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Prophecy Alert; Beware July 16 – 30, 2017

Important update added 7/15, 7:00 PM at end of post and 8:00 PM.

Update 7/20: A major prophecy event occurred on 7/16-17/2017; BREAKING Prophecy Alert: Major Temple Events on the Watch Days 7/16-17/2017—The Jews Got the Temple Mount Back!
End of update.

While visiting one of the news sites I usually frequent daily this article popped up.

Beware July 20th & 21st.

That got me thinking…The article mentions planetary alignments and earthquakes. That got me thinking about the infamous predictive programming movie 2012.

Here are a few examples of the predictive programming from the film; the movie was released on 11/13/2009. The film had a clear reference to the 3/11/11 tsunami.  The man says, “So this time, we hit Japan,” and then a little tsunami comes rolling in.

The 2012 movie was released on 11/13/2009; the Japan tsunami hit on 3/11/2011—I would say that is pretty blatant.

The 2012 movie ominously showed the time the musicians on the cruise boat were to play as Thursday at 8 PM. The Japan earthquake hit at 5:46 UTC, which would have been Thursday night 3/10/11 at 10:46 PM San Francisco time—the departing port of the cruise boat. I would imagine the musicians may have been still playing their music at 10:46 PM. Note the end of the world comment.

Look at the dates; 11/13 (movie release month and day) is made of an 11 and a 13. 13 can be broken down to a 10 and a 3. Thus the 11/13 movie release date can be reconfigured to 3/10/11—the date the Japan tsunami hit West coast time.

11/13/09 to 3/11/11 is exactly 69 (13 x 13) weeks. BTW; 2+0+0+9 = 11, and 2+0+11 = 13, so 11/13/2009 becomes 11/13/11 and 3/11/2011 becomes 3/11/13.

That data establishes in my mind that the 2012 movie contained predictive programming for the Japan earthquake and tsunami.

The film showed a cruise ship on its side. The Concordia flipped on its side on 1/13/12.


So the film had at least 2 blatant instances of predictive programming that came true. Is there more? Remember this scene from the movie when the person in Manhattan Beach said let’s go back to Wisconsin.


Notice the house number of 4420.

7/21/2017 – 4420 days = 6/14/2005

On 6/14/2005 there was a 7.2 earthquake off the coast of California.

That earthquake location just so happens to be very close to the Hoover Dam, Oroville Dam line featured in this post; The Oroville Dam; Is the Water About to Break?

And you can draw a line from Manhattan Beach CA through the Hoover Dam and it hits Wisconsin.


Here is something else look at the time on the watch just before the big earthquake hit.

7:22 which could be a reference to 7/22 of some year. Now take a look at the house number 11245.

11245/52 (weeks in a year) = 216.25

216 is the devils number; 6 x 6 x 6 = 216.

Here is something else 11245/360 (biblical day years) = 31 years and 85 days.

7/20/2017 – 31 years and 85 days takes us to 4/26/1986 the day of the Chernobyl disaster in which there were 31 immediate deaths.

7/20/17 is the 5 year anniversary of the Batman movie shootings and the 48 year anniversary of the “landing on the moon.”

So we have some interesting synchronicities with 7/20-22/2017. Now here is another; an earthquake researcher believes that were are heading into a time period of increased risk for a large earthquake due to of all things planetary alignments. He has issued a watch for July 21st to 31st.


So what does all this data mean? Maybe something, maybe nothing. Remember just because there are synchronicities does not mean that something will happen, only that it may.

After writing the information above, I received this email; (HT Bridget)


I do follow your blog but I never comment, sorry for that. Not logged in with Google.

Anyway, I saw this posted earlier:

And I linked your latest article in the comments there.

Weird if even unbelievers are getting prophetic dreams. :)

I checked out the post and it presents some very interesting information that I want you to be aware of. It starts off featuring a dream. Here is a snippet.

The fact is..I've been dreaming for almost a week about a place called "Lake dolores" i'm not even from america i live in italy, i didnt know the lake existed. In this Dream i'm swimming in this lake and it's 1963, then someone whisper in my ears a date "17/07/2017". And every dream shows me a disaster. 17/07/2017 first a plane crash, than disneyland flooding and a school shooting.

