Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Prophecy Watch January 2020 Updated 5X


Here are some dates and events to watch for in January 2020.

Iran war

After Iran attacked U.S. bases on 1/7/20 President Trump decided to show restraint and respond with more sanctions. Now the question is how will Iran respond to this? Will they buckle under the sanctions and come to the bargaining table or will they retaliate with more military actions? I could be wrong, but I think Iran will retaliate and the USA will then respond militarily. Remember it is possible that we are in the 91 day period in which the Seals will be opened, if we are then there will be war soon. If we are not in the 91 day period then there may or may not be war in the near future.

Update #1; 1/9/20:

Iran is now saying "harsher revenge soon."

Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) commander Abdollah Araghi said that Iran would take “harsher revenge soon,” without specifying what that might entail, Tasnim news agency reported on Thursday.
End of update.

Update #4: 1/10/20

 The new sanctions against Iran have been enacted.

Trump administration hits Iran with economic, diplomatic sanctions after missile attack

Israel has just bombed some Iranian interests along the Iraq/Syria border.

Report: Israeli F-35 Strike Against Iranian Target in Syria Kills Eight

Now the questions is how will Iran respond to this? I believe they will retaliate.

End of Update

Lunar Eclipse
A lunar eclipse will occur on January 10-11, 2020 and will affect the areas depicted below.

This wolf moon (January full moon) eclipse will be the first of 13 full moons for the year. It is interesting to note that in I Pet Goat II an eclipse is pictured in the scene below which may be a signal to the closing of the Strait of Hormuz. Iran has threatened to do that many times and in light of recent developments that is a distinct possibility. Notice the times stamp of 2:16, 6x6x6=216.

Here is an interesting sync about this lunar eclipse; it is part of Saros series 144. A Saros series 144 lunar eclipse occurred on 11/28/1947. The next day, on 11/29/1947 is when the U.N. partitioned the land of Palestine to create the state of Israel.

There are also some interesting numbers associated with this eclipse; 1/10/20, 19:11:11, 144, -.116 (911) (Note: I do not believe in or promote astrology but I do recognize that God has placed celestial signs in the heavens.)


Update #3; 1/9/20:

On 1/10/20 at the time of the eclipse there will be somewhat of an alignment: Moon--Earth--Sun--Mercury--Ceres--Saturn--Pluto. Earthquakes can occur around planetary alignment times.

Solar System Scope Screenshot

End of update

Earthquake Watch

We are posting a Nibiru earthquake watch period for 1/15/20 to 2/4/20. Post forthcoming.


Some guys are saying we are on the precipice of worldwide financial ruin, while others are saying that we are still in a bull market and everything is fine. I am not an economist but if we are in the 91 day period before the midpoint, then we will see a worldwide financial collapse in the near future. If we are not in the 91 day period, then we may or may not see financial problems.

Day Number

As mentioned above it is possible that we are in the 91 day period before the midpoint. If this is true then day number 1169 was on 1/3/20. (See The Coming Epiphany for the calculations) 1169 is an esoteric number of importance and that is the day that Soleimani was taken out. Some other numbers of esoteric importance could be day number 1177=1/11/20, 1180=1/14/20, 1188=1/22/20, and 1190=1/24/20.

Update #2: 1/9/20: I forgot to include that there is a lot of 111 and 113 predictive programming in several entertainment genres. As previously mentioned at this blog several times in the past those numbers could be a signal to 11/1 to 11/3 or 1/11 to 1/13. Remember also that in European date reckoning they put the day first so 11/1 in European equals 1/11 in Western date reckoning.

Here are a few pieces of the 111 and 113 predictive programming. For more info see the post; Prophecy Watch: All Eyes on 10/30 to 11/3, 2019.


The infamous A-113 that has appeared many times in several films may be a date signal. 

From the book of Thoth “A” = 111, and thus A-113 becomes 111-113 which can be configured to 11/1-11/3 and could be a signal to 11/1 to 11/3 of some year.

