Thursday, February 20, 2020

Coronavirus; It’s Just the Flu! Updated 8X--IMPORTANT

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The mantra from the MSM about the CoVid-19 is that “it is just the flu,” and more deaths occur every year from the regular flu than from this outbreak of coronavirus.

Let’s consider some info about the coronavirus, and remember; “it’s just the flu.”

China has quarantined 760 million, one tenth of the world’s population—it’s just the flu.

China has shut down many factories—it’s just the flu.

China’s economy is shutting down—it’s just the flu.

China has brought 40 portable incinerators to Wuhan—it’s just the flu.

China is sterilizing or burning cash—it’s just the flu.

China orders a million plus body bags—it’s just the flu.

China shipping is shutdown—it’s just the flu.

CoVid-19 has an RO as high as 7.05—it’s just the flu.

CoVid-19 infections double every 2.4 days—it’s just the flu.

Smoking gun evidence says that CoVid-19 is a bio-weapon—it’s just the flu.

The US Military has set up 15 quarantine camps—it’s just the flu.

Croatia bans small packages from China—it’s just the flu.

Russia bans all Chinese from entering—it’s just the flu.

Cruise ships are quarantined—it’s just the flu.

Travelers from China, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore are banned from entering Israel—it’s just the flu.

Many airlines have canceled all flights to China—it’s just the flu.

5 Million businesses could be impacted by the coronavirus—it’s just the flu.

Coronavirus infections are exploding outside of China—it’s just the flu.

CDC tells US hospitals to open up their pandemic plans—it’s just the flu.

Hal Turner reports from his intel sources that 5 million have died—it’s just the flu.

Now let’s look at some numbers; the word is that the first reported case of coronavirus was on 12/1/19. BTW; 12/1/19 was exactly 72 years from the day the evil warlock Allister Crowley died in 1947—interesting sync.

Using 12/1/19 as a start date and Hal’s intel source number of 5 million dead on 2/19, if the death rate remains the same, here is the calculated death numbers going forward. Realize the death rate may not remain the same, it could increase or decrease—let’s hope it decreases.

5 M

(Note: the graph is for the dates 2/19 to 3/21.)

(1000 million = 1 Billion)

But remember; it’s just the flu. At what date do you think that they will officially announce that it is not just the flu, or will they? The Physicians for Civil Defense are already saying it; Coronavirus: It’s Not Just the ‘Flu’.

I truly hope the numbers presented above will not be the case, and this virus will fizzle out. But I also realize that it may not be the case and it could possibly continue to grow and kill at its current rate.

If that were the case and near or over a billion were killed, and we add in crop decimation, a worldwide economic crash, and a Mid-East WW3 nuclear exchange, then we will be looking at Seals 1 to 4 of Revelation—the 4 horses of the Apocalypse riding through the earth.

Personal note: I am still not feeling well, your continued prayers are sincerely appreciated.

Update: #1

S.Korea Coronavirus Cases Go Exponential As New Infections Soar By 70%; 10 Towns In Northern Italy Put On Lockdown

Update #2

If what is being said in the articles below is true, then we are looking at Seals 1 to 4 of Revelation and 1 out of 4, 25% of the earth's pop will soon die.

Is This Where We Are Heading? Is This An ELE?
The Reality Is Beyond That Of A Hollywood Horror Film

SIXTY-ONE point FIVE Percent (61.5%) DEATH RATE for Coronavirus Victims who need Hospital says "The Lancet" Medical Journal Study

If the Seals have been opened, then will we will soon see a worldwide financial collapse, and WW3 and 1.9 billion will die. After all of that I would expect to see the false messiah come onto the scene with the solutions to the problems of the world that will probably include a vaccine to cure the virus, a new worldwide financial system, etc. Of course to get the vaccine and participate in the world financial system you will have to take the mark and give allegiance to the antichrist—Seal 5.

Update: #3

The virus is starting to get some mainstream press. How about it; they think China might be lying, and the virus could bring down the economy. Hmm...

Growing mistrust of China's coronavirus data

Clusters are appearing where they have found no direct link--that is because asymptomatic people can walk around for days and infect others without knowing it.

Untraceable coronavirus clusters emerge outside Asia, worrying health officials

The CDC is saying that they may have to close schools and businesses in the USA.

