Friday, October 6, 2017

Prophecy Watch Alert; Beware 10/9/17 to 10/19/17

10/11, 10/8, 10/7 Update added

Prophetic data points are lining up to indicate that the 11 day period from 10/9/2017 to 10/19/2017, and especially Friday October 13, 2017, has the potential for major events to occur.

A watch does not mean that I am predicting an event to occur during that time period. I am not a prophet and I do not say “thus saith the Lord.” I am merely saying data is indicating the dates should be watched, I will first show you the data for 10/13/2017. 

1.    It is Friday the 13th—enough said. 

2.    It is a Friday of a crescent moon. Many mass murders have occurred on Friday crescent moon dates. 

3.    It is the 225th anniversary of the laying of the cornerstone of the White House (10/13/1792)—by illuminati design no doubt. 225 = 5x3x5x3—see next data point. 

4.    It is 53 days past the eclipse, 21 (777) days past Rosh Hashanah, and 13 days past Yom Kippur. And in the Diaspora it is the day of the Jewish holiday known as the Simchat Torah. Here is one of the traditions of that day.  

The last parashah of the Torah, V'Zot HaBerachah, at the end of Deuteronomy (33:1–34:12), is read from the first scroll, followed immediately by the first chapter (and part of the second) of the Book of Genesis (1:1–2:3), which is read from the second scroll. It is a Jewish custom that a new beginning must immediately follow a completion, 

BTW; 53 has many interesting connections and is an esoteric number of great importance, one connection of which is with Fatima—more on that in a moment—another is with financial collapse. Here is a great link showing the esoteric importance of 53; 

5.    NASA says that asteroid 2012 TC4 will “safely” pass between 4200 and 170,000 miles from earth. That is an uncertainty of 165,800 miles. Does not sound like they are too certain, does it? 

6.    There is an interesting movie coming out that day it is called, “Happy Death Day.” Sometimes events coincide with movie release dates such as 3/11/11 and Battle L.A. that contained Fukushima predictive programming. If you have not figured it out by now, at least 90% of movies and TV shows are satanic indoctrination tools. 

7.    It is the 100 year anniversary of the last Fatima apparition.  There are many WW3 Fatima connections. Here is one that talks about a 100 year period that satan was allowed to have, and that 100 year period ends on 10/13/2017; 

Editor's Comment:  The Bolshevik Revolution started on October 25, 1917, twelve days after the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima on October 13th.  Could it be that the 100 year period requested by Satan began in October 1917 and will end in October 2017? 

8.    Here is an interesting write up which shows some more Fatima connections. BTW; I believe that the Fatima apparitions were a satanic deception and any future connections/events will also be satanic in nature and may involve UFOs. 

…Unless my light comes, these events will come more quickly and grow stronger until a fullness of darkness is reached on October 13, 2017… This locution points to the 100th anniversary of the “Dance of the Sun” as Satan’s target date for the culmination of the events of darkness.  This is a very important locution… On October 13, 1917, Our Lady of Fatima fulfilled her promise to the three children that she would give a sign for all the world to see. On that rainy day, the 50,000 – 70,000 people witnessed for about 10 -15 minutes what is called “The Dance of the Sun”.   After “dancing” in the sky for many moments, the sun, seemingly left its orbit and hurtled toward earth. 

Hmm…”a fullness of darkness is reached on October 13, 2017… Satan’s target date for the culmination of the events of darkness.” And what just might be satan’s culmination of the events of darkness? I have a few ideas, I guess we will know for sure in a few days. 

9.    Jupiter exits Virgo and Mercury exits the womb of Virgo. The Revelation 12 sign of the woman clothed with sun involved a crown of 12 stars. One of those stars was Mercury. On October 13 Mercury will have traveled through the womb of Virgo and will begin her exit—will be birthed out of Virgo. At the same time Jupiter will be exiting the lower part of Virgo. Mars will also be entering Virgo. Will the occult forces try a birthing of their own on that day?  This celestial occurrence may be the sign that follows the Revelation 12 sign of the woman. Here is the post; Prophecy Watch: Is The Second Revelation 12 Sign About To Occur On 10/13/2017?. 

10.           Here is an interesting comment left by a reader on the post linked above that contains some amazing synchronicities. 

