Saturday, November 19, 2016

Bye Bye Miss American Pie!? Prophecy Watch 11/25-26/2016

Updated 11/19, 11/20, and 11/21 towards end of post
A reader sent me a link to the first video below in which the researcher presents some amazing synchronicities for the date of 11/26/2016(HT David). The day before 11/26/2016 is Black Friday and was identified as a day to watch in this post; Prophecy Watch: November/December 2016.
November 25 - 5555 days from 9/11/2001 and 70 360-day years from 11/29/1947--The UN's Partition Plan for Israel.
Remember when it is 11/26/2016 in some parts of the world, it is 11/25/2016 in other parts. Also if you use exclusive counting the 5555 days comes to 11/26/16. Here is the video with the amazing synchronicities.

And here is another video by a different researcher that brings out some additional syncs about 11/26/2016.

In that video the man mentions the San Jacinto monument. The word “Jacinto” rang a bell in my mind and it is related to the number 1972 and the much publicized Third secret of Fatima that is rumored to be WW3 related. Note: I am not saying I believe the whole 3rd Secret rhetoric just posting it as a prophecy news item. Here is an article which explains the Jacinto connections, remember the Pope said Christmas 2015 was to be the last Christmas.
11/26/2016 is also just after Thanksgiving when Cranberry sauce might be on the table. Rick Wiles daughter had a dream that involved cranberry sauce and great destruction coming against the USA. It starts at about the 17:50 mark. Note: cranberry sauce was not specifically mentioned in this account but in a previous account.

Since the researchers mentioned both the Washington Monument and the San Jacinto Monument I decided to draw lines from both of them through the middle of their reflecting pools to see where they would intersect.
The Washington line, which I have written about on many occasions in the past, or what I call the “death line” runs just about due west and goes to the Phoenix area. Remember the Phoenix legend--she will be reborn out of her ashes--is the evil ones destiny for America. Look what statue that death line runs next to east of the monument on the Washington Mall.
I would say they look like people who have been carbonized from a nuclear blast--ashes. And here is what the statue and its shadow looks like from above at a particular time of the day—a Phoenix bird.
The line from the Jacinto monument, as mentioned in the video above comes very close to the location of the Trinity nuclear test site and continues on to come very close to the Hoover Dam.
The closest town to the intersection of the lines is Pie Town, NM. That brings to mind the song American Pie, that was a number one hit in 1972 and that many think has prophetic connections. Remember the lyrics “Bye Bye Miss American Pie…this will be the day that we die?”
In fact if you draw a line 555 NM long from the American Pie Records building in Ventura CA and run it through the intersection of the 2 monument lines the closest city to the end of the line is Pie Town, NM.

And right above the intersection of the 2 lines is the bunny, which I have written about before. The bunny represents satan and is also featured in the Washington D.C. street layout.
I decided to draw another line from the North Korean Sohae rocket launch site to the intersection of the 2 monument lines. It is exactly 5500 NM long, cuts through the image of President Obama and runs right next to the Bunny.

I saw a picture on Accuweather the other day in an article about the Saturday 11/19/2016 launch of the GOES R satellite. The rocket looked very familiar. The rocket in the picture exactly matches the rocket on the 2015 Economist magazine cover.
Moving from left to right on the cover as if proceeding in time; just after the rocket launch is a nuclear explosion. And just below the nuclear explosion is Winston Churchill holding up the victory sign which is also known as bunny ears. Is the launch of the GOES R a time marker?
Here is another tidbit; 11/26/2016 is an esoteric amount of 6 days after Jupiter enters the womb of Virgo. Jupiter entering Virgo is possibly antichrist related and may be a heavenly sign given to us by God to let us know we are entering into a certain prophetic time period.
Update 11/19: Decided to check another prominent USA obelisk with the intersection of the 2 lines. A line drawn from the Central Park, NYC "Cleopatra's Needle" through the SW corner of the Octagon surrounding the Needle is a direct hit with the intersection of the other 2 lines.
The line is 1666 NM long and from the intersection point to the needle it runs at 66 deg 18 (6+6+6)min. The Needle was dedicated by Masons on 2/22/1881 is 69 ft tall and has many inscriptions to "the crowned horus." Horus was the man with the falcon head god as appeared in the uncut version of I, Pet Goat II. The obelisk originally stood in Heliopolis--Heliofant made I, Pet Goat II.
Update 11/20: I Forgot something on the Katy Perry Doomsday watch. There is another 10, it is in the date. That makes the date and time 10:11:06 on the 10th. So we have the numbers 10, 10, 11, 6 and thus they could be configured 10 + 10 + 6 = 26 and with the 11 they can make 11/26. Notice also that the 10, 10, and 6 are all on the right side of the dial possibly indicating that they should be grouped together. Also caught her giving the devil symbol as so many of these types do.
Update 11/21
Had another thought, in the comments section below I mentioned Jericho Baptist church was next to the Redskins stadium, and Jericho was a TV show about a nuclear explosion in the USA which was the first pic in this post.
When I was checking the stadium location something caught my eye. The Jericho Baptist Church or what is now called Jericho City of Praise has a purple roof. I never saw a church with a purple roof before. Hmm…
The Clintons wore purple for their concession. Was it a signal? There were tears at the concession—purple and tears—purple rain. What is purple rain?
Here are some snips from an article that the reader sent me.
...After the nuclear weapons were exploded on Nagasaki and Hiroshima at the end of World War II, the sunrises, sunsets and the rain were purple for months. What made the skies purple over Japan after the nuclear attacks?
Uranium Oxide was the source and cause of the purple sunrises, sunsets and rain. The Uranium Oxide was a byproduct of the nuclear weapons that caused wide-spread cancers, health problems and birth defects in Hiroshima, Nagasaki for years and now and in the distant future in Iraq and North Africa.
I drew a line from the steeple of the Jericho City of Praise diagonally through the Redskins field and it goes right to Pie Town, NM! Is it all just coincidence or is it a signal?
End of Updates
That is the data that I have at this time, I have not had much time to write this up, and am fighting a nasty virus and shingles—your prayers appreciated—if you have anything to add please comment below. I do not know if anything will happen on this date, this is just a watch and not a prediction, as always time will tell—just wanted to make you aware of the information.
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36
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Did you know that there is a secret map and several dates ciphered on the dollar bill? One of the dates is the infamous 9/23/17; another is the 6/6/16 false messiah date. See The Dollar Code for more information.


