Thursday, October 27, 2016

Here Comes The Next 911! Doomsday Clocks Pointing To November 6-7, 2016!?

Note: Updates added in date section, 10/29-11/8.
Several Doomsday clocks have been featured/signaled in cinematic productions. Two of them point to the same numbers and thus may be pointing to the same date, and that date may be 11/6/2016. And that is not all; there are three more pieces of data pointing to the same date, all leading to the conclusion that 11/6/2016 is a day to be watched. Here is the data.
The Katy Perry Clock
The first doomsday clock appears in a Katy Perry music video (Note: I recommend muting the music.)

At 2:23 in the video her watch, pictured below, is prominently displayed—Hmm… wonder why they chose that time to display the watch. We know the illuminati death number is 322 and the watch appears at 2:23 a backwards 322. Could this be a signal that the watch time is important and is signaling a time of death?
For the mere fact that the watch time of 10:11:06 was so prominently displayed is reason enough to conclude that it is an important signal. Add that it was displayed at a backwards 322, confirms it. It is almost like they are saying; “here’s the date, go ahead and try to figure it out if you can.” BTW; 10:11:06 =36,666 seconds or 600 minutes and 666 seconds.
Of course there are several possible dates that could be made from 6, 10, and 11. One possibility for the numbers would be 11/6/2016. And it just so happens that there are 322 days (incl) between 11/6/16 and 9/23/17, which is the date of one of the most important time markers in the end times last 7 years—the sign of the woman clothed with the sun.
So is the doomsday clock pointing to 11/6/2016? I think we need some more corroborating information before we can make that assertion. So let’s take a look at the next doomsday clock and see what date it is pointing to.
The Simpson’s Clock
The time is 5:55, but notice on the clock that the hands are pointing to the 11 and 6. Notice also that the clock and its mounting bracket form a 10. Thus this clock features the same numbers—6, 10, and 11, as the Katy Perry watch.
If you turn the clock upside down it reads 9/11/01—a clear signal to the 911 event.
So since this clock is pointing to the same numbers as the Katy Perry watch, could it also be pointing to 11/6/2016 and a connection between 9/11/01 and 11/6/16?
Consider the connections between 9/11/01, Saturn (Cronus/time), and 11/6/16 brought out by this researcher in his video. BTW; I was viewer #322.

Very interesting indeed!  As you just saw he believes that the mirror date of 9/11/01 in respect to Saturn (cronus) is 11/6/2016. And of course we know that a backwards upside down 11/6 reads as 9/11.
Now here is another tidbit of information; on 9/10/01 Saturn was occulted by the moon in the middle of the horns of Taurus—sound familiar? You know what happened the next day—911.
Saturn’s orbital period is 10,759.22 days.
Thus half way through its orbital period would be 10,759.22/2 = 5379.61 days.
9/11/01 + 5379.61 days = 6/3-4/2016, which is very close to the date of the sign of the false Messiah on 6/6/2016, and taking into account planet orbit derivations it may be a match. BTW; there are 153 days between 6/6/2016 and 11/6/2016—153 is a very important number.
The time on the Doomsday clock is 5:55, Saturn’s eccentricity is .05555, and an actual NYC phone number that appeared in the Katy Perry video had a 555 in it. Also the upside down 4 on the clock very closely resembles the symbol for Saturn. Saturn is also closely related to the occult. These are some interesting connections indeed!

