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Updated: Prophecy Watch For Major Financial Events October 14, 27 and 28, 2016.


Update 10/25:

As you read in this post I listed prophecy news concerning what a 7 year old girl, that is if she even exists, said that Jesus told her. As you are probably aware, nothing to date has come to pass of what she said Jesus told her. So what can we conclude about the info?

1.    It came from disinformation agents.
2.    It came from deceiving spirits.
3.    It came from someone’s imagination.

Whatever you choose, the conclusion is still the same, the information did not come from God, or it would have happened.

That being said, this does not negate the fact that we are probably very close to seeing a large financial downturn, which may yet develop this week. Even many secular economists believe this.

This whole situation with these self-acclaimed “prophets” is a very good example of what we need to be aware of during the end times—that many deceptions will abound. Remember the enemy loves to spread disinformation.

4 And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. 5 For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

And I think some of the deception will come through some who unknowingly are listening to deceiving spirits.
Update 10/23: (HT Matt)
October 23, 2016 1:03 pm
That pretty much sums it up Market Baron. These are the instructions she gave me with some more detail.
1) Buy FAZ. Immediately
2) Thursday, October 27th after 4pm, China will make an announcement about Gold and their currency.
3) Friday, October 28th FAZ will skyrocket and will be trading for around $800 a share.
4) Sell FAZ when it hits $10,000 a share ( ETF unit ). This will happen between Oct 27th and mid November.
5) After selling FAZ, immediately buy ( Physical ) silver. It should be trading around $10 an ounce within the first two weeks of November. ( Silver will be over $100 in December 2016 and much, much higher in 2017 )
6) She also said there’s going to be food shortages.
7) She mentioned in the past to also buy a farm but that word was more directed at myself. It wouldn’t be relevant to everybody. But she said it would be very dangerous living in the cities.
For what it’s worth she gave me a word about a second event coming next week. I cringe at the thought of releasing because of the skepticism it seems to draw. But here it is;
Friday, October 21st 2016
Father – Krystianne. Can you ask Jesus if there’s going to be anymore events next week, other then the one on the 27th.
Krystianne – Yes.
Father – What date.
Krystianne – Jesus He said next Tuesday. ( This will be Oct 25th )
Father – Can you ask Jesus if this has to do with Deutsche Bank.
Krystianne – yes
Father – Will it be bad news.
Krystianne – Yes.
Father – Will this increase the price of FAZ.
Krystianne – Yes.
Father – Will FAZ be trading above $100 a share.
Krystianne – No.
Father – Will FAZ be trading over $50
Krystianne – Yes. Jesus said it will be trading over $50 but not by much.
Father – Will it be trading under $60.
Krystianne – Yes. ( it looks like it would be trading between $50 and $60 on October 25th )
Saturday October 23rd 2016
Before I release any of her words I will ask the same questions worded differently at a later date to ensure consistency. I usually do this over a two or three week period. But because this date is coming up so quickly I don’t have the luxury of time to do this. Tonight ( Oct 23rd 2016 ) I asked my daughter questions again about this event on the 25th, and whether it will still happen.
Father – Krystianne. Can you ask Jesus a question for me please.
Krystianne – Yes.
Father – Can you ask Jesus what the highest price FAZ will be trading at on Tuesday ( October 25th 2016 ).
Krystianne – Daddy, Jesus said he changed his mind. Jesus said $200.
Don’t ask me why he changed his mind about the price. I don’t know. I couldn’t ask her anymore questions because she wanted to play with her Barbie’s. I didn’t want to push the matter any further.
When I asked the initial questions on Friday, I wasn’t aware that Deutsche bank was going to announce it’s earnings or something on Tuesday. I also wasn’t aware of this other gentlemen’s dream about Oct 25th and the economy crashing in Germany. This is what gave me confidence to release this second word. If FAZ hits $200 a share this Tuesday. Then it might be trading even higher then $800 by Friday ( this is my assumption, not speaking prophetically ). You can also be well assured that Thursdays announcement is a done deal and it’s going to be Chaos in the markets. Especially if both events happen in the same week.

