Thursday, February 8, 2018

Cryptocurrency and the End of the World

Cryptocurrency; are you going to ride the wave or get wiped out? You may have heard the word Bitcoin or cryptocurrency and wondered what in the world is that? What I will attempt to do in this post is explain the whole concept to you in an easy to understand format and explain why, in light of end times Bible prophecy, they may be useful in the future, and how you could possibly benefit from them.
What is a Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency (Cryptos)? 

Plain and simple Cryptos are a medium of exchange. Cryptos have been defined by some as a digital currency. And you may ask what is that? As they say, it is a currency that exists in cyberspace—let me give you an example that may help you understand this; many people have credit cards that issue reward points or reward dollars. These rewards are essentially a digital currency—only exist in cyber space--that you can use to purchase goods, services, or even with some companies redeem them for cash.
So essentially Cryptos are the same type of thing, they are a digital currency, that you can use to purchase goods, services, and redeem for cash. If you make electronic payments with your bank account you are essentially doing the same thing, except in your country’s currency. BTW; 95% of all money in the world is digital. 

Why use Cryptos?
One of the reasons that so many people are getting involved in, and using Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies in transactions, is because they see it as an alternative to their currency which is losing its value through its increasing supply. Increasing the supply of a currency brings about inflation, and inflation causes your money to be worth less.
Whereas by design Cryptos announce how many there will be and once that amount is reached for that particular coin no more will be made or released. For example there will only be 21 million Bitcoins created or should we say mined. Thus the currency supply for Bitcoin, once the 21 million are mined, will never be increased and thus their value will not be watered down through the endless creation of more of them as is the case with many fiat currencies.
What gives Cryptos their value?
The trust, usefulness, and demand people have for it. If people trust it, and can use it, then they may want it, and therefore it will have value established on the open market by how much someone is willing to pay for it. So the value is a pure reflection of demand. At this writing, one Bitcoin is worth about $9000 USD and one Litecoin about $150. Last year at this time Bitcoins were selling for about $1000 and Litecoins for about $4.
How can I use Cryptos?
There are many companies around the world that are accepting various cryptocurrencies for payment such as APMEX (a precious metals dealer), and I have even heard rumors that Facebook and Amazon may be getting ready to accept Litecoin. You can also sell your Cryptos for USDs or other major currencies.
How can I get Cryptos?
First you have to select the crypto that you want to own, for there are many of them. Here is a link to a list of all the Cryptos ranked by their respective market capitalization. One of my favorites is Litecoin.

Once you have selected the Crypto that you would like to buy, you then need to obtain a digital wallet to store your Cryptos, which is free—just do a search for that coin wallet and you will see what is available.

After you get your wallet downloaded to your computer then you need to choose an exchange through which you can buy Cryptos. There are numerous exchanges that you can buy from, here is an article listing some of them; (Note: Most recommend having your own secure wallet for long term storage of your coins and not to store them on exchanges.) 

One of the exchanges that I have used is Coinbase. Sign up at the link below, and you and I get $10 worth of Free Bitcoin. J 

You can also mine for some Cryptos. Mining is the process whereby your computer solves complicated arithmetic problems and upon solving the problem you are awarded coins. Depending on the coin you want to mine efficient mining may require the purchase of mining hardware that will range in price from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Some coins can even be mined from your phone. Once you have your mining hardware you can download a simple program from a mining pool group and then you can start mining.
Another way to gain Cryptos is to trade them. Cryptos, due to their newness and fluctuations in demand can experience much volatility and huge price swings. This is not necessarily a bad thing if you know when to buy and sell. For example in December Litecoins went up to about $350, then they went down to about $200. So if you had 10 litecoins and you sold for $325 and then bought back in at $225 you would now have 14.4 Litecoins. A short time later it went back up to about $300 and then down to about $150. If you had sold the 14.4 Litecoins at $275 and bought back in at $175 you would now have 22.6 Litecoins. And that was only from two trades, if you were able to execute several successful trades over a year you would gain a substantial amount of coins.
The key to trading is knowing when to buy and when to sell. Fortunately Cryptos in the free market are for the most part following patterns, and if you can identify the pattern you will have a pretty good idea of when to buy and sell. Gold 2020 Forecast has been very accurate in identifying the patterns and provide trading information in their Cryptocurrency Index report. They publish several reports per week of which you can receive by purchasing a monthly subscription. Right now they are offering their Cryptocurrency Index report subscription at an introductory rate of $99 and for my readers are giving a special rate of 40% off. Use the Promo code: BIN40%. 

