking that what she was doing was a good thing and it resulted in all the evil and bad coming into the world.

So I hope this is not what they are planning, for if it is I believe it will turn out badly. And if Strike Zone 2/Yellowstone goes live then watch out for Strike Zones 3-5 for they will most likely follow quickly thereafter.

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36

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  1. This reminds me of the James Bond movie "A View to a Kill" where the bad guy wanted to set off a massive explosion underground to trigger an earthquake fault resulting in the destruction of Silicon Valley.