Update: 10/20: Here is the latest information regarding the 10/27-28/2016 watch day for a major financial event(s). (HT Matt)
October 20, 2016 10:27 am
My daughter has confirmed with me about a dozen times in the last two months to only buy the FAZ shares and not the call options. When I ask why, she consistently says ” Jesus said you will make more money from the stocks then the call options “. I’ve really struggled with this since call options provide significantly more leverage and profit potential than the actual shares. But my daughter has regularly been correct with her words from the Lord so I’m sticking with the actual shares. She also confirmed again yesterday for me to sell the shares once they hit $10,000 and buy physical silver. A month or two ago she said silver will be trading for around $10 U.S. an ounce in November for a short period, but it will be over $100 an ounce in December of this year; and significantly higher next year. She also confirmed a few nights ago that I have a 2 week period to sell my FAZ shares and buy the ( physical ) silver from the 27th of October . I asked her tonight to ask Jesus if the events that will happen next week will be just bad or catastrophic. She said ” Jesus said they will be catastrophic”. She then asked what catastrophic mean which I thought was kind of funny. She also confirmed to me that food prices will double in November ( next month ).

October 21, 2016 7:55 am
When I asked her if I would lose money buying call options she said no. I will make some money, but I will make more money from buying the shares. This word she gave me was directed at myself and my intentions were to sell the call options once the underlying stock ( ETF ) hit $10,000. Maybe the profit potential could be different ( higher or lower ) for other people depending on how long they planned on holding their options. It really confuses me. By the way she also said the announcement will be made after 4pm on Thursday, October 27th ( after the markets are closed ). Follow thread down, comment about 15 down from entry link.
Note: I do not know anything about the individuals making these claims; I am presenting the information for your prayerful consideration.
Original post:
Information has presented itself that warrants a prophecy watch to be issued for 10/14/2016 and more prominently 10/27-28/2016. We will start by considering the following comment left at Z3 News concerning this date and an announcement. (HT Matt).

Murray, August 30, 2016 1:49 pm
(Remember this date: October 27th 2016)
My Daughter is 7 years old. She has an amazing gift at hearing Jesus speak to her. I’ve found children are very open to the spiritual world, more so then many adults. My wife and I ask her many questions to ask Jesus. Because of her inability to articulate what she says, we ask her questions with her to respond with a Yes/No or a date or a number ( In actuality these questions are directed at Jesus, she simply relays what Jesus says ). Most of the time she doesn’t even know what the question means.
These are some of the questions and responses she gave me.
Father: Will China give a big announcement in October of this year ?
Daughter: Yes.
(She then stopped and looked at me and said” Jesus said it’s going to be very Bad) When she said this it gave me the shivers.
Daughter: Jesus said it’s going to be about Gold.
Father: What will the date of this announcement be.
Daughter: Oct 27th 2016.
Father: Will this be about China backing it’s currency with gold?
Daughter: Yes
Father: Will the U.S. dollar collapse?
Daughter: Yes.
Father: Should I buy FAZ to make money from this collapse.
Daughter: Yes
Father: Should I buy options on FAZ.
Daughter: No.
Father: Why shouldn’t I buy options.
Daughter: Jesus said you will make more money from buying FAZ and not the options.
Father: What price should I sell FAZ at.
Daughter: $10,000
Father: What is the last month of could hold FAZ before selling it.
Daughter: March of 2017
Father: WHEN DOES GOD want me to sell FAZ.
Daughter: November this year.
Father: What will the highest price FAZ will ever trade at ?
Daughter: $100,000
Father: After I sell it what should I buy with it.
Daughter: Jesus said a farm and silver.
Note: my daughter said FAZ will trade at $100,000 at some point in time but God said for me to sell it at $10,000 in November. God knows the reasoning for this. Maybe when FAZ is trading at $100,000 in the future we could be in the middle of a Banking holiday or a Derivatives crisis where we could lose all of our profits. I won’t be greedy; I’m personally selling at $10,000 in November of this year. She also said an ounce of silver will be trading as low at $10 an ounce in November 2016 but it will skyrocket to over $750 early into the next year ( sorry I can’t remember the exact date, It might have been Jan or Feb ). I know this might sound very crazy to you because of her age but ask the Lord yourself if what she’s saying is correct. There are many other things she said such as paying James Bailey a 10% commission (yes commission, not Tithe) on the profits from the FAZ because of his recommendation and also paying your God a 10% Tithe. I plan on paying both as God his directed. As I mentioned she said many other things but I thought this would be the most helpful to people.
That comment was left in a post entitled; “We Are in a 60-Day Window of a National Heart Attack.” In that post Pastor Fairchild stated the following in relation to the date 8/28/16; “The Father then spoke this to me concerning America, and the timeframe of this heart attack, “We are in a 60-day window of a national economic heart attack. Prepare accordingly!
60 days puts us at 10/27/16, the same day that the girl above mentioned.  In regards to this date Matt emailed this;
I find it interesting that the new Dan Brown (Davinci Code, Angels & Demons) film “INFERNO” is released in the USA on 28 Oct 2016
Released in Belgium on the 12th UK 14th of OCT
Will it be after close of Business NYSE on 27 Oct that the Chinese announce this… the 28th … the inferno.
The film references, a plague and the purposeful culling of some of the world’s population through “throwing a switch.” Isn’t that what the evil ones aligned with satan will do to humanity in the end times—kill one fourth of the world’s population? Here is the trailer to Inferno. (Note: Due to the UK)