So we ask the question again; is 11/6/2016 going to be the date of the next 911? Consider Jupiter.
The Jupiter Connection
On November 20th 2016 Jupiter enters the womb of Virgo. Due to retrograde motion Jupiter stays in or near the abdomen of Virgo until September 9, 2017.
click to enlarge
click to enlarge
Thus it is in or near the abdomen of Virgo for 42 weeks (incl) after which time it is born out of the abdomen of Virgo. Note: Normal human gestation is from 37-42 weeks.
Is this what this verse is in reference to? Rev 12:2 And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.
Thus this truly is a unique sign, and according to one researcher is the only time in all of earth’s history that Jupiter stays in or near the womb of Virgo for a normal human gestation period, which is then followed by the sun clothing the constellation Virgo with the moon under her feet and twelve stars on her head, which occurs on 9/23/2017.
So how does this Jupiter event connect with 11/6/2016? 11/6/2016 is 14 days before 11/20/2016, when Jupiter enters the womb of Virgo. And 9/9/2017, when Jupiter exits the womb of Virgo, or if you will, is born out of the womb of Virgo, is 14 days before the sign of the woman clothed with the sun.
11/6/16 + 14 days = 11/20/16—Jupiter enters womb of Virgo
Jupiter born out of Virgo—9/9/17 + 14 days = 9/23/17.
Thus since Jupiter exiting the womb of Virgo is followed by a major event 14 days later—the sign of the woman clothed with the sun—this could lead one to conclude that Jupiter entering the womb of Virgo may be preceded by a mirror event at an interval of 14 days prior on 11/6/2016.
Now we have 3 separate pieces of data pointing to 11/6/2016, and again we ask the question; is 11/6/2016 going to be the next 911? Let’s look at a 4th piece of data—711.
(Note: in light of all of the connections, when Jupiter exits the womb of Virgo—is born out of Virgo—on 9/9/2017, in my mind is a prime time for an antichrist birthing ritual—destruction of the Hoover Dam event—but it could come anytime before that.)
The 7/11—11/7 Connection
After writing most of the above, I read a comment  on a post recommending the following video, which shows many signals pointing to 11/7/2016.

As you just saw, the video shows a lot of signals involving 711, which the researcher believes is a backwards signal to 11/7, which because some are associated with the election time, are all pointing to 11/7/2016—one day before the election. Remember while it is still 11/6 in the USA it will be 11/7 in other parts of the world. So the 11/7 signals may also be for 11/6 or maybe there will be events on both days. Or maybe the 11/6 data is suggesting time is up on 11/6 and the next day will be the event.
Here is another connection; the video mentioned 10 and 17 without the zero forming a 117, there just so happens to be 10 months 17 days between 11/6/2016 and 9/23/2017.
Note: The video featured the phrase “Here I Am 7/11.” That phrase may be a reference to the coming antichrist, and is possible that both 11/7/2016 and 7/11/2017 may both be antichrist connected. BTW; there are 1776 hours between 7/11/2017 and 9/23/2017 or 1800 (6+6+6) hours (incl.)
Now we have 4 separate pieces of data pointing to 11/6/2016, and again we ask the question; is 11/6/2016 going to be the next 911? Let’s look at a 5th piece of data—date syncs.
Date Synchronicities
In the past big events have had major date and number synchronicities associated with them. So if 11/6/2016 is to be the date of a big event then we would also expect to see some date syncs. We have already mentioned that 11/6/2016 is 322 days (incl) or 10 months and 17 days to 9/23/17. We also mentioned that there are 153 days (a special number) between 6/6/2016—the sign of the false messiah—and 11/6/2016.
Here is another one; 11/6/2016 + 216 days = 6/10/2017. You are probably aware that 216 is a very special antichrist number—6x6x6 =216. Notice also that removing the zero out of 2016 yields a 216. And adding 216 days to our watch day brings us to 6/10/2017. Is there anything special about that day?
6/10/2017 is 50 years to the day of Israel conquering Jerusalem on 6/10/1967. This date also involves the ancient Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel prophecy. (Note: I am including this prophecy because all has come to pass thus far.)
The Rabbi had also prophesied that during the ninth Jubilee Jerusalem would be a "no-man's land." This is exactly what happened from 1917 to 1967,…The Rabbi also prophesied that during the 10th Jubilee Jerusalem would be under the control of the Jews and the Messianic "end times" would begin. The 10th Jubilee began in 1967 and will be concluded in 2017.
Here is another date sync; there are 5535 days between 9/11/01 and 11/6/2016. 5535 = 5 x 1107. There is that 11/7 again. 5535 also is equal to 123 x 45 and the digits of 5535 add up to 18 (6+6+6).
Update 10/29: March 13, 2013 (Election of Pope Francis) + 1335 days = 11/7/2016.
Update 10/30: I did a little more date checking with the other special numbers from Daniel. May 25, 2013 lunar eclipse + 1260 days = 11/5/16 and April 25, 2013 lunar eclipse + 1290 days = 11/5/16. Taking into account exact times of eclipses and time zones these could also pointing to 11/6/2016.
9/1/16 (day of annular solar eclipse, which has an 11/6, and a 9/11 in it) + 66 (6x11) days = 11/6/2016.
Update 10/31: Let me also add that 3 x 22 = 66 = 11x6
Update 11/4: Received this email today;