Good post William, Timeframe between Friday 1/20/2017 and Friday 10/13/2017 is 38weeks/266days or extremely close to 9 lunar months. Donald Trumps New York home is full of Greek God's and with a mural on the ceiling of what looks like it could be a war in heaven with Apollo leading the way. Mars will finally entered Virgo on 10/13/17 as well, It may turn out be significant as well, the day count between Donald Trumps 69th Biblical birthday on 6/2/2015 and 10/13/2017 is 864 days and this is often considered the base number of the Sun. 10/13/2017 Is the first day after the last great day of the 8th day assembly. 

So that is the data that I have seen so far regarding October 13, 2017. Will it be a day of a major event, and if so, what kind? We never know what a day may bring forth until it arrives, however in light of the data, if an event occurs on that day here are some possibilities I see; a mass death event, a financial event, an antichrist/UFO event and or a WW3 event. 

Here are some more pieces of data that I believe warranted the issuing the watch for the 11 day period of 10/9/2017 to 10/19/2017.  Japan Defense Minister warns of Possible North Korea Provocation on October 10; 

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera urged caution on Friday because more provocation was possible from North Korea on Oct. 10, when the start of lower house election campaigns in Japan coincides with one of the North’s main anniversaries…. 

Onodera’s warning echoed a comment by South Korean national security adviser Chung Eui-yong, who said during a meeting with President Moon Jae-in on Thursday that he expected Pyongyang to act around Oct. 10 and 18, but gave no details. [nL4N1M9191] 

Along with this a CIA official predicted that there might be a provocation on October 9. 

A top CIA official for the Korean Peninsula warned Wednesday that the U.S. should be ready for a new provocation by North Korea on Columbus Day on Oct. 9, which coincides with the anniversary of the founding of the political party that governs in Pyongyang.

And yet another piece of data, listen to what President Trump just said—the calm before the storm.

In light of the discussions above, highlighting the possibility of WW3, a financial collapse, and antichrist/UFO events, during the 11 day period, this warning about North Korea fits right in. Remember the plan calls for a hair raising nuclear confrontation to produce antichrist. And here is another piece of data that fits right into this time period. 

Some Jewish scholars believe the war of Gog and Magog will break out in connection with Sukkot. This year it runs from 10/5 to 10/11/17. 

The apocalyptic War of Gog and Magog, the final war that is part of the Messianic process, is mentioned in two places in the Bible – in the Book of Ezekiel, starting in chapter 38, and in the Book of Zechariah, beginning in chapter 12. 

The connection between the War of Gog and Magog and Sukkot is made explicit in Zechariah 14:16, which discusses the annual celebration in Jerusalem on Sukkot, following the War of Gog and Magog.

Thus this is another piece of data that points to the possibility of a major war event in the watch period. And here is another piece of the puzzle—“Miami 2017.” 

And yet another piece of data that fits right in; 

Hi William in 1994 I had a 2 part open vision from the Lord about the date that the antichrist will step onto the scene it will be 19 OCTOBER 2017. I know because I KNOW it will be so!!! 

And let's not forget about the dooms day clocks with the numbers 6, 10, and 11, which can be configured for dates in the watch period.

Update 10/7: This just in; Russia official says North Korea preparing to launch missile at USA West Coast.

Update 10/8: 11 years ago a movie was released called Behind Enemy Lines II: Axis of Evil. It was about a North Korean nuclear missile confrontation. It was released on 10/17/2017.
Update 10/11: Here is another 10/13 synchronicity (HT Matt) followed by some explosive financial news. The IMF has just warned that 9 big banks are in trouble.

End of updates

In light of all the data presented above and the data in the post about the second Revelation 12 sign, which is the most important, I am becoming very concerned that it could break loose next week, and we could see major events occur. Let me repeat, I am becoming very concerned. 

As already alluded to, possible events could include nuclear war (WW3), EMPs, antichrist birthing events (Hoover Dam), financial collapse, and UFO events, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms, etc. 

This is not a prediction, outside of the celestial signs, I do not know what will happen next week, but I see a high possibility that a major event(s) may occur. If one does, are you prepared? 

Look at this update from a missionary in Puerto Rico. I believe these conditions or worse are coming to the USA. Again; are you prepared? 

