Friday, June 1, 2018

I Pet Goat II Predictive Programming: One State Will Be Gone! Which One Will It Be?

Most of you are aware of the infamous I Pet Goat II predictive programming film. In the film just after the Psalm 23 Donald Trump reference is shown, it shows a scene where part of the American flag which includes one star, is ripped off and floats away.

To me this is saying that during the Trump presidency, or just after, one of the states will either secede from the union or be “ripped” from the union. Those possibilities cause me to think about the soon to be released Trump peace plan.
It is being reported that the proposed plan, if adopted, will divide the land of Israel—which will take some of her land and give it to her enemies. In the past God has done in turn to nations, what they have done to Israel as explained in this post;
So if the plan gets adopted and some of Israel’s land is taken, will it result in some of our land being taken in turn? Is this what is shown in I Pet Goat II when the star is ripped from the flag? Will a state be taken from the union? And if so which state will it be?
I have heard it said that when God begins to judge a land it starts on the outer fringes and then the judgment moves inward. Last summer several outlying U.S. territories were devastated by Hurricanes, which fulfilled my Paradise Lost dream to the day, from 2012. If the progression will continue then we would expect an outlying State to possibly be next.
So what is next, a state on the outer fringe of the USA? You know what state I am referring to; Hawaii. And you know what is happening in Hawaii. And you have probably heard of some of the worst case scenarios being talked about. And you may have heard about the dreams people have had.


Will the land of Israel be divided? And if so will our land in turn then be divided? If so will it result in a state being ripped from our land? And if so is this what is depicted in I Pet Goat II? And if so will it be Hawaii or will it be Texas or California, which have both talked about seceding from the Union?

Watch the peace plan and what develops—I believe if we divide Israel, God will bring a harsh judgment upon our land--earthquake, tsunami, a State ripped from the Union, strong storms, economic turmoil, terrorist action, etc. are all possibilities.

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36

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  1. It has to be one of the 13 colonies of Independence. Illuminati mission statement that involves the names of the space shuttles. Something about the search for atlantis and all challengers shall be destroyed. Baby Gambino 13 cars(vehicle is a symbol of independence) elon musk"0"-ring as in boring company etc all receeds back to the DNA theme

    1. That is one possibility that I also thought of. Counting from left to right it was the 6th star, that may have something to do with it.

  2. star, has to be DC. look at the comic logo and its either early june or august.

  3. Pet goat is also a term a pedophile uses to describe a captured child

  4. In light of Paradise Lost from horrific fire in Paradise, CA., is it possible this is predictive programming of what is to come before the end of the year? Besides I, Pet Goat 2, there are The Simpsons, The cover of Economist Magazine owned by Rothchild's with events coming for 2019 and possible symbol of nuclear attack. Trump went to visit Paradise in Ca. on his 666th full day in office and flanked on both sides by Masonic Jesuits. Thoughts on Ca fire being a forewarning?

  5. When I read about the fire and location, I thought the same, I did not know about day #666 and his visit. Good info and yes I think there is a forewarning there.