Friday, January 13, 2017

WW3; Missiles Will Fly and Maybe They Just Did

Updated 1/14 at end of post
The following watch was posted in December in the post; Prophecy Alert: Tsunami, WW3 Watch; East Coast Nuclear Power Plants Beware!
WW3 Watch:
In the post; 717: The Date of the antichrist is 7/17/20??! the date 1/12/2017 was mentioned.
Note: Let me also mention that I do see one other possible scenario, which is that 4/13/2017 would mark the end of the 91 day period, and the “Great Miracle” would be the arrival of the antichrist/UFO man. If that was the case then we would see the Seals start 91 days prior. 4/13/2017 – 91 days = 1/12/2017. Though in light of the Van-Rensburg prophecies, this last scenario would seem unlikely.
Just came across this information that mentions the date of 1/12-14/2017 as a possible start date for WW3.
While no one really knows for sure what information contains in this whole leak. But according to our data, one folder of documents contains information relating to plans to start World War III. While we don’t know any details. There is only start date. It must begin in the period from 12 to 14 January 2017.
Hopefully these plans have been canceled due to Hillary losing. None the less the date needs to be watched because this would be a perfect way to stop the Inauguration.
Here is what is being reported to have occurred on 1/12-13/2017—the infamous Friday the 13th.
In light of the WW3 watch posted above this situation should be closely followed. Remember that one day Damascus will become a ruinous heap.
Isaiah 17:1 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.
Many of you are familiar with this prophecy, some of you may not be. It was spoken by God through the prophet Isaiah and will be fulfilled. The prophecy is clear that one day Damascus, which many claim to be the oldest continually inhabited city in the world, will no longer be a city—it shall become a ruinous heap.
As you are also probably aware; Damascus is in Syria, and the Syrian government has been in a bitter war with “rebels” or “opposition forces” as they are called, for several years. As you are also probably aware, Syria is reported to have stock piles of chemical weapons.
In the past Syria’s President Assad has threatened to unleash a brutal attack--which could include chemical weapons--on the Mid East, and especially Israel, if he feels he will face a loss to the rebels.
The Syrian ruler and his spokesmen have frequently threatened since the eruption of the popular insurrection that if Assad had his back to the wall, the entire Middle East would go up in flames, especially Israel.

Now the question is; how will Assad respond to this latest incident? Will he unleash his chemical weapons and carry out his threat that the “Middle East would go up in flames, especially Israel?” If he does I could easily see how Israel could respond with nuclear weapons so that “Damascus is taken away from being a city" and made a ruinous heap.
Remember also that Syria and Iran are allies, and let’s not forget about Russia too, it is easy to see how the Syrian war could set off WWIII in the very near future, especially since we are in a prophetic time frame in which WWIII is likely to begin.
Remember if the sign of the woman clothed with the sun, which occurs on 9/23/2017, marks the midpoint of the 70th Week then WW3 will occur between now and then. Whether this latest missile attack is the first salvo in WW3, and or whether it is the first action in a war that will leave Damascus a ruinous heap is yet to be seen. Regardless this situation bears watching.
And let’s not forget that the world is poised to agree to divide the land of Israel on 1/15-16/2017 and then to put it before the U.N. for a vote before Inauguration Day—1/20/2017. If this occurs judgment is sure to fall upon the world especially the USA who is spearheading the initiative. Here are a few posts with the details;
Along those lines Running from Babylon has a very informative list of judgments occurring now or recently against the nations involved in this endeavor.
Thus in light of Bible prophecy, the 9/23/17 sign, the Damascus missile attack, and the events poised to occur between now and Inauguration Day, the world is entering into a very critical time period.
Update 1/14: Here are a few items of interest that show the nearness of ww3. The second says that it has already started and this week it will become apparent.
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36
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Did you know that there is a secret map and several dates ciphered on the dollar bill? One of the dates is the infamous 9/23/17; another is the 6/6/16 false messiah date. See The Dollar Code for more information.


  1. Card 5 of the economist magazine 2017 cover is April 13th 2017. Card one is 16 jan, card 2 (judgement) is 20 Jan, C3 21 Feb, C4 9Mar, C5 13 April, card 6 1 May (illuminati b-day / hyperinflation), card 7 10 June ( 6 day war... Jerusalem surrounded), the Star card (card 8) 17 July 2017


  2. There is something definitely up with this

    He will be in command to send them out and then has been ordered to step down before the Army NG returns?

    Maj. Gen. Errol Schwartz will be stepping down at 12:01 p.m. on Jan. 20, just after Trump is sworn in, Maj. Byron Coward, a guard spokesman said.

    Being replaced with a Coward?

    Is this the drain plug for the swamp?

    This will be a week that things which have been hidden maybe exposed. And it sure looks like someone would try to provoke Assad

    Have you seen this

    1. This week is definitely critical--watch and pray. I will give the article a read.

  3. Your theory of 91 days is intriguing but from here, it still looks like Passover/411 or Day 18,088 will be a better watch?
    Day 18,000 was a date the Creator had His eye on and I sincerely see the 11th more than the 13th; awesome times to witness!

    Jan 16th, Apr. 11, July

    "Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be found worthy to escape all these things and stand before the Son of Man."
    Luke 21:36

    1. I also agree that the more likely time for WW3 would be around Easter, but we could see some Mid East war actions prior.

  4. Great find on that 1958 TV-show, Jeff. Wow, what are the odds of combining the character's name, what he wanted to build, and what he was predicting for that town in a way that so closely matches what's happening today. Almost scary, considering Trump has always seemed, even to his supporters, as a bit of a snake-oil salesman. Here's somehow hoping he's more than that.

    And I saw that report yesterday, about General Schwartz being relieved of command at 12:01 PM on Inauguration Day, right in the middle of directing his "forces" in their attempts to control the peace and safety of Washington, D.C. during all the planned, and unplanned, events of that day.

    Nothing about this makes any sense at all, whether this came at the command/behest of Obama or Trump (his position is by Presidential appointment). It smells like a dead fish, and I don't like the rationale (or lack thereof) or the implications of his removal at all, at least in terms of doing it at exactly that time.

    I mean, why not today? Why not January 25th? Something is seriously wrong with this, though I'm not sure what trouble such a strange move could possibly cause. :-(


    1. I think the guy at the very least is making a political statement.

  5. It feels like the burden of Jerusalem is getting heavy,I have to believe within the next year or two we will see some kind of arrangement that gives partial control of Jerusalem to non Jews that will last 42 months. If Donald Trump goes through with his plan to move the embassy to Jerusalem look for it to happen after May 1st of 2017. My understanding is the Jerusalem embassy act waiver is renewed every 6 months and the next period of renewal is after May 1st 2017. The embassy move was supposed to happen no later than May 31st 1999, If the move takes place look for it to become effective May 31st 2017 a date which happens to be Donald Trump 72 prophetic birthday or 25920 days or approx 1° of the Great Year and May 31st 2017 falls on the feast of weeks.

    1. Thanks for that great research and information. I was not aware of the embassy act, thanks again we will have to watch this. Economist card #6 coincides with 5/1.