Should I get involved in Cryptos?

That is your decision, and yours alone, and none of this article is to be taken as financial advice, but let me tell you why I got involved. The main reason I got involved was to have a hedge against what many economists have been saying for many years—that one day the dollar and other fiat currencies will crash. I see some Cryptos as an alternative form of a digital currency that may be used as a store of wealth to hedge against inflation and to hedge against the eventual collapse of the currencies of the world. Also if Cryptos catch on more than they already have, the value of Cryptos will naturally increase—so it also has the potential to increase your wealth.

BTW; here is what Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente is forecasting about Cryptos in 2018. 

TREND FORECAST: Sharp crypto growth in 2018 will ignite from three areas: customized innovations by nations creating their own crypto currencies; the evolution of new technologies, making it easier to trade digital currencies; and launches of crypto futures trading exchanges by Cboe Global Market’s Futures Exchange, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Nasdaq, etc.

What are the risks?

If people lose trust in Cryptos, their usefulness declines, or their demand decreases, then their value will go down, and all or some investments could be lost. Also Cryptos are dependent upon electricity and the internet, without either they would cease to exist. But I think electricity and computers will be around for most of the world until at least the rapture, because they will need computers and electricity to run their mark of the beast system.

Note: In a prolonged grid down situation where there would be no electricity and internet, there would most likely also be no use of cryptos. In those situations cash or bartering is king. Precious metals--the oldest form of money--and other bartering items would be very useful—just ask the people in Puerto Rico. BTW; many think precious metals are poised for a major bull run, especially silver.

Are Cryptos a step toward a global currency and thus bad?

It will most likely be a technology that will be used by the globalists; but so is electricity, computers, the internet, RFID chips, cameras, scanners, cars, etc. Just because a technology or idea may be used by evil people does not make it bad. They do not need Cryptos to establish a global currency, there is already a defacto one now—an individual can already conduct transactions throughout the world.

The only elements they need to add to the current monetary system to bring about the mark of the beast system is to ban cash and require a chip in an individual’s hand or forehead in order to buy or sell.

So the mark system boils down to a matter of control of monetary transactions. Cryptos take control away from the PTB and gives it back to the people. And even though they may use the technology, I do not see Cryptos as a step toward the antichrist  system, but a step away from it, because it takes control away from the PTB.


Some Cryptos are a form of digital currency that I think may provide a hedge against inflated collapsing currencies. There is also the possibility that they may go bust, or be outlawed, yet with so many individuals and businesses getting involved, that seems less likely by the day. Here is what was stated at a Senate Crypto currency hearing on 2/6/2018.

In doing so Warner offered a bullish vision. “The potential writ large amongst crypto assets and the underlying blockchain could be as transformational as wireless was years ago. I think we’re going to need a much more coordinated effort,” Warner said.

All told, the hearing was far from apocalyptic for regulationphobes. While it’s clear that the CFTC and SEC have only scratched the surface of the kind of rule sets they’d like to put in place, their plans appeared to be overwhelmingly focused on protecting consumers from threats like rampant ICO “fraudsters” and unsafe exchanges rather than discouraging growth. For anyone interested in the long-term health and viability of virtual currencies, that should come as good news.

Let me also reiterate that after the abomination of desolation occurs and Seal 5 is opened, that no one will be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast. Cryptos may offer a way to transact business without taking the mark, but then again, maybe not, time will tell. I still view the ultimate hedge against collapsing currencies and the coming mark of the beast system as gold and silver—which is one of the oldest forms of money in existence.

I may be wrong but the way I see it is that Cryptos are a currency for the people of the world who are sick and tired of the world’s private central banks stealing their wealth through currency devaluation schemes. That is why I believe the central banks hate Cryptos, because it threatens their very survival.

Greenspan said Bitcoin is a bubble. I believe he is wrong, I believe the exact opposite is true, the dollar is a bubble because of the massive amount of debt and money printing, it and the other currencies of the world will one day collapse as the Bible predicts (Seal 3).