Now here is where it gets interesting; Lake Delores—a famous abandoned waterpark—is very close to the Manhattan Beach, Hoover Dam, Wisconsin line featured above.


I continued reading the post linked above and it mentioned a WW3 prediction from 10/10/10 that states that WW3 will begin on 7/17/2017 at 9:34 GMT (5:34 EDT).

As you are aware 7/17/2017 has been posted about here extensively as being a very important watch day along with being a date encoded on the Dollar bill. Here is the post; The antichrist and July 17, 20??.

Thus in light of all of this data, I would say that the time period from 7/16-17/2017 onward will be a very important time to watch.

Oh BTW we were watching 7/11/17 for a possible event. It just so happens that it was reported that on that day is when the trillion ton ice shelf broke off in Antarctica. Hmm…I remember a disaster movie that started with an ice shelf breaking off—it is entitled “The Day After Tomorrow.”

In the movie this was the first event that started all the disasters one of which included a NYC tsunami that just so happens to be depicted on USA money.

Again I do not know if anything will happen on the dates mentioned above. I am just presenting you with the data and saying that these days should be watched. And if anything major happens, especially on 7/17/2017, then it will almost certainly be end times Bible prophecy related and may have connections to the antichrist, which BTW, WW3 does.

Update 7/15, 7:00 PM

I just became aware that a large earthbound CME is on its way. An Earthquake and volcanic eruption has been posted by BPEarthWatch for 6 AM EDT Sunday 7/16/2017 through Monday 7/17/2017 (video below). Remember this from the beginning of the 2012 movie--a CME.

So we have a large CME headed our way and we are in a planetary alignment earthquake watch period just as the movie depicted--this is not good. Add to that the 7/16-22 synchronicities and what we have is a major watch period.

End of update

Update 8:00 PM

I just remembered something; above we have an earthquake/volcano watch, a WW3 watch, an antichrist event watch, and other watches. Here is what came to mind from the post; Behold A Pale Green Horse; Are We On the Precipice or Do We Have More Time?

Is this it; are the openings of the Seals of Revelation imminent? Are the 4 horses of the Apocalypse getting ready to ride including the pale green horse of death, or do we have more time?

If the 9/23/2017 sign of the woman clothed with the sun aligns near the midpoint of the 70th Week, then yes the 4 horses of the Apocalypse are imminent, if not, then we have more time.
But it does appear that events are aligning themselves to possibly indicate that yes, we are on the precipice. Of course my assessment could be wrong; let’s consider the facts, you decide.
A long time ago in my research I ran across an article by Cutting Edge Ministries that detailed the illuminati plan to take over the world. Here is a quote from the article.
In Spring, 1991, while I was studying the New World Order Plan to stage Antichrist on the world scene, William Cooper unleashed his monumentally important book, "Behold A Pale Horse", through the New Age bookstore retail system. New Age adherents were very excited about the revelations contained within this book because it revealed the depth of the horror that Black Magick Illuminists are planning to loose upon the world so they may successfully stage their "Masonic Christ"
This illuminati blueprint book, which is quoted in The Coming Epiphany, contains some eye opening information. Consider the events they are planning.
"It is true that without the population or the bomb problem, the elite would use some other excuse to bring about the New World Order. They have plans to bring about things like earthquakes, war, the Messiah, extraterrestrial landing, and economic collapse. They might bring about all of these things just to make ... sure that it does work. They will do whatever is necessary to succeed. The Illuminati has all the bases covered ... Can you imagine what would happen if Los Angeles is hit with a 9.0 quake, New York City is destroyed by a terrorist-planted atomic bomb, World War III breaks out in the Middle East, the banks and the stock markets collapse, Extraterrestrials land on the White House lawn, food disappears from the shelves, some people disappear, the Messiah presents himself to the world, and all in a very short period of time?" [William Cooper, "Behold A Pale Horse", Page 177]

Is this the scenario that is about to unfold or do we have more time? If the 9/23/27 sign of the woman clothed with the sun aligns near the midpoint then, yes the seals are imminent. If the 9/23/17 sign does not align near the midpoint and the beginning instead then we have a few more years.

