Thursday, October 13, 2016

Prophecy Watch: Day 888; Will It Be A Black Sunday?

10/15: Update added at end of post--the Damascus prophecy may be close to being fulfilled.
10/14: Update added at end of post; DEFCON 3
Information has presented itself that warrants the issuing of a watch for the possibility of a major event occurring on 10/16/2016. We will start with the presentation of data that was received in an email. As you will see God has been showing this man some very amazing things, which helped lead him to the conclusion that 10/16/16 is a day to watch. Here is the email(s).
Hello Mr. Frederick,
Sir, I have read and enjoyed your site for over a year now. I thank God for people like you!
This is a bit long but it is well worth the time. God has chosen my father, me, my son and even daughter for this time and I will tell you, God does not use His servants until they have been purified in the fire. It was hot but He was there throughout and at the end!
I need to add this:
After more study, I believe my 'life number' is 13. In the post below you will see the number 611; its factors are 47 and 13. Both my full name as well as my last name are divisible evenly by 13. The first time my name is used in the Bible is Numbers 13:13 and many more.
Please note: There is more to this story than time permits however, ------has had another person whom God has revealed Himself to and his number was 66; his name is also --------. With both numbers in mind there is only 1 day that fits both numbers God revealed and it is Sunday 10/16/16.
10/16/16 is 7 years, 7 months, 7 weeks and 7 days from Obama's first day in office; it is also 1313 days from Pope Francis. The 16th is 13 days after my birthday; the year 5777 began on the 13th. This day is also exactly 17,911 days from my birth and even 4119 days from 7/7/05. I did not put in many numbers so I don't know if other dates are significant.
9/11/01 was 33 years 11mo and 9 days inclusive from my birth.
It is certain that I'm missing some stuff but this will give you the basics.
Here is the Revelation, it is in 'post' format.
Please let me know what you think of it and let me know if the 16th fits in to any of your watch days; for some reason I couldn't find them on your site.
The mere fact that numbers align, in itself proves little, but once these numbers align as I will show you, you step from coincidence to the improbable, past the impossible, directly to the Divine.
All of us have a birthday; a mere set of random numbers, right? Many of us have been married, had children and have important dates in our lives. Do they mean anything? Consider the fact that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob knows the number of hairs you have, He not only numbered the stars but knows them by name; this Deity even keeps your tears in a bottle and has "Numbered my wanderings". Psalms 56:8. God is a God of numbers. God is glorified through numbers!
"You will find Me when you seek Me with all your heart." 
Before I show you the Divine, I must assure you of one fact: if you wish to hear from the Divine, you must be willing to give everything.
However, He will use you for His glory regardless if you want Him to or not. He also uses those who loathe Him for His glory and His purpose, yet they don't know this.
Rest assured, my life went from 'perfect' to 'hell' in a single instance. What I've endured in the last 5 years would make a blockbuster movie but this post is not about what He took me through but where He led me; my story will be saved for another day. Today, I only wish to praise Him for where it led; my encounter, seeing the Audible Voice of Christ Jesus.
I don't want to pontificate as I am far from perfect but years ago, I was sitting at my computer and I asked this question: "God, if I am Your child, why is my life so perfect?" As I prayed I also asked, "You said if I am Your Son, I would be chastised" and my life was perfect; I saw no chastening. Not but a few months later, everything I had disappeared in 1 day. Everything I loved, worked for, dreamed of and held dear vanished in an instant. God answered my prayer; He showed me I was His.
After almost 5 years of unthinkable anguish, I had little hope I pleaded with much lamentation and fasting for God to speak to me; I was at my end, I had nothing left to give but He did.
It all began with this email from --------:
YOU were born 119 days inclusive after Israel reclaimed Jerusalem!!!!
You need to read my 911/119 stuff its profound to our time and 9/11 appears to be the date Jesus was born based on astronomical evidence. It is very similar to the sign of Revelation 12 and only happened one time.
Your birthday is 2 days before mine. You were born 4752 days before me. Strong's 4752 Greek - warfare, military service; of Christian warfare.
Isaiah 46:10 has 4752 numeric value: "Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure"
My birthday is October 3rd, 1967. This was the 1st Day of the Super Jubilee Year (Oct 4-5 in Israel). While I thought this was nice, it was far from a thunderous voice from the heavens I had begged for.
Then, ------ revealed to me the numerical importance of just one important date in my life, my 1st child, born 2/17/04.
He said: "There is a lot to your daughter's bday as well. 2/17 is literally 2 seventeens, you will find that on 2/17 there are 317 days left in year. 17=complete victory, it is when Christ resurrected and the Ark rested".
It was then God showed me the significance of my son, ---------- birthday: 1/11/06.  Without losing the significance of '111', '4' means "Man child"; '44' can also mean division. Imagine my surprise to find my now ex-wife was born 4,444 days inclusive after me!
My telling you God spoke to me would leave us in the coincidental stage, so here we go:
------ emailed me trying to show me He WAS working in my life:
[Y]our marriage was ended 26 days after ----- launched and 9 days after my first full year of being saved