Dear Prayer Partners, Our prayer letter sent last week was truly a Digest… short! This one will be longer and fill you in on more details, as we have experienced them.  We still are unable to post pictures because of the difficulty to upload them.  Communication or the lack thereof, is by far the biggest frustration.  After Hurricane Irma, we lost electricity and internet but at least we still had cellphone coverage, but after Hurricane Maria, we lost all contact with the outside world and even locals not within our immediate neighborhood… 

The most worrisome fear is that we would run out of gas, cash, and food.  No electricity plus the destruction from the hurricane to banks means that banks were closed and ATMs don’t workNeither can you use debit or credit cards.  So everyone needs cash to buy anything.  Cash is king! A neighbor waited hours for gas only to realize they weren’t accepting bank cards and they had no cash.  Most working people here live paycheck to paycheck so most were short of cash and didn’t have the savings to withdraw much before the hurricane.  We have been loaning cash to friends or in cases where they don’t have jobs, we have been giving appropriate amounts of cash as needed.  Many are dependent on government checks to buy basic food supplies and are unable to use those checks, thus unable to buy food.  (Mail just started being delivered in some areas yesterday.)  Many lost their jobs as businesses and hotels and small airports that were damaged are unable to open or there are no customers for their particular products or services. 

Food has been interesting.  Immediately after the hurricanes blew the fruit off of the trees, people were giving away avocados, lemons, mangos, etc… But now almost 2 weeks later, fresh fruit would be a special treat.  When grocery stores began to open, there were (and still are) long lines.  We stood in one with over 500 people outside, and when it was finally our turn to enter, the store was out of many groceries, including most vegetables and milk.  Finally the Red Cross and FEMA arrived in our town and began giving away free food and drinkable water.  Elizabeth stood in another long line with our coworker and received some food to give away to those unable to stand in the heat and long lines. By far, the gas lines are the worst! Your prayers appreciated for those missionaries. 

Not a pleasant situation to say the least. Let me repeat; I believe those conditions are coming to America sometime in the future and it could all start next week. Regardless of when it starts, next week, next month, or next year, when it does come, will you be prepared? Preparation can mean the difference between life and death—water filter, heat source, food, cash, bartering items, self-defense items, alternate electricity source, medicines, etc. The Seals will be here one day, the horses are coming, when is the only question, are you prepared? 

BTW; the rapture will not get you out of the troubles of the first 5 seals because the rapture does not occur until after Seal 6 is opened and I can prove it to you by God’s Word. 

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36 

The end times are knocking on the door and so is Jesus. He wants to save you, will you let him in? Find out what you must do to be saved here. 

William Frederick is an end times Bible prophecy researcher who has written a must read prophecy book entitled The Coming Epiphany which is available in paperback and for the Kindle on and for FREE download at his website. 

He has also cracked the hidden codes on the dollar bill that have staggering implications which are explained in his book The Dollar Code; also available in paperback and for the Kindle on 


  1. This is my first time here and alot of things I read was confirmation of what the Holy Ghost showed me whether through dreams or open visions. I'll share what I received on Yom Kippur as well as a dream I received which points to Oct.13th.

    On September 30th I woke up from a dream. I laid in the bed trying to process it when I had a vision. First I started hearing a song of comfort saying "Jesus will fix it for you".
    And then I was reminded of a video where a woman was singing a song called "Power, power Lord. We need your power" and the people were praising God in the street.
    Then I saw a computer tablet and on the tablet I saw a star falling to the earth.
    Then I heard someine turning the knob on the front door but they couldn't get in because the door was locked. I was then taken downstairs and I saw there was ice on the ground and huge balls of hail. The person at the door then looked up and I noticed the person's eyes were crossed/cocked.
    Then I heard "This is a message from the Lord. This will be a year of black ice". I knew immediately that because I was receiving this on Yom Kippur that God's judgment had been sealed for the next year.

    Then on October 1st I dreamed about a great storm. I saw a body lying face down on the ground and beside the body was the number 23. I can't remember anymore because it felt like the dream was all about the storm that would cause casualties. 23 means death but I also looked at the calendar and saw that Tishrei 23 is October 13th. My immediate response was "that's Friday the 13th, this can't be good".

    Then when I heard Trump's remark about the calm before the storm, making us aware of his military team in that room, and that they weren't giving him military options quickly caused me to start putting 2 and 2 together. I believe Trump is about the make a hasty military decision because he feels like he has no other choice. He told Tillerson not to waste his time because we will do what we have to do. And today he said "only one thing will work" regarding North Korea.

    1. Thank you for sharing with all of us. I also feel as you that Trump may be about to make a hasty move that will result in a "storm."

      The nuclear "hair raising" confrontation with North Korea is part of the plan to produce antichrist that ties right in with the signs in the heavens.