End of update

Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36

Do you know if you will be able to stand before the Son of man? Do you know what you must do to be saved? Read a short message entitled God’s Gift of Salvation to find out.

Have you prepared for the end times? The Coming Epiphany is an easy to understand prophecy book designed to help you prepare for the end times. You can download it for FREE at this link; The Coming Epiphany.

Did you know that there is a secret map and several dates ciphered on the dollar bill? One of the dates is the infamous 9/23/17; another is the 6/6/16 false messiah date. See The Dollar Code for more information.

To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen. Jude 1:25

Source: The End Times Forecaster


  1. I just received this email, I did not watch the 7/11 video and was not aware of this info.

    "Hi Mr. William!

    I was watching Beyonce's 7/11 video. Here are some things I've realized.

    1. When Beyoncé was dancing in a bedroom, on the floor red, white, and blue were strewn on the floor carelessly. American flag in ruins? (Minute: 1:00)

    2. Beyoncé in bathroom, large red bright red cloth. antichrist/devil? (0:49)

    3. In background, when Beyoncé is swiveling around on a chair, an American flag waves in the distance. (1:12)

    4. In the video, when she has die in her mouth, there are two sixes. (1:46)

    5. (Absolute end) Beyoncé has 2005 sunglasses throughout the last minute. I looked up 2005 antichrist and there is a horror film by that name.

    I also just noticed the emojis that have dates on it are all July 17! This is on an Apple iPad. I hope you can use this somehow!"

  2. See the main part of the article and update 4. Gregorian star card is 17 july 2017



    MH 17 shot down 17 july 2014, TWA flight 800 downed 17 july 1996.


    1. Thanks for the info, interesting you mentioned the plane wrecks, which was also in the person's dream.

  3. After arising at 4 am the USGS feed say's
    7 Days, All Magnitudes U.S.
    2112 of 2112 earthquakes in map area.
    26km SSW of Ocotillo Wells, CA
    2017-07-16 08:05:14 (UTC)
    13.6 km
    107km NW of Talkeetna, Alaska
    2017-07-16 08:00:04 (UTC)
    0.0 km
    19km SE of Mammoth Lakes, California
    2017-07-16 07:54:36 (UTC)
    0.1 km
    69km W of Big Lake, Alaska
    2017-07-16 07:41:21 (UTC)
    9.7 km
    9km NE of Aguanga, CA
    2017-07-16 07:41:03 (UTC)
    4.8 km
    12km S of Ridgemark, California
    2017-07-16 07:25:29 (UTC)
    5.5 km
    75km SW of Redoubt Volcano, Alaska
    2017-07-16 07:15:04 (UTC)
    173.0 km
    5km SSE of Wrightwood, CA
    2017-07-16 06:42:10 (UTC)

    2112 interesting palindrome and then a 5.4 in Greece

    BP also had a vid that discloses a very close large asteroid for Oct. 11 2017

    1. Thanks for the info, I would not be surprised to see a large earthquake this week out West, in Alaska, or Japan.

  4. What dates I expect (as I knew it in general outlines way back in the 1970s and 1980s) :

    July 22, 2017 – “unexpected” start of the conflict (escalating into nuclear) in Korea;

    December 25, 2017 – Putin’s as if “Islamist” nuclear terrorist acts in the USA;

    From 2018 (late spring – summer) – as a result of the “limited nuclear war in the Far East and the Middle East” poles start to wobble;

    2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 – the bulk of the major global upheavals that I’ve described in my text “Black Swan” (ENG: ).

    2025 – Americans finally eventually move to Ukraine (after initially moving from what remains of the USA to the Mediterranean).

    Oleg Maistrenko,
    Kiev, Ukraine,,

    1. Thank you for that information, it fits with the scenario. what is your source for the information? I will download your info and give it a look.

