Friday, February 19, 2016

DEFCON2! Katy Perry Video Doomsday Clock Signals WW3 to Begin in 10 Days!?

Updated added 2/24
A reader sent me a Katy Perry video a few years ago that had some very interesting WW3 “signals” in it. At the time I did not even know who Katy Perry was, for I do not listen to any kind of music like that. That is unless I am forced to at the grocery store, which I try to over ride with an MP3 player and headphones. So if you want to watch the video, I recommend not listening to the music.

At 2:23 in the video her watch, pictured below, is prominently displayed—Hmm, wonder why. We know the illuminati death number is 322 and the watch appears at 2:23 a backwards 322. Could this be a signal that the watch time is important?
For the mere fact that the watch time was so prominently displayed is reason enough to conclude that it is an important signal. Add that it was displayed at a backwards 322 confirms it. It is almost like they are saying; “here’s the date, go ahead and try to figure it out if you can.”
Thus the big question is; what is the watch time of 10:11:06 a signal to? Since the video is war related one could say that the watch time may be a signal to an upcoming major war—WW3.
Regarding WW3 you may be aware that the situation surrounding Syria is not looking good. Many are saying that we are on the precipice of WW3. You can read many of the details in this post.
In fact the watch time may have a connection to what is occurring in Syria. Here is the pertinent information from the post linked above that may tie into the time of 10:11:06 on the watch.
“Russia has publicly warned Saudi Arabia, the US, and other countries, they risk "a new world war" if they act on plans to send troops into Syria. WW3: 18 days away.”
This is not a good situation and it looks as if a major war may be imminent, and the result will be that many people, including the innocents will die.
The author of the last article linked above believes that we may be 18 days away from WW3. Whether it will be WW3 or just a major Mid East war is yet to be determined. In regards to the 18 (6+6+6) days, 18 days added to 2/11/16 brings us to 2/29/16, which just so happens to be a posted watch day.  See the post; The 11/11 Chronicles: Day 88; the North Korean Missile Launch and the Super Bowl.
2/29/16 is being watched because a series of major events have been occurring at esoteric intervals past 11/11/15 and 2/29/16 is day is 110 (11x10) days past 11/11/15. 3/1/16 is another watch day being 111 days past 11/11 and 3/3/16, another watch day, is 113 days past 11/11 and is 40 days past the storm Jonas. The Blizzard Jonas—Yet Forty Days and Judgment Cometh!?
Is the Damascus prophecy near to being fulfilled? Is a large Mid East war ready to break out? And if so will it be just a Mid East war or will it be WW3? Will nuclear weapons be used? Will Israel be attacked? This is a situation that needs watching intently. WW3 Alert! Are We On The Precipice of WW3, Will The Ancient Damascus Prophecy Be Fulfilled Soon?.
Did you see the 11 x 10; could this be what the watch time of 10:11 is referring to—110 (11 x 10) days past 11/11/15? And as mentioned above 110 days past 11/11/15 is 2/29/16, the same day as the WW3 watch day. There is also a date on the watch, it looks to be a 10.
If we use the 10 as an addend and add it to the 10 from the time it yields, 10 +10 = 20, and adding to the 6 seconds yields, 10 + 6 = 16. Putting them together gives us 2016. The maker of the watch is ICE, which sounds the same as IS in ISIS or ISIL.
Update 2/24
There is some important information added in the comments section that I wanted to make you aware of.
From Stan;
I was doing the math on the degrees of separation between the hour and minute hand at 10:11:06. 11 minutes and 6 seconds is 666 seconds past 10:00 
My Reply; 
Thanks for your contribution--the 666 seconds was a very good find. The other day I thought about calculating the exact degrees, but was short on time, but knew it was close to 120 degrees.

So after your comments I decided to calculate it.

The minute hand is exactly at 66.6 degrees past the top of the dial. 666 sec/3600 sec = .185 x 360 degrees = 66.6 deg.

The hour hand is exactly at 305.55 deg past the top of the dial. 36,666 sec/43200 sec = .84875 x 360 deg = 305.55 deg.

305.55 - 66.6 = 238.95 deg apart, so they are close to 120/240.

