Thursday, April 7, 2016

Is The Yellowstone Super Volcano Eruption Imminent?

The Yellowstone Super Volcano is back in the news again. Apparently all the data feeds were taken offline for a while and now they way they are presented has changed. Below are a few presentations regarding this.
Here is a Mary Greely video about recent developments.
Whether this is an intentional cover up of data or just a change for another reason I do not know. But based on many synchronicities and predictive programming, I believe that one day the Yellowstone Super Volcano will erupt.
Here are a few of the syncs that lead me to this conclusion.
On July 20, 2012 at the opening of the Batman movie—The Dark Knight Rises—we had the Aurora movie theatre shooting. Then 147 days later on 12/14/12 we had the Sandy Hook shootings.
The words “Sandy Hook” were on the Batman map next to the words “Strike Zone 1”—that got me thinking. I wondered if the Batman map could be aligned with a map of the USA to reveal the location of the other 4 Strike Zones on the map.
Knowing that satanists do things backwards I flipped the map over and aligned Strike Zone 1 with the exact location of the Sandy Hook shootings. What appeared was shocking.
The Southeast coast of the USA very closely matched the shape of the Batman map. This confirmed that that the map was aligned correctly. Later I also found an even greater confirmation that the map was aligned correctly.
Strike Zone 4 aligns over Minnesota.
In the Strike Zone 4 circle is a park named Trillium park.
In Minnesota there is an actual Trillium park. Its address is 2800 County Rd 88 and is located across the street from a cemetery. Notice how the road of the cemetery has a similar shape to the pond on the Batman map.
Thus assuming the map is aligned correctly we could then assume that the locations of the other Strike Zones are possible places of future “events.”
So what does this have to do with Yellowstone? Strike Zone 2 aligned with the Yellowstone Super Volcano.
Btw; Strike Zone 3—Florida water event, Strike Zone 4—Minnesota, Strike Zone 5—Gulf of Mexico.
Thus based on this information and other synchronicities I am confident that one day Yellowstone will erupt. The question is when?
Let me give you this fact to ponder; 7/20 and 12/14 were both dates of my siblings’ birthdays. What are the odds? About 1 out of 133,000. Thus that leads me to believe my other sibling’s birthdays are suspect—4/11, and 5/29. BTW; 7/20/12 is 3 years and 322 days from the infamous 6/6/16.
So when will Yellowstone erupt? I do not know, but if it is part of an illuminati antichrist “ring of fire” birthing ritual then it will come after the antichrist “breaking of the water” birthing ritual—the destruction of the Hoover Dam.
Let’s not forget that in the modern age of nuclear warfare there is also the possibility that a rogue nation like North Korea or a terrorist entity could set her off.
And when it erupts it will not only instantly kill thousands, but if the eruption is a large one, then it could cause the world to go into a volcanic winter and decimate crops, not only in the USA, but around the world.
Are you prepared for the possibility of events like this? An event like this will only be one of many events that will occur during the end times. Are you prepared?
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Lk 21:36
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  1. Amazing points Mr. William. I would like to add that we had a movie theatre shooting here in Lafayette, La at the Grand theatre during the movie Trainwreck on 7/23/15, 3 years and 3 days after the batman movie opening where 3 people were killed.

  2. Thanks for sharing, it is amazing to see so many synchronicities, yet many are oblivious to them.

  3. I too was oblivious to the synchronicities until recently. Thanks to your blog I'm learning :)

  4. Bill, connect the strike zones 1 through 5 and then a line back to number 1. It is a pentagram. Also Nathan Leal had a dream or vision of a nuc strike around tacoma washington (vicinity of SZ 2). Also... the blue line running through canada remids me of the old page written by Davinci or someone of that caliber. The blue line was the Tiber river showing it to be a map of the vatican. That blue line reminded me of it.

    1. Thanks, never thought to do that, the center of the pentagram may be significant.

  5. Nathan also had a nuclear vision of Spokane washington. He lives in idaho.

    1. Thanks, I have read Nathan's vision, I would suspect that North Korea would be involved in that attack.

  6. William, I’m sure that most people will doubt the significance of your siblings’ birth dates, but similarly, I have noticed something highly unusual about the birthdates of my three children. Our first child was born on Dec 7th [Pearl Harbor Day], and our youngest was born on the 13th of October. Oct 13th 1792 was the day that the Satanic Freemasons laid the cornerstone of the Whitehouse during George Washington’s tenure. I believe strongly in the sovereignty of God, especially regarding the timing of deaths and births. So, I’ve often wondered why our second child was born on Sept 12th instead of 9/11 (“the new Pearl Harbor”), considering the birthdays of our other two children, which are uniquely ominous days in American history. Because of the teaching of Jonathan Cahn in the Harbinger book, I know now that the darkest day in American history is arguably 9/12/2001 with our government’s official response to 9/11 in the cursing of themselves with their proud misunderstanding of the Holy word of God. At the center of the Harbinger book is 9/11, which is called “the new Pearl Harbor” by many. Also, George Washington plays a key role in this book, particularly in connecting America with Israel. My own birth date and due date seem to make this connection as well. My due date was the 4th of July, but I was 6 days late. The 10th day of the 7th month is the Day of Atonement, the holiest day of the year, on the Jewish calendar. My prayer is that my 3 children, now teenagers, will somehow be called to counteract the dark spiritual forces that led to these tragic events in US history.
    Terry Hart
    PS--Odds of all 3 kids being born on the 3 of the 4 most important days related to the Harbinger: about 1 in 751,000.