    2. ReX Tillerson from EXXon, XX=Saturn. Friday the 13th is 20 days, or XX from 9/23. Remember the Eagles of Death Metal and Friday 13th Paris attacks = Death of the Eagle (Phoenix bird) = Death of America. Tom Petty (dead at 66) played Superbowl 42 in Phoenix on the 33rd parallel on Feb 3, 2008 = 2/3. 2008=10=X just like 2017=10=X

    3. Thanks for sharing--some more amazing synchronicities!

  2. William.... Revelation 6:4...."And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and they should kill one another:and there was given unto him a great sword."

    In my opinion North Korea's leader is sitting on a horse to take peace from the earth...and he was given a great sword....nuclear weapons.

    How fitting for him to bring on the US to take him out as he unleashes his "great sword" taking peace from the earth.

    This could lead to WW3 and would usher in economic collapse and the third seal..the black horse.

    Your opinion?

    1. Good observation. I have always believed that Seal 2--red horse--is WW3 and North Korea will most likely be involved. Never thought about them being the bearer of the great sword but is a definite possibility. They could very well be the catalyst to get things started.

      Seal 3--worldwide economic collapse would soon follow.

    2. William...I could modify my thought and morph it into your reply and say in general that the red horse was given power to take peace from the earth...WW3...and to this rider on the red horse was given a "great sword."

      I have always thought the "great sword" was nuclear weapons...the greatest sword mankind has only used twice to date. I feel that is about to change. Can you imagine the world wide stock market crash if a few million are annihilated with this "great sword", making the third seal happen.

    3. Very good analysis, thanks for adding that in. Another thought that has been in my mind is that Seal 1 starts with thunder which may be an explosion.

      1 And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying, Come and see.

      2 And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.

      So that noise of thunder may be a nuclear explosion which would be the beginning event in the final plan by satan to take over the world. This would escalate into WW3--Seal 2, economic collapse--Seal 3, death of 1/4 earth pop by various means--Seal 4, arrival of antichrist to "save the world"...

  3. This is very interesting I found. It's not Oct.13th. I wrote following comment earlier on jkbugout YouTube Channel.


    Olli R
    4 days ago

    Tsunami for New York on 10/17/17??

    Jay Z's Tidal Announces Third Annual Tidal X: Brooklyn Benefit Concert

    Tidal X = tidal wave. Note: Brooklyn and mark X. This is third annual TIDAL X concert since 2015. TIDAL X = Illuminati musicians. In I, Pet Goat film appears three X marks in the leg of old lady. Katy Perry Watch is showing time 10:11:06 -> 11+6=17 -> 10/17!


    I'll add something.

    UPDATE: NASA scientists have reportedly confirmed that the planet Nibiru will collide with Earth on October 17, 2017 or 17/10/17.

    When it's about Katy Perry Watch it's a same thing about Simpsons Doomsday Clock. There are three major numbers: 6, 10 and 11! Adding together: 6+10+11=27 (Note: 10/17 -> 10+17=27) and including the year 2017 we get: 2+0+1+7=10 -> 27+10=37 -> 3+7=10! This year 2017 has been showed hidden in Katy Perry Watch by clock's date which is 10. And also 10+10=20 & 6+11=17 -> 2017!

    Since Deepwater Horizon explosion on 4/20/10 it has passed 2737 days on 10/17/17! Fits very well on numbers in Doomsday Clocks. And by adding numbers: 2+7+3+7=19 -> 1+9=10! (10/17/2017 -> 10+17+2+0+1+7=27+10=37->3+7=10!)

    And finally, president Trump has been in office Biblical 9 months (lunar moons) or 270 days on 10/17/17 (Tuesday)! These are Birth Pains in which we are living now! Remember great Revelation 12 sign in heavens on 9/23/17.

    1. Olli, thanks for sharing those synchronicities. I saw that about the tidal X concert the other day. And what is supposed to cause the NYC tsunami? A tsunami bomb/torpedo. I did not know about the three x on the evil lady in I pet goat--fits right in. This definitely adds to the watch for that day.

    2. William, Tidal X concert is on 10/17/17.

      I don't know exactly what will cause NYC tsunami (maybe nuclear explosion in the ocean) but it is predicted in new 100 dollar bill.


      A retired Russian colonel has made outlandish claims that Moscow has planted nuclear missiles off the east coast of America that could trigger a tsunami if detonated.

      In previous comment I made one mistake:

      "And finally, president Trump has been in office Biblical 9 months (lunar moons)" SHOULD BE: "And finally, president Trump has been in office Biblical 9 months (lunar months)"

      I am very tired, sorry.