Here is an interesting thought; the Perry video was posted to you tube on 3/21/12--the first full day of Spring. 2/29/16 - 238.95 years = 3/19/1777, which is the last full day before the first spring day in the USA.
This 666 information puts the satanic signature on this doomsday clock. End of update.
Let me show you something else. Take a look at this picture. See anything?

I see the quarter moon past Valentine’s day.  The hearts = Valentine’s Day, the pearl ring turned sideways = a quarter moon. So when is the quarter moon after Valentine’s Day this year? The exact time is 6:12 PM EST on 3/1/16. So I would say that 2/29 is close enough to a quarter moon. BTW; it just so happens to be a 3rd quarter moon, a sync with 3rd world war.
Now let’s take a look at the license plate number on the car—2CON654.
Converting 2CON654 to all numbers and adding yields the following. 
Converting WW3 to all numbers and adding yields the following.
23+23+3 = 49
So their values match. The title of the song in the video is “Part of Me,” which adds up to 94—a backwards 49.
4+9 and 9+4 both equal 13; WW3 is planned to last 13 weeks.
Let’s look at the license plate another way, let’s convert the last 3 digits to letters. The license plate then becomes 2CONFED. Let’s rearrange them and it becomes DEFCON2! 
And what does DEFCON2 mean? 
DEFCON 2 refers to a further increase in force readiness just below maximum readiness. Combat forces are readied for major operations within just a few hours. An increase to DEFCON 2 is very serious — these situations carry a significant risk of major military operations against the United States or its allies, including the use of nuclear weapons. DEFCON 2 is typically reserved for all but the most militarily tense of international situations.
One other thing about the license plate; CON are the letters on the plate. And that is what WW3 will be; it will be a big con! The evil forces aligned with satan will cause it and then they will most likely blame it on Israel and or Christians—thus the big con.
And did you see the red star on the gas station sign? Red Star—is that a signal to Russia, China, Mars, and the red horse of the apocalypse, which will all be involved in WW3? The gas station was also trimmed in red.
Now let’s talk about the car, a 1995 Volvo 240, which is prominently displayed at the 44 second mark. Volvo means “roll on.” Both Volvo and “roll on” add up to 86. How about the Volvo symbol?
At the same time as VOLVO was reactivated, the ancient chemical symbol for iron, a circle with an arrow pointing diagonally upwards to the right, was adopted as a logotype.
This is one of the oldest and most common ideograms in Western culture and originally stood for the planet Mars in the Roman Empire. Because it also symbolised the Roman god of warfare, Mars, and the masculine gender (as every bird-watcher can tell), an early relationship was established between the Mars symbol and the metal from which most weapons were made at the time, iron.
To simplify it Volvo means; Let war roll on. In regards to the number 240; come July 4th 2016 America will be 240 years old. Thus the 240 could be a reference to 2016. 240 = 2 x 120. Bullinger says this about 120, “it signifies a divinely appointed period of probation.” Thus 240 is a double divinely appointed period of probation—and I would say that as a nation we have failed our probation and it’s “times up” for the USA. BTW; 1995 adds up to 24.
In my opinion these are clear signals to the coming WW3 and in light of the number 240 and the watch date and time, it could be pointing to 2016. Take a look at this picture.
See the phone number—347-555-0842. It is an actual NYC phone number. Area code 347 covers these areas.
The license plate on the car looks to be a California license plate. Is the gas station in California? If so then why a NYC phone number on the message board? Or did they ship the car in from CA and filmed in the New York area?
Or is the phone number a signal as to where a WW3 related event may occur? Let me remind you that WW3 is supposed to start from an incident that originates in Basra, Iraq. It just so happens, that it has been recently reported that nuclear material, which can be used to make a dirty bomb, was stolen from Basra. Hmm…
Let me mention one other thing. The total time of the video is 4:11. 4 x 11 = 44. 44 is President Obama’s number, was related to the Scalia death, and 44 days before 2/29/16 (day #110) just so happens to be 1/16/16 (day #66), the day that the Iran deal was fulfilled. BTW; the video was released on 3/21/12. There are 1441 days (3 yrs, 11 mo, 9 days) inclusive between 3/21/12 and 2/29/16.
2/29/16 has been identified as a possible start day for WW3, let’s examine a few things about this date. In the skies that day we have Saturn, Mars, and the Moon all in Scorpio.
I am not sure how rare of an occurrence that is but I find it interesting that the combination includes Mars, the 3rd quarter moon, Saturn (occult related), and Scorpio (satan).
Here is something else. 2/29/16 is the 60th day of the year with 306 days left. Its antedate is day number 306 with 60 days of the year left, which is 11/1/16. That date contains a 1111 and an upside down 911. Also on the Katy Perry watch in the video, the watch showed 06 seconds, which is a backwards 60 that corresponds to both dates.
Here is one other thing. Remember the infamous Simpson’s Doomsday clock from the nuclear bomb episode?
The time is 5:55, could that be a reference to the phone number in the Katy Perry video? Notice on the clock that the hands are pointing to the 11 and 6—an upside down 911. Notice the clock and its mounting bracket form a 10. Thus we have a 6, 10, and 11. These are the same numbers associated with the Katy Perry watch; 6, 10, and 11! 
If we take the 10 that was formed by the clock and mounting bracket as a multiplier with the numbers that the clock hands are pointing to it would yield; 10 x 11 of the minute hand = 110., and 10 x 6 of the hour hand = 60. Could that be a signal to 110 days past 11/11 and the 60th day of the year, which would be 2/29/16?
It is pretty obvious to me that the Katy Perry video contains signals to the coming WW3. I am also convinced that the watch time of 10:11:06 is a signal to the date for when it will start. The Simpsons clock pointing to the same numbers confirms this.
What I am not sure of is what date the 11:10:06 is referring to? Is it 2/29/16, which is the 60th day of the year and 110 days past 11/11/15? Or is it one of the several dates of interest that are being watched in March such as 3/1/16 (day 111), 3/1-3/16 (40 days past Jonas), and 3/22/16 (illuminati death number)? Or is it a date after July 4th in 2016 when our 240th year begins, like 10/11/16 or 11/10/16?
As always, time will tell, but unfortunately one day the red horse of the apocalypse will ride and WW3 will begin. When exactly that will be, I do not know, but if the sign of the woman clothed with the sun occurs in the fall of 2017 and aligns with the midpoint of the 70th Week, then WW3 will occur between now and then.
Regardless of whether or not WW3 starts on the watch day of 2/29/16, because of all that is occurring in regards to Syria, the nuclear incident in Basra, and the economy, 2/29/16 is a day that needs watching intently.
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Lk 21:36
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  1. Great article as always Bill. I don't think we should be surprised regarding March. Mars - god of war, planet of war - red planet. We witnessed the word "red" appear in every major national shooting tragedy in the last year. Bruno Mars, Chris MARtin, MARShawn Lynch and day after SB MArshawn BLM commits suicide.