your dad's bday is 17 days after -----
your moms bday is 2 days after ------
on 6/16/14 (your last anniversary?) there was a dream a reader had, of which was sent to me 560 days later. I heard from him one time, and never again but he writes down dreams and felt led to share w/ me on this particular day. It was profound and even in the last week another layer of it was revealed to me as a confirmation about something else. It was a crow on a rock in a pristine mountain lake, it face planted and flopped around in the water until it got back on the ROCK and brushed himself off and was standing tall again.
I learned today that Corvus, the constellation Crow/Raven is the closest to the sun on my birthday each year.
6/16/15 Trump announced
10/14/14 was the 20th day of Tishrei 5775 Hebrew
It was two 10 day patterns completed in the first 20 days of the year 5775
On the 10th of Tishrei Moses brought down tablets #2 and message of forgiveness about the golden calf 
If you understand 7 and 5 this is pretty significant
10 is the completed order of a thing.
I would now like to think the reader agrees, we are now in the improbable stage.
THEN, I had a dream! The dream was typical dream fashion with the unexplained oddities; one of which was the rain in the background of this dream was so 'irritating' I had to search it out even though the rain had nothing to do with the dream. Long story short: after tunnels and corridors obscuring my ability to see the rain, I saw it. It was raining zip-ties the cops sometimes use. Then, Jesus began the Revelation!
God began showing me the number 611 over and over.
One email, entitled 611, ---- replied at 10:03 PM; I had 119 junk mails in my box.
On 9/1/16 I read the story of the earthquake in Italy hitting at 611 UTC time and that evening I saw my clock on the stove (which is always 'wrong' at 10:03 and the wall clock (correct time) at 6 and 11.
"This morning I looked at one of my art pages, there was 911 hits total for the year and 103 for the month."
From this day unto the present, over two weeks now, there hasn't been one day that has gone by without Him showing me 611 (as well as the inversions 116/911/119) along with my birthday. If I put them all down, it would be too long a post so I am leaving out quite a bit of Revelation to lead you to the Divine. I'd like to think we are through the 'improbable' stage.
Then the impossible, I did some calculations with this number 611 that God showed me every day over the course of 2 weeks and counting.
Consider the 10 dates of importance in my life:
B-day 10/03/67
Salvation 3/20/75
Car wreck where I almost died 5/14/89 (41 yrs exact date of Israel)
My engagement 12/28/99
Marriage 6/16/00
Daughter's birth 2/17/04
Son's birth 1/11/06
Date I found out about the betrayal in my marriage 11/16/12
Date of Final Divorce Decree 10/14/14
Day I received my black belt in TKD 6/11/16
The other 6 or so dates I used were:
My Dad's birth 4/19/41 (he and 3 of 5 brothers born on 4/19; the youngest born on 4/4/48, Uncle -----)
Mom's birth 4/28/39
Parent's anniversary 9/23/61
Brother's birthday 6/4/69
and I also used 2 of my niece's birthdays because they were direct numerical anagrams of 611:
11/1/1999 and 6/6/1999
I may have inadvertently left out a day of two but now we will move to the impossible.
When comparing the dates above with 611:
My son born 1/11/06, 100 days exactly from my birthday
I was born exactly 6 years and 11 days after my parent's marriage
My brother was born exactly 611 days after me
611 days after our marriage was exactly 2/17, 2 years before my daughter was born, 48th day of the year.
611 days before our marriage would be Oct 14 exactly 16 years to the day of the Final Orders to dissolve our marriage 10/14/14.
611 days after our marriage was legally over 10/14/14 would've been our 16th Anniversary
611 days after my car wreck 1/16/1991
611 before my accident was 9/11/87
611 days after I was served divorce papers was 9/23/14, my parent's 53rd anniversary; 3 years exactly before Rev 12 sign. 
I was born 119 days after Israel took the Temple Mount
also on the 119th Super Jubilee's beginning
Because of leap year, my niece Sammy was born 6/6/1991, 611 days from my birthday (inc) as well as this being 6/5, the start of the 6 Day War.
611 days before my niece's birthday was 11/16 (day I found out about the affair, betrayal)
Nicee Kayla's birth 611 days from the birth of our Nation.
My mom was born on the 119th day of the year
Mom's birth to my birth exactly = 10,019 days
My dad born inclusive on the 111th  day (or non-inclusive leap year)
On 9/11 there are 111 days remaining in the year. (we'll get into the 111 soon)
My Dad's twin brother died on 3/18/83 + 611 = 11/9
My birthday to 9/11/01 inclusive is 33 years, 11 months, 9 days
May 14th, the day Israel became a Nation, +611 = 9/11
May 14th  subtract it is inclusive 1/16
May 14, 1948 to 10/03/67 = 1011 weeks
While there are many more, I'd like to think we are now past the impossible stage. Now we move to the Divine!!
------ emailed me:
"Wow, 2/17 is interesting b/c on this year it was 611 days from a dream someone sent me. They dreamed it on 6/16/14 and sent it on 12/28/15. It was crazy prophetic and I didn't realize until a few days ago that the dream i had on 8/1 this year was exactly 777 days from that dream"
He went on in the next email to ask if all these dates meant anything to me? In opposite order, the exact dates in answering his question were: My 1st child, marriage and engagement.
The 3666th verse, Numbers 2:7 - Then the tribe of Zebulun: and Eliab the son of Helon shall be captain of the children of Zebulun.
611 x 6 = 3666
This year, Sivan the month of Zebulun began on 6/7 or on the 49th anniversary of Jerusalem. It ended on 7/6. If you have followed the 76 and 67 this is VERY profound."
"Don't know if I told you but my sister ran into a missionary in ------ a few days ago. They were talking about prophecy and he reads ----- and asked my sister "do you know who the guy is who writes -------?" she says, "ya he is my brother".
