Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Prophecy Alert: Super Bowl LII; It Is A Sign, Will There Be An “Event?”

Update 2/5: 
Just ran across this; an intel source is saying that a false flag attack was planned for the Super Bowl. Q Anon also relayed that a false flag was planned. Based on all of the beyond coincidence syncs below, I saw that as a real possibility also. So I say; let’s thank God it was stopped. And am thankful and pleased that the Eagles—my home team—won and gave glory to God! Original post below the video. 

Update 2:6

Since apparently there was an event planned for the Super Bowl and nothing happened, of which I am glad, they may try something else at an esoteric interval past the Super Bowl. Such as 33, 52, 93, 240, 666 hours or days away etc.

Update 2/7: Just came across another source that says there was a phos gen attack planned for the superb owl and it was thwarted.

Original post

2/4: Update added at end of post
2/2: Update added at end of post.
2/1: Update added at end of post.

Various synchronicities involving Super Bowl LII need to be brought to light. I do not know exactly what they may foretell but I believe that you need to see them because they may turn out to be very important. Are You ready to be amazed? I was, to God be the glory.

Note: At present due to various situations I am pretty wiped out, but I will do my best to put this together as best that I can.

Remember Super Bowl XLVII (47) where Beyonce did her halftime show that featured motifs signaling the antichrist birthing ritual/destruction of the Hoover Dam.


 Well if you remember in several posts I showed how the one spike of the trident on the stadium pointed directly to the Hoover Dam and a second to the Georgia guidestones and the antichrist Antares rocket explosion.



I always wondered about the third spike, which points South. If you reverse its direction—occultists do things backwards—guess what it points to? It points to the US Bank Stadium, the home of Super Bowl LII. 

Ready for another; if you follow the roof line of the stadium it goes exactly to where the line of the total maximum eclipse exited the USA, which is right between Awendaw and McClellanville, SC.


This line also comes very close to the Lucas Oil Stadium where Super Bowl  XLVI (46) was played and Madonna performed her antichrist birthing ritual.
Super Bowl 46 was played on 2/5/12 and Super Bowl 47 was played on 2/3/13. Super Bowl 52 will be played right in the middle of those 2 dates on 2/4. The middle of 2 dates theme will appear again below.
As you are most likely aware many prophecy watchers including myself believed that the eclipse foretold of major judgments coming upon the USA for our many sins. BTW; the greatest duration of the eclipse was 2 min and 40 sec, which makes a 2/4 the same as the date of the super bowl. From the eclipse on 8/21/2017 to 2/4/2018 is 24 weeks—another 24.
OK, here is another sync. Remember the Batman movie in which the football stadium was blown up. It featured a team called Rapid City.

If you go to Google Earth and search for Rapid City, two come up, one in SD and one in MI. A line drawn between the two cities comes very close to Minneapolis.

Pittsburgh’s stadium was the one that they used to film the Batman movie and near the stadium in the topography is a Batman shaped head and also a rider on a horse—think horses of the Apocalypse.

If you draw a line from the 9/11 flight 93 Memorial to the US Bank Stadium it goes through Pittsburgh. The line also follows very closely to the opposite direction of the flight path of flight 93.



There are several Strike Zones on the Batman map. The center of Strike Zone 4 on the USA Batman map overlay is very close to Minneapolis, MN where the Super Bowl will be played. BTW; Strike Zone 1 was Sandy Hook and the stadium being blown up scene included a school child singing the National Anthem—possible connection to Sandy Hook. Note: The location of the train wreck that occurred today with GOP lawmakers was 322 NM from Sandy Hook Elem school.


The stadium lat. and long. is listed at 44.974°N 93.258°W. The long. of 93 matches with flight 93 and the lat. of 44 matches with the number of people killed on flight 93 which was 44.
The Great American eclipse lasted 93 minutes.
93 is associated with the JFK assassination, 9/23/17, and a secret high level occult society. 