The 11/1 Signals Abound

There are many instances of predictive programming pointing to 11/1, which leads me to believe that on 11/1 of some year in the future a major event(s) will occur. Here are a few of the many.

Update #5 1/10/20: It is being reported by The Big the One that just at the time of the eclipse Iran's largest Ammo dump has exploded, planes are flying around Baghdad and rumors are going around that Iran is moving to close the strait of Hormuz.

The largest ammunition depot exploded in Iran.

The maximum eclipse phase was at 22:00 Moscow time, the message about the explosions came at 23:00 Moscow time, so the warehouse explosions themselves most likely occurred exactly at 22:00.  In this case, this will be an exact repetition of the famous frames of the famous cartoon:..
However, the situation with Mosul and the bombings in Iran continues to be a mystery.  There are no new reports of explosions from Iran, but instead there are a lot of posts on its social networks saying that Iran is supposedly going to block the Strait of Hormuz at night, thereby moving on to the “second phase of revenge.”

End of update
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  1. Thanks William! I would add that in Illuminati calendar, January is the 9th month, so 1/11 is 9/11! And in Roman calendar, January is the 11th month, so 1/11 is 11/11! From 9/11/01 is 6696 days till 1/11/20!

  2. The NCAA College Football Championship will be played on 1/13

    Also, things could really heat up again if it is found a missile brought down the Ukraine 737 flight 752
    Most of the passengers were Canadian. Very interesting that Prince Harry and Meghan (who is Canadian) are in the news after a long stay in Canada? Seems to play into the Card Game (52 cards in deck = Trumps 52 targets) Ritual with the Queen (Sol Invictus Games). Flight # has a 52.
    Canada has had rocky relations with Iran since... "1980: Canadian embassy closed for eight years after Canadians spirit U.S. diplomats out of Tehran during the post-revolution hostage crisis."
    Which would give us an 88,
    88' the yr Reagan sunk half Iran's navy, the Iranian airliner shot down by US, Lockerbie Scotland airliner, Econ Mag cover of Phoenix
    Back to the Future, back to 88'

    1. They have pretty much confirmed that Iran shot down the plane. I also heard that Canada is going to take action. With all the troop and asset movements going on I think we are in the final stages of getting ready for what this will eventually come to--WAR.

  3. The thumbnail from IPG2 at the top of your post looks uncannily like this "devil horn sunrise" that just happened in the middle east:

  4. Saturn is almost exactly opposite the earth, as all eyes turn towards the Black Box = Saturn Black Cube = Mecca Cube
    Those #'s from Ollie are Saturn numbers
    Heads up for the Home playoff game in San Fran = Golden Gate
    And what may they be foretelling with the Vikings?

    "Warning: Spoilers for the January 8, 2020 episode of Vikings Season 6 entitled “Death and the Serpent” are discussed below! Do not go beyond this point if you do not want to know!

    If you are still reeling from the latest episode of Vikings, you are not alone. The History series sowed the seeds for “Death and the Serpent” long ago. Despite the forewarning, nothing could have prepared this viewer for the totality of the moment. It was everything that Katheryn Winnick promised it would be. Lagertha had one more big battle, and it turned out to be her last."

    1. I never heard of that show before--sounds like predictive programming to me

  5. And then on 1/10 the dow closed down 113.13

  6. Could IPG2 skeleton describe this new China coronavirus which is pestilence?! (Rev 6:7-8) They have warned China people of much traveling in the time of Chinese New Year this week. This disease outbreak could match perfectly for the New Year scene of IPG2 film.

    7 And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see.
    8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death (=skeleton), and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death (=pestilence), and with the beasts of the earth.

    BTW; The 11/1 Signal could be February 1. In IPG2 split apple we see two seeds on the left side and one seed on the right side. And these apple halves are both number 8.

    1. If we are in the 70th Week and if we are in the 91 day period before the antichrist comes onto the scene--in other words close to the midpoint, then yes. If not then we have some more time.