    2. William and Oleg, check this out


    3. Dear Mr. William Frederick, M. Div.:

      1) The source of this info is only me. I saw it all in general outlines in my childhood dreams way back in in the 1970s and 1980s. For example, in 1983, at 16, I saw in a dream the breakup of the USSR (1991). In 1981, at the age of 14, I saw in a dream the map of the territorial disintegration of the USA after Russian as if “Islamist” nuclear terrorist acts in the USA. There was a year on the map: 2017. And many other “unbelievable” things too, which have been materializing over the past 40 odd years, one after another, to my own amazement, with some astonishing implacability.
      2) You can download my info here: .
      3) For further communication and exchange of info, could you please write either to my email : , or to my mailbox on my Facebook page : , because it's difficult for me to check out comments on this informationally overloaded website : .
      4) Incidentally, curiously enough, in 2002-2003, before the US invasion of Iraq, in a way of warning, I narrated it all in detail to the US diplomats at the US embassy in Kiev, Ukraine, where I worked for 12 years as a political assistant (My CV (ENG): Certainly then Americans only shrugged or giggled. Seemingly Americans are no more in the giggling mood, with unpredictable Trump at the helm…

      Best regards,
      Oleg Maistrenko,
      Kiev, Ukraine,,

    4. Dear Anonymous:
      As for me, this Twitter comment of unpredictable Trump, cited at the end of this article, sounds pretty sinister: , - as on July 15 North Korea already reportedly declared to the US that there will be no talks and no closure of its nuclear and ICBM program. Seemingly one step closer to the war in Korea…
      Best regards,
      Oleg Maistrenko,
      Kiev, Ukraine,,

  5. William, you have ignored day 7/18/17. It's the real Illuminati day. Just count intervals to the occult Sabbaths which are 8 and also distance between 9/11/17. These intervals are numbers which are all divisible with antichrist numbers 11 or 13!

    In the film I, Pet Goat II (girl in the picture dropping apple) I explained that counting started from date 4/19/17 when Illuminati filled 88011 days. On 7/18/17 Illuminati is 88101 days old! The interval is 90 days. Number 9 is Lucifer's number. (8+8+1+0+1=18=6+6+6)

    And then doomsday clocks feature numbers 10, 11 and 6 (number 10 twice). By adding numbers: 10+10+11+6=37. Starting point for counting is 6/11/17. By adding 37 days you get 7/18/17!!!

    1. Olli, thanks for reminding me of that date. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with info and do not have a lot of time to write and unintentionally forget to include things that I should. Thanks for adding that in, it definitely is a day to watch. And let's not forget that when it is 7/18 in the Eastern hemisphere it is still 7/17 in the West.

    2. BTW I have just found another profound 9/11/17 connection, please email me with your 9/11 info and I will put it in a post.

  6. And then of course Illuminati existence days 88011 and 88101 are both 711! (8+8=16->1+6=7) (011 and 101 -> 11)

  7. Wow,

    722 and the planetary alignment will take some more digging to see what that all means all may point to 722, again just 5 days after 71717...everything seems to be pointing to 722 in my personal life as well and this came into play on 7/14, 3 days after 711 and 3 days before 717

    Critical time frame...QUITE!

    Also, the time of 722 in the Movie Day After Tomorrow is most interesting as well as a watch for the day after the big solar eclipse 822.

    From July 16- July 22 will be the 4200/4201 day count as well as the exact time Shoemaker-Levy hit the king of the planets, 23 years later

    Great info,

    1. Thanks for the good info and 7/22/17 is 411 days from 6/6/2016 and the false messiah sign.

    2. The 411 connection was seen just days ago and not only is it 411 days from 722 to 6/6/16
      but 6/6/16 is 73 days from my 818/16 dream which is 411 days from my Jubilee 50th and end of the 119th.

      73, the is all incredible on so many levels. My 818n dream was 517 days from the March 20 eclipse and my 44th year of grace this is yet one more 17 in the 117 217, 317, 417, now 517...

      Those who read these numbers: I am convinced God put them in ALL of His Children's lives. I pray that God gives wisdom to all who ask.

