Thursday, September 29, 2016

Will The Saudis Nuke The Dollar?

In a post entitled; Saudi Arabia to Nuke the Dollar? Predictive Programming in Movie Rollover?, dated Monday April 18, 2016, information was brought forth showing that the Saudis said they will wreck the economy of the USA if the 911 bill was passed. Well guess what just happened.
An Obama veto was overridden for the first time in his presidency by a Congressional majority in order to enact a law that allows up to 3,000 survivors and victims’ families to sue the Saudi government for links with 15 Saudi nationals who took part in the 9/11 terror attacks in New York.  The House voted 348-77, well above the two-thirds majority needed.  The final vote tally in the Senate was 97-1.
Will the Saudis go through with their threat? Will they nuke the dollar? There may even be some predictive programming showing just that. Original post duplicated below.
Original post below:
Many economists have predicted the eventual demise of the dollar and many are saying it could happen in 2016. Sometimes the ones aligned with satan give us predictive programming clues as to how things will happen. In 1981 a financial thriller hit the silver screen, it was entitled Rollover. Here is the gist of the movie.
…Emery is moving money belonging to the Arabs into gold as a safe haven against potential losses if the dollar collapses. The Arabs are extremely worried that if anyone finds out, their assets will vanish in a public panic as American currency becomes worthless…the Arabs panic and pull all of their money out of every bank in America, and possibly the entire world.
The globe is gripped by panic and rioting as people discover all of their money is now worthless…
Here is a video depicting some of the key financial aspects of the film.

As you have just read and seen, the film shows that it is the Arabs that start the panic and kill the dollar. Was this movie predictive programming as so many other movies have been? Will this be the way it happens? Take a look at this recent article from Zero Hedge.
Saudi King & Princes Blackmail U.S. Government
Saudi Arabia, owned by the Saud family, are telling the U.S. Government, they’ll wreck the U.S. economy, if a bill in the U.S. Congress that would remove the unique and exclusive immunity the royal owners of that country enjoy in the United States, against their being prosecuted for their having financed the 9/11 attacks, passes in Congress, and becomes U.S. law.
I recommend reading the entire article but it basically says that if the law passes, Saudi Arabia is threatening to dump 750 billion in U.S. Treasuries and other assets. In theory this could then in turn cause major economic problems for the USA. Whether or not their threatened actions would play out as depicted in the movie Rollover, is yet to be seen.
But I do know that after Seal 3 is opened all world currencies will collapse. The question is what will happen to the dollar before that time? Is the film predictive programming? Will the dollar lose world reserve status? Will it be devalued by 30%, 50% or more? Will there be bank runs in the USA in 2016?
Realizing that the rapture does not occur until after Seal 6 is opened, the more important question is; are you prepared for the eventual crash of all currencies? The post linked below will give you information on how to prepare.
34 And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares.
35 For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth.
36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Luke 21:34-36
The major events of the end times are approaching fast; have you prepared? I have written a book to help you prepare for the end times. Please accept my gift to you and download a FREE copy of The Coming Epiphany.
Do you know what you must do to be saved? Read a short message entitled God’s Gift of Salvation.
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  1. This so ties in with your last Bo Polny blogs, William, and your warnings about the upcoming Monday... Oct. 3rd being a day to watch, both financially and socially.

    The stock market dropped 195 points today, and the big banks are already in crisis, what with the current bad happenings within the Wells Fargo Bank (the sixth biggest in the world) and the huge mess in Germany's Deutsche Bank.

    In June of 2016, the IMF (International Monetary Fund) said this...

    ". . .of the banks big enough to bring the financial system crashing down, Deutsche Bank is the riskiest."

    I expect the "powers who be" to try to shore up a falling stock market today (Friday, Sept. 30th) if it starts to sink too quickly. But that said, if there's going to be a sudden downturn, they'd prefer it to be *on* a Friday, so that people can't make too many sudden moves and sales before the markets close for the weekend. This allows investors time to move away from their panic, and for the media propaganda machine to work for two days to calm everyone down, and to lie about how things are really "not so bad".

    Still, then their hope would be that they can shore things up on Monday (Oct. 3rd). But, and given some of the things in your recent blogs, and if things start to sink/plummet again then, all "hell" could break loose, financially. Weak banks could possibly start crashing too, the Saudi's could start dumping U.S. bonds and treasuries, and then we're looking at a nearly total freefall, almost exactly what is depicted at the end of "Rollover".