I have little in a way of explanation outside of the Hand of God as to why it happened this way but it is all making much more sense now.

About a week ago I had a dream, it was long before your newest post and before the new post a I don't remember anything about the dream; all I know is I woke up and wrote down, "Find zip code 91116." I actually then forgot about the dream until I was looking for something this morning and saw it out of the corner of my eye. After I saw it I immediately looked it up, it's in Pasadena, CA., as are all zip codes 91114-91118, there was no 91119 nor was there a 91113. The last 2 months God has been giving me the number 114/411 and until now, the date that this all just came crashing in on me, I had no idea why. This may be why? It may be the 91114? It may be a lot of things and while I don't know exactly what it all means, I know it is from God!

Just one more thought that I believe may be pertinent: in the movie Captain America (the one where it was quoted, "[Iron Man] had 611 million dollars") the number 117 was mentioned 4 times in the span of about 10 minutes. This could be a sign to 'those with glasses' of something coming down the pike on 11/7.

It was in the context of, "117 Nations have signed on...". When I hear 117 Countries/Nations mentioned 4 times in 10 minutes of a movie, it makes me think!
Parts of Pasadena are directly over the Raymond fault which is connected to the Hollywood fault. Notice also that the zip code contains both a 911, and 116.
Update 11/6:
I tried to post this comment and when I went to 'preview' it, it disappeared. It is relevant, so I will email just incase it didn't make it to you.
Anyway: Today is day 499 and tomorrow day 500 exactly from when our SCOTUS found 'enumeration' for homo-sexual marriage! IT also is converted into 1yr 4mo and 11 day; maybe this is what the 411/114 was about?
Update 11/7, 4:44 PM EST; A thought crossed my mind, I just remembered that in the Batman movie the two teams were Gotham City vs Rapid City. The colors of the Gotham team were the same as the Pittsburgh Steelers--black and gold--and I believe that they used their stadium to film the movie, there is also an eerie batman figure in the Pittsburgh landscape right near the stadium.
So based on that I drew a line from the Pittsburgh stadium to the Seattle Sea Hawks stadium and the line within 10 miles goes right between Rapid City, MI and Rapid City, SD. The Sea Hawks play the 13th game of Week 9 tonight.
Let me also add that the Uniform worn by the Rapid City team in the movie is similar to a uniform worn by the Sea Hawks in the past--white, dark blue, and green.
Update 11/7, 6:29 PM
The Jersey number of the Gotham team that scored the touchdown was #86. I used to work in Restaurants to make money for college. When we said "86 on mashed potatoes" it meant we were out of them, none left, all gone. So when we see 86 and Gotham on the shirt to mean they are signaling the destruction of a city, it will be all gone.
Update 11/8: The two watch dates of 11/6-7 have passed with no major events. So they either called it off or all the syncs were coincidence. Or maybe all the 11/6 signaling was for another date, maybe 11/6 was a signal to another date. we know the ones aligned with satan sometimes give clues upside down. 11/6 upside down is 11/9. So maybe this is the intended date. 11/9/2016 also just so happens to be day #911 of the 70th Week, that is if the 70th Week began on 5/13/14. Olli thinks the date may be 11/16/2016.