Matt also sent me this;
From Mena Lee Grebin's site

Post was Sept 7th 2016 (minus 2 days = 5 Sept 2016)
"I want to speak on another thing that I heard two nights ago. It was odd thing to here, yet clear as day. In the spirit I heard, "Tell the Queen that in forty days, great change is coming to the UK."
Now I know I don't have access to the Queen of England (LOL), but I understood that the change wasn't for the good. There's a great shift coming to that area, that will impact them in a major way; even their way of living."
The release date of the new Dan Brown movie "Inferno" (Davinci Code, Angels & Demons) for the UK is 14 Oct 2015
5 Sept 2016 (Date of Mena's vision) + 40 days = 15 Oct 2016

The release date for "INFERNO" in the USA is 28 Oct 2016... see my post here to see what date a little girl was given for the Chinese backing their currency with gold & massive chaos in America.

This also reminds me of David Wilkersons warning of a European, North african or Eastern nation declaring bankruptcy, then a latin American country, then Mexico.  2 weeks from the first country going down, the storm hits the USA.  Look at the countries first in line for release on Oct 13th then look at the USA 2 weeks later.  Link to the David Wilkerson prophecy

DW's word at bottom of email
USD implosion 28 Oct 2016. Release of Dan Brown's "INFERNO" on 28 Oct 2016
The Elite are telling us things again.
This brings to mind the recent erecting of the arch of Triumph in London and NYC. 66 (6x11) days after it was erected in London was the mini crash following the Brexit.  It was erected in NYC on 9/19/16, 39 (3x13) days after that date is 10/28/16. Connecting the arch locations by a line also yields some interesting insights; here is what I wrote in the post; NYC And The Arch Of Triumph; For Whom Will The Bel Toll?

Realizing these places are on this line, and based on past experience, in my opinion that makes these places suspect for major events to occur. What kind of event(s)? War, terrorist attacks, storms, major financial events, etc.
Speaking of financial events, Germany just so happens to be on the line. David Wilkerson spoke of Germany in regards to the coming economic crash.
So we have a word that David Wilkerson himself declared to be prophetic, not just a warning based upon his study of Scripture, but a prophetic word which said that a European, North African or Eastern nation was going to go bankrupt; German, Swiss and French banks would take the initial impact - hard; then a second nation, possibly Argentina or Brazil would follow, then Mexico. The US would not necessarily be impacted by the default of the first nation or the South American nation but would be impacted, hard, by the default of Mexico, so much so that NOT the National Guard but the WHOLE US ARMY would be called out to control the chaos. Source: Running from Babylon; GREECE AND DAVID WILKERSON.
It is interesting to note that many of the places David mentioned are either on the line or very close to it.
Information regarding 10/28/2016 also presented its self to me from another source. Carlos from Serayah 515 has put up an excellent post about a recent dream that he had, and one 7 years prior, which both may point to 10/28/16. I recommend reading the entire post.
Frequently on this blog I’ve mentioned the-dream-that-changed-my-life (TDTCML) which occurred on 4 September of 2009.  Why?  Because it changed my life, fundamentally, and had that dream not been given to me by Yahweh then the blog Chozeh & Nabiy would never have come to pass, this humble blog would not have been opened, Serayah would never have completed the prophetic act of casting the millstone-laden scroll into the Great River, and the forthcoming book which will document America’s fall at the beginning of Tribulation would not be in progress.
Without going into detail of TDTCML again, it involved a harlot/casino setting (America), an angel, doubling (as per Babylon’s judgment), the number 15 as 5 + 10, Room 1028 (the date 28 October, corresponding to Jeremiah 1:5), and series of 777.  A fundamental Biblical meaning of 777 is “seventy years” (America Babylon’s duration as Superpower) so there is an obvious time signature stamped on this dream and, by extension, “seven years” also seems to be implied…

