Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Duetsche Bank Collapse: Is the Wilkerson Prophecy About To Be Fulfilled?


Years ago David Wilkerson warned of a worldwide financial collapse that would involve Germany. Here is what he said.
So we have a word that David Wilkerson himself declared to be prophetic, not just a warning based upon his study of Scripture, but a prophetic word which said that a European, North African or Eastern nation was going to go bankrupt; German, Swiss and French banks would take the initial impact - hard; then a second nation, possibly Argentina or Brazil would follow, then Mexico. The US would not necessarily be impacted by the default of the first nation or the South American nation but would be impacted, hard, by the default of Mexico, so much so that NOT the National Guard but the WHOLE US ARMY would be called out to control the chaos. Source: Running from Babylon; GREECE AND DAVID WILKERSON.
Now listen to this; Super Station 95 is reporting that Deutsche will Collapse today, 9/30/2016!
German Bank insiders are confirming to SuperStation95 that Germany's largest, Bank, Deutsche Bank" will "colapse" tomorrow, Friday, September 30, 2016.  The German government has no plans to bail out the bank and its demise could wipe out Banks in the US and other countries worldwide!

It is interesting to note that this relates to the demonic arch that was set up in London and NYC. Germany is on the line that goes through the arches. From the post; NYC And The Arch Of Triumph; For Whom Will The Bel Toll?
Sometimes lines drawn between two points can have esoteric significance. So how about we draw a line through these 2 arches and see where it goes, maybe this will give us some clues. Even though I do not know the exact location in NYC I chose Times Square--the original selected location. At the least this will give us a good estimate. 
As you can see, the line goes through Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., comes close to the Georgia Guide stones and ends up right near where Katrina hit.
Going the other way the line goes through Germany, Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.
Realizing these places are on this line, and based on past experience, in my opinion that makes these places suspect for major events to occur. What kind of event(s)? War, terrorist attacks, storms, major financial events, etc.
Speaking of financial events, Germany just so happens to be on the line. David Wilkerson spoke of Germany in regards to the coming economic crash…
As mentioned above the line also goes through Saudi Arabia, and the Saudis have threatened to nuke the dollar if we pass the 911 bill. The bill was vetoed but both the Congress and Senate have just overridden the veto. A Saudi invoked collapse of the dollar was signaled in the movie Rollover. Here is the post; Will The Saudis Nuke The Dollar?

Is the Wilkerson prophecy about to be fulfilled? Will the Deutsche bank collapse start the dominoes falling or will it be rescued and thus this prophecy will be fulfilled in the future?
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  1. Should be abeam DC on 8 Oct 2016. 10/08/2016, 10/8= 18 (Laguarde, drop the zero) 2+0+1+6= 9 judgement. 1+0+0+8+2+0+1+6= 18 (or 666).

    IMF MEETING suposedly in DC ON THE 7TH?



    yup, IMF DC meeting 7-9 oct 2016

    1. Right around the time Hurricane Matthew could be visiting the East Coast.