 end of updates 

Thus we now we have 5 pieces of data pointing to 11/6-7/2016. We again ask the question; will a major event occur on that day? Will it be the day of the next 911 as some of the data seems to be suggesting? I do not know, I am not a prophet, and I do not make predictions. When the data warrants I issue watches. Some watches have come to pass, some have not.
Remember just because there are synchronicities pointing to a date does not mean that something will happen. It could all just be coincidental or even if the evil forces have something planned they can always call it off, especially if it is exposed. But on the other hand I have never seen a big event that does not have synchronicities.
Thus I do not know if a major event(s) will occur on 11/6-7/2016, but if one does, in light of the Simpsons signaling, a prime candidate would be a nuclear explosion. And since the Simpson’s explosion featured a clock flying through the air, that may indicate a location associated with time, such as Big Ben in London, or Times Square in New York.
Speaking of New York, it has just been reported that a military drill is being conducted in the Northeast focusing in on New York; Unrest and Martial Law? Leaked Military Drill Anticipates “No Rule of Law” After Election Results. You know how some drills have gone live.
Other possible events include the usual; the break out of a major war, a false messiah event, a UFO event, a large earthquake, a large volcanic eruption, a major terrorist attack, a meteor hit, a financial crash, a high level assassination, a fake resurrection, the opening of Seal 1, etc.
Let me also mention that 11/6-7/2016 is 1-2 days before the election, thus if there is an event(s) it may affect the outcome, and or could cancel the election altogether.
So we ask the question again; will 11/6-7/2016 be the date of the next 911? I wish I could tell you the answer to that question, but I cannot, all I can tell you is, “watch.”
But if a major event does occur, then I would say that it would be another piece of evidence pointing to the nearness of the occurrence of major events of the end times, and it would accentuate the prophetic importance of 9/23/2017.
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:36
Do you know if you will be able to stand before the Son of man? Do you know what you must do to be saved? Read a short message entitled God’s Gift of Salvation to find out.
Have you prepared for the end times? The Coming Epiphany is an easy to understand prophecy book designed to help you prepare for the end times. You can download it for FREE at this link; The Coming Epiphany.
Did you know that there is a secret map and several dates ciphered on the dollar bill? One of the dates is the infamous 9/23/17; another is the 6/6/16 false messiah date. See The Dollar Code for more information.


  1. William- I amazed at this latest post of yours. Not being nit picky, but you have 2016 a few times incorrectly in place of what I am sure you meant 2017...the section just before your yellow box showing the correct dates.

    My gut meter is in high alert here. I think you have something. I will be surprised if nothing SIGNIFICANT happens 11/6-7.

  2. Stan, thanks for the encouragement and thanks for the heads up on the typos, they have been fixed.

    My gut reaction is that they have something planned, let's hope and pray that if that is the case that they call it off.

  3. I still am blowed away with the exactness of Venus being occulted by the sun last 6/6/2016. I have been waiting for some significant connections that I believe you have just posted.

    My head shakes in amazement simply because there has to be a valid connecting of all these dots that are way beyond circumstantial.

    We will all know someday , and possibly very shortly.

    Thanks so for all the heads up notices. Being in touch with happenings makes good deer hunters out of you and I, and this so fits with esoteric events.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement, many are sensing big changes are in the wings. I agree about the sign and believe the future will shortly reveal how important it was.

  4. Just wanted to mention a few things to add to your wonderful post...

    555 is considered the number of 'highest death' to the occult... 555 is very, very important.

    In the last Batman movie, with Bane... when he walks out into the stadium after the explosion and ground breaking up...

    there's a 322 next to the window of the people who get executed via explosion...
    Then there's the ground falling apart and athletes falling into the earth. The time on the clock when Bane talks to the stadium crowd says 14:44 or 13. After these events, wall street is also brought down so obviously the events before that are the precursor to economic collapse.