And it will not be the fault of Crypto currencies when the currencies of the world collapse, because the world currencies are already collapsing, it will be the fault of those at the top. And let me remind you that it is the world banks that are at the forefront of the coming New World Order and they do not like Cryptos, so what does that tell you? 

When the currencies of the world collapse they are going to create a new monetary system in which one must bow down to their leader—the antichrist—and take their mark in order to buy and sell. The question is what are you going to do when that time comes? Are you going to bow down, or are you going to try and live free of their system--of course no true Christian will bow down to them but will trust in the Lord to prepare now and provide until the rapture occurs. 

So I see Cryptos as a currency for the people by the people, and in my mind a vote for Cryptos by joining in, is a vote for yourself and the return to a currency free from inflation and the control of the PTB. Another reason that I like some Cryptos is because they do not have satanic symbols on them like the USD. I also see Cryptos as a possible way to conduct transactions after the mark of the beast comes about. 

In the future, countries and banks may try to take actions against crypto currencies but how successful their efforts will be is yet to be seen. Crypto currencies are growing in demand and use by the day and it appears that they have the potential to be the future money. And if they are the future of money, then the quicker you get involved, the better. The wave is building, are you going to ride it or get wiped out by it?

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  1. Long time fan and I love (most) all of your articles. I've directed people here on many many occasions...

    I'm sorry to say that you're way off-base with this article. Don't get me wrong, I've considered mining and using crypto-currency to the extant that my various computers could be easily used for such purposes. One of the main problems is with the blockchain. The participants are basically surrendering their PC hardware to A.I.

    Yes, A.I. and bitcoin are linked and some have even posited (and presented links to show) that bitcoin and other crypto-currencies are actually the creative works of A.I.

    (There are plenty of pertinent videos on this topic)
    This is another deception by those so-called 'elite' world manipulators. Anyone think 'they' are not in control of this? Anyone think 'they' can't control the rise and fall of these currencies? Does anyone think using these new methods is somehow keeping the user safe from economic turmoil? Hardly.

    Just more non-existant funny money.

    This is almost as sad as people thinking that Trump is some sort of savior who is going to drain the swamp. In reality he's an insider's insider who has known of (and been a part of) these plans for over 60 years.

    (There are plenty of important videos about this and what type of conclusions we can expect these well-planned-out narratives to reach...)

    1. Just because I have Cryptos does not mean that my computer has been surrendered to AI. The whole AI/crypto connection has not been proven.

      I remember people saying the same thing about credit cards and then chips in cards.

      It is a technology, it is a digital currency, and as fiat collapses, it may become the new money.

      I have heard people saying that every president from Reagan on is the antichrist. I do not think it is fair for anyone to call another person the antichrist until he fulfills the prophecies.

    2. Typo correction for my above post: the extent* that...

      Anyhow thanks for approving my comment.

      As for your mention of antichrist, every president has undergone an initiation ceremony/ritual summoning the spirit of antichrist and it has been ensured (and shown) that each of them meets certain criteria to make us think that each one of them could be THE actual end-times antichrist. In fact each of them has simply been the current puppet to personify the antichrist and to execute the very long term antichrist agenda or the "Plan".

      Sorry I cannot be more coherent or succinct. So much to convey with so little time. A lot of the info often falls on deaf ears anyhow.

      Regarding the currency and the computers used to mine data, it's a dicey subject because it can be difficult to explain and therefore people push it aside as unimportant. I simply ask, what if its the first step towards world currency? Next thing you know, a chip is required to access your digital e-currency. It all gets more interesting when you consider the religion popping up indicating that the 'god' of the New Age will be an A.I. god.

      When I said "surrendering your pc hardware", I simply meant that your computer is under their control grid when being used over the internet to mine data, etc... I don't think its a giant leap to realize that this creates a massive network of PC power which is being used towards their own nefarious purposes. Then there exists the moral dilemma of profiting from their evil schemes but I digress.

    3. It is probable that block chain technology will be used in the coming world currency, just like the internet, electricity, etc. Just because they may use the technology does not make it bad.

      Mining cryptos does not surrender your computer to AI. And you do not have to mine to own cryptos, you can even have them on a paper wallet.

      cryptos are a digital medium of exchange. In the old days they used to trade sea shells and buck skins--they are a medium of exchange.