    March is named after Mars, Ides of March " It was marked by several religious observances and became notorious as the date of the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 BC."

    Though many have had dreams and visions about Feb. being bloody, this may come to pass but March is the month for war.

    1. Thanks for the input, good information to ponder especially about all the red that has been appearing.

      I did not know March was named after Mars and 44 BC--may play a part in the future.

  2. The watch I see looks like it says 2:10

    1. I am sorry. You said the video time was 2:23 when the watch appeared. I thought you were saying the watch said 2:23

  3. I just counted the black and white marks on the Simpson clock. There are 29 black and 29 white, there should be 30 each. That makes 2 29s--2/29. I had found this years ago but forgot about it till now.

  4. Watch Obama on february 23 (= 2.23)
    2.23 = 11.5 (look the watch); 11.5 is also on the cover of the economist 2015.
    322 = 223 = 2.23

    I found that 2/23/16 equals to:
    -8/3 (one day before obama's birthday)

    -9/12 (1 or 2 days before jewish new year 2015)

    -11/20 (joe biden's birthday; will he becomes the new president?)

    -12/3 (remains san bernardino attacks which was 11.3 on the cover of the economist 2015); and 11.5 is 3 months after 11.3

    1. THX for the info, I agree 2/23 is a watch date, also 2/22

  5. Jer WollFebruary 18, 2016 at 1:12 PM
    Would you know of hand if Basra has biblical reference somewhere. I know nuclear is described as wormwood. Maybe connection there somewhere?

