Friday, June 15, 2018

Mt. Rainier: Is It Time?

I have reason to believe that one day Mt. Rainier will erupt. Further information has presented its self to make me believe that its eruption may be soon, even possibly imminent.

First here is a post explaining why I believe Mt. Rainier will one day erupt. I recommend reading it to understand the many reasons why several people including myself believe that it will one day erupt.

Now for the information that leads me to believe that its eruption may be soon and possibly even imminent. The first bit of information involves dreams that Pastor Pretlow had about Mt. Rainier.

Mount Rainier Erupting and Spewing Lava

As a Pacific Northwest native, my heart is burden about what the Lord has shown me coming to the Puget Sound region of America. I am compelled to warn.

This warning is meant for the sincere Christian who knows Christ, who has an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying to God’s people in this hour—and particularly to the churches immediately due west of MT Rainier.

The Lord started this warning through a dream I had during the week of March 25th, 2012. In the dream, the Puget Sound area of the Northwest was the location of volcanic activity that included earthquakes, lava flow, forest fires, ash, and bellowing smoke, making great portions of the land bleak and desolate. Ash covered most of the land and trees, and there were numerous forest fires.

In the dream, the region was ringed by mountains just as it is in the Puget Sound region—ringed by the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges—but some of these mountains were spewing lava and erupting with volcanic activity.

I decided in April of 2012, to put the content of this message in book format for private distribution, thinking that word of mouth was the appropriate way to bring forth the message.

Then in May of 2014, I had another dream that was more specific and very detailed. This dream led to updating the original book, assigning it an ISBN, and making it available for retail distribution. (Since then, only a handful of Christians have received this message, and only few passed it on to others.)

In my second dream I was looking south towards Seattle from afar, in some house near the Mt. Vernon area, at least that was my sense of location. The Seattle skyline with the space needle was vivid, and Mount Rainier towered in the background. In this scene, Mount Rainier began to bellow smoke (perhaps ash) from its western slope, and then suddenly the smoke or ash turned to molten lava spewing forth.

In the forefront of this scene (within the house), the TV and Internet suddenly stopped, then a second or two later these two mediums resumed broadcasting and operating as normal, then the dream ended.

These prophetic dreams are not the first warnings I have received from the Lord. View a recent Sunday message that explains how the Lord has led me to this moment, to warn others of impending destruction. View God is Raising His Voice on YouTube.

And here is his May 2018 update:

Though this warning was published in 2014, we did nothing to promote this prophetic message. With the May 2018 volcanic activity starting up on the Big Island of Hawaii, the Lord prompted me to send this message to those who will be most affected by MT Rainier’s eruption…I am not sure exactly when this will begin; however, it will be soon, perhaps within months of this update May 2018—time is running out to prepare.

And what does pastor Pretlow believe will be the reason for this judgment?

Christians are to stop blaming the lost, the homosexual agenda, abortions and all the other secular wickedness for these judgments—it is God’s people playing church, living in secret sin, embracing carnal‐driven church growth programs and being in love with this world that has ignited God’s anger. The Holy Spirit is saying, “Repent, repent.”

If you would like to read his short book detailing his dreams, here is the link:

And here is the another bit of information that may possibly tie in with Mt Rainier and may indicate that the eruption may be imminent. (HT Matt) A lady (Lois V Sharp) believes that she has received a message from an angel about a pending volcanic eruption at a dormant volcano.

And here is another voice in which this lady had a dream about what she believes will be a judgment against Japan and the USA and it may involve lava.

Conclusion: I do not think it is by coincidence that my house is exactly 2039 NM from Mt. Rainier. And in light of the fact that the number 2039 was the number used in the fulfillment of the paradise lost dream, and thus signifying that it is a number of judgment. Thus I conclude that Mt. Rainier is slated for judgment sometime in the future, though I do not personally know when.

Based on the dreams that Pastor Pretlow has had he believes that the Mt. Rainier eruption may be soon. And if the second lady saw a lava judgment and the volcano that the angelic messenger was alluding to is Mt. Rainier then the eruption may be imminent. It is also possible that some other volcano eruption would be imminent and Mt. Rainier will be sometime in the future.

Note: I do not personally know any of the people above just passing on their info FYI.

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36

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  1. Another recent youtube by Many Fish is very interesting. Triple Crown winner Justify is a descendant of famous horse Seattle Slew. He doesn't say anything about a volcano, just that events seem to point to Seattle:

    1. Thanks for the input, sometimes facts like those are very important and may be foretelling of a future event