  8. Hi brothers and sisters,

    I think somebody already mentioned it somewhere on this blog,
    so this maybe a duplicate, but anyway just in case:
    Notice the page number of the quoted paragraph of Cooper's "Behold A Pale Horse" being Page: 177

    best regards.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out, not a coincidence I am sure

  9. Dear brothers and sisters,

    I read a post (or watched a video ??) somewhere in which the author suggested
    that the Oroville Dam desaster could've been the antichrist birthing ritual
    for which was being watched out for. On 2017/FEB/12 the 59th Grammy Awards took
    place where Beyonce Knowles performed her sun-goddess birthing ritual.

    William did a post on this on Tuesday the 28th of February 2017:
    "The Sign of the Beyonce Clothed With the Sun"

    Earlier, a post on Sunday the 12th of February 2017 included the Oroville desaster,
    and received an update later that day => "Breaking Update 2/12, 9:09 PM"
    "President Trump, the Two State Solution, and Judgment"

    The videos on youtube showing the "breaking" water masses are quite stunning.
    Though, the chaos at the Oroville Dam has been going on for some days before
    2017/02/12, and problems arose even before that, as I read in that wikipedia
    article linked below.
    So maybe the "breaking of the waters" has been more significant on one of the
    days just before the 12th. But even then it may still have a strong connection
    to the sun-goddess birthing ritual. The Grammy Awards 2017 venue and the
    Oroville Dam both are located in California.

    I think there could quite well be strong connections between those two events,
    even when the most significant day of the Oroville desaster hasn't been the
    12th, instead one of those days just before. Both those events being about the
    same theme is what I find quite astonishing.

    Though, maybe this was just a timely-close precursor to the actual/main birthing
    ritual involving the Hoover Dam, which possibly will get triggered by one of
    the upcoming (mega-)earthquakes in that risk-entailing area.

    What do you think?
    If anyone got further information, please share.

    Thanks William, and thanks "endtimesforecaster community",
    best regards.


    "The 59th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony was held on February 12, 2017."

    "On February 12, 2017, evacuation was ordered for those in low-lying areas along the Feather River Basin in Butte, Yuba and Sutter counties, because of an anticipated failure of the emergency spillway."

    "Oroville Spillway February 12, 2017"

    "The day Oroville overran the Spillway. HD Drone footage from 2/12"

    "(Shocking) new footage of Lake Oroville dam spillway and emergency spillway 2/12/2017"

    1. Thanks for pointing that out you are probably correct that the Oroville and Beyoncé ritual are a precursor to the real thing--good observation. If that is the case then we can look for the Hoover antichrist birthing ritual near or on the time of the sign of the woman clothed with the sun.

  10. I forgot to mention that 7/18/17 is 199th day of this year and left days are 166 days! It's important because Illuminati uses these kind of "eleventh days" (99/11=9 and 66/11=6). Just remember 7/7/05 London attacks when it was 188th day of the year and left days were 177. Cutting Edge Ministries has written about this kind of connection in false flag terror attacks.

    Another issue to mention is that 11+7=18. Mumbai (India's largest city and economic center like New York in America) train bombings occured on 7/11/06 (711 day). On 7/18/17 it's been eleven years and seven days from that -> 711! Look also other 711 combinations in that event:

    "The 11 July 2006 Mumbai train bombings were a series of seven (7) bomb blasts that took place over a period of 11 minutes (11) on the Suburban Railway in Mumbai, the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra and the nation's financial capital. The bombs were set off in pressure cookers on trains plying the Western line of the Suburban Railway network. 209 (2+0+9=11) people were killed and over 700 (7+0+0=7) were injured."

    So it's all about 711 alias Illuminati!

    1. Thanks for the information and as you say it is very telling

  11. I wrote earlier:

    "And then doomsday clocks feature numbers 10, 11 and 6 (number 10 twice). By adding numbers: 10+10+11+6=37. Starting point for counting is 6/11/17. By adding 37 days you get 7/18/17!!!"

    Now it's suitable for this year 2017 because splitting of 2017 is 20 and 17. By adding numbers: 20+17=37. And further by splitting: 20=10+10 and 17=11+6. You get exactly those featuring numbers in doomsday clocks!

