Friday, August 18, 2017

Are The Great American Eclipse And The East Coast Tsunami In I Pet Goat II?

Are the Great American Eclipse of 2017 and the East Coast tsunami in I Pet Goat II? I believe it is and the implications are staggering.

First off; many including myself believe that I Pet Goat II is a cryptic message about the next 911—911 number two—and the establishment of the New World Order and the coming antichrist. I assume you are aware that President Bush was reading the book I Pet Goat to a group school kids when the first 911 took place.

In the eclipse part 2 post information from Olli was included about I Pet Goat II and that it may be pointing to 9/11/2017 as the date of the next 911. That got me thinking and I decided to watch the video again to see if there were any references to the eclipse. I believe there is.

For what it is worth here is what I see in the I Pet Goat II film regarding the eclipse and the events that may follow.

1. The girl in the theatre with red glow and flames on deer—I believe this may represent the Oakland ghost ship fire that occurred on 12/2-3/2016 giving us a date, showing that what happens next occurs after that date.

2. The lights go out and the room gets dark—I believe this may represent the eclipse on 8/21/2017, Obama was in the scene just before, he was the 44th President, the eclipse starts at the 44th parallel, and the eclipse occurs after he is out of office.

3. The apple falls from her hand and rolls across the floor leaving a round shadow as it rolls along—I believe this may represent the total eclipse moving across the USA.

4. There are 12 statues surrounding her—I believe this among other things may represent the 12 states that the total eclipse crosses.

5. If I counted correctly the shadow touches 33 white and black squares—I believe this may represent the eclipse exiting the country at the 33rd parallel and the many other number 33 connections with the eclipse.

6. The spotlight touches what I can count is near 50 white and black squares (Note: I am not sure it was very difficult to count)—I believe this may represent the eclipse affecting all 50 states.

7. The apple hits and stops next to Obama’s shoe and then splits as a result—I believe this may represent a nuclear detonation. The apple may also refer to the Big Apple.

8. The apple stops next to an L and C—this could also be a 7 and a C. C = 3, 3 X 7 = 21. 9/11/2017 is 21 days after the eclipse.

9. The apple stops next to an X and 4 lines with a diagonal line through it, which = 15. 9/11/16 to 9/10/17 is the 15th anniversary year of 9/11/01. The apple split just past those marks.

10. Obama comes back onto the scene—I believe this may represent Obama becoming the ruler of the USA again. The splitting apple event may be part of the reason he comes back on the scene.

11. Trump is depicted on the wall in the Psalm 23 graffiti—I believe this may represent President Trump being taken out of office.


Regardless of the exact timing of the apple splitting/nuclear detonation event I believe I Pet Goat II is signaling that it will be after the Great American eclipse.

When exactly it will occur I do not know, but 9/11/2017 has many synchronicities with it and it is highly likely we will see a major event of some type on that day. Whether the apple splitting event occurs on that day is yet to be seen.

As most of you are aware 9/11/2017 is the next date in the 1188 day pattern. One of the past 1188 pattern days was the 3/11/11 Japan tsunami and Fukushima disaster.

If the pattern holds we may see another natural disaster event on 9/11/2017. And if that event is being signaled in I Pet Goat II, it may be a tsunami affecting the whole East Coast of the USA caused by a submarine launched tsunami nuke.

This was signaled in the first part of the film. See the shark on the board spitting out a torpedo?

See the spotlight going up the East Coast?

See the tsunami waves in his brow?

So is the Great American Eclipse of 2017 and the East Coast tsunami in I Pet Goat II? I believe it is; what do you think? Comment below.

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  1. Have you seen this?
    It's The Electric Infrastructure Security Council. There is a lot on the website, basically world wide govt prepping for possible emps or coronal mass ejections. They have a post called Black Sky Hazards. I'm going to post another comment that was a dream I had several years ago. I had also posted it on a blog I had for 3 1/2 years. It's wild to see things falling in place after so long.

