Wednesday, January 17, 2018

WW3—Did It Almost Happen? I Pet Goat II

WW3—did it almost happen? Several alternative news sites are reporting that the missile alert for Hawaii was no accident and that there was actually a missile that was launched from a submarine but that it was shot down and the sub was destroyed. In fact a group of tourists reported seeing what looked like a meteor being shot down.

Note: I am not saying it happened or did not happen, just informing you of what is being reported.

Some of these sources are blaming the presumed attack on Israel or Germany. I guess if it did actually happen we may never know, but there are many nations with submarines capable of launching a nuclear missile besides Israel and Germany including, Russia, China, and even North Korea.

If this report is true then I would conclude that WW3 almost began. Let me remind you that if 1/5/15 was the start date for the 70th week—the last 7 years—then Seals 1-4, which will include WW3 and the worldwide economic collapse, will occur between now and 6/17/18.

Are we at this point in time; are the red horse of WW3 and the other horses of the Apocalypse ready to ride? In pondering these questions the infamous I Pet Goat II film has been brought to the forefront of my mind. Here are a few observations from the film relating to our present situation.

Notice this shot of Obama—he is sweating. This says to me that the “heat is on.” That is a phrase that means that someone is close to being caught for crimes that they have done. It is rumored that President Trump is going after him and others.

In the next scene they show the Psalm 23/Donald graffiti. As stated in a previous post, I believe this may mean that they are planning on trying to take President Trump out as depicted in a Simpson’s episode.  

BTW; Donald has a gematria of 119, I Pet Goat II has a gematria of 666. In regards to 119; it is a backwards 911 and 1/19/18 is when the USA government is supposed to run out of $ and 1/18/18 is when the Yuan petro system is supposed to go live.

Obama sang Bye Bye Miss American Pie and the words “this will be the day that I die” on 1/18/09 at the “We are One” concert at the Lincoln Memorial. I wonder if there is a connection somewhere in those facts, will 1/18/18 be bye bye miss American pie day because of what the petro Yuan system might eventually do to the USA? Or will it be the day of the death of a prominent person?
This may be the representation of a nuclear sub attack on the USA--see the shark/sub?


In the film, as also stated in a previous post, I believe the evil lady in the jail tower is Hillary. It is rumored that Hillary is in house arrest via her ankle boot. Behind her, Hurricane Harvey and Irma are depicted. In this jail she sees the white flash—nuclear detonation. This indicates to me that the nuke detonation occurs after Harvey and Irma and that maybe from her home she will be able to see the flash. She lives about 30 miles from NYC.


This lady may be a representation of Hurricane Maria. Again the image indicates the nuclear detonation is after Hurricane Maria and if you look at the sky above the nuclear detonation you see the Hurricane winding down. Hurricane Maria went as far North as New York and then headed out to sea and rapidly dissipated—wound down.


Here are fish jumping into the false Christ boat, they are Sheepshead and there is a Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn, New York.


Here is the destruction of the statue of Liberty, again a NYC connection.


This could be a blood moon eclipse or a partial solar eclipse. There is a blood moon eclipse on 1/31/18, and a partial solar eclipse on 2/15/18. 2/16/18 is a possible parameter date for the start of WW3.


Notice also the film shows B2 bombers. President Trump just sent some B2 bombers to Guam.


Here is the depiction of the start of WW3—missiles will fly.


The skeleton below may indicate the year 2018--the eyebrow makes a 1 and the eyes an 8. See the purple and gold fireworks—at Times Square this year they wore purple and gold hats. The teeth of the skeleton look like part of the crown of the statue of Liberty.


To summarize; I believe the film, at the very least, is indicating that a nuclear detonation in an American city(s)—possibly New York—and the ensuing WW3 is imminent. When exactly I do not know, but as stated before, if 1/5/15 was the start of the last 7 years, then it will happen between now and 3/18/18 with 2/15-16/18 being a prime date to watch. If 1/5/15 was not the start date, then we have more time. Also remember that the film only represents the plans of satan and evil men—God has the final say.
Think about this; what if it really was a missile that was shot at Hawaii as some are reporting, and what if it was not shot down, then we would most likely be in WW3 right now. Would you have been ready for that reality? Are you prepared to live through Seals 1-5? What would that have done to your rapture theory and faith?
As I have been trying to tell people for years—THE RAPTURE WILL NOT OCCUR UNTIL AFTER SEAL 6 IS OPENED. Scripture is very clear about this and I can prove it to you. (Read The Coming Epiphany or The Rapture Theorem.)
One day, and maybe soon, America will wake up and WW3 will be here—scripture predicts it, and scripture cannot be broken. And right on the hoofs of the red horse will be the black horse and the worldwide financial collapse. The most important consideration is not when, for it will happen, but the most important consideration is; are you praying, watching, and preparing?
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36

The end times are knocking on the door and so is Jesus. He wants to save you, will you let him in? Find out what you must do to be saved here.
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    What do you think about this analyze for 2018, the end of game ?

    1. Excellent article, the data definitely seems to be pointing to 2018, especially between now and June just as the 1/5/15 start date theory implies.

    2. Also I think we are in the exact moment in Pet Goat timeline of the 'peace girl' in front of the tanks. Yin Yang symbol on S Korean flag. She is holding a flag and N & S Korea are going to march under one unified flag! 230 athletes from N Korea for their fav #23

  2. William, have you heard of Minister Paul youtube channel? He's got an interesting Prophecy about a coming Black Hole event in Star M87. I don't know if science or vision is predicting it yet? Someone said M87 is in Virgo, which would go along with the 9-23 sign. Black Hole = Darkness & Deception coming ! Well worth checking out his research so far:
    Event is set for a late March, April, or May time frame. Which fits perfectly with a Pet Goat Easter April Fools!

    1. Thanks for the information I will definitely give it a look.

  3. Watch the State of Virginia

  4. Pastor William, I wrote this down last night in reference to the predicate Tsunami hitting NYC. Movies have depicted it happening more than 70 times and I believe it is for a reason. Sir, I value your opinion, fascinated by your work. Might there be any validity to it/ I wrote; "my mind is rambling but I keep being brought back to Mystery Babylon and Tsunami, which you mentioned and today I was reading in Rev 8:10 where it talks about the "city" of Mystery Babylon. "City" and I believe this city is NYC. Or the start or kick off is in NYC? I saw a News feed talking about these Tsunami buoy alarms that are outside of NYC and how they'd gone off. It was right around the same time as the supposed false alarms and that they believed that something had hit or it may have been an earthquake deep in the water that set off this Tsunami alarm at a swell depth of 113 feet. And since then it's been a tumbling in my head like putting things together. I believe a Nuclear weapon will hit outside of NYC/Atlantic causing a massive swell and Tsunami which will cause the 3 Days of Darkness, which is really a solemnity, Flag at Half-Staff because people will continue with their lives; eating, drinking, marrying. Go ahead, call me crazy!"

    1. Thanks for the data about the 70 times, I was not aware there were that many incidences. Many prophecy watchers believe that NYC will be hit by a nuke induced tsunami. I Pet Goat II has many wave motifs in the film. The only question is when?