U.S. prepares for coronavirus pandemic, school and business closures: health officials

Update #4

Very disturbing video--it's just the flu


Update #5

San Diego County officials declare public health emergency for COVID-19: Use of force authorized

SAN DIEGO COUNTY (INTELLIHUB) — County officials declared a public health emergency on Friday triggering the silent activation of local emergency pandemic preparedness and fatality response plans.

The heightened state of emergency authorizes certain law enforcement and military personnel the right to detain anyone suspected of being infected with COVID-19 or anyone who may have had contact with someone who was infected with the deadly virus.

This essentially means that if authorities ask an infected person or person suspected of being infected to be quarantined and that person does not want to be quarantined, symptoms or not, the use of force is authorized. The CDC refers to this hunter-seeker offensive action as “contact tracing,”

Update #6:

It looks like Iran is next, as reported by The Big the One

The next Wuhan will obviously be in Iran.

I hope you have prepared.

Update #7:

YOU HAVE 96 HOURS TO FINISH PREPARING. This Coming Week Will Be the LAST Normal Week on Earth -Coronavirus

Update #8:

If the report below is true, then quarantines are coming to parts of the USA. Have you prepared? Italian grocery stores are cleaned out, that could happen here. Washington - Brussels. Since the 2019-nCoV has spread everywhere in recent weeks, the U.S. and European forces are taking secret and serious steps to prepare for a state of emergency throughout the world.

According to our unnamed source from army officials, last night the European and American military established the highest level of secrecy in data exchange - a step that was never undertaken after the end of the Cold War.

This indicates a serious escalation of tension due to the threat of a pandemic. In addition, NW24 gained access to classified information detailing quarantine plans for some regions in Western Europe and the United States, where over the past two days thousands of infected have been detected.

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36

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  1. Remember what they did in WWI? Supposedly the Influenza originated from a pig farm in Kansas, and a new recruit being sent to a southeast training camp took it along with him. Numerous other recruits were coming down with it, but no one was quarantined, and they quickly shipped them overseas where it spread. Now compare that to all the military troops involved in "games" and drills in Wuhan- including UN blue helmets- days before the outbreak is said to have begun. Spokane, WA where I live has just started to receive 4 positive cases of coronavirus from Travis AFB in CA. We also have an AFB located just a few miles outside of the city limits, where they are said to be preparing quarantine accommodations. Do you think its containable and theres no danger to the public?

  2. But it's "just" the flu.........
    Since WHEN did a country EVER go to the extreme measures it has, concerning the flu.....
    Can't recall that this has EVER happened before.

  3. It could be a "fake pandemic" but with real poisoned/infected people as well.
    I find it curious how that "pandemic" is spreading progressivelly just into coutries that mainly meet a great overproduction problem due to the collapse of international trade and where governements need urgently to close the factories and send unemployed people back home with surrelly no more incomes and to prevent riots... 1st China and now South Korea with 204!... very soon we will learn about Japan, already 107. and the same for other main production places in Asia: Singapore, Thaïland.. and I just read that 6 new cases were found in Italy so it's 9.. We know that Germany has 16.(the 2 european countries most impacted by chinese trade collapse)
    What's a marvellous "alibi" to close the economy all around the world as it was already collapsing since last september 2019 as we can learn with official datas!
    And for China it's almost a golden alibi to eradicate all political opponents too... And "unfortunatelly" I just read that they also found 500 new cases in chinese prisons... You can imagine the next..^^
    All governments all around the world will use that alibi to keep people under control at home as soon as their factories and banks will close and stock markets collapse...
    Think about it: there is 1,4 billion people in China. So according to wikipedia, the death rate is 7,11 / 1000 inhabitants. So on an ordinary year, 1,4 billion x 0.00711 = +/- 10 millions people die so it's about +/- 800.000 / month.
    And Chinese government put 11 millions people in quarantine since there was just 100 deaths? and todays there is 700 millions in quarantine for 2200 deaths???
    Do you realise that since 1st january, according to statistics, there was +/- 1,2 million people who died from all sorts of causes, as usual in China.
    Do you realize that just in France, since 1st january, +/- 10.000 people died from the common flu as it dies 40.000 / year and the flu lasts around 6 months from september till april..