From 9/24/2017 (9/24 Jerusalem time was 9/23 USA time) to 2/4/2018 is 133 days. That is exactly half the normal human gestation of 266 days and may be associated with the birth of the antichrist. There are 266 days from the 9/23/17 sign of the woman clothed with the sun and 6/16/2018 which may be the date of an antichrist event. Thus 2/4/2018 marks the midpoint of those 2 dates and may be a significant date.
The normal stadium capacity is 66655. The factors of 66655 are 5 x 13331. Those are the same digits in 133.

The eclipse lasted 93 minutes which is 1:33 in hours and minutes.

The Hebrew gematria of “US Bank Stadium” is 777;

Here are some other 777 words and phrases:

Order out of chaos
The second beast rises
The Aquarius age
In English gematria it is 930 = 93 x 10.

Here is the gematria for “Super Bowl 52”

The English gematria of “Super Bowl LII” is 966; 966 = 3 x 322. 322 was featured in the Batman movie just before the stadium was blown up.


An hour or two after I started working on this post I went to the grocery store and the bill came to exactly $52.52 as in Super Bowl LII (52).

In the Jewish calendar 2/4/2018 is Shevat 19. On that day in 1349 in Switzerland many Jews were burned alive in a wooden house. On this date in 1949 the State of Israel elected its first President. From Shevat 19, 2018 to 1949 is 69 years and to 1349 is 669 years.

It is obvious that we have many beyond chance synchronicities associated with the upcoming Super Bowl LII. This data leads us to ask what does it all mean?
At the very least I believe the data is pointing us to this date and this location as a sign of pending major end times events. With its connections to the 9/23/2017 sign of the woman clothed with the sun and the halfway point of normal human gestation, plus all the other data, at the very least it is definitely a sign of the coming antichrist and coming judgment upon the USA.
Is the data indicating that there will be a major “event” during the Super Bowl or possibly even some other place on that day such as the Hoover? I cannot tell you yes or no. But I can tell you that if a major event occurs somewhere on that day, it would greatly strengthen my belief in the hypothesis that the last 7 years began on 1/5/2015. And if that hypothesis is correct then we will see Seals 1-4 opened (NWO take over, WW3, Economic collapse, death of 1 out of 4) and the arising of the antichrist between now and 7/17/2018. If that hypothesis is not correct then we have more time.
Super Bowl LII; it is a sign, will there be an “event?”
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36

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 Update 2/1:

HT to Jeff for reminding us in the comments of the North Korean satellites that fly overhead every day—there are 2 of them. I did a post about them about 2 years ago in relation to Super Bowl L (50). The most recent North Korean satellite was launched on 2/7/2016, which was the same day as Super Bowl 50. Their “Shining Star” satellite, as they call it, is designated KMS-4, here is the link to its tracking info;

This satellite is rumored to contain an EMP weapon as the articles below detail. 
 EXCLUSIVE – Congressional Expert: North Korea Satellites Orbiting U.S. Could Be Used for ‘Surprise’ EMP Attack.
The Super bowl is scheduled to begin at 6:30 PM EST (18:30 EST) and go until about 10:00 PM EST (22:00 EST). Here is the predicted track of KMS-4 for the time when the Super Bowl is being played.
As you can see it enters the airspace over the USA near the middle of South Carolina at about 21:42 EST (9:42 PM EST). As discussed above, SC is where the total eclipse exited the USA.

It then travels North West flies directly over Detroit and exits over Michigan at about 21:45 EST (9:45 PM EST). Thus the satellite is scheduled to be over the USA late in the 4th quarter of the game.
 BTW; the Super bowl 47 Beyonce halftime ritual mentioned in the post above not only contained signals to the antichrist birthing ritual but also to North Korea. And let’s not forget that was the same super bowl that the lights went out.
Here are a few other pieces of data to keep in mind. The 1/31/2018 train crash in Crozet, VA, that occurred 322 NM from the Sandy Hook elementary school, brought this information to light.
"Continuity of Government" Bunker Located at "Resort" Where Members of Congress Traveled yesterday before train they were on Collided with Truck.