Did you catch the 10/28/16 connection? He felt room 1028 dealt with October 28, and that 7 years was implied. October 28 seven years after his original dream is 10/28/16! His most recent dream on 9/4/16 has references to a nuclear holocaust, that he and I believe will be the ultimate fate of America the Babylon during the end times. (Note: I do not think this will occur until after the rapture, which will not happen until after Seal 6 is opened.)
BTW; 10/28/16 is 144 (12x12) days from 6/6/16 and the sign of the false messiah.
In integrating this information into a Biblical framework, if the sign of the woman clothed with the sun, which occurs on 9/23/17, aligns with the midpoint, then between now and then we will see Seals 1-4, and Seal 3 is a worldwide financial collapse.
Illuminati insiders have told us that WW3 and other major events are scheduled to occur in a 91 day period after which the antichrist comes on the scene. Thus if the 9/23/17 sign aligns with the midpoint and the coming on the scene of the antichrist, then the latest these things could occur would be the summer of 2017.
Assuming the information above is accurate here is a scenario that would fit the parameters. (Note: This is not a prediction.) Starting in Europe on 10/14/16 markets start a downturn. The 10/27/16 announcement is made, which is followed by a severe market downturn especially in the banking sector. This downturn lasts for several weeks. This is followed by a slow rebound that lasts until late spring/early summer after which time in aligning with the 91 day time constraint the major Seal 3 worldwide financial crash occurs.
Accompanying this major crash is a total breakdown of society, WW3, and a pandemic. Thus once this occurs it may be too late to do anything about it except to hunker in place. That may be why the girl stated that defensive financial actions should be taken in November.
Proverbs 22:3; A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.
Note: I do not personally know any of the people above, and I am not predicting any events to occur on any particular dates. I am merely, based on the information issuing a watch for the day and presenting the information to you for your consideration.
Do you know if you will be able to stand before the Son of man? Do you know what you must do to be saved? Read a short message entitled God’s Gift of Salvation to find out.
Have you prepared for the end times? The Coming Epiphany is an easy to understand prophecy book designed to help you prepare for the end times. You can download it for FREE at this link; The Coming Epiphany.
Did you know that there is a secret map and several dates ciphered on the dollar bill? One of the dates is the infamous 9/23/17; another is the 6/6/16 sign of the false messiah. See The Dollar Code for more information.
The information provided in this article is without warranty of any kind and, in particular, no representation or warranty, expressed or implied, is made nor to be inferred as to the accuracy, timeliness, or completeness, of any such information. Under no circumstances shall William Frederick or any ministries he is associated with will have any liability to any person or entity for a loss or damage in whole or in part caused by, resulting from, or relating to any error (neglect or otherwise) or other circumstances involved in procuring, collecting, compiling, interpreting, analyzing, editing, transcribing, transmitting, communicating, or delivering such information, or any direct, indirect, special, consequential, or incidental damages whatsoever, even if William Frederick is advised in advance of the possibility of such damages, resulting from the use of or inability to use, such information.
Also this article is for displaying my opinion only and does not necessarily reflect the views of any ministries I am involved in. Any news or links are the subject matter of those sources and not necessarily the opinion of the author. The financial information is OPINION unless otherwise stated. All information presented on this blog is not investing advice nor recommendations for investing decisions. If you wish to use this information for your own personal investing decisions, you do so at your own risk. The author of this article advises you seek a professional financial adviser for all matters regarding personal investments. The author shall not be held responsible for the actions of others nor decisions made based on the information presented within these pages.
All statements herein are made without prejudice and malice. 


  1. thanks for an update.

  2. OK, I am a regular reader of your blog and also I am a stock trader.

    I am familiar with the FAZ, an inverse ETF levered to the financial sector with 3X leverage. For every $1 bank stocks go down, the FAZ goes up $3.

    Right now the FAZ trades at $30. Even if every bank stock went to $0, the FAZ would not reach anywhere near $10,000/share.

    The idea that this ETF will appreciate to this level (and even onwards to $100,000.00/sh) is simply not mathematically possible.

    The FAZ ETF can go up more than 100%. If every bank stock dropped to $0 in a single day (meaning the index dropped 100%) then the FAZ would appreciate by 300% (3x or triple the return but in the inverse direction) and this would bring FAZ to $100 (or so).

    The bank stocks wouldn't go zero in a single day and because of the way the momentum works the FAZ can return more than 300% but more such as 400% or 500% or 600% something like this.

    The absolute most the FAZ will trade for in the next year is $300, something like this.