  4. I did a post on Columbus Day, and some things I forgot to add are the Dracnoid Meteor Showers start day before on Oct 8th. Lots of people are saying the Dracnoids are part II of the 9-23 sign. And what did the Shuttle Columbia look like but a Meteor as it broke up over Palestine Texas? The Space X DRAGON has taken over since the Shuttle program was retired. Columbus Day will be 49 days after the Eclipse to go with the 149 I found......Some interesting Numerology for Columbus Day. Following day is 72nd (72 signs in Zodiac, 72 Demons of Solomon) anniversary of N Korean Workers Party. 2017=2+1+7=10, so 10/10/10 = 111 (Trident Ritual, Flight 370) = 10/1/10 Las Vegas Shooting.
    From Columbia Shuttle disaster in 2003 (23) to Columbus Day is 14 years (Osiris cut into 14 pieces) 8 months, 8 days for an 88=Trump in gematria.
    It is 5364 days, Ave Maria is repeated 53 times in Rosary with the Fatima anniversary coming on Friday the 13th 53 days after the Eclipse, 64 is age of Las Vegas shooter.
    5364=2*2*3*3*149 (23 & 32) and Skull and Bones (322) = 149 in simple Gematria
    It will be 525 years since the supposed 'discovery' of Amerika in 1492 = 105*5 and 5 is the illuminati # of death.
    Columbine Massacre will be 6747 days ago. 67' for the 6 day War and 50th anniversary of Jerusalem reunification. 47' for 70th anniversary of Roswell. 6747=3*13*173 with 1973 Yom Kippur War anniversary this week 44 years ago with Antifa Revolution set to start on 11/4=44.....The Vatican occupies 44 hectares in the city of Rome.

    1. WOW! Very interesting indeed! This October time period has more syncs than I can ever remember for any period in the past--the Jupiter, Mercury, and Mars sign in Virgo being the most important.

  5. Listening to the heightened back and forth statements, it looks like we will be engaging North Korea any day now. Russia is becoming extra boisterous demanding us to stand down, even demanding their property back that Obama seized. Then there is Russia mad at our engaging them in Syria. I have never seen so many hair triggers around the world. "Calm before the storm" statements. North Korea having and likely using biological weapons. I am convinced this is going to happen very soon, WITHOUT even considering biblical connections.

    I really feel many pretrib beliefs will be challenged soon when they see themselves experiencing what they aren't prepared for.

    What an interesting slot of time we are so uniquely experiencing, and we just have barely have started.

    1. Very well put. And it is sad but true, I pray our brethren are awakened.

  6. I calculated that it's been 343 days since last US presidential election (or Trump's victory) on 10/17/17. (343=7x7x7)

    Existence days of USA are 88128 on 10/17/17. (8+8+1+2+8=27) (8+8=16->1+6=7 & 1+2+8=11 -> 711 (or 162) = Illuminati)

    And watch this prophecy video:

    Mugabe to die on the 17th Of October 2017

    Days of the year 2017 are 290 days on 10/17/17. (2+9+0=11) Trump's presidency has lasted 270 days on 10/17/17. (2+7+0=9) President Bush (younger) presidency lasted 234 days before 9/11 attacks. (2+3+4=9) The days of the year 2001 were 254 on 9/11/01. (2+5+4=11) It's a great numeric equivalency between these dates.

    What more of numeric proof do you need?

    I can read easily from I, Pet Goat 2 film the day of 10/17/10. It's a same thing on Doomsday Clocks!

    BTW; 9+(1+1)+(2+0+0+1)=14 & (1+0)+(1+7)+(2+0+1+7)=19 -> 14+19=33! (number of resurrection)

    1. Good work Oli, where do you see 10/17/10 in I Pet?

    2. THIS IS CORRECTED VERSION OF MY LATEST COMMENT TO WILLIAM. I'll explain later the connection between date 10/17/17 and I, Pet Goat 2 film.


      I calculated that it's been 343 days since last US presidential election (or Trump's victory) on 10/17/17. (343=7x7x7)

      Existence days of USA are 88128 on 10/17/17. (8+8+1+2+8=27) (8+8=16->1+6=7 & 1+2+8=11 -> 711 (or 162) = Illuminati)

      And watch this prophecy video:

      Mugabe to die on the 17th Of October 2017

      Days of the year 2017 are 290 days on 10/17/17. (2+9+0=11) Trump's presidency has lasted 270 days on 10/17/17. (2+7+0=9) President Bush (younger) presidency lasted 234 days before 9/11 attacks. (2+3+4=9) The days of the year 2001 were 254 on 9/11/01. (2+5+4=11) It's a great numeric equivalency between these dates and they hit for Tuesday! And interval is 5880 days between 9/11/01 and 10/17/17. (5880=7x7x120)

      What more of numeric proof do you need?

