Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Prophecy Watch: Synchronicities for a Major Event on 12/14-15/2015—Part 2

Several synchronicities are pointing to the dates of 12/14-15/15. These consist of many data points that may be signaling that an event(s) may occur on those dates. On the other hand synchronicities do not mean an event will occur; only that it may. The data will be presented in two posts. This is the second post in this series. Here is the link for the first followed by the data in part 2; Prophecy Watch: Synchronicities for a Major Event on 12/14-15/2015
Part 2
Planetary Alignment Earthquake Watch
As referenced above 12/14-15/15 has been identified as a time to watch for the occurrence of a major event(s). In looking to the skies for that day something interesting was found. Take a look at solar system scope for 12/15/15.

We have a Jupiter Mars Venus Sun Ceres Neptune alignment with a crossing Uranus Ceres Saturn and an Earth Moon Sun Saturn alignment. It is known that planetary alignments can spawn earthquakes and volcanoes.
Look what a Google search for planetary alignment 12/15/15 turned up. An earthquake researcher has posted a watch for a time period surrounding that very time.

Earthquake Vision
Look at what a Google search for earthquake and 12/15/15 turned up. This man claims that he received a vision of a large earthquake that will strike central California on the exact date of 12/15/15. I know nothing about the man—just found it to be an interesting synchronicity.

Movie 2012 Predictive Programming
Speaking of earthquakes and California; here is some information that may involve predictive programming from the movie 2012 that may point to 12/14-15/15.
11/13/09 (movie release day) to 12/15/15 is 2223 days (to 12/14 is 2222 days)
12/21/12 (movie disaster date) to 12/15/15 is 1089 days
You most likely know the significance of the 2222, 222 and backwards 322, but how about the 1089. Remember this post; The 8/24/15 1089 Point Dow Drop Was a Sign.
8/24/15 (day of the 1089 Dow drop) to 12/15/15 is 113 days. There is that number 113 number again.
Take a look at this license plate from the 2012 movie, It has number 9ZZZ935 it was on the limo that they used to escape the disaster.
Here is my take on what those numbers and letters mean. According to Bullinger; 9 is the number of finality or judgment. ZZZ is the symbol for sleep; it is also the last letter in the alphabet and can represent “the end.” Thus the beginning part of the license plate—9ZZZ9—says to me that judgement is coming and most are asleep to it. Or alternatively it can mean judgment—the end—the end—the end—judgment.
Now how about the 35 on the plate? If 11/11/15, the date of great interest, is the first day then the 35th day is 12/15/15 and in combination with the plate being on the escape car—possibly meaning that you have 35 days to escape the judgment, that is, if you are not asleep.
A planetary alignment, an earthquake researcher watch given, a man with a vision, and possible predictive programming from the movie 2012 all pointing to 12/15/15 as a potential date for a large earthquake. Add to these the synchronicities from part 1; the 33 day interval, the Run Away video numbers, the Eiffel tower signal, the opening night of Childhood’s End and some other date synchronicities.
All of these synchronicities taken together suggest that 12/14-15/2015 have the potential for a major event(s) to occur and thus those dates should be watched. Whether or not anything will occur, is yet to be determined—this is a watch.
And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch. Mk 13:37
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Lk 21:36
Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober. 1 Thes 5:6
A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished. Prov 22:3
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Note: The information above consists of data that warrants the issuing of a watch for an event(s) to occur on a day in the future. Some watches that have been posted have come to pass, some have not. Thus you need to understand that the event(s) may or may not occur. This is only a “watch” not a prediction.


  1. The image that you used for the planetary alignment reminded me of a rotated symbol for anarchy.

    There is only one escape from judgment. And that does not mean the flesh will escape either.
    Going back to the time of what was given as instruction for the preparation for the Passover is a good start for any who name Christ.
    If you name Christ you would do well to examine yourself and what you celebrate and worship. If you do a little research you will find that there is plenty that has entered the church through the RCC system and almost every single "evangelical" church in America has a system patterned after it.
    Think people. If John 1:1 is true, then turning your back on certain scripture is to turn your back on or deny Christ.

    1. Thanks for letting us know about the symbol--very interesting connection.

      Scripture and the following of it is key.

  2. A natural disaster at new york before december 17
    Obama will leave us around december 20

    1. 1) For the natural disaster:
      Astrology ( written in french ):
      http:// / index.php / astrologie / astrologie-lunaire / 177-nouvelle-lune-decembre -2015-lunaison-previsions

      New York can receive a present or some presence around december 20 ( due to a natural disaster? )

      On this site:
      NY is 351 which can also be 513 ( = 5 / 13 ). From 5/13/14 to 12/14/15 there are 83 weeks.

      2) For obama, looking at the cover of THE ECONOMIST 2015 I found that : The cat behind Obama is Known as a cat which can DISAPPEAR. Between december 16-23 there are DISAPPEARANCES / kidnappings ( done by the elite ); so the cat represent the end of the kidnappings december 23.
      The ghost represent the biginning of his holidays ( december 18 ).
      Obama is between the ghost and the cat, so between december 18 and december 23. I also found that between 01/20/2009 and 12/20/2015 there are 83 months (2526 days). 2526 days it's 6 days after the number of days in the 70th week 2520 (december 14-15)

    2. Also on the cover Obama is the only president which have his country flag on his jacket : this event on him will affect all the United States and his term as president.
      He's making a good bye ( assassination? )

    3. Enoch; I believe that God has placed signs in the heavens such as the star of Bethlehem but astrology is from demonic sources and should be left alone.

  3. 9ZZZ935:


  4. Enoch explain your hypothesis in your comments. Nothing is making sense.

  5. On the begining picture of the solar system, conect the Earth to Pluto and Jupiter to Pluto. The five pointed star with a pyramid above. Just like the Whitehouse (DC streets and the whitehouse)

    For those that say that the Pentagram is not complete, see the 18th Century Play 'Faust'. It is the imperfect pentagram that calls the Devil. Faust was written by an illuminist.

    1. THX for sharing, that does add another dimension to the scenario.