    Later in the movie, the nuke is detonated over the water near Gotham aka Chicago.

    So, possible killing of an elite, then an earthquake, then economic collapse then some nuke event? dunno, but I believe its worth looking into.

    Since Batman is always packed full of predictive programming and agendas, I think the stadium and nuke scenes are important to the end times.

    11/6 makes more sense than 11/7 to me, but they will probably going to go off Jerusalem time.

    1. Thanks for sharing that information and reminding me of that. Years ago I did a few posts about the Batman movie and believe I was able to decipher the Batman map--Strike zone 2 will be Yellowstone. Search strike 2 Yellowstone at side bar.

      Interesting to note that 10/31/16 is 3 years and 322 days since Sandy Hook, which was signaled in the movie and occurred 147 days past the Movie release date. 10/31/16 is also the day of a black moon.

  5. I think the timeframe between 11/6 and 11/9, inclusive, will be a time of tremendous upheaval in the United States, and perhaps around the world, with possibly much of it being centered around the presidential election and its results (or perhaps confused results).

    I can't get past the "synchronicity" of 11/6 being 911 upside down, and 11/9 being 911, reversed. I mentioned in a previous blog just having the feeling that there would be a major earthquake on 11/9, either literally (a la a major New Madrid quake), or figuratively (a la riots in the streets caused by questionable election results). It could also be an "earth shaking" military battle in the Middle East, as U.S. and Russian planes almost started into each other in the skies above Syria yesterday.

    Honestly, I'll be rather completely stunned if there's no very serious, major event that happens during that time frame, with perhaps one every day of it. The election itself will be a major, traumatic event for the country, I know, but I think there will be more happening than just that... and not good things either, no. :-(


    1. I agree, things are coming to the boiling point. If Obama divides the land of Israel it will mean serious trouble for us.

      There is so much corruption engulfing the election, whatever the outcome it is sure to stir things up.

  6. The Katie perry clip has her eyes showing as slits like a cat. I noticed it a couple times. Anyone else?? So I totally believe messages are being conveyed. Jeri

    1. Thanks, I never noticed that--definitely not a good message.

  7. Going out on my gut feelings here....gathered from reading pros and cons to each of my points.

    I really feel something SIGNIFICANT is going to happen between now and a couple of days past the election. Most of that comes from the information from here, but it so resonates with my follow up research and my gut feeling which has served me well all my life.

    I personally do not believe the left biased media having Clinton a clear winner. I see too many thousands of overflow Trump crowds whereas many of Hillary's are curtained off High school auditoriums making her crowds appear to be packed.

    The demonic bias coming from the left wing media and Hollywood makes me so agitated until I put it into Gods hands. Only he knows which way its going to go.

    A Trump win will definitely delay and slow down the demonic tide that is about to sweep our nation.

    I have always said that the most opportune time for our enemy's to strike us is while Obama is still in charge during his last days of his "hopefully" only 2nd term.

    I can see most definitely the possibility of martial law being implemented.

    If that were to happen, martial law can be both good and bad. Good if it brings order out of chaos, bad if it just suppresses chaos and further suppresses Christianity.

    If martial law were to happen, all depends on who the martial is. I would much rather have Trump leading us through the coming perilous times as this would help unite the Christian base. If Hillary or Obama were the martial, you think Christianity is under attack now? Just wait as we will be stifled like never before. Obama gave away our control of the internet to the U.N. What a perfect way of being able to control free speech.

    Perhaps God will see a nation humbled and get on her knees again, and grant us another grace period. My objective opinion says no but hopefully we will at least have a leader that will fight for Christian rights and lead us better prepared into the coming tribulation days I feel has dates already scripturally locked in.

    In closing, not worried and fretting at all. Just praying enough of us can be more prepared biblically, spiritually, and have plenty of food and survival skills to go all the way till Christ calls us into the clouds. May God have each and every one of us help influence others away from the demonic forces on the rise.