      I can read easily from I, Pet Goat 2 film the day of 10/17/17. It's a same thing on Doomsday Clocks!

      BTW; 9+(1+1)+(2+0+0+1)=14 & (1+0)+(1+7)+(2+0+1+7)=19 -> 14+19=33! (number of resurrection)

    3. This is my answer to your question William.


      One Aijaa picture speaks more than a thousand words:

      I, Pet Goat II -- girl surrounded by art work (12 statues), and 10/17/17

      And more explanation (split apple and signs on the floor):

      I, Pet Goat II film (see picture:

      In this Aijaa picture we see LC (L=12, C=3) and number 15 on the floor in I, Pet Goat 2 film near split apple (Note: There is a 15 on the floor in an X and 4 hash marks with a slash equaling 15). We can get 9/30 through LC which means 12 months in each year from which 3 left. Number 15 on the floor means days that must be added to 9/30/17 date. We get 10/15/17. Further we must add to that date two days which are from split apple meaning number 2 (Note: division into half). So we get 10/17/17!

      Another explaining:

      Now LC is 12+3=15. By adding another number 15 on the floor (X and 4 hash marks with a slash equaling 15) to that, we get number 30! (LC + 15 = 30)

      And we get 273 days in the year 2017 by adding L to 15 equaling 27. And C on the floor is number 3 -> 273 days!

      On 9/30 has passed 273 days in this year!

      Further we get 9+8=17 days from split apple. In these apple halves have numbers 2, 3 and 4 (234). We get number 2 by two shoots out of the seeds. There are totally 3 seeds and 4 cores in these apple halves. So we get those numbers 3 and 4. By adding up we get 2+3+4=9. Finally Lotus flower pointing to new beginning or even nuclear explosion (mushroom cloud) is number 8. By adding up we get 9+8=17 days!

      On 10/17 has passed 290 (273+17) days in this year!


      Did you get all of this?

      Of course I could be wrong but I think it's a pretty good theory.

  7. Today I was watching what's going on in California. And I began to hear the word of God saying "if I shut up heaven and there be no rain". And it reminded me of a word I took to a pastor years ago specifically saying "if I shut up heaven and there be no rain, what will you do?" Today as I thought about this I went to 2 Chronicles 7 and I read it to the end so as to understand the judgment that would come if the people didn't adhere to his word. Three things stuck out to me. The first was that on the 23rd day the people who had gathered themselves to be with God to celebrate the feast(Tabernacles) were sent away happy and rejoicing because of God's goodness.

    Then the 2020 oxen that were sacrificed along with 120,000 sheep. And today I am wondering if the 1500 businesses along with the homes that have burned down within the 100,000+ acres are tied to this scripture? (thinking out loud). Also a couple weeks ago I had a vision where I saw a man and woman having sex, like pornography and when I saw the woman's genitals it looked like they were burned. It appears quite obvious that God is purging California by fire.

  8. Judgments of fire, water, wind, and attacks--what will be next, earthquake, war, famine, pandemic, financial collapse?

    1. We may have 40 days of merciful repentance from September 23rd to the full moon of November 3rd, a huge tribulation may yet come. North Korea nuclear weapons behind the promoter who, Trump is very clear, without the strategic exchange between NorthKorea and Taiwan, the Chinese Communist Party could not let North Korea abandon nuclear. So the CCP has released the wind, the second Korean war broke out will attack Taiwan. Trump in the United Nations speech is very severe, to North Korea abandoned nuclear or exterminate its regime, issued a clear signal of force to resolve. The situation in East Asia is doomed to start WW3. The 19th National Congress of the CCP of China ended in the end of October. The WW3 and global disaster will break out within the same time frame, No later than the new moon on November 18th.

  9. William....Our country kind of reversed its ways with the 911 attack...for a few weeks.

    Now these weather disasters ....rain, wind, and fire see nothing but our countries secular portion further turning away from God. Trouble is they explain these problems as man made global warming and no lesson learned.

    It may take mega earthquakes and or celestial events to slap our country to its knees. But, revelation mentions all the perils and "they repented not."

