Thursday, April 21, 2016

Catastrophic Leak at Hanford Nuclear Site in the Middle of President Obama’s Mouth.

ENE News Image

Updated added 4/29 towards end of post
It is being reported that a catastrophic leak has developed at the Hanford Nuclear Site in Washington State. Here is the link to the latest info from ENE News;
Now look where the nuclear site is located in relation to the image of President Obama’s head that appeared on Google earth.
There are several interesting connections associated with this image and its location that you can read about here;
Let me also remind you that at the present time there is an issue of major prophetic importance pending regarding dividing the land of Israel. Here is the post;
Thus the timing of this disaster, which is located near the mouth of the image of President Obama on Google earth, needs to be considered in light of the fact that President Obama and his administration has “mouthed” that they are poised to take action against Israel at the U.N.
“The President is also considering use of a United Nations Security Council resolution to forcibly extract concessions from Israel and the PA. The US has until now vetoed any such resolutions, though Mr. Obama has in the past threatened to allow them to pass.
A Security Council resolution would be binding upon all parties, unlike General Assembly measures which are non-obligatory recommendations. Such a resolution would remain in force even after the president leaves office next January, effectively shaping the future of American policy in the region for Mr. Obama’s successors.
The resolution would require Israel cease construction over the Green Line and would force Israel to recognize eastern Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.”

Bottom line: Take action against Israel and bad things happen. Case in point: The Fukushima disaster.
And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. Gen 12:3
So with the Israel decisions pending at the U.N., and if decisions are made against them, it would not surprise me to see this Hanford Nuclear site catastrophe get worse and or for other judgments to take place in the near future. Judgments such as; financial, earthquake, volcano, terror attacks, floods, storms, EMP, solar flare, meteor, tsunami, etc are all possibilities. And let’s not forget that we are in the infamous blood and fire sacrifice period of time—April 19 to May 1.
I believe a key date to watch is 4/24-25/2016. It is the Sunday after Passover—Resurrection Sunday. It is in a golden ratio to two important dates—6/6/16 and 8/14/16. And it is 165 (11 x 15) days from 11/11/15. Also in the past, the time around Passover, has been a time when major financial downturns have occurred.
Update 4/29: It is  said that a major turning point in occured on 4/24-25.
What’s the point in all of this? You need to prepare. The rapture will not occur until after Seal 6 is opened and a lot of bad things are going to happen before that time. Have you prepared for the end times?
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  1. Is there a relationship between these locations? If you draw a straight line from the deep water horizon platform to Yellowstone it runs right through the area in OK that has been seeing a long standing earthquake swarm from drilling as well. Is this being done to trigger an eruption? Very interesting timing of this Hanford blowout wouldn't you say?
    Look at it's proximity to the Cascade region
    The News at the area say's the Dept of energy claims it was "an expected event"? Really? does that mean it might be a planned event?

  2. You are correct, just checked the line and it does go through the OK earthquake zone. "expected event" is an interesting choice of words!