    1. Amen, I also pray that America would be brought to repentance toward God.

  8. Hi Mr. William, Have you received my email in regards to the clock hanging on my wall with the dead battery? I sent you a pic so you could actually witness this coincidence for yourself. I have been looking at my stopped clock for about a year now and only read the time as 10:45. I thought many times to replace the battery but never took action. After reading your post i looked over at my clock and it dawned on me that that hands sit on 911 and/or 116. What are the chances that my clock battery stopped on these numbers?

    1. Thanks for sending, that was very interesting, the odds are 1 out of 720.

  9. The Dark Knight 2008 movies final confrontation scene took place at Trump Tower in Chicago , The Dark Knight Rises Wayne Enterprise headquarters tower is the headquarters of the Trump Organization in real life. Gotham City,Wayne Enterprise, Wayne Tower, Predictive programing?

    1. More like the occult. Energy flows where thought goes; they use our energy by making 'effigies' that we pour our focus into; the scenes on the dollar bills, events we watch in movies, etc, and we manifest those things FOR them. Think how we depend on money, we have to have it to survive, so we put a whole lot of focus on our money AND the images they contain. And thus, they happen. Just as we unknowingly asked for it to with our focus. Pretty sick, if you really think on it.

    2. Yes, I find it very ironic that probably the most prolific piece of paper in the world--the one dollar bill--is a trestle board for the destruction of America. On the flip side we can become aware of their evil intent and pray against it thus canceling their negative energies.

      the quake is listed as a 6.6 = 1.1 x 6 an 11/6

  10. You may remember that the flash crash of 2010 occurred on May 6.

    The flash crash was a very rapid intra-day market crash of almost 1,000 DJIA points. At the time (before 8/24/2015) this was the largest intraday crash of all time (i believe).

    More recently the "flash crash" has been blamed on a rogue trader operating overseas and non-traders largely aren't that familiar with the flash crash of 2010 because the market recovered as the trading went on so the effect was not long lasting.

    But a near instaneous drop of ~1,000 points on the Dow was a BIG deal at the time for the market to suddenly drop so much and so rapidly.

    This connects to November 6 2016 because the flash crash occurred may 6 2010 ... 6 years and 6 months in advance of november 6, 2016.

    I think we could see another "flash crash" on november 7 when the market opens after whatever (if anything) does occur on november 6.

    Or perhaps we could see another flash crash market crash on Friday november 11 as this would be 6 years, 6 months and 6 days after the 2010 flash crash.

    Anyway, I thought you might find this interesting.

    Good luck, and thanks for your work.


    ps - I am the same trading expert who commented anonymously about the odds (unlikely odds, I'd say) of the FAZ etf reaching $10,000 per share an idea promoted by a commenter on z3.

    1. Thanks Karl, appreciate the info, I believe it definitely ties in. 6 yr, 6 mo is a 66 = 11x6 another 11/6.

  11. Hello Mr. Frederick,

    I am a believer from Finland. I think The Kate Perry Clock and Simpson's Clock refer to November 16-17, 2016 – especially to 11/16/2016. How I get this?

    Firstly, you need to add up the clock numbers (10, 11, and 6).


    Number NINE is the number of judgement, finality, and completion. (also the number of Lucifer)

    Now, let's add up the numbers of 11/16/2016.

    (1+1)+(1+6)+(2+0+1+6) = 2+7+9 = 18 → 1+8=9!

    So this matches very well.