She sent me her geo location where that happened and I connected it to a location in -------- the Lord has brought to our attention. It has 79 confirmations since 8/1 about this specific place. The distance from her geo location and this place was 6611.00 miles"
"Holy" and "Holiness of God" is mentioned 611 times in the Bible.
There are 55 verses in the Bible with a numeric number of 611 (not chapter and book) and the last one in the Bible is not coincidentally Rev 6:11.
OK, now on to some more Divinity! During the time God was revealing this to me I received:
111 has been coming up everywhere
does 2/17/16 mean anything to you?
Did you know that 111 has been all over today.
It began w/ --- sending me something last night about the great loop being 29,400 miles.
I subtracted an estate that had been on my mind recently and the combined square footage from this number. It was 29,289.
I sent ---- back an email about 111. Then --- posted on facebook about Obama's 111 commutations today.
Because of my Son's birthday being 111 and these emails and more I did some calculations on 111:
9/23, Parent's anniversary +111 = 1/11 son’s birthday (inc)
9/23 - 111 = my Brother's birthday
6/16 my marriage +111= 10/5 MP birth
7/22 + 111=11/11 (inc) (we'll get to the #722)
Engagement + 111 = Dad's birthday (inc)
Because of the 55 mentions of Holy/Holiness God led me to calculate 5 months and 5 days:
1/11 son’s birthday + 5m 5d = my anniversary 6/16
Parent's Anniversary  9/23– 5m 5d = Dad's b-day 4/19
9/11 + 5m 5d= daughter’s bday 2/17 (inclusive)
Brother's bday 6/4 + 5m 5d = is 11/9
Car wreck 5/14 + 5m 5d= 10/19
Mom's bday 4/28– 5m 5d = my bday 10/3
God then led me to add 611+111=722
722 X 8 =5776. This year, 5776 started on Sept 13 (another day of importance in my life)
Sept 13 + 611 = Brother's b-day June 4th (inc)
Sept 13 – 111 = Son's birthday 1/11
Sept 13 + 5m 5d = Daughter's b-day 2/17 (inc)
611 X 16 = 9776, 9776-4000 = 5776
722 X 8 =5776-4000=1776
722+111=11/11 (inc)
722-111= 6/7 inclusive of 6/6 Sammy's birthday
A few nights after I wrote this my thought was, after 2 weeks of God revealing this stuff to me, I thought it had stopped and I was a bit disheartened. Then the number 121 was given (I believe by the Holy Spirit) to me and at first I didn't do anything with it. It was just 10 days from 111 and I had exhausted this date but with His persistence, I put in a few dates. Here were the results:
Marriage 6/16 + 121= our divorce decree 10/14 (inc)
My bday -121=Brother's bday
Son's bday - 121= 9/11 (inc)
Nikki's birth=121= (inc) 6/16 marriage
Sister’s birthday +121=engagement
I know some are not listed, there may be an error or two but you get the idea. If you have any other explanation than the Creator showing me a small glimpse of His glory, do tell. God's promises are true; they will not come back void! My children and I will be "Given 100 Fold, in this life and the next." How you say? My God does not obey the laws of time! He said it will be returned to us and it will be as He said!
If there is anyone that doubt this, please try to line up a few birthdays in your life. I used 15-18 dates and came up with close to 50 matches, most of them not even using the inclusive date. These were the only numbers I put in but for 1 or 2 I tried just to 'see if I could make one I thought of do this'.
There is so much more I wish I could put in this. From the day of our marriage to the date I forgave my ex and wrote this in my Bible 3/28/13 is exactly 666 weeks 6 days, or 12 years 9 months 12 days. From my salvation, Thursday 3/20/1975 to the day I forgave my wife is 13,888 days and 38 years 8 days. You could not make this stuff up!! I put the dates as best I could so people could do the figuring out themselves as well, this is not fake.
My salvation 3/20/75 is 40 years to the day of the solar eclipse 3/20/15 that was between the 4 blood moons; this is incredibly significant!
As ------- put to eloquently, numbers are not Divine but they lead us to His Divinity. He showed me these numbers in the span of 2 weeks. He is constantly reminding me of His Divinity: I took an off-grid essentially homeless man to his 4X8 house the day of ------ last post; I live at 8400 ft.
God brought me to the end of myself to reveal Himself. I asked for a Thunderous Voice from heaven and I received One.
God will use us all for His glory... to glorify the Name of Jesus! This is the God who opens the eyes of the blind and shuts the mouths of kings!
The night before last, I watched Captain America's Civil War: Iron man had 611 million dollars, they asked for signatures and had 117 countries. When I had a very malicious incident, the numbers shown on paper were 119, 116 and 117. Even Hollywood and this agency is being used by Him; played by the Creator like a violin.
I could go on with other numbers but at this point, I believe the Divine has shown Himself to be Divine. He spoke the world into existence. He is the Author and Finisher of our faith; we have no faith to believe in anything unless He gives it to us. He is in total control and will be glorified by us, whether we desire it or not and whether we know it or not! Too often we speak of the love of God which is unending but we need to remember the Omnipotence of the King as well. He is in charge!
Jesus the Christ, we bow and humble ourselves under the Mighty Hand of the Father and praise the King of kings…
Thank You Jesus for revealing your Wonder and Awe to a wretch. There is only 1 difference between Christians and non, the former has been forgiven because God gave him the faith to ask Him and called him before the foundations of the world to become Sons of God. Christians, myself included, have absolutely no worth but in the eyes of God.
Why do bad things happen to good people? There are no good people!