    4. I figured I might provide a follow-up video about the various e-currencies:

  2. You are correct about Trump for sure. He does fit the "plan" very well. I was a little skeptical for a while, but the more I see and hear, and out of his own mouth, the more I am convinced. "Savior" is exactly how the AC will come across to people. He will have exacted the greatest deception in human history.

    1. I have heard people saying that every president from Reagan on is the antichrist. I do not think it is fair for anyone to call another person the antichrist until he fulfills the prophecies.

    2. Not Trump, Kushner Kushner is the lamb with two horns (married) few have ever heard him speak. The false prophet is the final antichrist, the 7 heads are 7 religions that deny Jesus is God and the 10 horns are the leaders of the 10 lost tribes on Nibiru.

  3. Glad you post at least this com' from Anonymous!
    Only silver and gold coins will be usefull in the future for who will try to resist.
    BTW here is a link from a "christian" (not same "brand" than you but same kind of willingness into eschatology: http://www.apocalypseannoncé
    Like you, he "believes"(all his own stuff...) and in particular that prophecies of the end of the times are fullfeeling now...
    I undersand on my side that these are just simulations by the deep-state to introduce a "false AC" which will prepare the introduction of the real AC who will use the name of Jesus...
    Of course, I do not expect you will "believe" me! But at least try to keep it somewhere in your mind...
    I am not a jew and do not intend to convert anybody! But if you sincerly want to understand where the truth could be, you must listen this video (sorry it's again in french..)

    1. Here are the rules for comments posted in the sidebar;

      Comments: All are welcome to comment in the pursuit of a meaningful exchange of ideas. Inappropiate or vulgar comments will be deleted

  4. Hi William.

    I have a great and profound respect for your work, but I must wholeheartedly disagree with the theme of this post. I understand and empathize with the general argument for using cryptocurrencies to sidestep the policies imposed by central banks and their fiat currencies. But personally I don't believe that any of the major cryptocurrencies have any true value as a investment going forward nor are they a way to potentially avoid the imposition of the mark of the beast.

    Since the introduction of Bitcoin futures on the CBOE and CME, there is now a direct means through which to influence the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by extension using fiat currency. You can clearly see that since Bitcoin futures began trading on those exchanges just a couple months ago the price is sharply down.

    Most importantly, I don't think the forces behind the globalist - New World Order agenda would care if you use their future "global fiat currency" or Bitcoin - as long as you are using your mark to perform the transaction.

    I believe the most correct course of action from a domestic currency perspective is to eliminate the Federal Reserve and have the federal government issue currency itself that is backed by either gold or silver. A system where gold (or silver) can be freely and easily exchanged for dollars and vice versa would be ideal in my opinion. An individual should be able to walk into a bank with gold or silver coin, and deposit it into his account as easily as if he were depositing cash. This system might require fixed price for gold/silver in dollars that the government might have to defend, but it is the only way to implement a currency system based on righteousness.

    1. I agree that the best money system would be based on gold and silver and I wish that happened and hope it does.

      In fact some cryptos are based on gold and silver and have gold and silver backing them. From what I am gathering--post forth coming the world will quickly be moving into cryptos and I believe we will see their value and use increase exponentially.

    2. Dear Mr. Frederick, there are already more than 1300 crypto-currencies. How can you believe that "deep state" will choose one of them to rule the new financial system? Don't you think that they could create a new one and forbide all the others, like they will do for all fiat currencies at the same time...
      Did you study how much energy each single deal in Bitcoin needs? Can you imagine what it would imply in case it become the "currency of the NWO"?

    3. "Let me also reiterate that after the abomination of desolation occurs and Seal 5 is opened, that no one will be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast. Cryptos may offer a way to transact business without taking the mark, but then again, maybe not, time will tell. I still view the ultimate hedge against collapsing currencies and the coming mark of the beast system as gold and silver—which is one of the oldest forms of money in existence."

    4. I wonder on my side if that mark couldn't be a Ship RIFD as there will be only cryto-currencies...It could be easy to make it welcome if "they" introduce by example the famous "universal income" at the same time for those who will agree to get the ship...(do not forget that satan can't force you, he needs your agreement)
      With silver and gold coins, you won't be able to buy or sale, but you will be able to silver and gold are deeply in human mind since thousands years and this won't desappear suddently... But for sure owning silver and gold will certainly be forbidden... ;-)

    5. I agree that silver and gold may be the best way to go, but at the present time crypto tranactions can be used to barter also, what the future holds is yet to be seen. They can also make it illegal to own gold and silver like they did in the 1930s.

