Monday, April 11, 2016

Bo Polny: There is No Time Left, the Gold Stampede is About to Begin

Here is the latest video featuring Bo Polny of Gold 2020 Forecast. Bo discusses the "Jaws of Death" formation in the Dow chart and what it means. He also says that a crash of Biblical proportions is coming and that this crash will be greater than the great depression. As a result people will lose faith and confidence in the markets and when that happens it will send people running--stampeding--into gold and silver.
He also shows how his charts indicate that a gold bull flag is forming and when it breaks out of that flag line that it will go vertical and that the world will learn the hard way that you should not short God's money--gold and silver.
This is a must watch video.

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  1. Todays report at 6:30 EST 4/11/16 Gold moved up $3.30 to $1260 an ounce. strange coincidence?