Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The 11 Day Pattern of Terrorist Events; Next Up, 12/25/15

A pattern of terrorist events at esoteric day intervals past 11/11/15 have been occurring.  The most notable pattern has been at 11 day intervals. Watches were issued for all of these days.
Watch issued for 11/11/15; no major event occurred. Concluded the date may have been a time marker. Subsequent watch issued for events to occur at esoteric intervals past 11/11. Paris attacks occurred at esoteric number of 2 dayspast event.
11 day watch issued for 11/22/15; Mass shooting in New Orleans, and a major terrorist attack stopped. Analysis here;
22 day watch issued for 12/3/15; Mass shooting in San Bernardino (occurred on 12/3 in some parts of the world), high energy pulses begin, Fake Air Marshall arrested. Analysis here;
33 day watch issued for 12/14-15/15; LA schools shut down over terrorist bomb scare.
The various watches were issued for the possibility of several type events to occur, such as tsunamis, earthquakes, financial collapse, terrorist attacks, etc. Thus far all the events have been terrorist related, some possible events were stopped—I am glad.
BTW; there was a big CERN announcement on 12/15/15. (HT Anon)
Two teams of physicists working independently at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, reported on Tuesday that they had seen traces of what could be a new fundamental particle of nature.
One possibility, out of a gaggle of wild and not-so-wild ideas springing to life as the day went on, is that the particle — assuming it is real — is a heavier version of the Higgs boson, a particle that explains why other particles have mass. Another is that it is a graviton, the supposed quantum carrier of gravity, whose discovery could imply the existence of extra dimensions of space-time.
…Is this a sign that the universe contains more than three spatial dimensions we know? What warm the spirits.
Getting back to the pattern; the next date in the pattern is 12/25/15—Christmas day. Synchronicities are in place for the day. Here is the first post regarding that day—another in the works;
As stated, thus far the 11 day events have been terrorist related and thus the pattern would dictate that a possible 44 day event may also be terrorist related. Along those lines an article was posted in which it was stated that a coordinated terrorist attack may be in the works for 12 noon on 12/24/15.
According to radio show host Hawk in the 1st video below and information he recently received via a source from a small to medium sized southern city's police department briefing, 25 to 50 US cities could be on an ISIS 'hit list' for an upcoming 'day of wrath' in America. According to Hawk's source, 3 to 5 man ISIS 'sleeper cell teams' may be striking at noon on December 24th in 25 to 50 different locations throughout America.
Remember all dates are +- a day due to different time zones, thus 12/24 falls within the 12/25 watch zone.
Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober. 1 Thes 5:6
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Note: The information above consists of data that warrants the issuing of a watch for an event(s) to occur on a day in the future. Some watches that have been posted have come to pass, some have not. Thus you need to understand that the event(s) may or may not occur. This is only a “watch” not a prediction.


  1. This Christmas will be the 359 th day of the year. 


    Isis could hit this Christmas (on Obama?) to assert and create panic

  2. 12/24/2015 this year is when Sunni Muslims celibate the Noel of their false prophet.

  3. Some have written that Christ(Jesus) spent 12240 days on earth or 34 years of 360. Benjamin Creme sais his Christ would show up 6/21/1982, Time span between sunset 6/21/1982 and CHRISTmass 2015 is 12240 days.

  4. Christ was 33 and a half when he died + 9 months in Nine months in the mother 's belly marie = 33 years and 6 months +9 months = 34 years and 3 months.
    34 years of 360 and 3 months of 30:
    6/21/1982 + 34 years and 3 months = 12330 days
    =24 mars 2016. Christ can return on March or April

  5. ok watch this video:

    And I had originally posted a link to this article from the early part of Nov. on another post of yours Mr. Frederick:

    I do not get a good feeling about this. I think they are preparing for something major on the west coast of the USA is my gut feeling.

  6. God hates that Saturnalia worshipping day and don't be surprised if He brings His day upon this earth with this, watch video.


    The significance of that black dot linked here is that it looks to be that “whirling storm” that it is mentioned several time in the scriptures.

    Notice that it is between the earth and the sun and is REFLECTED DOWN in the swimming pools and CANNOT BE a lens flare!

    The sun is shining on the back of the debris in the "whirling storm" and is causing a shadow effect. As this tempest of whirling debris and dust gets closer it should cause the sun to be darkened and the dust to turn the Christmas FULL MOON to blood over the next 5 to 10 days.

    “The sun will be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before the great and terrible day of the LORD comes” Joel 2:31

    Could God’s army of Joel 2:11 be coming in the “darkness of this storm” Read Joel 2:1-17 closely, we could feel or hear about some great earthquakes in the next 5 -10 days also?

    REPENT the Kingdom of God and the authority of His Messiah is at hand.

  7. Praying that by pointing it out they will as we know they have done before call it off prayers for a safe Christmas and may our nation have a hedge of protection around us

  8. At 1:17 of the video, clear as day there is a Hunab Ku which means "The only God" Mayan. It's photoshopped into the video. Bright blue and purple.

    1. Thanks for the info, what video are you referring to?