    1. 63 Who is this that cometh from Edom, with dyed garments from Bozrah? this that is glorious in his apparel, travelling in the greatness of his strength? I that speak in righteousness, mighty to save.

      2 Wherefore art thou red in thine apparel, and thy garments like him that treadeth in the winefat?

      3 I have trodden the winepress alone; and of the people there was none with me: for I will tread them in mine anger, and trample them in my fury; and their blood shall be sprinkled upon my garments, and I will stain all my raiment.

      4 For the day of vengeance is in mine heart, and the year of my redeemed is come.

      I think Wormwood is a comet that hits the earth after we are gone via the rapture

  6. Hi William. These posts are making my head spin reading them. I am totally with you as I see everything coming together right now. God Bless.

    1. THX for the encouragement, The passage above is from Isaiah

  7. I looked up at the clock today and it just so happened to be 10:11. The thought crossed my mind as to how far apart the hands are. They are approximately 1/3 of the dial part. 1/3 = .3333.. They are also 120/240 degrees apart.

    1. The other way they are also 2/3 of the dial apart. 2/3 = .666...

  8. Hmm.. great article.
    but how about:
    At the carnival they shoot water to inflate balloons. only balloon 10 and 14 is up.

    At the shooting range, her heard covers the numbers 42-43-44.

    How about at 4:02
    Pretty good rendition of the Eye of Horus i would say?

    1. Thx for sharing those things, I did notice the baloons and targets but did not see an immediate connection. THX for the info about the eye, it puts it all in perspective.

  9. William- Thank you for this latest post. I will admit it has caught my attention and made me sit up literally. I am a hard sell as I have posted skeptical comments a few times. But this fits with the upcoming 6/6/16 sun occulting Venus that is fast approaching. I promised I would share some amazing stats that magnify the rarity of this event that I truly believe will be a sign in heaven regarding the antichrist. On another note, my wife and I watched Disneys 60th anniversary show on tv last night...and it was so riddles with satanic overtures. Even the Walt Disney logo has 666 clearly in it. During the show they announced the world premier of " Alice in Wonderland" coming on May 27th, 2016. This 10 days before ...11 days inclusive...of the very rare sun occulting Venus. It is extremely rare...not just the sun occulting Venus, but the date it happens on, lining up between the horns of Taurus, but so much more I cant go into right now. Johnny Depp is a major star in this Alice in Wonderland movie and he is a devout occultist and Illuminati figure just as Walt Disney was. Disney is a huge tool of Satan, and I am guilty by association, as I have loved many of Disneys movies and products. Shame on me, but I am more enlightened now. Your posts are making cracks in my hard to sell shell.

    God bless you .

    1. Stan

      Thank you for your input and encouragement, interesting that there are 98 days, 14 weeks from 2/29/16 to 6/6/16. WW3 is supposed to last 13 weeks after which the antichrist is to come on the scene.

      He will take over the world at the midpoint, which if sign of woman clothed with sun aligns, midpoint may be fall of 2017.

      I would be interested in looking over the data about 6/6/16.

    2. William- Could you briefly explain WW3 lasting 13 weeks. If its in one of the links, I missed it. I just don't understand that part.

    3. The Coming Epiphany, Chapter 9

      The Third World War is supposed to be triggered by war between Judaism and Islam and will eventually spread to the whole world. Listen to what Albert Pike said about WWIII:

      The third World War must be formented by taking advantage of the differences caused by the ‘agentur’ of the ‘Illuminati’ between the political Zionists and the leaders of Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam and political Zionism mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on the issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion…Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity…will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in public view.[39]

      Another illuminati writer, H.G. Wells, has further detailed that WWIII will start from an event that occurs in Basra. He was given this information from a demonic Guiding Spirit in 1933 in which he wrote about in his book entitled, "The Shape of Things To Come."

      "…the plan for the 'Modern World-State' (New World Order) would succeed in its third attempt (WWIII) and would come out of something that would occur in Basra, Iraq."