  1. Another great article Sir,

    I do pray for your healing, shingles is an horrible thing. I am constantly amazed, the same numbers that God showed me months ago, keep reappearing, not just in your posts but in other researchers of the kingdom.
    111/121/616/611/911/119/66, we have absolutely NO idea what the next realm will bring because of our finite minds however, when one enlightened individual looks at these synchronicities, it is not accidental by any means.

    Great videos...the speed of Saturn, yes, out of my realm :)

    1. Thanks for your prayers, yes those were some amazing syncs, not sure what it all means, time will tell

    2. I get shingles often enough, it is very controllable with acyclovir (generic) and valacyclovir (non-generic and more expensive). These meds prevent the virus from replicating more and makes it retreat back into the body. It does not kill it, like an antibiotic does.

  2. Just a note about Rick Wile's daughter's dream (about the apparent Thanksgiving dinner). In the third vignette in her dream, she mentioned a pro football game, where the one team was dressed in "deep red and gold". Well, the colors of the Washington Redskins are burgundy (a deep red) and gold, and they historically go to Texas to play the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving afternoon.

    If one wants, one can extract all sorts of other information from that game. Red skin could relate to burnt skin, for example. Or one could say we're paying for our ancient sins against Native Americans. Or one could look at the Dallas Stadium, what with its $40 million scoreboard, as the "great American Temple" of opulence, greed, and earthly "pleasures".

    Any or all of the above could make it ripe for a "judgmental" destruction, and one that would be instantly seen by millions and millions of Americans, ala the football stadium destruction in the Batman movie.

    Just some of my thoughts on this blog, William. Hopefully, we all will be wrong again. When one talks about such horrible events and things, I never mind being wrong at all.


    So I found that rather startling, to say the least. That, and they talked about a "two-year delay in the prediction" and this audio is from mid-2014.

    1. THX for your input, I have heard many people over the past few years that have had dreams of a destruction in Dallas. I hope and pray it never happens.

    2. Just did a little checking, if you draw a line from the Dallas Cowboys stadium 555.55 NM long it comes within 6 NM of the intersection of the 2 obelisk lines and the closest city is Pie Town, NM. The line runs at 96.44 deg. Also right next to the Redskins stadium is Jericho Baptist Church and Jericho Rd.

  3. Strange you write about multiples of 5's and 11's, as I've been seeing them since Sept 15 pretty much non-stop. Upon glancing at clocks I will catch 11:11 or 1:11 or 5:55 (in the past week I've seen a couple of 9:11's. At no time am I expecting this; it always catches me off-guard. Three times I've even woke in the night & seen it. Once I dreamed about those numbers. I've recorded at least 40 times in the last two months. Nothing like that has ever happened before and I sure would like to know what it's about!

    1. It appears that your attention is being drawn to those numbers for a reason, maybe it has to do with the above, maybe for your personal situation, take it to the Lord in prayer.

  4. (Reposting, as I put it on the wrong blog just now... sorry).....

    I said, on Oct. 29th, in one of your "New 9-11" blogs, William...

    "... I mentioned in a previous blog just having the feeling that there would be a major earthquake on 11/9, either literally (a la a major New Madrid quake), or figuratively (a la riots in the streets caused by questionable election results)..."