    I am not optimistic at all about our country turning back to God.

    1. Stan, I agree with your observations and that it is going to take some major shaking before some people look upward. I do have hope that many will be saved before the rapture, it is after the rapture when God's wrath is poured out that people will be like pharaoh of old and harden their heart.

      The supposed vision of george washington says that after invaders are at our shores that peoplw will repent, that is what it may take.

  10. "Trouble is they explain these problems as man made global warming and no lesson learned."

    They are man made. We did what we did to the earth and that is why God is angry. He's "allowed" us to witness and experience the consequences of our actions.

    The world we were given was free of contaminants and had a perfectly balanced eco-system. I'm also convinced that the reason there is so much mental illness and fatal disease is because our minds and bodies were not designed to handle the world we have now.

    All HE did was reveal to us what would happen if we kept going on as we have been. God is not doing all this to us, we did it to ourselves.

    We Christians will suffer and die before our redemption is complete. We will suffer and die the way Jesus did.

    Pray for our world and everyone in it. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

    1. You are correct that man has brought this upon himself God created the world perfect, when sin entered the world everything changed and has never been right since. I am glad that Jesus will soon return and straighten this whole mess out.

  11. For 2 days I dreamed about an actor who plays the character Walter O’Brien on the show Scorpion. He had on a black robe, singing a worship song and dancing like Michael Jackson. The rest of the dream was showing me that God is revealing the truth and that there would be a confrontation. It reminded me of the dream I had about what the holy ghost called the great showdown between Elijah and the prophets of Baal (false prophet). Last night I dreamed the man who plays Walter again but this time he along with another man was standing side by side. The man on the left was bigger than Walter on the right and both men was holding a blank sign that was white. So when I woke up I looked up the Walter character’s real name and it’s Elyes which in Hebrew is Elijah. I believe the two men standing side-by-side is representing the 2 witnesses. I feel like the man on the right is Moses. And that Moses represents deliverance while Elijah represents judgment.

    1. If we are near the midpoint then the appearance of the two witnesses is imminent.

  12. It will be 10/17/17 exactly 17 years 7 months 7 days from the top of (NASDAQ dot com bubble) also to note TPTB will top NASDAQ at 6,666 in day trade probably not mention other synchronicity that I won’t bother explaining!!

    1. Very interesting indeed, THX for sharing, and please share the other synchronicity(s)

  13. I watched this video of user jkbugout and I found very interesting comment on it. (N. Korea: "Hail of Fire")


    Barbara Long 9 hours ago

    I looked at the I pet goat again and what I see is the revelation 12 sign so clearly now. The girl in white is the woman the 12 people are the stars that make the crown. The crown is made of thorns. You can clearly see the sun shining around her head. Her dropping the apple is the birth.


    Lumbee's Finest Gaming 9 hours ago

    Barbara Long your right. And it looks like an eclipse maybe a random eclipse that causes everything to go dark when she drops the Apple.


    So very interesting thing, or what?

    How else can you see Katy Perry Watch (time is 10:11:06 on the clock) than it is showing the month (number 10 meaning October) and days of that month (11+6=17)?? Further the date of that watch, showing number 10, means the year 2017 (2+0+1+7=10)!

  14. William: News Flash!!

    Last week they registered 464 earthquakes at Yellowstone. It could erupt at any time!

  15. La Palma in the Canary Islands has been showing activity. Mega Tsunami possible from that. Yellowstone is changing. PG&E power lines cause of Ca. Fires? North Korea has ability to strike US now? As a way of covering it up global financial collapse could be preceded by one or more natural/man made catastrophes.

  16. William, watch this what I found.


    The girl in I, Pet Goat 2 film gives birth (drops apple) to the block touched whose left side has 9 touched blocks and right side has 6 plus 2 touched blocks. Totally we have 17 touched blocks without apple. 10 fingers of the girl shows the month (October). -> 10/17

    In front of the girl apple is rolling in I, Pet Goat 2 film on touched block. Right after girl gives birth or drops the apple.

  17. Wow! Trump family golf resort on Hurricane Ophelia's route next week in Ireland. Ophelia became a hurricane on Wednesday night, October 11, 2017, and it was a 6th major hurricane at this hurricane season (see Katy Perry Watch time 10:11:06). It is the easternmost category three Atlantic hurricane in the whole history of statistics.