    1. Thanks for telling us about that, everybody needs to be prepared to live without electricity, just because it is here today does not mean it will be here tomorrow.

    2. I just wanted to point out that i think IPET GOAT also depicts the Revelation 12 sign. The girl in white could be Virgo hence why she's dressed in white but also she is surrounded in the sunlight and sitting on it so she's clothed by it. And there is a smaller object near the sun which could be the moon under her feet. Also the 12 people around her being the 12 stars on her head and the apple being the child coming out of her womb. It rolls to Obama so he would represent the Dragon waiting to devour it bcuz he is the antichrist and an apple is something u devour. Just my thoughts

    3. Good observations, that may definitely be part of the signaling

  2. Back in 2008, I had this brief dream. I saw a map of America. A line was drawn starting at right under Dallas Texas. It went through AR, TN, KY, Ohio, PA, and ended in NY. I then heard in my spirit, "There is a fault line where there is no fault line." At the time I thought it had something to do with my relationship with my husband...we were fighting a lot during that time. I thought the dream meant 'something was going to crack' for us. ((We are great now!) However, over time I would come across interesting bits of information. 1. A youtuber had posted the exact same line. He was following mini earthquakes that were occurring along sights where there is fracking. ((I don't have a link to his channel b/c info that I had collected over the years was stored on a hard drive that was stolen)). 2. Then in September of 2010 Christchurch NZ experienced a 7.1 earthquake. A year later, they experienced a 6.3. I thought about the name Christchurch and wondered if GOD was going to shake HIS church. I also did some online research and found that 20 years prior to their earthquakes, they too were fracking. Geologists stated they had found 'fault lines where there were no fault lines previously. 3. Now I see this picture of yet another eclipse, seemingly marking America with an X. And if you notice the line of the April 2024 eclipse touches those states I mentioned above except TN. (In my dream the line was a smidge lower and did touch thru TN.) That line goes through the New Madrid fault line. Does GOD speak to HIS people? You bet. Am I a prophet? Nope. And this is not a thus sayeth the LORD. I am sharing with you what I believe GOD gave me. Most know that time is very short now. GOD says in the Bible that it is 'not HIS will that any perish but that ALL come to repentance.' HE will use things of the flesh (our bodies, jobs, friends, family, life situations) to correct us. Doesn't feel good. NOW is the time to pray, ask for understanding. Ask HIM to dig deep in your heart about who you are not forgiving, who you are mad at, who you need to ask forgiveness from and any and all other hidden sins.

    1. Thanks for sharing your dream with us. I have always had a bad feeling about fracking. It just does not seem logical to destroy the literal foundation of our country, but isn't that what they are also doing politically and spiritually in this land. Amen to your admonitions.

  3. Subtracting 1188 from 9/11/17 brings us to 6/11/2014 3yrs. 3 months

    I found that this happened near Mosul Iraq (Nineveh)
    I has watched a presentation on the American Eclipse by Steve Cioccolanti & Discover Ministries and he mentions that the Prophet Jonah had been preceded by a sign, an eclipse just north of Nineveh in 763 bc.

    Without a doubt, God the Father has in His mercy extended this to be a sign very much like the sign of Jonah. May it cause yet some to see the need for the Savior.

    1. I agree that it is a sign of Jonah for the USA.

  4. I find it interesting that scientists found a 1,700 mile fissure that just happens to be along the path of the total solar eclipse. I also find it interesting that David Wilkerson prophesied that there will be a major earthquake in an unexpected area in the US and it will be powerful enough cause two other earthquakes. He said an earthquake in Japan would precede this and he was right about that. The New Madrid fault line, Cascadia subduction zone and a fault line in Carolina all are along the eclipse line. The Carolina fault line is one that very few people know about and it is literally dead center in the solar eclipse 100% line. This all seems very eerie.

    1. Thanks for sharing that information with us. Do you have a link to that prophecy. With the eclipse causing the ground to rise 40 mm you never know what it will set off below.

