Monday, April 25, 2016

SILVER... 'Stand Up and DELIVER or DEFAULT!' 5 Financial Explosions Coming!

The Shanghai Gold Exchange created the NEW SHANGHAI GOLD FIX and the FIX went LIVE Tuesday, April 19, 2016!   The NEXT 3-trading days Wednesday April 20 thru Friday April 22 Silver’s Price jumped up in the ASIA session and was then immediately SMASHED on the NEW YORK COMEX OPEN!


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  1. Bo knows Cycles, Bo knows the Bible, Bo knows!!!!!!!

    1. And it is cycles that will allow those with eyes to see to be on the positive side of the coming transfer of wealth.

  2. Ive seen a lot of people bad mouth Bo. They say he is wrong more than right? In his last video, he kept saying the biblical year was from December to December..thats incorrect as the biblical new year is in the Fall, Sept/Oct depending if the thirteenth month is added. But I digress..Ive only recently began paying attention to stocks and the markets since my end times studies have led me there. Since I have absolutely no experience with trading, I figured buying silver is my best bet for when the entire system comes down. I pray that YAH uses whatever wealth I accumulate in the mean time to bless those in need. Be blessed everyone, Amen!

    1. There is a Jewish civil year (starts in the fall) and Jewish religious year (starts in the spring). I have never heard him say Dec to Dec.

      May the coming wealth transfer be used to glorify God and bring many to Himself.

    2. Here's the link to a Greg Hunter interview with Bo when he says December to December..not trying to split hairs or anything just trying to see how reliable he actually is.