And here is another piece of data that has surfaced on 1/31/2018.
Another thought; in the Batman movie with the football stadium destruction, the destruction came from below—the opposite would be from above.
As stated above; at the very least the syncs surrounding Super Bowl 52 are a sign; will there also be an “event?”

2/2 Update: Here are some interesting numbers;

Dow plunges 666 points -- worst day since Brexit

Here are the exact numbers a backwards and forwards 52.

 What are the odds?

2/4 Update: There was an Amtrak CSX train wreck in Cayce, SC. I checked some distances it is 93 NM to the Georgia guidestones. 93 was a number prominently featured above. Also a strange blood red streak appeared on Google Earth this morning near the guidestones. Following the streak North it comes close to Detroit, the same as the satellite.



  1. Hello,
    Where do you get "the last 7 years began on 1/5/2015"? If that is the case, you have the "time, time, and dividing of time" ending in 2022!

    Doesn't that deny the "70 years" of Daniel 9:2 and Daniel 9:24 and put you into the "483 + 7 future years" camp?

    Do you know that was written by Robert Anderson 35 years before Israel became a nation?

    That book 'The Coming Prince' is the greatest hoax thrown upon Christendom that even today has them looking down the road unprepared for the "sudden destruction" that at an instant suddenly will catch them unawares!

    Yes, the 'Super Bowl' could be the planned event the 'Conspirators from Psalm 2' have conjured up, however all things that began on March 21 or May 14, 1948 have a 70 year expiration date.

    Do the math, indeed the days are 'SHORT' and time is fleeting. PH

    1. Time, times, and a half is 3.5 years. 1/5/2015 + 3.5 years (1260 days) = 6/16-17/2018.

      It in no way denies Daniel's 70 years. 69 have transpired on the day Christ entered Jerusalem. 7 are left and they may have begun on 1/5/15. If it did the fireworks will start soon.

    2. Where does it say 1260 DAYS in the Book of Daniel?

      Isn't that the book Yeshua said [whosever reads let him understand]?

      69+7=76 YEARS!

      It reads "until a time and times and the dividing of time" that is when "all these things shall be finished", and the millennial Kingdom begins.

      There is not another 3.5 years after "all things are finished"!

      You've been duped into believing the MAN made "7 year" lie edited into our English Bibles that has NO LEGS.

      Warn your flock, those "70 years" and NOT "76" began either on March 21 or May 14, 1948 and expire in 2018.

    3. In Daniel "time" is in reference to a year. Time(1) + Times(2) + half(.5) = 3.5 years. A Biblical year is 360 days. 360 x 3.5 = 1260.

      Revelation 12 confirms this.

      6 And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days.

      14 And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.

  2. William, what say you about the train wreck today? I know you have some type of commentary on this. Why do trains and the word “train” keep coming into play? Sorry for the off topic, just curious as to what your views are concerning this.

    1. Hard to say except that it occurred 322 NM from Sandy Hook Elem. School--Strike Zone 1.

  3. So co-incidentally KMS-4 the North Korean satellite makes it's last pass over the US very close to this area between 21:39 and 21:49 and at max altitude at 21:44 local time which looks like central time zone to me and that would be 22:44 EST.
    The end of which at 21:49 puts its Az at NNW @ 331
    This is the satellite that may have a nuclear device.
    On 2/4/18 from 7/4/1776 88,238 days will have passed and America is in the 242nd year.
    Super(large) bowl (judgement)?
    52= 13x4
    13 equals Rebellion and this is how America began with it's 13 colonies and now 52 states 13x4=52
    KMS four has a hebrew gematria of 466
    It shares this value with
    Nuclear hit
    Anti matter
    us renamed dfa?
    (Dfa has a hebrew gematria of 11 english gematria of 66 and and simple gematria of 11)

    Blood moon April 15 2014 (first in the tetrad)

    Just by chance? DFA= death from above?