    That mentioned, I never really thought that the "earth shaking event" would be Trump's election to the presidency. I mean, his winning has had massive, massive reverberations (ala "shaking") all over the entire world... and with that civil unrest, too (that should actually be called uncivil unrest, as people really have gone insane).

    Now I'm starting to think/wonder, what happens if there are three or four rather major attacks around the country on Thanksgiving? As it is, Homeland Security is saying, again, to be very watchful on that date, and "Black Friday", afterwards (talk about sitting duck targets in the very crowded malls). I mean, if there are a bunch of major assaults, would Obama declare martial law? And, if so, how long would it last, and could it affect the Electoral College Presidential vote on Dec. 19th?

    Does anyone know if Dec. 19th should be a watch date for any particular reason?

    The country is turning to shambles, with all sense of civil decorum disappearing, with all the craziness distracting everyone from God. If there are attacks, people will be pulled even further away... perhaps the beginning of the Great Falling Away? :-(


    1. This Thanksgiving time is definitely looking as a time to watch, I have always had it in the back of my mind what the Pope and Queen said--2015 was our last Christmas. Thus if that is to be the case we can expect something big between now and then. Let's pray it is stopped.

  5. From the date given in the 2nd movie, the date of the first atomic detonation, July 16, 1945 to the 26th of Nov., is 26,066 days.

  6. yet another watchday???

    1. Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36

  7. Metaphysical prophecy should also be considered. I believe there is a chance that both Biblical and metaphysical prophecy will come together at some point. The highest archangel, Michael, will be a leader in the charge against the Dark Cabal. Remember that Michael holds a flaming sword.

  8. I am not trying to be stupid, but in the first video, the author shows: "The root of this country is 8/4/1776". I always thought it was July 4, not August 4. Am I missing something?

    1. In one of his other vids he explains that 8/4/1776 is when the official copy of the Constitution was signed or first day of new Government, can't remember exactly.

  9. These are my honest thoughts about all these amazing numbers and dates one finds all over the internet that are beyond coincidence...
    especially the ones tied to 11/25-26, and nothing happening. I used to share with my wife such amazing line ups beyond coincidence, but have learned the hard way to not to. She is becoming more and more a skeptic and frankly doesn't believe anything now until it happens.

    I totally believe many of these date/number combos are not coincidence, are by design...
    but the question I must ask is "By whose design?". The Bible clearly states there will be many false prophesies and I feel Satan is the author of MANY of these to create doubt...just like the boy that cried "wolf...wolf". ..then a real catches us unaware.
    I am no longer seeing a fantastic string of numbers and dates as being divine as I used to, but will wait till after the event to occur to say anything about it. I feel like my witness to such phenomenal numbers has diminished some of my friends faith.

    1. Yes there are many synchronicities involving numbers and dates. God uses numbers and so does satan, God uses signs in the heavens and so does satan, etc. God uses them in a righteous way, satan perverts them.

      When we observe syncs that the devil may use for his purposes, we need to realize that they may be coincidental, maybe they have something planned and call it off, maybe it happens behind the scene, or maybe something will happen. And they may even attempt something but if enough people pray against it their plans get foiled.

      If people cannot understand that about watch dates than it would be best for them to not know about watch dates.

      As for me I would rather know about the watch dates, knowing of the strong possibilities that nothing may happen--I would rather hear about a tornado watch even if 49 out of 50 times no tornado develops.

      BTW; there were events on 11/20-26.

  10. William- There are such amazing combinations of dates, names, and numbers that are beyond coincidence. I keep praying for a higher level of discernment. I haven't lost any faith, as too much stuff has been happening to me and I have learned to share this to others , instead of number sequences that do more harm than good.

    Biblically , as I watch the worlds actions, it reinforces what my Bible shows to me. I see an ever steepening downward spiral of Christianity being countered by an increasing upward spiraling demonic presence in our world. I personally am not sharp enough with the amazing numbers that are playing out, and for me personally, I am deepening my studies in the Bible.

    1. Number sequences do more harm than good only if you do not understand that; they may mean nothing, they may have something planned and call it off, there may be a behind the scenes event, our prayers can foil their efforts, or something big could happen. If one cannot understand that when looking at syncs then it would be best they did not.

      Amen with the deepening in the Bible, but remember the key to a successful Christian life is balance. We are also commanded to watch so we are not caught unawares.

      I would rather know the ones aligned with satan may have something planned for a particular day and pray against it, even if nothing may happen, than to be blindsided and caught unawares.

    2. William- Good advice. My previous comments boil down to that I keep most of my stuff to myself. My family thinks I am borderline the way it is! My only defense is that someday I unfortunately am going to get to tell them..."I told you so". Then I have the pretrib friends. OMG...forget trying to explain to them we will be going through some hard times. They think we are all going to be raptured out of here before so much as a bee sting happens. When I question them , they just say their pastor tells them so...and that I should just have faith. I can see how there will be a huge falling away.

  11. Just to see if this gets posted, I've tried many times.