    Also understand that when you look back at charts for a 3X inverse ETF is that over time (as stocks rise) the ETF drifts down towards $0. So these ETFs are subjected to inverse spits. When this happens a holder of 4 shares gets 1 share and the price is quadrupled. So overtime the number of shares goes down and down.

    and this is why in the past like during the 2008/09 it looks like FAZ traded at $60,000 or something like this, but you have to divide by the number of shares, see what I mean. It never actually traded at these levels. The price per share in the tens of thousands is afunction of that the security has undergone multuple reverse splits that raise the price and reduce the outstanding shares available.

    So it's not to say that FAZ won;t appreciate into the crash. It will. I myself OWN this fund in accounts that I oversee.

    However, anyone waiting for FAZ to hit $10,000 or $100,000 a share ... will likely be waiting forever.

    in any case, good luck to you.

  3. Well, after I posted this comment, I did some more figuring and I realize that in a very specific scenario, such as bank stocks dropping 10% a day for a couple of weeks, something like this, then it would be possible for the FAZ to return a massive amount. It is possible.

    So maybe I should retract my last comment.

    But realize that during the Nov-Dec 2008 period where stocks like Bank of America (and other financials) lost 60% of their value the FAZ didn't return anything like this. It gained not quite 4x ... a similar crash today would bring FAz to $120.

    So I dunno. The scenario where FAZ rises to $10,000 - $100,000 ... it could happen, so I take back my comment but it would require a much more extreme scenario than ocurred in 2008 when banks lost 60%...

    FAZ will likely provide a great return into a crash and I recommend this ETF to friends and clients. But I will not necessarily be waiting for it to reach $10,000+ ...

    that's my amendment to my previous comment.

    good luck

    1. Thanks for your insights, it is good to have the opinion of a seasoned trader. Many economists are saying that the coming crash will make 08 look like a picnic, also correct me if I am wrong, but if a whole lot of investors start buying FAZ that could also drive the price up. So under those circumstances maybe it could reach those levels.

      The girl said the day after the announcement the price will be above $800. We will not have long to see what the outcome will be.

  4. I trade with triple levered ETF`s in the financial markets everyday. I also am a devout follower of the Lord, looking for and longing for His return. I have diligently studied His word for 25 years now. I believe that the trumpet sound I have been longing for is imminent. The idea that Jesus would be conveying to me trading advice to help me navigate the markets at the time of the greatest forthcoming struggles in the history of man strikes me as beyond absurd. I am shocked that any Believer who has even a rudimentary understanding of the Book of Revelation could delude themselves into thinking that this would be the course of action Jesus desires for you to take at this time. Trading through the apocalypse, seriously? My advice would be to trust in the Lord and draw as close to Him as possible in these last of days. With all due respect, focusing on how to be properly positioned to benefit from the forthcoming chaos sounds like you have lost all proper perspective to me. Praying God provides clarity and wisdom to you.

    1. Edd

      I understand where you are coming from, and if I believed the rapture was imminent, then what's the use, right? But the rapture is not imminent, Seals 1-4 are, the rapture will not be until after Seal 6 is opened. Thus a Christian needs to prepare as best as he can for Seals 1-5, and especially Seal 5--when we will not be able to buy or sell.

      The rapture is part of the day of the Lord (1 & 2 Thes), the moon is turned to blood before the day of the Lord (Acts 2:20), the moon is turned after Seal 6 is opened (Rev 6), thus the rapture is after Seal 6.

      As a fellow student of scripture I challenge you to read my book (FREE download) and refute the scriptural proof that I present as to the rapture timing.

  5. I feel any financial planning, prepping, kneeling in prayer.....all will work towards making each of us more effective in helping ourselves go deeper into the tribulation. Thus will result in many more coming to Christ as we are prolonging our witness time and intensity by being more prepared. Its not going to be a cake walk, by the mere title.."great tribulation"...that we will be going through. Many Christians will be killed for their faith. To them will be given special rewards. Many WILL make it and will bring many converts they have influenced with them. As a whole, the Christians influence will be the single greatest thrust towards harvesting souls from demonic takeover. Bottom line, the stronger your bottom line is whether it be financial, spiritual, food supplies, weapons, etc....the deeper into tribulation we will go, with a bigger bottom line of souls turned to Christ because of our preparedness.

  6. But here I Am
    Running up the seventh floor
    Knocking the eleventh door

    1. Thanks, It aligns with the 11/6 data that I have, when it is 11/6 here it is 11/7 in other parts of the world. Am going to include those in the post I am working on about 11/6

  7. Is anyone willing to recommend a fund where I might consider trading FAZ shares??

    1. Scottrade, TD Ameritrade, ETrade, are 3 of the most well known.