    1. Thanks for contributing, good information. I have always wondered why they don't just covertly shoot down those satelites with our space weapons? Maybe they are part of the plan.

  4. I had mentioned a few days back on one of your articles to watch the state of Virginia. Go.og.le provides the preemptive clues in the gifs. Virginia Woolfe etc. Check out tom cruises movie OBLIVION for Superbowl anomalies. He even recites one of the 'plays'. He was in an iconic american building, post apoca etc but I couldn't make it out

    1. Maybe it was the train wreck in VA today. 322 NM from Sandy Hook Strike Zone 1. May be a signal to a coming 322 Strike Zone event, possiblt Strike Zone 4.

  5. Let's not forget the purpose of the NFL and it's founders who were skull and bones men.
    Amos Alonzo Stagg 1888
    Walter Camp 1880
    Here is the 322 NFL connection Yale skull and bones along with the train wrecked GOP members 322 miles from Sandy Hook

    1. Thanks for adding that in, I was not aware of the skull and bones connection. Definitely adds to the equation.

  6. Prophetic words on SB52. By the mouths of 2 or 3 witnesses.


  7. March 22, 2018 will be the first day of the 'Conspirators from Psalm 2' 1000 year rule of Satan, so they believe!

    Remember the last day of the "70 year" prophecy of Daniel 9:2 and Daniel 9:24 that began either on March 21 or May 14, 1948 would end on March 21, 2018, making 3-22-2018 the start of their 'Great Undertaking!

    1. 3/22 this year is definitely a day to watch. BTW; on 3/22/2010 Jerusalem time Obama said "it is finished" when he signed the health care bill may be a harbinger.

  8. They also said it was the 6th worst Dow drop ever. Brexit vote was on 6/23/2016(2+1+6=9) = 6/23/9 , and Masons like to flip 6&9
    The 6/24/16' drop was 588 days ago for an 88
    Took place on Ground Hogs DAy = satanic Imbolc
    They sacrificed Shuttle Columbia on Imbolc of 2003 for a 23
    Brady going for title #6 to tie Pittsburg for 6 titles
    Super Blue Blood moon, Blue+Red = Purple Prince Vikings
    Space X 'Super Heavy Launch' scheduled just after the game

    1. I believe that DOW drop was definitely a sign, especially with the DOW sitting at 2552.

  9. You may not see this in time but there is a very intense storm in the center of the Indian Ocean and it has on the world wind map live a grid that shows up in the red show higher wind speeds it is very symmetrical not sure if it is just an anomaly with service but I have never seen anything like this.,-20.26,3000/loc=79.018,-19.169

    It really shows up when you click to zoom in.

  10. This storm is near the Burckle crater
    I just looked at another red area of wind in Greenland and there is no grid pattern on that area

    1. Just checked ventusky and they are showing up to 110 mph gusts.

    2. What I am asking is to look at this interactive map at this site in the same area.,-23.89,1137/loc=80.131,-21.117

  11. Justin Timberlake is doing the halftime show and of course....he is another satanic worshipper who evangelizes for the illuminati. Just another pied piper massaging the masses to the path to hell.

    1. Yea and for the third time, you know what they say--the third time is the charm. I am sure his ritual will be pointing to the soon coming man of sin

  12. I am not a football fan, but always watch the Superbowl. I learn a lot noticing who follows what team. The majority of Hollywood, the press are rooting for Tom Brady and the Patriots. Justin Timberlake especially is pulling for Tom Brady. The Philadelphia Eagles have several devout Christians on their team. Even having baptisms in the swimming pools they have at their hotels. This goes right in the face of the majority of Hollywood, liberals, and media. For this reason I am pulling for the Eagles. Several times already I have heard the Eagles will need a miracle to win the Super bowl....but they already have put several miracles together to get to this game.

