Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Hawaii; Will the Last be First?


Hawaii is in the news again, and this time it involves China, green lasers, and hypersonic missiles. 

An expert in Asian military affairs warned that the use of satellite-based lasers over Hawaii by China in January, allegedly to study pollution in the air, could also be used as a reconnaissance tool to guide a hypersonic missile strike on Pearl Harbor or other sensitive military targets there, the U.S. Sun reported Sunday. 

"The Daqi-1's lasers specifically monitor the density of the atmosphere and can detect different wind directions," Rick Fisher, an expert on China's military at the International Assessment and Strategy Center, told the Sun. "This is precisely the data required for China to accurately target small multiple reentry vehicle nuclear warheads or more recent Hypersonic Glide Vehicle warheads."

Source: https://www.newsmax.com/newsfront/china-lasers-hawaii/2023/03/14/id/1112147/

Did you catch that; "a reconnaissance tool to guide a hypersonic missile strike?"

Do you remember the Biblical idiom; the last shall be first, and the first shall be last? We all know that the USA deserves judgment, and if we apply that idiom to the USA; that would put Hawaii in the crosshairs for the first to receive a major judgment against the USA, because as you are aware, it was the last state. In fact there are several syncs that point to that hypothesis. Here is the data, you be the judge.


An Outright Threat 

China released a video on 9/21/20 depicting their military shooting missiles/bombs at Guam and Hawaii.



And look at this propaganda map they put out, it shows them owning most of the Pacific, including Hawaii. 

If those events were to occur, I am sure that they would occur in a WW3 context. And what state do you think would fall first in a Chinese attack? And how close are we to WW3? Many are saying that with the 2/22/2022 decree of Russia to enter Ukraine that we are in it now!

I hope you realize that the Seal 2 WW3 will happen before the rapture.


Many of you are aware that in 2012 I had an island paradise destruction dream that was fulfilled in 2017. In that dream I was told that the destruction would occur on a date that was equal to its distance from Oklahoma City. 

The dream was fulfilled 2039 days later on 9/20/17 with the destruction of the Island of St. Croix by Cat 5 Hurricane Maria. The south shore of St. Croix is 2039 NM from OKC. (Note: Mt. Rainier is exactly 2039 NM from my house.)

Using the same criteria as indicated by the dream yields the following. From the OKC Murrah building to the closest spot on Hawaii is 3156 NM. 3156 days (incl) from 2/20/2012 is 10/10/2020. The farthest point is 3374 NM, which would calculate to 5/17/21. So that gives a range from 10/10/20 to 5/17/21 to look for a possible Hawaii destruction event.

If you use meters and minutes; from the OKC Murrah building to the closest spot on Hawaii is 5,846,000 meters and that many minutes from 2/20/2012 is 4/2/2023. The farthest point is 6,214,000 meters which would calculate to 12/14/23. So that gives us a range from 4/2/2023 to 12/14/2023. 

Sometimes dreams can have double fulfillments. If my Island paradise dream does, then those dates would be the dates to watch for. What adds further credence to that premise is that the mural in the dream was a mural of a Hawaii scene.

Not sure about Hawaii being in the crosshairs? Consider this dream that Heaven Bound/Cindy by the Sea had. BTW; her initial dream was on the same day as mine but 4 years prior. 

On February 20, 2008 I had a very peculiar dream that had to do with a nuclear event on the island of Oahu. In the dream I received a message which originated from Wisconsin. The caller greeted me in an ominous tone with the word “doomsday”. I was then instructed by the caller to look out my window where I could see a mushroom type cloud forming over the southern part of the island in the Pearl Harbor area. The dream was so vivid and disturbing that I woke up and recorded it in a journal. This was at least two years before I started blogging at Cindy by the Sea. Our Hands Are Stained With Blood. 

So, will there be a double fulfillment of the dream? Time will tell, but I see it as a possibility and the rest of the data points to that same possibility. 


Predictive Programming

You probably remember the infamous 2015 Economist cover. Let me make you aware of a few things. Take a look at the Hawaii flag and the smashed drum with the 50th on it—the 50th state is Hawaii.

Is that a signal to a Hawaii destructive event? 

Now take a look at this—Obama is dressed up in a typical Donald Trump suit—definite signal.