He will reveal Himself to anyone who leaves all. Is this a price too great to personally know the Creator of the world? I say no!
This was added on Oct 3, 2016, by birthday. Last night, as we ended 5776, God showed me even more:
When playing around with the 'conception calculator' I found that the date of ovulation for a birth on Oct 3rd, 1967 was 1/11/67; 39 years to the date of my son's birth!
It is also most likely (with what God showed me above) that my son was conceived on my father's birthday (ovulation date 4/20) and my brother on 9/11 (ovu 9/12).
This is very significant in my mind. More confirmations that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob also called 3 Generations of -------- men for His Name's sake. To think I was conceived on a picture of the Trinity, born on the Dawn of the 119th Jubilee; then throw in a son born on a picture of the Trinity and you cannot overstate!!
I am posting this to show the power of God, to show that I am not ashamed to say I love Jesus because He first loved me. Those fools who will mock...get out the odds chart and explain it scientifically; you can't do it. God just roared from heaven to those reading this; you doubt? Then explain it.
You will bow your knee to Jesus Christ one day regardless of your desires! If you ask Him for faith, you will gain eternity.
God is gathering His remnant together. Time is short.
"Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and confess with your mouth that God has raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved"
This is something you are most likely aware of but just in case, Sunday (10/16/16) also marks the 100yr anniversary of Sanger opening her 1st Clinic as well as marking 54 years to the day of the Cuban Missile Crisis. There are some other minor things like Nuremburg hangings; Disney, ABC, PBS CBS, all started on this date but nothing like Planned Parenthood’s birth!
There are 13 NFL teams that will be playing on this day. If one were to have something planned, this would fit into my revelation as the cities that host are what one would expect. Wash, L.A., N.Y., Texas, Chicago...
This may also be a Spiritual outpouring of His Spirit on the Feast of Tabernacles, so I wish not to limit God by saying such and such may happen. If it has to do with just me, the 17,911 shows me Total Victory in Jesus and there is no way to contain the excitement of this day, no matter what it brings as the Creator showed me numerically, it is a date of importance!
This is what God does almost daily:
Last night I (Holy Spirit) wondered, if day 17,911 is a date of importance, certainly day 17,000 would be too so I put the date in and found it was my father's 73rd birthday exactly 911 days past 10/16/16. I emailed him saying I didn't know what the 73 meant but God showed me this AM, just now that He wasn't pointing to my dad's 73rd but this was 10 years to the day my son was conceived!
God is speaking!
Also John Paul II became pope on 10/16 (forgot the year)
Thank you Sir,
I hope and pray God uses what He has shown me for His glory. It is also very interesting to me, your birthday 1/16. God makes no mistakes, you are very much a part of this from what He has shown me.
It is also interesting to me...if one looks at the games played Sunday, they are all on E/W coasts and then right down through the New Madrid Fault. Chicago, Detroit, Washington, NY, TN, Miami, Houston, L.A. and New Orleans.
Day 10,000 of my life was inclusive of my daughter's birth 9 years in the future. You can't make this stuff up!! I'm beginning to believe numbers are the Divine language of God!
Sunday is day 17,911 from my birth; when I went 17,911 days BEFORE my birth it is 919191...8 (9/19/1918) but when you look at what happened on this day it is very remarkable considering:
"On September 19, 1918, British forces in Palestine renew their offensive against the Turkish lines north of Jerusalem, beginning with the capture of Megiddo, the city mentioned in the Bible as the site of the Battle of Armageddon"
and "  “On the north our cavalry, traversing the Field of Armageddon, had occupied Nazareth, Afule, and Beisan, and were collecting the disorganized masses of enemy troops and transport as they arrived from the south.All avenues of escape open to the enemy, except the fords across the Jordan between Beisan and Jisr-ed-Dameer were thus closed.” Megiddo fell with little resistance the same day, and the aerial bombing of roads...." *This taken from
Sept 16th's sum of all numbers is 17
Also, when doing the major numbered days in my life: 1000, 2000... the only other remarkable ones (save 17,000 and 9,999) were:
Day 5,000 was 611 (81)
Day 12,000 my sister's birthday
Day 6100 was unremarkable but day 16110 was 111111 (11/11/11)
That is the information that was sent to me concerning this man’s experience with numbers and the specific date of 10/16/16. When I was sent the info, I remembered that 10/16/16 had come up in a date calculation before. Upon further investigation I remembered that 10/16/16 is day number 888. That is, that it is day number 888 of the 70th Week, if the 70th Week began on 5/13/14.
And if it is day #888, because of the number’s esoteric importance, it has great potential to be the day of a significant event. Now what is so significant about the number 888? Here are a few pieces of info, go to the link to see them all.
Numerical value of the name "Jesus" in Greek language, Iesous or IHCOUC: 10 + 8 + 200 + 70 + 400 + 200.
In its book "Many Infallible Proofs", Dr. Henry Morris claims that the name of Jesus written in Greek, IECOUC, is mentioned exactly 888 time in the Greek New Testament.
The sum of the occurrences of all the numbers in the Bible multiple of 20 and written in their cardinal form gives 888-1 by counting "ten thousand times ten thousand" (Dn 7,10) as being an additional number equal to 100000000.
The sum of the occurrences of all the numbers in the Bible equal or higher than 169 gives 888.
Donald J. Trump = 888 in Simple Gematria