    1. Fly Eagles Fly!!! It was awesome that the coach and the 2 players gave the glory to God!

    2. I did not watch the half time ritual. What were the signaling this year?

  13. So if after finding out that the NFL was founded with the intent to deceive and bring people into a mindset set of following by members of a very evil organization, why would you find a way to stand with it?
    Our plight, post Christ, is not what the enemy can do to us, but how we, with some measure not discern evil and continue with it.
    Matthew 16 with it's blistering rebuke to Peter after he applied his human tendencies to his mouth when he rebuked the Lord for revealing He was to go to the cross was an example of how even as devout followers of Christ are very very susceptible to blending our own ideas with the Lord's will. This has lead to the condition of the "church" in our time.

    1. Evil has permeated every aspect of society. We live in an evil world, we are to shine as lights in the midst of the darkness not crawl in a cave.

      Our money has satanic symbols so is it evil to have money and use money to buy things with?

      There is nothing inherently evil about football--it is a sport. Christians can glorify God through playing sports.

      Coach Peterson said "I give glory to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ." He said that to over 100 million people. He glorified God.

      Your insinuations are offensive.

    2. I am sorry but I totally agree with Jeff.
      Sports and games are from the pagan Greeks...

    3. Yea and the New testament was written in "pagan" Greek, so I guess you should throw your New Testament away.

  14. Space X Heavy Lift is 2/6, MN also hosted SB 26
    It will carry a Red Roadster into space for some nutty reason? It will play David Bowies Starman song on it's radio. So they are combining Prince (Little Red Corvette) & Bowie Ritual Sacrifices.
    A lot of people are really starting to take note of Easter April Fools. Score of game was Patriots 33 = 3/30 Passover Prince death, to 41 = 4/1 Easter April Fools the Phoenix (Eagles) rise
    Pet Goat seems to point to it too with Dunce hat, bunnies, eggs.
    And another clue from Space X...." "If you look closely you'll see a little Easter egg on the dashboard," Musk teased, talking to reporters...."It is going to be in a precessing elliptical orbit, with one part of the ellipse being in Earth orbit and the other part being in Mars orbit."
    Ellipse is an egg shape = DC ellipse
    There is an egg atop a tower in the NWO capitol of Astonia
    Remember the 'Birds Nest' stadium at the 8/8/08' Olympics in China and all the Bird Teams lately in the SB: Eagles, Seahawks, Falcons

    1. Thanks for sharing the great info, 3/30 - 4/1 is definitely a watch time. Here is a post dealing with that date.

  15. I never expected anything for the Superbowl. Instead, I am waiting for the Winter Olympics. Here's what I wrote to Jason (jkbugout). His video: (Palestinian Israeli Conflict Predicted for 2/2018)

    BREAKTHROUGH: The Winter Olympic Games are predicted in the beginning of I, Pet Goat 2 movie when the goat is pushing its head through the hole. First of all, there is snow on the ground. We see that Olympic stadium lights will be ignited and then the goat is spinning its head like forming Olympic rings. Watch also the eye eggs of the goat forming reflections of Olympic rings.

    And there will be false peace during the Olympics (1 Thess. 5:3)!

    U.N. adopts Olympic Truce for PyeongChang Winter Olympics

    1. Olli Thanks for your input. I saw a couple of articles yesterday about the possibility of a pending Palestinian war.

      With all the syncs I am confident at the very least that the Super Bowl was a sign of pending antichrist events.

      My immediate thoughts went to the Eagles Parade scheduled for 2/8/2018 which happens to be the same day as the start of the Olympics. The parade will start at 11:00 AM and travel for most of the route down RT 611 (upside down 911). It will end about 3:00. 3:30 would be 93 hours past the Super Bowl beginning.

      I remember a few years back that Gucifer said that he hacked into some bad boys computers and found plans to nuke Philly. Hopefully this will never happen.

    2. the eagles of death metal attack took place on 11/13/15 which is 818 days (116 weeks 6 days) to 2/8/18.

    3. There are 52 days from the parade to Easter--April Fool's day. A watch has been posted for this day.