    1. Again thanks for the numeric analysis, 2017 may indeed be the year that it starts to go down in earnest.

  12. This is further information to my earlier comment of Mumbai attacks on 7/11/06.

    Mumbai in India is like New York or Los Angeles in America (big cities of coasts, Mumbai's Bollywood like America's Hollywood). I searched a list of major terror attacks in Mumbai. The result was there have been NINE major terrorist incidents in that city starting from year 1993 and ending of 2011. Mumbai train bombings in 2006 was the seventh incident. So you get 7+1+1->711!

  13. Watch the 25th as it would be 1 year since the antipasto wished in an interview, that EVERYONE CAN SUFFER.
    On the 23rd Earth enters LEO+FIRE+FIRE and saturn will be in scorpio. Capricorn is ruled by saturn, is the seagoat and capricorn is a cardinal sign, there are the 5 cardinal signs of inflammation etc, causes... radiation etc this coming false flag attack may be blamed on Izrael, Emily in the heart of the lion, emily-ballistic missiles 7th8th August heart LION+AIR+FIRE. Lots of gold is required to suspend 3d infrared metamaterial holographic displays...911 saw lots of gold go missing and the destruction of evidence pertaining that. I had a vision that during clean up of ground zero a nuke was sealed up in the old TWIN vault, TWIN babies, GEMINI. distraction by way of confusion etc. TWIN NEMISIS ISIS. Next to the dome on the rock is a bar called capricorn, in Jerusalem, number 18 something st.a temple has already been built in Jerusalem for the antibiotic to hold the inaguration of all religions into one religion. The maths for the building, location and funding is all 666. All religious leaders were recently taken to Antarctica and shown something to which upon their return decided together that all religion should be friends and unite. So, as it is written, the antibiotic preforms a miracle in fire, a deception of which creates a falling away. There is no one more pale than the monarchs (carnivore butterfly) lion prince harry who has just been forbid to marry. The sympathy the world has for that poor little ginger kid who lost his mummy...wah! The antiskid will not have a wife or children. SUMERIAN GERMATRIA KING HARRY=666 BARACK OBAMA=666 pending a spelling mistake should be 667, but was altered to confuse. Obamas kids are on loan and his baphomet wife used to be a man. Obama tells us about the hardship(admiralty law) of winters comming. Prince William cannot take the throne as kate is roman catholic. Harry legs said he would for the greater good. Now, youtube princeharry,obama, queen bomb and you will see clearly the intention harrys phone has this 18:15 which for me points to the 20th August.
    Watch the 25th July as it would be one year ago that in an interview harry wished(see obama bomb queenharry vid) that EVERYONE CAN SUFFER. The antilope will also be using gods name and harry is in the invictus games(see poem) he uses I AM which translates into herbrew as YHWH or Yahweh. When the pale dark prince, soft pitchy, takes the crown he automatically sits ahead of the church of england and if they are joining the churches together then he will have many heads and crowns. The last event for the Invictus games(he just loves counting backwards-royal nanny) is between 18 countries, October 18, 2018
    181818 which is 666+666+666=1998. One year after Diana dies. 31/08/1998 12.30am Paris so, its actually 2017 which would be her year of death. My phone is small so please bear with me if i repeat things etc plus google are trying to stop my posts etc. I may post this and carry on as this is twice ive written this out today for this post.

  14. See also movie THE KNOWING. lord of the rings one ring to rule them all is a reference to either Saturn or the hybrid solar eclipse and tolkien was a freemason in the hermatic order of the golden dawn. Gollum is alien/ locust. Why do ufos need lights? So we can see them. Also the years in which ufos where photographed was the year they were built, go through the years you'll see what i mean. LI.f.E

    1. Thanks for sharing that information with us and the watch for 7/25. It is worth pondering. I believe the dollar bill is encoded with the location of the antichrist and it is the UK.