    1. Do you realize they may be lying about the numbers.

    2. I am aware they are lying about everything and even the real reasons for all the deaths which are all officially due to the "coronavirus"... so practical isn't it?
      This pandemic didn't happen by "accident". They urgently needed an "alibi" to keep people calm while they shut down the factories as there was so much overproduction. But to keep situation under control, the elite needed another mean than a virus which is too much unpredictable... And curiously MSN is announcing virus progressivelly spreading mostly inside countries where the needs for shutting down factories are the hightest...
      I know there are and will be hundreds thousands deaths and maybe more! But I suspect these deads will be carefully selected... retirees, the homeless, the unemployed, the poors..
      MSM is now telling that some recovered people are getting infected again... "infected"? or "poisoned"? How can they announce to launch a vaccine if you can be infected again after recovering? I am not doctor: but is it even possible to get infected twice by a virus in a so short time?

    3. Concerning what was just my hyothesis about "poisoning" the population and say "hey, it's coronavirus!"... I just found this on Zerohedge :

  4. 5..... Million? And they said only 2,000 I'm in Vancouver,WA nothing here yet but people I see are buying water and supplies.

    1. They are the smart ones, 99% of Americans are probably more concerned about who is going to win the game, or who friended them on facebook

  5. Either way. If they are lying about the deaths/contaminations...we're in trouble. If they are telling the truth about the numbers then the hyper-emergency procedures don't make sense...they know something....and we're in trouble. I know there is suspicion about Trump in the Christian community, and though I lean in his favor I'm still uncertain. Here, however, is what I AM certain of. The only way to derail Donald Trump before Nov 3rd is with an economic collapse, which is what this virus is poised to bring about. That begs the question as to who is bringing the plague. Is it God getting rid of The Donald or the enemy bringing it to get rid of him? For now, I'm going with the enemy as the culprit...but I am watching and keeping my options open. William, what is your call?

    1. Not sure about that one but if the Seals are being opened then God has granted permission to allow the evil forces aligned with satan to take over the world. The actions of the world in large deserve judgment.

  6. Or the AC could come on the scene and begin a healing ministry to mimic that of Christ.

  7. You might try watching The Last American Vagabond on YT and see what you think of him. He seems to cut through all the government propaganda in various countries and discern what's really going on. Let me know what you think of him. I've just started watching him myself.

  8. Stan, I think the economic collapse is actually all about switching to digital currency next.

    1. I do foresee a world wide digital currency or at least one in each of the 10 super nation states. I do not think it will be one of the ones that are existing now but new ones. Like the one that China is getting ready to intro.

  9. What all you folks are FORGETTING or perhaps overlooked AS I've commented on here about this before, is that a FAKE "antichrist" comes on the world scene BEFORE the REAL Antichrist/Beast is actually revealed MID TRIBULATION. Which is 3.5 yrs into the 7 yrs trib. We are just at the BEGINNING part of the tribulation timeframe. The "time of sorrows" Jesus said in Matthew 24. The first 3.5 years of the trib. So if a man shows up whom people are saying is the Antichrist, DON'T believe it. The REAL Antichrist is not revealed until Mid Trib so we have another 3.5 yrs to go till he is revealed to the world.

    1. I do not see anything in the Bible that indicates that there will be a false antichrist before the real antichrist. I believe that it is highly possible we are already in the last 7 years and may be near the midpoint.

  10. I just read the last Hal Turner's post.... "Apocalyptic".. Maybe is he right?
    I would just end by reminding everybody that every day, everywhere, many many people are dying from flu, pneumonia et many others health causes, even without accounting all other causes of natural death. But MSN never tells anything about this because it's the life...Or maybe are they telling about thousands deaths on the road to make people to accept all these regulations in the name of safety but mainly intended to generate tax revenues in the form of fines... Now if governments suddenly wanted to scare people to force them to stay home, because the global economy is collapsing and they know that the trillions dollars injected by central banks since September 2019 are no longer being able to hide the planetary catastrophe, it could be easy for them to pass the slightest death for a new victim of the "coronavirus" ... and we would therefore have frightening amounts of deaths reported by the MSN ...
    Check on Google on your side for your country how many people were dying each year from flu and pneumonia.. You will be able to compare with what MSN will tell you about coronavirus deaths in the next days...

    1. Seals 1 to 4 which include the collapsing of the world economies will happen sometime in the future along with WW3, and a pandemic resulting in 25% of the world's population being killed.

