Tuesday, March 30, 2010

222 Confirmation

Below is an email that I sent to a friend in early February regarding 2/22/2010. I am sharing it with you now because I think it will help some of us in the future and it will bring glory to God. Their are risks in sharing this as some may think it or me to be bizarre, but at the least it shows us that God can work in mysterious ways!

Hello Roy

Just had an interesting occurrence. Over the past few days I guess I have been having a few doubts about 2/22; if anything would happen or not. I think it was this morning that I prayed and asked God to confirm it to me. This afternoon I took a look at my power bill and 3 of the 5 digits were 2s. Then a little later I was having a little R&R with the kids and was playing the Nintendo WII. I had a score on one of the games that had 3 2s, then the next game had 3 3s in it. I thought all three of those occurrences were a little beyond coincidence so I prayed something like; if something was going to happen on 2/22 to confirm it with a 222 on the next game. So I then went to the ski jump game and my first score was a 222.4. I sat there dumbfounded for awhile. I took a pic of the screen, see attached. I had only played the game maybe 4 or 5 times and there is no way I could make the score come out like that. I guess the odds of that occurring are about 300 to 1. But if you count the other occurrences, then it would be higher.

Maybe this incident will validate what the guy did with the cards.

My gut feeling is that the 2/22 event will probably be financial (beginning of dollar death? defaulting on loans?) and or terrorist, maybe even constitutional or all 3 but whatever it is I am sure that it will play into the destruction of the of the United States as a sovereign nation.

Sincerely in Him

Over the past year or so I have been having a lot of occurrences with 11, 111, and multiples there of. For example just yesterday I was awoken several times in the night. I know I looked at the clock three times the first was 11:44, then 11:55, then 2:22. Stuff like this has been happening for months. I have asked God about this and do not have any clear direction yet but feel that God may be trying to show me that major end times may occur in relation to these numbers. For example I believe that WWIII will occur on day 1110 of the 70th week, which I explain in The Coming Epiphany. It now appears that this theory is starting to prove correct with the 222 associated with health care.
In regards to the "guy with the cards" that was in reference to the man who says that God confirmed to him that there will be a catastrophic west coast earthquake in September 2010. My friend and I were discussing whether the use of cards was valid. Here are the links to the card confirmations: September 2010 Signs, More Amazing Signs, The Math Odds, September Megaquake and Tsunami.
As it turned out looks like 2/22/2010 was mainly constitutional, however from what I have been reading, I do think that terrorist attacks and the collapse of the economy is coming.
Look at the time of this post, that was not planned. I also just noticed the date of this post 3/30/2010, it makes a 333. I also noticed the date in the pic above has a 222 and an 11 in it.
On another note; there are many orphan children in Haiti that are starving and need your help. I would really appreciate it if you could prayerfully consider helping the orphans and a good Christian school—Concord Christian Acad. The school wants to assemble and pack 10,000 meals and send them to missionaries in Haiti, who will then distribute them to the orphans. Would you take a minute, check out a website of a family in the school, and prayerfully consider sponsoring them? Even if you can only spare $5 or $10—every little bit helps, and it only takes a minute, and you can donate securely by credit card.
Thank you in advance!
With deepest appreciation.
William Frederick

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