Let me also mention that 10/16/16 is 132 days past 6/6/16 and the sign of the false messiah. 132 = 2 x 66 = 2 x 6 x 11 = 11 x 12. Thus since 888 relates to Jesus, and 6/6/16 relates to the sign of the false messiah, then 10/16/16 may involve a false messiah event.
Now look at what I just found along those lines.
888 was Olen’s number, the founder of Apollo’s oracle and his first prophet, and signified the "spiritual sun" represented in the glory surrounding the all-seeing eye of Apollo/Horus on the Great Seal, and the novus ordo seclorum or "new age" that his coming would herald. Gnostics and mystics among the occult hierarchy maintain this interpretation as the true meaning of the Apollonian Sibyl’s prophecy.
The text in question comes from the Sibylline Oracles:
Then will come to men the Son of the Great God, coated flesh, similar to mortals on earth.… But I want to tell you the whole [of his] number: eight units [8], so much tens in addition [80], and eight hundreds [800, or 8+80+800=888], here are what to the friends of incredulity, to men, the Name will reveal; but you, in the spirit, thinks well of the immortal and very high Son of God, to the Christ. [2]
So here we have two "messiahs" represented by the number 888—Jesus, the Christ of the Bible, and Apollo, the Sibyl’s messiah of the novus ordo seclorum.