      In light of their plans we can see that WWIII will probably be triggered by the Middle East conflict and in light of the planned destruction will involve nuclear weapons. Although there are too many details to go into here, what readers should take from this is that satan has planned three world wars to establish the New World Order. Their plan also calls for the possibility of using nuclear weapons to kill many people “... a very short but very deadly global war using nuclear weapons upon select population concentrations was contemplated and to tell you the truth, was not ruled out ...”[40]

      The ultimate goal of WWIII is to usher in the New World Order with the antichrist as the ruler of the world. According to former Illuminati satanist, Doc Marquis, once World War III begins the antichrist will arise on the world scene in 13 weeks (91 days). Here is another interesting tidbit; The book Atlas Shrugged is reported to be an illuminati fictional novel which portrays their plan to take over the world written in code. The timetable presented in the book ends with this “When the lights of New York City go out for the last time, we will have the World!" WWIII could be the event to turn the lights off in NYC for it would surely be a target of such an attack.

  10. William- Thanks. I have your book..and I have been reading so much my mind forgot.

  11. William- I was doing the math on the degrees of separation between the hour and minute hand at 10:11:06. 11 minutes and 6 seconds is 666 seconds past 10:00

    It is soooooo close to having the hour and minute hand exactly 120 degrees apart..tying it with the 120 degrees Mercedes trident on the Superdome. If the watch read just 11.54 seconds earlier....or 10:10:54.46seconds...just 11.54 seconds earlier...the hands would have made an exact 120 degree angle. I was up in the middle of the night figuring this as I knew it would be close. It was VERY close, but I like exact....But the 666 seconds past 10:00 was certain.

    1. Thanks for your contribution--the 666 seconds was a very good find. The other day I thought about calculating the exact degrees, but was short on time, but knew it was close to 120 degrees.

      So after your comments I decided to calculate it.

      The minute hand is exactly at 66.6 degrees past the top of the dial. 666 sec/3600 sec = .185 x 360 degrees = 66.6 deg.

      The hour hand is exactly at 305.55 deg past the top of the dial. 36,666 sec/43200 sec = .84875 x 360 deg = 305.55 deg.

      305.55 - 66.6 = 238.95 deg apart, so they are close to 120/240.

      Here is an interesting thought; the Perry video was posted to you tube on 3/21/12--the first full day of Spring. 2/29/16 - 238.95 years = 3/19/1777, which is the last full day before the first spring day in the USA.

  12. This might be interesting, the current episode of The Walking Dead.
    Rick & Deryl met Paul "Jesus" Rovia - The Walking Dead S06E10

    This character named "Jesus" is running from the dead and tells Rick and Deryl that they have about 11 minutes before the walkers arrive, after some further talk "Jesus" starts running again and tells them that they should too because now they have about 7 minutes left, and after that some firecrackers start going off.

    1. THX for sharing, it appears that they are signaling something. 4 minutes elapsed. Alot of combinations can be made. 4x11=44, 7x11=77, 77-44=33.

      Here is an interesting occurrence, checked the local news today and a guy caught the record largemouth bass for our state. It weighed 11 lb 10 oz.

  13. William- The degree change between the hour hand and the minute hand is 330 degrees per hour. Those hands on that watch are a hair over 121 degrees. Each second they change 0.091666 degrees. That watch was just 11.54 seconds past 120 degrees. I have personally verified that the Georgia Stonehenge and the Hoover dam are both pointed to by the Mercedes trident on the Super dome. I can't wait to send you the sun/ Venus info.

    1. Stan

      Thanks for your good work, you are correct that there are 30 degrees (typo above) for each hour, and the hands on the clock are just over 121 degrees apart--121.05. But going from the minute to the hour hand in a clockwise direction there are 238.95 deg.

      238.95 + 121.05 = 360 deg for the whole circle.

      Yes the trident on the superdome pointed to the Georgia guidestones and the Hoover Dam. the guidestones are associated with 322.Interesting to note that 3 years 22 days past superbowl 47 puts us at 2/25/16.

      Yes please send me the sun/venus info, I would be interested in looking it over.

  14. Replies
    1. Thanks for the encouragement and may God bless you. Let's all pray that many are awakened and brought to salvation before it is too late.

  15. 322 where march - 22. Begium attacks.
    10/11 is november or semptember and this is to watch for war.