Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Fall of Fiat and the Rise of Cryptocurrency

While fiat is burning Cryptocurrencies are on the rise and are being more widely accepted by the general population around the world. Why you ask; I guess it is basically because people are sick and tired of having their fiat currency becoming worth less and less due to excessive money printing and the resulting inflation—thus Cryptos were born.

What is a cryptocurrency?
Defnition: cryp·to·cur·ren·cy /ˈkriptōˌkərənsē/ noun
a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.
"decentralized cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin now provide an outlet for personal wealth that is beyond restriction and confiscation"
Thus some cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin have become digital money just like the digital money in your bank account. And just like you can use the digital money in your bank account to purchase items and pay bills so you can use some cryptocurrencies to purchase some items and some pay bills.
What’s the difference? The central banks control the amount of digital dollars and thus its value, where as the amount of a cryptocurrency is predetermined and fixed and its value is a factor of its usefulness, and demand. For example; the max supply of Litecoins is only 84 million. And some Cryptocurrencies require work to be done for the a coin to be created (mining). Thus in my mind a Cryptocurrency is just another way to pay for something using digital money that cannot be inflated.
How widespread are they becoming?
They are growing in use every day, many businesses are already accepting payment in some Cryptocurrencies and more are coming on line all the time. Some USA state governments are also accepting cryptocurrencies for payment.
Here are some recent news articles showing the growing influence and popularity of Cryptocurrencies;

Goldman Sachs Backed Circle Acquires Poloniex Cryptocurrency Exchange.

It is obvious that Cryptocurrencies are on the rise. Now the question is; should I get involved?
Should I get involved?
Some will adamantly say “No” for many reasons too numerous to mention. And some even think that it is sinful to use them basically because they believe they are a step closer to the mark of the beast system.
My answer; If you cannot use any technology that is a step closer to the mark of the beast system then stop using electricity, computers, and the internet, because all will be used in the mark of the beast system. So I do not see that as a valid argument.
I said “Yes” to Cryptos and here are a few reasons why. For one, I am sick and tired of having my dollars become worth less and less each year. Another reason that I got involved is that I foresee Cryptos being the future of money and I realize that if I get involved early, I and the Kingdom of God could benefit greatly. Because if they continue to gain in popularity, they will become more valuable and thus wise investments made now in the right coin(s) could gain substantially. Right now they estimate that less than 1% of the world’s population own Cryptos, what do you think will happen to their value as that number increases? For more info see the post; Cryptocurrency and the End of the World.
Another factor that could increase the use of Cryptos is the coming Grand Solar Minimum. Many scientists are predicting that the earth is about to enter into a mini ice age caused by a Grand Solar Minimum and this will increase food costs and crush the economies of the world. This will cause people and governments to seek alternative safer payment systems such as Cryptocurrency and thus their use has the potential to increase exponentially. See the post: Cryptocurrency and the Coming Mini Ice Age.
A Crypto Scenario
I went to the grocery store the other day and I spent some digital currency to buy dinner. At the checkout I put my credit card, with the chip in it, in the card reader and purchased my dinner with digital dollars. Unfortunately those digital dollars are central bank controlled and continually have their value lessened by continual money printing. A few years ago I could have bought the same amount of groceries for less.
So what if instead I went to the grocery store to purchase dinner and I used Bitcoin or Litecoin to purchase my dinner. What’s the big deal, would that be a sin because I did not use digital dollars? And guess what, most likely I would have to use less Bitcoin or Litecoin from year to year to make my purchases because the more people that use them the more they become worth.
Maybe in the next year or two this will be a reality, but for the time being I am content to accumulate as many as I can in hopes that they will increase in value and that I will eventually be able to go to the grocery store and use digital litecoins and pay via their new payment system called Litepay instead of using digital dollars to buy my dinner.
Whether you like it or not Cryptocurrencies are on the rise and are poised to become the future “money.” Do you think Goldman Sachs would have purchased a large Crypto exchange if this were not so? Maybe they know fiat is burning, all fiat in the history of the world has eventually gone to zero, and it looks like the fiat fire will be extinguished by the Crypto wave, just like the horse and buggy was by the automobile. So the question is; are you going to ride the wave or…
If you would like to read a good overview of the whole Cryptocurrency concept and possibly get involved, see the post; Cryptocurrency and the End of the World.
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  1. I know it's a little off topic but I thought it might be worth mentioning. A few days ago I believe on Purim it was announced that Prince William will be the first Royal to visit Israel, Jordan and Palestinian territories in a "official " capacity this summer. I had to put my research on the shelf because things weren't happening according to my understanding and timeline. Donald Trump and Prince William are cosmic twins for a lack of a better word and not just because you could say there both Gemini. The cosmic twins has to do with the lunar/solar eclipse series thy were born on, Lunar saros 129 was born 6/10/1351 and started pairing(twins) up with solar saros 117 ever since and are returning the summer of 2018. Lunar saros 129 started on the 15th of Sivan in 1351 meaning we are currently in the 666th year. If you count from Hebrew New year in 1351 on 9/23/1351 as the start of year 1 obviously that makes 9/23/2017 year# 666.

    1. According to that converter, 23rd september 1351 in Julian calendar was 2 Tishri 5112 : 2nd day of the new year 5112 (Rosh Ha-Shanah) and in Gregorain calendar, it was 23 Elul 5111.

  2. A few additional things, by 1351 nearly half of Europe was wiped out by the Black Death plague. 1351 was a pivotal year in the plague and the birth year of lunar saros 129. One the Hebrew Calendar the 15th of Sivan in 2017 marked Donald Trumps first birthday as president and exactly 666 Hebrew years from the birth of Lunar saros 129 the saros cycle Trump was born into. Donald Trump will be 72 on 6/14/2018(Gregorian) but on the Hebrew Calendar It's the 1st of Tammuz Prince Williams 36th birthday. Theses two cosmic twins share the same birthday in 2018 and their eclipse cycles have been buddy's for 666 years. I'm not surprised to see Prince William coming into the fold, Time will tell for what or not.

    1. Thanks for sharing. Those are some beyond chance syncs. Some have asserted that the ac will be one of the royals. As you said we will have to wait and see who fulfills the prophecies.