Thus 888 is not only the number of Jesus but is also claimed to be the number of Apollo, the coming false messiah UFO spaceman. This fact further substantiates the possibility that if there is an event on 10/16/16, that it may be a false messiah related event.
That is the data that I have at this time. Thus based on the data it appears that 10/16/16 is a date to watch.  Will this be a day of a major event in this man’s life or all of our lives?  And if so, will it be the day of a financial collapse, a major terror event, a natural disaster, the outbreak of a major war, an assassination, a UFO event, an antichrist event, or a combination of events—will it be a black Sunday? I do not know. Whether or not anything happens on 10/16/16 is yet to be seen, remember this is not a prediction, it is a watch. Also remember just because there are synchronicities does not mean that an event will occur, but on the other hand major events usually do not occur without them.
Let me also state that another number that was prominent in the information above was 611. The reverse of that number is 116. Earlier this week I started working on a post about 11/6/16, which I think has the potential to be the date of the occurrence of a monumental prophecy event. Post forth coming—your prayers appreciated. BTW; my birthday is on 1/16 and 10/16/16 and 11/6/16 are 21 (777) days apart.
That forthcoming post features two “doomsday” clocks that point to the numbers 6, 10, and 11. Those numbers are both in the dates of 10/16/16 and 11/6/16, but most prominently in the former.
Something that popped up in the news today that may tie in with a possible 10/16/16 event is this info; Obama to Decide Military Strikes on Syria, Tomorrow (Friday 10/14/16) - Will not consult Congress.
It is also being reported that Russia is telling all students abroad to return to Russia. Again whether or not this is a credible report, I do not know.
Update 10/15
It looks as if the prospects for war in Syria are really heating up.
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36
Do you know if you will be able to stand before the Son of man? Do you know what you must do to be saved? Read a short message entitled God’s Gift of Salvation to find out.
Have you prepared for the end times? The Coming Epiphany is an easy to understand prophecy book designed to help you prepare for the end times. You can download it for FREE at this link; The Coming Epiphany.
Did you know that there is a secret map and several dates ciphered on the dollar bill? One of the dates is the infamous 9/23/17; another is the 6/6/16 false messiah date. See The Dollar Code for more information.