    "Hurricane Ophelia strengthened as it bears down on Ireland, threatening everything from farms to a golf course owned by the family of U.S. President Donald Trump....After Hurricane Irma closed Trump’s Mar-A-Lago in Florida last month, Ophelia could make landfall close to the Trump family’s golf resort near the village of Doonbeg early next week." (Trump is cursed)

    Ophelia should reach Ireland tomorrow, ie Monday.

    The female Ophelia comes from Greek and means "help". She is a tragic heroine of the Hamlet story.

    Luke 21:25

    "And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars, and anxiety over the peoples of the earth, and despair when the sea and the waves roar."

  18. William...kind of a side note here, but still has connections. With all the amazing connections with this years names of hurricanes...Harvey , Jose and Irma all being depicted in I Petgoat 2...then Jose and Maria combining..becoming one, and possibly being symbolic of birthing the soon to appear we have hurricane Ophelia. I couldn't help but think of Ophiochus, the serpent handler constellation. The sun is leaving Virgo soon and will be headed towards it. I Googled Ophelia, and it is the female derivative of Ophiochus.

    Weird this year of hurricane names and their divine/satanic connections.

  19. This is hot stuff. I found that my home has a similar sculpture as it appears in the Pet Goat film where the girl is surrounded by 12 statues aka 12 months a year. It's the 10th statue that is clearly an angel. It means October, the rapture month, I would bet. Look at my Aijaa pictures.

    An Angel Sculpture from my home 10/17/17

    I, Pet Goat 2 -- girl surrounded by artwork (Tenth statue is an angel)

    I believe that the artist (Louis Lefebvre) was guided by the spirit of God, as he has told himself. The film is not satanic but prophetic.

  20. It may be prophetic, but influenced by Satan. There wont be a rapture, too much stuff has yet to happen.

    1. I point out that film presents the rapture of the Bride of Christ and the judgment of the great whore (Rev. 17). How film can be influenced by Satan? I don't understand.

    2. Olli- I feel like taking a bath after watching the demonic influence. I dont see the rapture in that film at all...if anything...the birth of the AC.

    3. Are you blind? The rapture of the Bride is shown at 5:20 in the I, Pet Goat 2 video.

  21. There is a 3-1/2 day window coming up from this Sunday evening to Thursday morning that is laced with prophetic synchronization simular to that of the 13th and in relation to DJT. This window has to do with the fractal time relationship of Adom to the flood and the 2520.

    1. THX Scott, we will add that to the watch and if you care to share the info that would be great.

  22. Lets just knock off the " are you blind" comments. You have your opinion, and I have mine. I refuse to denigrate another for having a diverse opinion.

  23. Assuming DJT is a person of interest in the prophetic since it would be reasonable to conclude his 70th prophetic birthday would be significant. For DJT that 70th (25200d) ended sunset 6/12/2015 his rise to power started 3-1/2 days later the morning of 6/16/2015. The new moon on 6/16/2015 was centered or the half way point between the two solar eclipses of 2015. 6/2/2015 was his 69th biblical birthday and 864 days later was the Friday 13th when he moved to decertify the Iran deal. If you take 2520 and subtract 864d what remains is 1656d which is a fractal resemblance of 1656 years or From Adom to the day Noah entered the Ark time span. Additionally from 6/12/2015 to 10/23/2017 Is 864,working in reverse the flood starts first and concludes with the second Adom on the birthday of the Nation of Israel in 2022. If anything I would expect birth pain next week. I'll add some to an additional response.

  24. As 1000 American Christian leaders came to examine DJT on the summer solstice in 2016 little did they know it was the 15th of Sivan DJT' s 70th biblical birthday. From his 70th biblical birthday to 10/23/2017 is 70weeks or 490d. Both "70" marks have an unusual if not biblical time connection to 10/23/2017 +- 1/2d. Also worth mentioning is DJT 70th biblical (6/21/2016) birthday was 3-1/2 solar years from 12/21/2012. The Sun was closest to galactic center on 12/18/2012 and is why Cern has done experiments on December 18th in the past. But in 2012 on 12/18/2012 it was 66y 6m 6d from the total lunar eclipse on 6/14/1946 to galactic center in conjunction with the Mayan solstice Sun. One "age" past the 66y 6m 6d mark will be November 18th 2018 (+-1/2d) the 666th day Mark from 1/20/2017. An "Age" being 2160 or in this case 6×360=2160d.

    1. Great research and thanks for sharing it with us. 10/23/2017 looks prime for an event of some sort. If it is flood related, as you have suggested, that brings to mind the Hoover ac birthing ritual.