Saturday, April 3, 2010

Palestinian State by 2011--USA Splits

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The logo of the Palestine National Authority appears before you. If they have their way their logo will be given a home in the land of Israel in 2011 which includes Jerusalem.

On August 26, 2009, the government of Salam Fayyad, Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority issued a detailed plan to establish a de-facto Palestinian state within two years, outside the framework of the Roadmap and of the Oslo Interim Agreement. The Palestinian Authority had rejected a proviso of the roadmap that would allow them to declare a state within the framework of the second stage of the roadmap. The state program would bring them into direct conflict with Israel, especially since the borders of the state are declared as including all of the land occupied by Israel in Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem.

So this plan has been around awhile with little support but while the health care debacle was taking place (many times when big things are happening in the news more important things are happening behind the scenes) the quartet applied some pressure.

JERUSALEM - President Obama was expected to pressure visiting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu into accepting the Middle East Quartet's two-year timetable for formal Palestinian statehood in 2011. Though members of Netanyahu's inner cabinet advised the Israeli leader to resist any attempt by the White House or the so-called Middle East Quartet to put a stopwatch on "final status" negotiations with the Palestinian Authority, Obama and Secretary of State Clinton have thrown their support behind the 2011 statehood initiative.The Post reported that if PA-Israel peace negotiations are still deadlocked by 2011, Fayyad, with the encouragement of the White House, the Quartet and the Arab League, will formally announce Palestinian statehood in the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem, calling on Israel to immediately withdraw to the 1949 UN armistice lines. Source: The Jewish Press

So even if Israel does not agree to this plan with the support of the quartet they will announce a Palestinian state. So it appears as the splitting of Israel is a done deal with mid 2011 being the time. I am not a prophet but I firmly believe that if we force Israel to split their land that God will split our land. What we do to Israel God will do to us. And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed. Genesis 12:3.

Many are warning us of impending judgement: I saw a huge earthquake in the middle of the United States. It was tremendous and seemed to split the United States in half about where the Mississippi River is. The crack in the earth that resulted was huge and that area totally sinks. It is miles wide and it opens up and the earth falls down. It seemed to swallow everything. Then water flowed in from the Gulf of Mexico all the way up to the Great Lakes, only they weren't lakes anymore, they became all part of a big inland sea Sarah Hoffman
"Barack Obama I warned you NOT TO TOUCH MY HOLY LAND! Yet in your arrogance and pride you and your top officials CONDEMNED MY PEOPLE AND MY LAND!! You are trying to force my people into splitting My Holy City! You also recently split your own nation by forcing open the jaws of the citizens and forcing them to swallow an abomination called Obamacare. "Therefore says the Lord God I will physically split your nation in two with an earthquake like has never occurred before. It will begin in the city where you began your corrupt and detestable political career, Chicago, and will split open the earth to the Gulf of Mexico. It will cause a chasm in the earth that will swallow up cities and people. Millions will die and the devastation will be beyond belief. The blood of everyone who dies will be upon your hands for all eternity, you will never escape the guilt. "This is the beginning of horrors that will be unleashed upon the USA, just the beginning." Cliff Hilbert
So beware America if we force Israel to split their land in 2011 then we can expect the same.

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  1. Uh nut jobs! Anyone who claims to speak for God is probably a con artist or insane, or both.

    1. I can imagine had you lived in those days you would have been among those scoffers when Isaiah was warning Israel of their coming doom. Yahweh could very well have one of His believers to warn Americans of this coming destruction. I have believed that America is modern day Babylon before it was published on the internet.