  1. Very interesting stuff lately, William, and I will be for sure watching everything from today (Friday) through Monday for financial signs and signs from the heavens (or from the earth).

    In line with that, tonight, two things, totally out of the blue, pointed me toward Memphis, TN (the place most like to be severely effected if the New Madrid Quake Zone let loose). I mean, these two events had almost zero in common, but both pointed toward that city, out of nowhere, at almost exactly the same time for me.

    So, I "plugged in" the term... New Madrid Earthquake... to its number value scale, where I got the numbers 42-49-107... all of which add up to 198 (or, 1+9+8 =18 = 6+6+6).

    Then, for no reason whatsoever, I thought about St. Louis, the other major city most likely to be thoroughly trashed by a New Madrid major quake. Though, in this case, I wasn't thinking about the actual city, but about the actual saint... Saint Louis, King of France from November 8th, 1226 until his death... August 25th, 1270.

    But look at the date of his ascension to the throne... 11/8... the day of our election. He was also born on April 25th, this "Saint Louis", and 198 days later (see above) from his birth is Nov. 9th... which makes this all, in the space of an hour or so, a rather bizarre conjunction of strange, different, and non-associated events to me.

    As the bizarrity of my Memphis, and then St. Louis, "interactions" are just so "out there" and beyond circumstantial to me, I just want to posit you this possibility, both to see what you think and to see if you have anything that more clarifies what could possibly happen on our Election Day, and well into the dark morning of the following day....

    To wit, we have our election, and then, shortly after midnight of November 8th, into the 9th, the New Madrid Earthquake happens... a major one, devastating both Memphis and St. Louis (who've recently decided their city name should be spelled Saint Louis, in many cases). I'll leave (all of) you to imagine the maelstrom of that... a major earthquake totally devastating the Midwest before the Presidential victor is even known, or announced.

    I mean, do/could those numbers, occurances, and events fit themselves into biblical prophecy, or even your opinions about what is going to happen, and when?

    It was a very strange night for me, and I needed to bring it all to your, and your readers, attention, William. The hour is almost certainly drawing late.


    1. Jo

      Guess what day is day #911. It is 11/9. I and others are of the opinion that the New Madrid will go when we divide Israel, keep your eye on Israel.

  2. Ohh, and I didn't notice in your blogpost, William (so apologies if you mentioned), but Sunday the 16th is also the night of the full moon. In fact, it's one of those supermoons (the point where the Moon is as close to the Earth as it can get, which means both more tidal pull, and that it's lower in the sky and looks as big as it ever looks), and one that's suppose to be low enough on the horizon to almost look reddish.

    If something's going to happen, I'm sure we all feel certain it will occur during some obvious, and significant, astronomical event... like a supermoon.


    1. Thanks for that, good addition to the data set, and yes super moons can trigger earthquakes.

  3. To all those reading this: Please comment if you have something pertinent to add. This will be confirming to those who have had these revelations from God!
    Both comments so far are encouraging and really confirming so if anyone has something to add that we missed, do!

    1. 10/16/16 is 341 days to the sign of the woman clothed with the sun. 341 = 11 x 31 (backwards 13)

    2. And just a head's up, in terms of your rather startling update today about U.S. refueling planes, the situation of so many planes being stationed in Diego Garcia, and the no-fly zone over Montana (which is in force for another three hours... though I think that was aimed more at North Korea and today's missile test (which failed) than it is at threatening Russia with a nuclear strike)... the full supermoon I mentioned is over Damascus today at 7:23, their time, as best I could sort out from internet searching.

      Frankly, if we can get through today (Sunday) without any truly major domestic or international incident, I'll be both surprised, and totally relieved.

      We can only hope and pray that now is not the time of the beginning of the end.