Behind him is the Holiday Ghost card with a palm tree, which may be a reference to Hawaii becoming a ghost state—being destroyed. Remember that is where Obama grew up.


There is also the Cheshire cat—disappears—reappears. Some believe Obama will come back as President someday. Is the Trump suit signaling that Obama will reappear as the next President and replace President Trump--that is, if Trump is reinstated? 

And let’s not forget the 11.3 and 11.5, is that possibly a signal to an 11/3 and 11/5 event of some year, 2023 not excluded.


Another instance of predictive programming pointing to the destruction of a state, may be the star being ripped from the USA flag leaving 49 states. This was shown after the Donald Psalm 23 signal in IPG2--again another possible signal to 2023.



A line: 

Do you remember the Japan tsunami sign that I wrote about in 2011? Probably not. Here are the pertinent pics and the link. Line #2 goes to Hawaii.

Source: The End Times Forecaster: Collinear Points of Judgment


Is Hawaii in the crosshairs? Will the last state be the first state to receive a major judgment? Oh BTW; did you know Hawaii was the first state to legalize abortion. 

Hawaii began allowing abortion on demand de jure in 1970, the first state to do so…In March 1970, not long before the Supreme Court made their decision in Roe v. Wade, Hawaii became the first state in the US to decriminalize abortion by removing all requirements to justify having the procedure done… 

Let me also mention that Hawaii has another infamous first—they were the first state to consider legal challenges on same sex marriage? Will the last be first, is Hawaii in the crosshairs? Time will tell. 

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36 

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  1. Excellent post William. You have really brought forward some very telling information and thanks again for referencing my dream once again. I may link to this on my blog ...it certainly bears watching. I do hope you are feeling better. Best regards, Cindy

    1. Thanks for your concern and prayers, I am starting to get some relief.

    2. I am still looking for that Wisconsin connection

    3. I think I found it- at least as close as I'm going to get. Hawaii and Wisconsin primaries as reported on the same day pretty much catapulted O to win his party's nomination and ultimately the election. The ramifications of which we live with to this day. I did post on this on my blog recently if anyone is interested. Providing the link here - if ok with you Bill.

  2. 11.3 and 11.5 are interesting first of all 11/3/20 was the stolen election 11/5/24 is the next presidential election also the “Q” drops mention 11.3 and 11.4 a lot as being significant events

    1. https://www.startrek.com/database_article/q#:~:text=%22Q%22%20is%20the%20Federation%20designation,Luc%20Picard%20of%20the%20U.S.S.

    2. Interesting find, that may signal that the events depicted will occur between those 2 election dates

    3. Very interesting link

      ""Q" is the Federation designation for an impudent, self-superior and sometimes malevolent being from the otherwise mysterious Q Continuum. Beginning in 2364, the alien literally began to pop up in Federation space to tease, torment, and try Starfleet officers — especially Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the U.S.S. Enterprise. From the reports and eyewitness accounts it is not certain that the remainder of his kind share his outlook. It should always be stressed that Q's apparent juvenile humor should never be mistaken for the amoral, unconscionable acts of which he is capable."

      Later they mentioned the star date 2367. Could that be signal to year 2023, month 6, and day 7?

    4. The Q I spoke of is a military intelligence operation that dispenses information on 8kun and is directly linked to President Trump

    5. My point is, could Q be one and the same? If so beware.

    6. I don’t understand what you mean. Star Trek is obviously fictional, the Q drops are not

    7. What if Q is a quantum computer controled by aliens which are just demons. There is a lot of 'fictional' predictive programming that has come true.

  3. 132nd episode season 6 episode 6

  4. This site had some theories at the time this came out in 2015. The thing I don't like of this pic is Obama wearing a Trump suit. https:// vigilantcitizen.com/vigilantreport/economist-2015-cover-filled-cryptic-symbols-dire-predictions/

  5. Hi William. I just read an article from Hal Turner where he is comparing the present situation of our financial system with the movie "Rollover". As I can remember you did a very interesting study on it by the past... Couldn’t find it on your blog but maybe could it be interesting you make some "update" of it?

    1. in the search bar at the top left put in Rollover and 3 posts should come up. I have not updated but the Saudis have all ready indicated that they are considering dumping the dollar and when that happens look out.