Friday, December 9, 2016

Secret Map On The One Dollar Bill Leads To The Inner Earth and More!

It has been said that the one dollar bill is a trestle board for the destruction of the USA and establishment of the New World Order of which the antichrist will be the leader.
The dollar bill also contains secret encoded information. The revealing of this ciphered information has staggering implications. Besides the esoteric symbolism and number combinations there are date ciphers and a map cipher encoded on the one dollar bill.
One of the date ciphers is approaching fast and on that date a major end times event will occur that will undoubtedly involve the antichrist. The map cipher indicates the probable birth place of the antichrist and also leads directly to the inner earth!
This information is presented in an eBook entitled The Dollar Code.
The Dollar Code
Part 1
The Encoded Map on the Dollar Bill 
There is a hidden map on the back of the dollar bill and you are not going to believe where it leads! That’s right; I firmly believe there is a hidden map encoded on the back of the dollar bill that leads to a place that left me astounded, and has great eternal significance. Hold onto your hats, and let the journey begin, as I reveal the map hidden on the dollar bill!
Many years ago I ran across data that suggested that the dollar bill, as the trestle board for the destruction of the Old World Order and establishment of the New, contains encrypted information regarding the United States and the end of the world. This prompted me to investigate the images and design of the dollar bill to see if I could find anything.
See anything that stands out? How about the pyramid? Many people wonder why a pyramid is on the dollar bill. It is on the dollar bill because it is on the Great Seal of the United States and it is this Great Seal that contains the map. To reveal the map we are going to assume that the Great Seal represents a globe, we are then going to assign an equator for each half of the seal, and then from that equator, calculate the latitude of prominent features on the seal.
Note: For all of the calculations I choose to use a 400% enlargement of the Great Seal on the dollar bill, though any size enlargement could be used.
We will start with the right half of the dollar bill; assigning the bottom horizontal line of the shield as the equator, and the top star as the North Pole and measuring the distance, you get approximately 58 mm. Taking 90 degrees latitude from equator to North Pole and dividing it by 58 mm yields a scale of 1.5517 degrees of latitude per mm. that is the scale that we will use on our 400% enlargements.
If we measure from the bottom line on the shield, our assigned equator, to the eagle’s eye, that distance is approximately 25 mm. 25mm times our scale of 1.5517 degrees per mm yields a latitude of approximately 38.8 degrees. That latitude very closely corresponds to the official latitude of Washington, D.C. at 38.8921, and considering the accuracy of the measurements, it is a direct hit!
So if the part of the Great Seal with the phoenix bird, I mean eagle, on it—a clear representation of America—is thought of as a globe with the bottom horizontal line of the shield as the equator and the top star as the North Pole then the eagle’s eye would represent Washington D.C..
How about the other side of the Great Seal does it have a map on it? Yes it does. We will use the same latitude/distance scale as on the first part of the seal. On this side we will assign the equator to the bottom of the cut out part of the two ribbons. With that line as the equator, if we measure to the top of the pyramid without the capstone, that distance is approximately 20.5 mm. 20.5 mm times our scale of 1.5517 corresponds to a latitude of 31.8 degrees. That latitude very closely corresponds to the official latitude of Jerusalem at 31.7857, and again considering the accuracy of the measurements, another direct hit!
Why Jerusalem? It is easy to see why the eagle’s eye would correspond with Washington D.C., because we are dealing with the Great Seal of the United States, but why Jerusalem on the other half? Because that is where the third Temple will be built—a key part of the establishment of the New World Order. Remember; ANNUIT COEPTIS NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM—MASON—announcing the birth of the New World Order.
How about the latitude of the “all seeing eye,” as some call it, does it correspond with anything? The eye is approximately 34 mm from the assigned equator. 34 mm times our scale yields a latitude of 52.8 degrees. What does that correspond with? Knowing what the eye and capstone represents, I would dare say that the latitude of 52.8 will be antichrist related. I am sure many of you are aware that the capstone of the Great Pyramid represents the antichrist and his kingdom—the New World Order—and he will rule the world from Jerusalem after he performs the abomination of desolation in the Third Temple.
Does latitude 52.8 go through anything of prominence that may be antichrist related? Latitude 52.8 goes through the U.K. which happens to be the “mother” of the United States, and many believe is a probable birthplace of the antichrist.
Upon further research I have also found out that 52.8, or the number 528 has great esoteric importance. In fact I found that the number 528 has a connection to the antichrist, the Templar treasure, DNA, tarot cards, healing frequencies, and other esoteric things. It is even claimed that the number 528 holds a key to unlocking great information.
So there we have it; Washington, Jerusalem, The U.K.  and the antichrist all encoded on the dollar bill. Yet there is more, so much more.
Yes, there is something else regarding the map on the Great Seal that will lead to what I described in the beginning of this article as unbelievable. This is a little hard to explain and to put into words, so let’s back up a little bit. When I was investigating the dollar bill, God prompted me to watch the movie National Treasure, that infamous fictional movie about “illuminati” codes. Remember the illuminati love to give information through Hollywood movies. Do you see the clue of the hour glass and globe on the picture of this medallion from the movie? That tipped me off that maybe there was a hidden map and an encoded date on the Seal—I will address the dates later.
It was from that movie that I also received another clue in deciphering the Great Seal on the dollar bill. The clue was contained in this quote from the movie; “The vision to see the treasured past." In the movie they used a special pair of glasses to see an invisible clue on the Declaration of Independence that would appear while looking through the special glasses—the vision to see the treasured past. The thought came to me; why not look at the Great Seal with a special “pair of glasses” to see if it would reveal anything. I brought a photo of the Great Seal into Adobe Photoshop and applied the neon glow filter and here is what appeared around the capstone…
You can see what was revealed around the capstone and see the encoded dates in The Dollar Code.


  1. Just had a thought regarding your information about the North pole. There are many references in the scriptures about "evil coming out of the north." In a few of these passages, it seems the details indicate something supernatural coming from the north. Everyone has always assumed that it was Russia because they're about as far north as our mind goes, but I wonder if we've stopped short of true north and it is the civilization living underground that Admiral Byrd reported about. Jer. 5:15-17 says God is bringing "a nation from enduring ancient nation...whose language you do not know...they are all mighty men (giants). They shall eat up your harvest...they shall eat up your sons and daughters." I'm pretty sure we know the Russian language and they don't eat people - BUT GIANTS DO!

    1. Thanks for your excellent information, I think I will add that into The Dollar Code. In the scariest NWO post it shows a blaphomet image on a truck driving through frozen solid land in which it was the antichrist connection was explained. Your exegesis of the verses speaks volumes and carries that that idea further. Thanks!

    2. I should have put the reference for the "evil coming out of the north", which begins in the previous chapter. Jer 4:6. And then Jer. 4:16 further identifies the them as "watchers coming from a far country." The watchers were the fallen angels, if I recall. Where did you find the scariest NWO post that you saw? I'd like to see it.

    3. Thanks for the additional info. Here is the link to the scariest NWO vid