  4. William- I posted this in another topic, but it should be here also.

    Shimon Peres signed the Oslo 1 Accord on September 13th, 1993. He then later signed the Oslo accord 11 on September 28th, 1995. The Oslo accords took away rights to Israeli land to the Palestinians. These were under President Clintons presidency. Of course we all know about who blessed Israel gets blessed and likewise who curses Israel will be cursed. Shimon Peres had a stroke just recently on September 23th, 2016....and died on September 28th. Looks like God speaking to me to hit the same day of the year for both calamities to strike Shimon...and the two dates he gave away rights to Israels land.

    1. Thanks for the info, good find, and yet with all the examples of countries and people being judged, people still will not accept that fact.

  5. I just saw an ad on TV for an upcoming Alien movie called the "Arrival"... And it comes out in theatres 11-11...

  6. I just saw an ad on TV for an upcoming Alien movie called the "Arrival"... And it comes out in theatres 11-11...

    1. Thanks for the info, add 11/11 to the watch list.

  7. William...I am posting way too tired. Shimon had his stroke on September 13th. I mistyped the 23rd...sorry for the confusion.

  8. Mena lee Grebin received her 40 day warning from the LORD the evening og 5 Sept 2016. 6 Sept first full day + 40 = 16 Oct 2016. Trunews, Rick Wiles broadcast 17 Oct 2014... Rick and his friend steven from panama talk about a revelation steven received and a two year prior warning. 17 oct 2014 + 2 years = Monday. First 30 min of that interview is critical. 17 Oct 2016 Bo Polny high probability of market event. David Wilkersons, 2 weeks after the first country declares bankruptcy, bank crisis strikes USA. 17 oct plus 2 weeks = 31 Oct 2016, Sam Haine, Illuminati highest day of occult worship.


  9. Sunset on 10/16/2016 to sunset on the 17th is the feast of Tabernacles on the rabinic calandar, this(supermoon) time frame will start Donald Trump's 70th week or 490 days from the inception of his campaign on 6/16/2015(new moon).

  10. William,
    I'd like to add this as it very well may be prophetic too, to a point. With forgiveness of my ex comes the prayer that she too will be saved; her life shows some distinct, remarkable dates as well.

    She was born: 12/2/79
    Conceived on 3/11
    Her day 2000: was exactly my graduation
    Her day 3000: inclusive of our daughter's birth 16 years future
    Her day 5000 was my sister's birthday (the same sister as my 12K)
    Her day 10,000 was my father's birthday as well as the 2nd year anniversary of our son's conception.
    God makes no mistakes! He may have called her from the foundations of the world to be His and we should all pray for this!

    Also, I made day 10,000 be an inclusive date when I should've just put day 9,999 was my daughter's birth 9 years in the future. With day 17,000 the day of conception for my son 9 years past, it is very remarkable.

    Numbers don't lie! God doesn't lie as He was the one who predestined these dates of our lives to be prefected in Him!

    Glory to Jesus!

  11. So we have Mosul military operations and dead man switch for Assange of WikiLeaks. Any other events?

    1. Thanks for the update. Please remember, this could be an outpouring of His Spirit. This was the beginning of the Feast of Tabernacles as well.
      We may not know what happened on this day for years or until we get to see Jesus.
      All the same, thanks for the news.

  12. William and readers,
    The emails William quoted above were from myself and this info is pertinent, especially in light of the 17,911 days:
    My father, the one who stated this whole beautiful design on 4/19 the mirror image of Jesus' birth (111 day post 911 and pre 4/19), had a stroke (Satan's attempt to mock God). He is now home and doing 'better' however, I believe what is more pertinent on the subject on 17,911 and Jesus' Victory is this:
    My nephew, the firstborn grandson (3rd Generation) started his work as a full-time youth Pastor on 10/16/16.
    If anyone doubts the Wonder of the Creator, this should shed a bit of light on the subject.
    Also, know many things happen behind the scenes and we may not know for years what did/didn't happen. The way I see it is this was the day God chose before the foundations of the world to glorify His Son and He is/will be using the ------ men for His purpose.
    Austin, you are a wonderful man, indwelt by the Spirit of the Living God!
    Also keep in mind the mirror of these dates as William has done, 10/19/16, 11/6. 11/9, 11/19...God will do exactly as He sees fit!
    Blessings to all and I request prayer for my family, my son and daughter especially as Satan has been especially hard on them!