Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Bo Got It Right Again!

Bo Polny of Gold 2020 forecast issued 2 videos a few days ago in which he forecasted that his cycle analyst was indicating an imminent spike in Litecoin and Bitcoin. Both Bitcoin and Litecoin spiked today.


The Crypto wave is coming, if you don’t believe me check out what a Central Bank insider said; Look What a Central Banking Insider Just Said About Cryptocurrencies.

Bo believes that one of the ways to weather the coming financial storm is by owning gold, silver, and certain cryptocurrencies. His recommendations of which Cryptos to own and when to buy and sell are in his Cryptocurrency Index Reports, of which there are several per week. He is offering 40% off a trial subscription to my readers, use the code: BIN40%


If you would like to read a good overview of the whole Cryptocurrency concept and possibly get involved, see the post; Cryptocurrency and the End of the World.

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36

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  1. I will keep waiting for the silver/gold wave which is due to come as well...according to Bo himself... ;-p

    1. Many are hoping the same and hopefully it will happen soon.

  2. This is all great William as I have invested in them too. Unfortunately I have come to the conclusion that these cryptos will be the mark of the beasts system that you will need a chip or a mark on your forehead to buy and sell. We could be millionaire's but it will come at the price of your soul if you take the mark. Satan is decieving people that this is freedom from banks when in fact it will be total control, I believe he will collapse the old system and this one will rise from the ashes. I for one will starve if that is the case instead, far better to go to heaven than sell my soul for every rich down here.

    1. I do not think BTC or LTC will be the mark of the beast system. When they collapse the financial system (Seal 3) I believe that they will come up with a new cryptocurrency in which dollars, Francs, Rubles, gold, silver, other cryptos will be convertible to.

      Thus just as do not believe dollars, Rubles, silver, gold are "bad" nor do I think that BTC, LTC are "bad." There will be a "bad" mark of the beast currency that is coming that will require allegiance to the ac and his system. That is the currency system that one should not partake of.

    2. I still keep thinking that all these crypto-currencies are just lures to distract the populace and dissuade it from converting its savings into the only real currency: gold and silver.

      Give a look at all the central banks! Are they buying cryptos or gold? Are they stupid?

      When the time comes, they will instantly cancel those cryptos as they will soon do with cash simply by banning transactions, under the false pretense that they would be supposedly used by criminals.
      At this time, do not expect to find many people to accept them except perhaps the drug dealers.
      It will still be possible to find people to trade goods for gold and this transaction will be 100% anonymous because it will not go through the net unlike any transaction in cryptocurrency

  3. Wow. One of few people who can see that the rapture a mid-trib event...of course it's two witnesses that lead it and they are no going to be around for the last 3.5 years. They protect the temple mount from the abominator for 3.5 years and also make sure the land division does not happen. It can't happen while they are alive; that's why they have all the power; because God is not willingly giving up the land until the days of their prophecy is fulfilled.

    As it is written, they come back to life after 3.5 days and the world is astonished. What does that sound like?

    A rapture, of course....or the beginning of one. :)

    Kinda a repeat of history but takes another 1/2 day.