  15. 19 is optimus prime. All solar and lunar eclipses have the 19 year or multiples of dating back to the full solar eclipse crucifixion, 19 hijackers 911 earths wobble is 361 day cycle, nemisis 3610 years a circle is more likely 361 degrees etc
    Back to harry legs, 1998 to 2017 is 19 years. Watch on moon calendars leo, scorpio, saturn and capricorn. Gemini the twin. Dwarf star twin. Deception.
    Watch August 6,7,8,13,20,21,22,23,31 for geo/saturnal political and for geo natural/enhanced 2,5,10,12,14,17,19,25,30.
    I predicted the 11th of July quake 6.4mag SNARE ISLAND which is obviously multicontextual. Often seen around big quakes is the siesmic blasting vessel the AMAZON WARRIOR aka THE BEAST. KAIKOURA the only eastern coastal highway in NZ, perfect for watching the second sun rise with our own, john keys reason for leaving was to spend time with his family. Peter Talley is support for the A.W. vessel and i believe that he is a sleeper for the NWO. He arrives after 1982, previously running arms in Europe for the shadow or big alphabet and owns all of the fish in NZ waters, all meat processing and export contracts, big vege etc. Veges go up 31 percent and WATTIES shuts it doors? Gaps in supermarkets shelves everywhere, and the biggest 1080 drops to hit this country, ever. Just aroumd the corner. This is about enforcing the RFID chip through the control of food, why our longest lasting is going first etc, and the execution of AGENDA (((21))) via a multitude of conjealing events. Bearing in mind that harry, obama, william and jared kushner have business interests in the chip. the net will be turned off, thats all coms, prior to the events and this is your only chance to rid yourself of the HUNTCODE silicone chip and choose life without devices. LAST CHANCE. the net is a prison, SERVERS. once google has your DNA then CERN will collide it in the new mega accelerator. There you will meet Samauel. Forever dying and that is the plan for us, all the while living a complete lie, generation after generation. 31st of July the moon becomes void of course in scorpio at 11:11pm and would be 11 months with 1 shy of Diana's death.

  16. Oh its definitely harry, the miracle will throne him. Only he has used gods real name. Charismatic is he..whats interesting is how its being lived out word for word, date for date, equation for equation like it has been planned since the eclipse crucifixion. the keepers of secrets etc.

  17. SNARE ISLAND could be liberty, Lilith, the prostitute, the one surrounded by many waters, also TRUMP.E.T. the next president will be jared kushner number 46 and he will read Psalm 46 which is the 666th script counting backwards from Revelation. Check out that guys building. TRUMP.E.T. is getting ready to slam the internet, shut it off and reset it. Alot of truthers are in danger during the black out too, no one will have seen who or what did what, just lies and distraction when the net reboots. They're using a gardening by the moon calendar and the antireverse likes to count backwards.

  18. Hello William!
    I want to inform you about occult numerology which is surrounding of possible doomsday 7/18/17 which is in Illuminist touch with 9/11 day and especially date 9/11/01.
    At first, it's 55 days between 7/18 and 9/11. (55=5x11)
    For second, it's been 5789 days between 9/11/01 and 7/18/17. (5+7+8+9=29->2+9=11)
    For third, the day 7/18/17 is 15 years (1+5=6), 6 months, 6 weeks and 87 days (8+7=15->1+5=6) from date 9/11/01. Number six is shining.
    For fourth, by adding 9/11 and 7/18 you get 9+7=16 & 11+18=29 -> 1+6=7 & 2+9=11 -> 711!
    Please, add your own syncs if you find anything.
    Best regards from Finland,

  19. After going through the movie THE KNOWING, Nicholas Cage, total solar eclipse in the title, it appears that the 18/09/2017 is a hand written date, that is also shown twice, written twice. The leading female actress is named DIANA and her time of death is MIDNIGHT. Sound familiar? 18th july, 18th August, 18th September.
    Those 3 dates have supra significances in history, infact the numbers are astounding.

    1. I had a dream last night that the sun went dark in midday from an eclipse but not of the moon I could see it off to the side and it looked red in my dream I concluded it was from planet X

  20. Looks like things are heating up in Jerusalem, we should keep a watch Between sunset this Friday and sunset Saturday or primarily on 22/7(3.14).

  21. The Amazon warrior is between Russia and japan, exactly 666miles from Sapporo. Starting at the snare is, and finishing back in NZ, Waitangi day prophecy?? The 369 system is present in tge usgs readings and if you look at all significant events it looks like a pentagram is being drawn inside the pacific rim, 6 day intervals with nz return around the 6th of August. Watch.