Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Is It About to Get Crazy in December 2016?!

Is it about to get crazy? From election wrangling, to recounts, to Electoral College rumors, to war drums, to earthquakes and volcanoes, to UFO disclosure mumblings, to threats of nuclear attacks, to the impending debt collapse, etc., is it about to get crazy in December 2016?
That is exactly what Jonathan Kleck believes is being signaled.

(Note: It appears Jonathan believes in a pre trib rapture and does not see the prudence in preparing for Seals 1-4. As you know I do not share that belief.)
Current events and the many signals do seem to be indicating that possibly it may be about to get crazy in December of 2016. Here are some of the data points and their associated dates that I would like to bring to your attention in these regards.
The Data
December 11, 2016
The recent and tragic Oakland Ghost ship fire and date were signaled in the blasphemous I, Pet Goat II film. Many believe the film also contains predictive programming for the next 911. This can easily be deduced from the name of the film for the story Pet Goat was being read by President Bush at the exact time that the first 911 occurred.
In analyzing the film it was theorized that December 11, 2016 along with several other dates was a possible date for the next 911. You can read about it in the post; The Oakland “Ghost Ship” Fire; A Harbinger For The Next Big Event.
Today I ran across this piece of information that also points to 12/11/2016. (Note: I am not familiar with the source, but am posting as a FYI news item that coincided with 12/11/16.)
“Red Alert” I Am Seeing Intel for December of a “Power Grid Failure” “Trump Not Getting into Office” and More
This is not a guarantee this will happen. This is one of their plans that they might pull off this month. Pray it won't happen!
Intelligence is showing that there “MIGHT” be a “Power Grid Failure” This month. The source of this info is by Sherry Shriner.
“They are plotting to take down the electrical grid approximately two weeks before paganmas, or xmas,…that would put a target date approx on 12-11…they would let chaos and anarchy reign during that time. if they coordinate this it could be global with everyone’s going down, but alot of countries don’t have grids like ours “USA”, so will prob be a hit or miss type thing…if they can take it down they will... “
Remember that there are signals, including from Pet Goat, that indicate that the next 911 may involve a sub launched nuke missile causing an East Coast tsunami. An East Coast tsunami would most likely take out the power grid.
Along those lines as reported in the post; Prophecy Watch: The Coming East Coast Tsunami, Is It Sooner Than We Think?, a man from South Africa has had over 50 dreams of a pending Atlantic Ocean tsunami and he believes that it may occur December 10-12, 2016.
December 16, 2016
In the post; The 2017 Economist Cover; Here Comes The Apocalypse!, the meanings of the cards on the cover are discussed. One aspect that was not discussed was their potential to be connected to actual events and dates (HT Matt). With that thought in mind let’s take a look at the first 2 cards.
The Tower is card #16 and Judgment is card #20. What if the first card, #16 was indicating an event for December? Thus the card could be a reference to December 16, 2016. And if we followed the same pattern, the second card, #20 would indicate an event for January—1/20/17.
That date is Inauguration Day, and the card depicts Trump sitting on top of the world. Thus it seems to indicate a possible date and event match for the second card, in fact the other numbers also align with dates that I believe have the potential for events to occur—will hopefully post about soon.
Therefore since the second card’s number and depiction aligns with 1/20/17—Inauguration Day, then possibly the first card’ number and depiction may align with an event on 12/16/16.
The esoteric meaning of the Tower card #16, is that a destructive change will take place. So by this card and the title on the magazine—Planet Trump—they are saying that by Trump becoming President it will bring about a destructive change to the world. The modified card, for this is not a real Tarot card, also shows lightning and presumed thunder, and a tower being destroyed.
The tower may represent the Catholic Church as it appears the 95 thesis has been nailed to the door. Or by that it could represent the protestant church and or both. In the background we see depictions of communism and Christianity, which may refer to the governments and countries that are based on those religious ideas.
If this card is predictive programming it could be indicating an event will bring a destructive change to the church and that this would affect the major governments of the world and bring them together—New World Order.
What could bring destructive change to the things pictured on the card? Many things are possible; a major ET event, a large earthquake in Rome, the breakout of war, etc.
BTW; one of the other dates that the Pet Goat film may be signaling is  12/16/16 .
Let me also state that 12/16/2016 is the first Friday after the Fed meeting (HT Matt), which most are expecting there to be a rate hike. Some believe a rate hike could, in the near future, set off a financial collapse.
So if 12/16/2016 does indeed turn out to be the day of a major event then 1/20/2016—Inauguration Day—may be the day of another. Speaking of Inauguration Day Dave Hodges is calling it a possible Black Friday due to info and predictive programming that he has seen. Here is his info; This False Flag Attack Will Destroy America-Why You Should Stay Home on 1/20/2017.
Another event(s) to watch for that may cause things to get crazy is the election. Right now they are trying to do recounts of which is causing all kinds of controversy. On 12/19/2016 the Electoral College is scheduled to vote. Some electors are saying that they will not vote or they will change their vote. Some have claimed to have gotten death threats if the vote for Trump.
Remember if Trump is against the globalists then they will stop at nothing to try and prevent him from taking office. I wouldn’t put it past them to blow up a whole city to get rid of him. Of course God is more powerful than all the evil forces combined—pray.
In the background of this whole discussion let’s not forget that the Pope and Queen both said that Christmas 2015 will be our last Christmas. If this is accurate then there may be an event before Christmas 2016 that will ruin or stop Christmas. There are several things that could cause that, the most prominent of which is war or war event. And it just so happens that Israel just bombed Damascus. remember the prophecy that one day Damascus will become a ruinous heap.
Another already discussed above is a nuclear missile/ tsunami/grid down event. But what else could stop or wreck or ruin Christmas?
How about a major ET event? A major ET event will most likely be accompanied by the deception that ETs were the ones that started life on earth, and that Jesus was an ET. Boom, there goes most people’s religion and thus their reason for celebrating Christmas. BTW; the Pepsi Black Knight Decoded film had signals to an ET event around Christmas time.
Interestingly enough Buzz Aldrin just took a trip to Antarctica and tweeted this, "We are in danger, It is evil itself." Notice the pyramid.
As you are probably aware Buzz was one of the first 2 to land on the moon and the second to walk on it. He was born of all days, 1/20/1930—same day as the coming Inauguration day.
It has been rumored that there are entrances to the inner Earth in both the Arctic and Antarctic and there are civilizations of ETs/demons living there. In fact I believe that on the one dollar bill there is a secret encoded map that when looked at under a special light shows this very thing. You can read about the map cipher and the other ciphers on the dollar bill in The Dollar Code.
All in all December 2016 has the potential to “get crazy,” especially in light of the Fed decision, the election process, the Oakland Ghost Ship fire harbinger, and other potential events.
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36
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  1. Two note worthy quakes occurring seemingly responsively CA coast depth 12.1=11x11 6.5m=13x5 to
    Solomon Islands 7.8m=13x6
    Distance between
    Kirakira, Solomon Islands And Ferndale CA? 5858 miles
    And Hawaii (Pearl Harbor) is right between the two

    1. Good find and 58 makes a 13 and 5858 = 2929 x 2 which makes an 1111 1111. It seems as if the may be precursors to something larger.