  11. As I already said: Coronavirus is of course some kind of real but it's first of all an alibi to keep people under control at home and prevent riots while economy is collapsing around the world. And in China at least (for now...) it's also an alibi to discretly eliminate opponents...
    It's obvious that "covid-19" is spreading mainly into industrial countries where goverments need urgently to close the factories because there is no more room to put their unsold production...
    "Curiously", as we are told that China is "closed" since more than 3 weeks and we should meet with shortages fo all the stuff they make... I still weekly have kilograms of advertising flyers in my mailbox with all kind of discount on "Tv, computer, smartphone" and many other stuff "made in China".. They surrelly still need to make room in warehouses... ^^

    1. When existing inventories are gone, then what?

    2. I don't know their "plan"... I am not 33th degree...
      Don't you find it "bizarre" that as they know they supposelly won't recieve any new merchandises till maybe several months, they go on discounting the last existing one's as if the warehouses were packed?
      Coronavirus will spread next week in USA (according to Hal...) and so USA should stay aside for a while with international they will be too much busy with fighting the virus like China is too...
      Coronavirus is now officially spreading into Italy and it should quickly lead to the collapse of italian economy which should then rapidly lead to the collapse of Europe.. But there will be a "savior" (1st king the young goat from daniel's book) and through the new United States of Europa, normality should partially come back here. With its common governement and army, USE should soon attack Iran/Irak (the ram of daniel's book) and eradicate them. Then the peace will be able to be concluded and we know the next...
      But in my opinion, it's only Chabad-Loubavith biblical simulation to bring their "machia'h and rule the world from Jerusalem.
      If we were witnessing God's plan, we shouldn't witness Chabad-Loubavith to do their best to realize these "prophecies". On the contrary, we should see them do everything possible so that they do not come true but nevertheless see them finally come true.

    3. I know, I suck by bashing all along the time... but I am not alone thinking that it could be the new 9-11...

    4. Phil

      You are not understanding the math. The regular flu has been circulating around the globe for many many years, and yes it kills many every year. The corona is just getting started. The RO value of the regular flu is between 1 and 2, but CoVid-19 has an RO value greater than 6. Regular flu kills about .1% of those who get infected. CoVid-19 kills greater than 15%.

      So it spreads faster, infects more and kills more. Once it makes its way around the globe once or twice I think we will see far greater deaths than the flu.

    5. William,
      I do not pretend the deaths are fake! Like Twin Towers in 2001, the deaths are enormous and real! But this coronavirus crisis is the new 9-11. Of course it will make thousands and maybe hundreds thousands of deaths. But as it's engeenered, "they" have the control. They would never have risked releasing such a virus into the wild without having control of it. It doesn't mean that you and me we are not at risk to die from it. But it's absolutly not "an accident"! It's just NWO on move...

    6. I cannot say say how it got released but, whether intentional or not but I know the devil wanted it released and he is behind it as he loves to kill because people are made in God's image.

      If I were to die I would go to heaven, not because I am good enough, but because I have accepted God into my heart as the payment of my sins.

      Any who have not, need to do that ASAP--time is short. See the salvation link toward the end of the post or at the sidebar.

  12. Check out the Sunday Forbidden Knowledge video and comments by Alexandra Bruce. The hype is intended as a coverup alright. Its a war between the London based banksters and the US, China and Russia trying to get out from under their thumb. This is why Putin dumped his government administration and started all over again. The virus seems to be a revenge tactic...?

    1. I don't know all the ins and out just know that if the Seals have been opened 1/4 will die.

  13. Matt 24:5 "for many shall come in my name and say I am the Christ and shall deceive many"

    Matt 24:11 "many false prophets shall arrive and deceive many "

    It's part of the project bluebeam /false alien agenda my friend. Project bluebeam isn't in the bible either.

    1. yes there have been many false christs throughout the ages and there are many now. Just don't see a false false messiah, only see one of those in scripture.

      Project blue beam--signs and wonders of the ac

    2. I do know popes through out the ages claim they are Christ, in place of Christ on earth. However this current pope has been has been saying lots of blasphemious things against Christ. False prophets are the priests and pastors that preach a false gospel in which people listen to them with tickleing ears instead of reading the Bible and seeking Christ for themselves. We are called to be seperate as we live in the world but not of the world.

  14. You might want to catch up with Daniel at Logic Before Authority. If the virus doesn't kill you, it apparently leaves you sterilized- at least if you are a male.

    1. Sorry, I have a serious credibility problem with that guy. Do not trust him. Anyone who asks for rent money during their videos is automatically suspect. I think that should go without saying.