Thursday, March 1, 2012

Israel the Warrior and the Burning Tree

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Source: First Coast News
 A few weeks ago I wrote about the burning of the Senator Tree in the post entitled Israel and the Burning Tree. In that post I showed correlations between the tree and the children of Israel. A new development has arisen in regards to the incident that I believe has significance.

At first it was reported that the cause of the fire was unknown. It is now being reported that a Florida woman named Sara Barnes was arrested for allegedly setting fire to the tree.

The name Sara is a derivative of Sarah, Abraham’s wife. She is the proverbial ancestral mother of the children of Israel. The name Barnes can have associations with a barn, or it can mean warrior. “According to one etymology, the name is derived from Old English beorn (warrior)”

Therefore Sara Barnes in its essence means or can represent Israel as a warrior or Israel at war. Thus Sara Barnes setting the tree on fire and destroying it can represent Israel going to war and bringing destruction upon herself as a result. Also from what I gathered a lot of people were upset at the tree being destroyed and I am sure those feelings will be transferred to Sara Barnes for her foolish act. In the same way I believe that the world will look at Israel’s war actions with hatred at the difficulties that it will bring to the world.

In the original post I wrote this.

Assuming this tree is a symbolic representation of the children of Israel, and assuming the recent fire and destruction of most of the tree is a representation of what might happen to Israel in the near future, what are the possible implications? In my opinion the immediate implication is that many Jews will leave America and or die in the near future.

What might bring about the destruction of many Jews and or their leaving America in the near future? Let me speculate and imagine a scenario of how this could possibly occur. Note: this is not a prediction, just speculation. Let’s say Israel launches a preemptive attack against Iran, and the strike does not go as planned and Iran inflicts a lot of damage upon Israel, killing many Jews, other nations are also involved and the crisis involves nuclear materials, resulting in large amounts of radiation being put into the air. Much damage is done to the oil industry including the shutdown of the straits of Hormuz from sunken ships. Oil prices skyrocket, causing massive inflation. In retaliation for our support of Israel a nuclear action is attempted against the United States. The world views Israel’s actions as evil and blames them for the sad state of world affairs. Great persecution arises against Jews across the world causing them to flee their present countries of residence and return to Israel.

Thus I believe that the tree being set on fire by a woman named Sara Barnes is a confirmation to me of the future implications of Israel’s war actions, which I believe will bring destruction and hatred upon Israel. Please do not misunderstand me, I am not against Israel defending, and protecting her interests—I stand with Israel. I am merely stating what I believe will be the results of her actions as implicated by the burning tree incidents. These implications are also being reported by news agencies;

It is also reported that Sara said that she lit on fire the bramble at the bottom of the tree because she needed light. Jesus said “I am the light of the world.” Let us pray for Sara Barnes and Israel the warrior, that they will see the true light and come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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  1. Just prior to visiting your post this A.M. William, I had visited NTEB, and I had the same thought about on who's and what authority does the nation of Israel think that they are able to move ahead and attack Iran because a perceived threat against them. Did the mess that is now in the Middle East occur as a direct result of Sara's disbelief and her subsequent act of disobedience of moving ahead with her own plan that resulted in the birth of Ishmael? And then the disobedience of Israel under the leadership of Joshua upon entering the land did not do as the Lord commanded and not clean it up. I believe that the scenario that you have laid out is a very real possibility.