Saturday, August 1, 2020

It’s Time to Pray

(Note some videos are not showing up on phones, go to the website to see the video if it is not above.)

In light of that information, I ran across this info at The Big the One that ties in.

On July 31, the German website reports that a month later, from August 30, 2020, Germany will begin repeated quarantine blockades, which will last from THREE to SIX months. That is until March 1, 2021.

The author of the article at The Big the One believes this quarantine 2.0 will also be in many other places around the world, not just Germany.

Could this tie into the pastor’s dream, is this why we were told to pray? And if there is another lockdown will it be for Covid, meteor strikes, or nuclear missiles as some are surmising?

Planet X and its Asteroid Belt; Prepare for Impact!?

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36

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  1. I think an important event is coming on August 4-5. Tu B'Av. Look it up. At length.

    'Hidden' feast day for the Lord. A wedding feast! "until Shiloh come."!!!!!

    We watch. We pray. Our Blessed Hope approaches. One way or another.

    Be sure to look up "August 4 5 Tu B'Av" as well. Perhaps on YT... Lots of people are having some pretty astounding dreams...

    1. Saw a video about August 4/5 and yes it is a definite watch day. But it will not be the rapture, too early for that yet, Seals 1 to 5 first.

  2. Judges 21:19

    Two Benjamin's, no king in Israel (just like now)...

    ... and Kaduri 'prophecy'...

    "On the eve of the year 5780 (the upcoming Hebrew year), the year of corrections, there will not be a government in Israel for an extended period and the various camps will be quarrel much without a decision on either side, and then, on Rosh Hashana (the Jewish new year) itself, they will fight in heaven, the holy side against the side of evil, and G-d and His entourage will decide between them. And this is all I can say, and from here I swore not to reveal more secrets and hidden things."

    He is just reading into the Word. They all are. It's not some private prophecy.

    See the Shoshani prophecy for more.

    1. Some feel that the Rev 12 war in heaven with satan being cast down may have already occurred or may be imminent. Shortly thereafter the ac will be indwelt by satan. The ac is most likely to come to prominence after Seal 4

  3. WW3 is starting to look imminent. Check out this article from Forbes:

    In the last few days, soldiers from both India and China have been either wounded or died. Also, this is happening while the U.S. is conducting naval exercises in the South China Sea. We are doing this to express our resentment for what China has done to Hong Kong, the coronavirus that came from their country, and the trade imbalance that heavily favors their side. We are sworn to protect India and Taiwan. Japan could be engaged on their Eastern side, India on the West, and Taiwan with the U.S. from the South. The situation is tense right now. In fact, the article even suggested that this whole incident could be the start of WW3.

    And simultaneously, in the Mideast, Netanyahu has said that they would not hesitate to take ownership of land they won in recent wars. Jordan has threatened to declare war on Israel if they take the land. This declaration has been expressed within the last couple of months.

    We all saw the comet, and your comments about a comet sighting before each major World War were rather amazing. That together with that mystic rabbi who accurately predicted the dates of the start of WW1 and WW2, then said that WW3 would begin exactly 75 years after the end of WW2, are even more astounding. That gives us until mid-September. And that rabbi died in 1933, before WW2 even began!

    Wow William. We are so very close!
    Come quickly Lord Jesus!


    1. thanks for the good info, yes it is all lining up. All it will take is a little spark, which may have just happened in Lebanon.