  5. Phew... I really tried to stay with you. You were always a bit... Well, to much. But at least you were always watching for the coming of Christ! And because almost no-one does that, I'd rather stick with someone who's to hot on his case in stead of to cold or nothing at all.
    But now I realise your last posts, together with all the reactions... It's distracting me a lot. All the watch dates, the discussion about possible scenarios, all the numbers. Nothing of this info has given me hope, non of it helped me in my relation with Jesus. And completely apart from you as a dedicated and loyal writer... The feeling I end up with after reading for so long, is fear.
    Didn't Jesus also say that we must watch AND not to be distracted? Yes, I to believe that it ain't gonna be sunshine and happiness in these last days. But I think it's my job as a Christian to look for those last pieces of hope in all of the distractions that fear brings.
    So to help myself to focus better on these sparks of hope, I'll stop checking in here for a while. And I also hope that you will find a message with more hope in stead of (financial, global, war, space, nature) doom distraction.
    And please, before I end, take this as feedback and accept what applies to you and leave out the rest, or all,if you believe so. Because I only want to say something like this because I believe it's for the best of you!
    You're a great man, now go on and preach some more hope and love just like Jesus did.

    1. We are commanded to watch, would you rather be caught off guard when the bad things happen--and they will--or have a heads up?

      Bad times are coming--fear is a result of not trusting in God. If you want to talk about scary fearful things read the book of Revelation and other end times passages. Why did God include those scary things in the Bible? Should you not read those parts of the Bible because they may cause you to fear? Or should you prepare mentally, physically, and spiritually for those times and develop your faith and trust in God?

      Our hope is to set our minds and affections on the things above and look forward to the rapture which will deliver us from the bad things that are on the way.

  6. I don't think that anyone who has a clue about what's described in Revelations doesn't understand that things are developing on course. The signs we've been seeing in the skies are aligning perfectly and in succession and coinciding with feasts, etc. That's never happened to this degree in the past. But the biggest heads up I think we are seeing now is the situation in the middle east. Things have become tense in Syria and it's not really between Israel and Syria. It's about Israel and Iran (old Persia) and Russia is involved -- Gog and Magog simmering. If that goes full blown and the Temple is built soon, bingo. It will be the first time in history that Israel and Iran (old Persia) are engaging one another which is also prophesied. And, don't forget that the US isn't prophesied to be helping Israel because it will have been neutralized in some way -- NK nukes, earthquakes, volcanoes?? Prayers for all.

    1. I agree that the Mid East is a powder keg just waiting to go off and all the players are lining up. It is only a matter of time.

  7. I don't understand why we would support/participate in anything that appears to be driving us toward a one-world currency which would also likely be part of the New World Order???? To me, it would be best to at least try to start living more on a barter based system. Putting ourselves into anything that would be global is a bad idea, IMO. Bitcoin is one of the "stages" driving us toward NWO.

    1. credit cars, internet, airplanes, satellites, will all be used in the one world system. Most technologies are not wrong just how they are used.

      Cryptos allow one to "barter" crypto coins for goods--it is a peer to peer medium of exchange. It is also a medium of exchange that allows you to conduct transactions outside the inflated collapsing fiat money systems of the world.

  8. I am resisting everything that appears to move toward globalization to the extent possible. It will make it easier for me to be able to resist the Mark if there is no rapture (too much debate about when/if, IMO). I'm keeping as much cash as possible and still paying bills by check. Except for this site, I don't use social media. No facebook, no twitter, etc. My cell phone is very old as well. I refuse to accommodate the push to NWO in any way shape or form. I don't trust Crypto system. It would be entirely too easy to turn that into something that controls the masses.

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  10. So does this mean I should just keep all my gold and silver coins, basically?

    1. I cannot give you financial advice but many market watchers believe that gold and silver are poised for bull runs

  11. But the RFID chip money thing is the mark of the beast, and doesn't God say NOT to take the mark of the beast...? >_>

    1. Yes the mark of the beast should not be taken and yes it may involve RFID technology and may be connected to a blockchain technology. But that does not mean that all cryptocurrencies are bad, some may have value in being able to purchase items without using the mark.

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