Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Indian Ocean Event a Precursor to the East Coast Tsunami?

The USA East Coast tsunami, that many have had dreams of including myself, may have been signaled in a very famous movie. Another event that may have been signaled in the same movie has just occurred and thus the East Coast tsunami may be the next event in line.

Let’s take a look at the data, but before we do that let me mention that in my dream about the East Coast tsunami; I was watching for it, saw it coming, was able to get away from it and warned others. So what has just been revealed to me—a possible precursor event—may be the fulfillment of my dream where I was able to watch for it.

Here is the data; a few years back I was watching the movie “Planes” with my family and I noticed an anomaly on a map featured in the film as shown below.

Do you see the anomalies? Why are there two sets of concentric rings on the map, one in the Indian Ocean and one in the Atlantic Ocean?

As far as I know there should be no reason for those rings. I thus postulated that they were a signal of a future event(s), one in the Indian Ocean and one in the Atlantic Ocean. What kind of event? I theorized possibly an earthquake, or meteor strike, which would generate a tsunami. Here is the original post; East Coast Tsunami Signal in the Movie Planes? 

Now the question as to what those rings mean may have just been answered. Take a look at this;


Do you see how close the centers of the circles in the two images match?
And what just happened shortly after and close to the center of the concentric circles and in the red/yellow zone of the radio blackout image? Botswana was hit by the strongest quake in its recorded history, a 6.5. The shaking was also felt in much of Southern Africa. I assume you know that earthquakes can be induced by incoming space energies.
Do you see the connections—solar flare—large energy influx centered over Indian Ocean that matches the planes movie rings—large record breaking earthquake. As the saying goes—energy in—energy out.
So there it is, the possible answer to what the rings signaled. And the resultant earthquake may not be all that there is.  There might be a more serious Indian Ocean area earthquake yet to come and if it occurs in the water it could generate a tsunami.
Assuming the Indian Ocean Radio blackout was signaled in the movie Planes, we are then able to hypothesize that the Atlantic Ocean concentric rings may be the location of a future solar flare impact area that in turn will set off a large Atlantic Ocean area earthquake and if it occurred in the water may result in a tsunami.
It is also possible that the earthquake could occur to the left of center of the radio blackout just as it recently did. If this were to be the case this would place the earthquake on the mainland USA somewhere, maybe even near Washington D.C. Over the years I have read more than one account of a Washington D.C. earthquake dream. Here is one of them; Dream Warning for Washington, DC.
Therefore if a solar flare causes a radio black out centered over the area signaled in the movie Planes we should watch for a large Atlantic Ocean area earthquake, which would include some of the mainland USA, and if the earthquake occurred underwater it could be accompanied by an Atlantic Ocean tsunami.
Bottom line: with the possible Indian Ocean signaled event being fulfilled, the Atlantic Ocean event is next in line.
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36
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  1. I just saw a video that presented that the Quake in Iran sent P-waves that had shown up on seismographs in the US 40 minutes later.
    Looking at the the map in which you mention the rings could be the p-wave signature from the two anomaly quakes. the Botswana and Iran quakes to large quakes in unusual locals.
    The line on the map from Iceland to NY is in the same location that there has been strange wind vortex's on the live wind map feed for months even when there is no apparent weather system there.