    Let us look the watch time (10:11:6). When you add up 10 and 6 you get 16. Remaining number in the clock is 11 → 16.11 or 11/16. So here's the month and day. You get the year when you firstly separate number 11 to 1+1=2. (notice the two longer lines at 10 of the Simpson's clock) Then remaining numbers of the clock are 10 and 6 and the new number is 2 (11) like twin towers. You get 2016 by connecting these numbers together. Read backwards 10 → 01 → 2016! (notice the eye line by Homer Simpson when he looks at the clock:

    So it's 16.11.2016! (btw, full moon is 11/14/2016)

    But that's not all. When you consider that Barack Hussein Obama is some kind of pre-Antichrist (”John the Baptist”) who fulfills Daniel's prophecy (1290 days and 1335 days) you get confirmation to this clock theory. See page:

    So, when you add up days from 3/22/2013 to 11/16/2016 you get 1335 days!

    Daniel 12:12

    ”Blessed is he that waits, and comes to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.”


    1. That date is definitely a possibility but I see more syncs with 11/6

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I found very interesting fact about 11/7/2016. It's been 2068 days from great Japan earthquake at 3/11/2011.

    2068 = 11 x 188!

    Remember 188 days earthquake cycle?


    And the nine-month gestation period has begun possibly from Super Bowl 50 at 7/2/2016. Here's the logo of that event. (The Final Countdown)

    1. Thanks for the great info, I was looking for a 3/11/11 connection and the super bowl on 2/7/16 being 9 months. I will add into the next post.

  13. Now we know that 11/6-7 didn't matched. Maybe my original explanation for 11/16-17 is correct (Obama's 1335 days fulfilled). I'll prove it by showing more syncs.

    Firstly you should see this video.

    Florida Shooter's 11-16-16 Birthday Mirrors Ghostbusters END OF THE WORLD Date

    So mirror date for 2-14-16 (Valentine's Day) is 11-16-16 in this leap year.

    Then let's go back to The Katy Perry illuminati video (Part of Me). I think that the watch day is revealed for us already at the beginning of the video. This is related to the above-mentioned (Valentine's Day). I took a still picture from video at 0:02.

    Description: Katy Perry video Part of Me and mirror Valentine's Day 11/16/16. Note: Two heart pattern in the picture. They are like each other's mirror image and at an angle of 45 degrees. Original Valentine's Day is 2/14/16 which is 45th day of the year 2016 (321 days left) and mirror Valentine's Day is 11/16/16 which is 321st day of the year 2016 (45 days left). This whole thing could mean The Wedding of the Lamb on 11/16/16 or 11/17/16 (eastern hemisphere). Come Lord Jesus!

    1. Thanks for the good research, you may be onto something. I am going to try and put it all in a post. But it is too early for the wedding of the Lamb, we have not seen the antichrist yet.

  14. Olli-R,

    I enjoy your research, thanks for putting the time into this and letting God use you.

    For us to say nothing happened is premature in the finite perspective. Yes, we saw nothing 'major' in our eyes but this day as many other dates that had synchronicities may have been something we would never think of like the reports of 'Gabriel's Ark' and its journey to the South Pole or a Spiritual work of Supernatural in the lives of Christians in Syria? Point is, we see in part, know in part and even our prophecy is in part; God is King, we are just children and foolish ones at that!

    Again, we don't know the mind of the Creator. We humbly thank Him for all the insight He has given you and others like William and ask for wisdom in this hour.

    I always like to go back to the whole reason for all of this:
    "Watch therefore and pray always that you may be found worthy to escape all these things...and stand before the Son of Man"
    Without the direct, immediate obedience of our Savior's last command, none of us will see Him coming in the clouds!

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words. There certainly has been some weird happening in the Artic and Antarctica over the years. I believe the arctic is encoded on the dollar bill and has antichrist connections. As the theory goes, there is an alien (demonic) race that lives there. And I agree that there may have been an event down there with Kerry going there, we may never know this side of heaven.

  15. We can't forget that America just had the largest it's biggest political upset with our Presidential Election. And that the Illuminati have even biggest reason for their biggest false flag yet. Just a side note to think about. 11/14/2016 will be the largest Super Duper Moon since 1948 when Israel became a nation!

    1. Yea, I think that they will pull out all the stops to stop the Trump mandate. Big moons = Big quakes, we are still in the window