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Yet 5 Days and New York City Will Be Destroyed!?

Update: Here is the latest info regarding the NYC destruction prophecy; The NYC Destruction Prophecy: An Analysis
Update added 9/28 at end of post
A lady is claiming that she has received a message from the Lord that NYC will be destroyed within 5 days. (HT Matt) The date on her message is 9/24/2016, that would put the destruction on or before 9/30/2016. (Note: I do not know anything about this lady.)
Is this true, will NYC be destroyed within 5 days? Like I said I do not know anything about the lady, so before we answer that question, let’s consider some other data pertaining to the destruction of NYC.
Here is another recent message from a man concerning the destruction of NYC. (HT Matt)
…Then I heard the LORD telling me. “New York City must be speedily evacuated!” because New York city is facing a threat that is massive and of a very high magnitude.
The LORD told me that there is something destructive, catastrophic that is about to hit New York City and it, it can flatten the entire city down. And that the government and the authorities need to evacuate people. They need to evacuate the city NOW, before this thing happens.
The LORD says there are many innocent lives of children, pregnant mothers, people that are completely helpless who need to be saved, but the instruction must be followed.
The LORD told me that He did not want any man to perish, and this I know is the heart of the Father. He does not want any man to perish and that is why He warns us of such things even before they happen. Amos 3:7 – “The LORD will reveal everything to His prophets.”
Is this a confirmation; is the destruction of NYC imminent? First off I do believe that one day NYC will be destroyed—it has been signaled. Here are some of the signals associated with the destruction of NYC, and as you will see many of those signals involve a tsunami.
St John’s Cathedral
A tsunami hitting NYC is depicted at the illuminati built St. John’s cathedral in NYC. BTW; famine and financial collapse are also depicted at the cathedral.
231134421 Be Ready
Remember this video from a few years ago. Many agree that it depicts a tsunami hitting NYC as the next big event. Also remember that Snowden who is depicted in the video just recently tweeted; “it is time.” 

The New $100 Dollar Bill
Jonathan Kleck has deciphered to new $100 dollar bill which he believes shows a nuclear missile causing an East coast/NYC tsunami. 

The Russian Nuclear Tsunami Bomb
Russia claims to have a nuclear bomb that can generate a massive tsunami.
BTW; The U.S. House just approved lethal weaponry for Ukraine. Now how do you think the Bear is going to respond to that? And let’s not forget that it has just been reported that Russia has its ICBMs on the move. This action was identified as one of the foreshadowing events that occurred on 9/23/2016; The Events of 9/23/2016.
Rumors of Asteroids
Recently there have been rumors going around that some insider info has been leaked concerning space missions that have been attempting to destroy an incoming killer asteroid with nuclear missiles, and also that the asteroid’s arrival is imminent. If there is such an asteroid, could it be the cause of an East Coast tsunami or is it just a diversion.

The NYC Baal Arch
On 9/19/2016 a replica of the arch of Triumph was constructed in NYC. It has signals to a NYC destruction event which you can read about here.
Bad things can happen to places that honor demonic entities and things associated with them. In the past events have occurred at esoteric intervals past such happenings; 9/28, 9/29, and 9/30 are 9,10, and 11 days past 9/19/2016, which are all numbers of esoteric importance.
The 2016 UN General Assembly
Things can also happen to nations that take actions against Israel and her land. The day following the placement of the Arch, President Obama addressed the U.N. in NYC regarding Israel and her land. He basically said that Israel cannot keep all her land. This could bring judgment; you can read the particulars here; President Obama, Israel, and the 2016 UN Speech. BTW; Netanyahu is meeting with both presidential candidates on 9/25/2016 the day before the debate in Long Island, NY.
Economic Collapse on 9/27 or 9/30
There has been a lot of chatter on the internet about an economic collapse occurring on 9/27/2016 and or 9/30/2016. Here are a few videos about the subject. 


So what if this is true, what is one way they could stop it? Get rid of it, flush it down the toilet. They covered the 01 crash with an event, why not the 2016 crash.
Note: That is all that I have time to investigate about this. I have not been able to investigate date synchronicities except that 9/27/16 is 113 days past 6/6/16 and the sign of the false messiah. Also that 9/29 is a 911.
Will NYC be destroyed within 5 days? I do not know, as I originally wrote I do not know the individuals making the claims. But I do believe, because of all the signaling, that one day NYC will be destroyed. Will it happen this week? I do not know, but let’s think about this fictional scenario.
Suppose that during the debate Donald Trump totally annihilates Hillary. It then becomes clear to the powers aligned with satan that they must eliminate both candidates—Trump because they cannot have him win, and Hillary because she is unelectable. So they call out the big guns—the Russian tsunami bomb, which creates an East Coast tsunami that, is blamed on an asteroid. As a result there cannot be a crash because the stock market is gone, and banking is shut down. The country quickly falls into chaos, martial law is declared, as we were just alerted to, and the election is suspended… Welcome to the new USA.
Of course that is just fiction and I hope none of that would ever occur, but I know someday some of it most likely will, when; I do not know.
Note: none of the above is to be considered as a prediction, I am merely presenting prophecy related news, and its interconnecting facts.
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Lk 21:36
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Update 9/28/16
I received this information via email this morning (HT Matt)
hadassah new release NYC has 24 hours
September 28, 2016 10:01 am
P, wanted to know if you have noticed the latest release from Esther concerning NY. She has restated that NY will be hit in the next 24 hours.
The link is at the top. I do not have an ounce of revelation either way, wanted to get your thoughts to the latest release by Esther. One thing I do know, after 9-11, market took a hit for a week-two, then shot up in a huge rally like a rocket. So, we can take a hit and then in short order make new huge highs, just like after 9-11; which by the way proves events only move markets short term. Mood is what drive markets, buts that’s another EW lesson for another day.
Actually, God effects social mood which drives the market trend!
Shalom Kemo sabe!
If the hadassah warning is right... hours away from impact and the ensuing tsunami up the east coast of the usa.
Sept 28th 2016   9/28/2016   9+2+8+2+0+1+6= 28  2+8 = 10    testamony, law, account.
10   drop the zero  "1" Unity, LORD.
25 Elul (28 sept in 2016)
A terrifying spectacle will take place in the End of Days. (Zohar, Parshat Balak 212b)
25 Elul 5733 - September 22, 1973:
The first Jewish U.S. Secretary of State, Henry A. Kissinger, was sworn in.(on Shabbat).
Sept 22, 1973   9+2+2+1+9+7+3=  33   mark of the illuminati 
Just found the link to the ladies latest post--she says the devastation will be caused by an asteroid hit.
 Update: Here is the latest info regarding the NYC destruction prophecy; The NYC Destruction Prophecy: An Analysis




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