    2. That prophecy is from the second chapter of his 1974 book The Vision. You can read his prophecy here

    3. David Wilkerson was killed in a city in TX right below/near where that line started in my vision/dream!

    4. Thanks, another witness to what is coming.

  5. Copied from another post.

    Great interpretation. I think you're right. A friend of mine posted this a week or so ago. He believes he sees the eclipse in another spot. Copying and pasting what he said and also pasting the video link he used because I think it's a slowed down version of I Pet Goat. Here it is. By Sonny Nicks:

    "The Solar Eclipse is In I Pet Goat II! The Solar Eclipse is the Subject and the Coming of the Antichrist False Messiah in Time Frame 6:30 to the 7:33 Mark in this Slow Motion version of I PET Goat 2! It Starts as the False Messiah is Coming in a Cloud ( The Boat is the Boat of the Egyptian god Rah, That's How You Know it's the False Messiah plus all the Illuminati Symbols on the Fake Jesus! At the 6:39 mark is a Cloud at the Bottom that looks like a Bald Eagle (America) and Notice the Ice Shelf Breaking Off just like the Recent Ice Shelf breaking Off in Antarctica! The We Have Osama Bin Laden Guiding the Fake Messiah/False Jesus/Antichrist towards the World (Ushering Him In)! ISIS and Islam is Behind Osama Bin Laden! At the 7:51 Mark it Goes to a Close up of Osama and we Notice the Solar Eclipse Happening in the Top Right Background! Also Notice Osama Bin Laden Has Black Angel Wings or the Wings of a Fallen Angel, Behind Osama is the ISIS Troops Backing Osama up! But these ISIS Troops ar Nuclear Tipped Missiles Holding Double Edged Swords! Osama Also Has the CIA Patch on his right Chest! At the 7:00 mark the Pending Storm (or War) Approaches with the Lightning Flashing in the Background (Remember Jesus will Come and Gather the Elect and Chosen in a Flash of Lighting)! Notice the River or Flow of Oil from the Oil Pump (Ti May be the Blood from the Upcoming War Between Heaven and Hell, remember the Blood will flow like a River)! As the Picture Pans Down You See the Solar Eclipse in the Reflection of the Water, Oil or Blood? What Also Appears is the Round Planets Reflecting Off the Ice (Middle Center and the Far Lower Left) Equal to the Number of Planets and Moons in the Nibiru Solar System! As it continues to pan down Notice the Sliver of Land/Ice to the Bottom Right it is Moving as in a Great Earthquake! The as the River of Oi/Blood Drops a Drop into the Reflection of the Solar Eclipse What Appears but a Red Dwarf Star Nemesis the Star of the Nibiru Solar System! The in the next scene at 7:18 we See the Statue of Liberty in New York! And as we Pan in Closer the Star of David Appears as or at the Base of the Statue of Liberty! The Star of David is at a Slight Tilt To the Left or West Just ad the Earth is Now Preceding the Polar Flip Caused by the Nibiru Solar System! And as we Look above the Statue of Liberty at the 7:28 mark the Eye of the Storm or War Closes or the Solar Eclipse Ends! At the Same Time the Arm of the Statue of Liberty Breaks Off (New York, America and Mystery Babylon) Falls! With Snow, Ash or Meteors Starting to Fall! The Next Seen is of a Fetus in an Egg at the End of a Scepter with a Snake or Satan Wrapped around the Base! This is the Birth of the New World Order or the First Beast of Revelations! And then Comes the False Messiah/Fake Jesus the Anti Christ again on the Boat in the Clouds! There are Manny Things Happening Around this Upcoming Solar Eclipse! See if you pick Up On Anymore from the Video of I Pet Goat?"

  6. Copied from another post, comment by Michael
    Nice catch,

    Also, it was very interesting to see your choice of words, "East Coast Tsunami"

    east coast tsunami in Jewish Gematria Equals: 910

  7. Hi.

    Look this small video that says that this eclipse bellongs to a serie called Saros.

    Thanks for your work.

    1. Thanks I have put it in the latest post--very significant.