    Sigh... irrespective of the End Times, or what we discuss here, or any Biblical references, it's patently obvious that the world financial "house of card" is hanging by a thread right now, and it would take so very little for a gust of wind (Hurricane Matthew?) to blow it all down.

    Perhaps the "waves" that might sink New York City are monetary ones, as it is certainly the nexus of the financial world in the U.S., and if/when the Stock Market crashes, the whole city would be crushed by that. :-(


    1. Thanks Jo for that great analysis, you have summed it up very nicely. I do agree that a financial tsunami is coming to NYC but because of what has been signaled, especially on USA money I believe a real tsunami is also coming to NYC. Maybe they will coincide.

    2. My. Thoughts. Exactly. If the combo of DB collapse & Saudi's pull out happens this Monday... Together it will take out the world economy. This weekend the banks will be closed. If it will happen, the break down will happen behind closed doors and present itself on Monday.
      On one side I can't believe America or Europe would let that happen. So eventually Germany will step in and save the bank. And the US could make another shady deal with the Saudi's...
      Or... This time not and everything gets blown to smithereens.
      Honestly, I've been sceptical about prepping for this kind of events (you obviously know). And even now, now that I really think it would be wise. I don't know if anyone could properly prepare for what's coming.

  2. Tying in with the inevitable crisis coming eventually..let me go off on my food storage tangent. I am a big fan of 20 year freeze dried food. Several good sources out there that are going around the clock shipping out to the "5 wise virgins". Other stuff like canned goods have a "best to use by" date that typically is 2-3 years. These canned goods are fine several years after that date, but do what I am doing. Give these canned goods to the needy when their "best to use by" date is up...and simply rotate your supply with new canned goods. You are doing a good Christian cause of feeding the needy, and you are "wisely" keeping your stock in fresh supply to go deep into the time of trouble.

  3. J/K.......Any preparation at all is better than none. Of course as much as I am preparing , there will be several areas I am lacking in...but my plan is to barter my excess for my lack of.
    You could say the 5 wise virgins didn't stock up on enough oil...but at least they were caught with having some.
    I don't know the immanency of the coming breakdown in society, buy I whole heartedly believe in what's written in Revelation, Daniel , etc. is going to happen in my expected lifetime , if not very soon. If I didn't believe it, I would toss my whole Bible out with those chapters. I want to be blessed for getting "caught" feeding my family as it mentions in Matthew.

    1. Hi Stan, thanks for your wise words. Today is the first time I bought just some extra food, water and supply to cover 10 days. It's the basics that even the government (here in Holland) advises to keep at home in case of emergency. I discussed it with my wife and although she thinks it would never get to that point, she is happy with me taking responsibility for the family. So happy and blessed with her!
      Right now I'm really looking for a wise balance. Between going full scale prepping, screaming from rooftops and digging in. Or just wimping it away as something that all generations before us had thought also, and only God knows it all...
      So I pray, read the bible, talk with my wife, talk with you guys, and today I bought some extra food.
      Be blessed!

    2. I am glad that you are preparing. In your preparing you may want to consider heavily the fact that the rapture will not occur until after Seal 6 is opened. And before that there will be a period of time that we will not be able to buy or sell. That is what we need to prepare for.

      I am not sure about the food prices in Holland but here in the USA we can get a 50 pound bag of rice for about $20--that can feed people for a long time. Beans the same.

    3. Yes William, and thanks for your encouragement. Well prepping for the people around me is my next thought. Step by step right? At first I was to ashamed to even tell my wife that I wanted to do this. No I've also told my family what I'm learning so that they to can choose to prepare. Right now I only got enough for my small family for 10 days. But when things would go down... then also my neighbours could be needing my help.
      Well I'm gonna think about that this week. I wonder how much time there is left.

    4. As far as how much time is left, that is hard to say. If the sign of the woman clothed with the sun aligns with the midpoint, then at the most you have about a year. But if that is the case many bad things could happen between now and then, especially the closer we get.

      Many are saying a financial collapse is imminent, so it is hard to give an exact amount of time. But I do know that at some point in the future it will be too late.

  4. J/k...10 days is better than 0 days. 10 months wouldn't be enough in my opinion.

  5. William- Exactly! I am on another forum that is pretrib . I did my duty offering my food storage advice...but basically was told we wont need it. Fine example of the 5 foolish virgins and the 5 wise ones. I did my duty and warned them, even saying what if they were wrong? As the 5 wise ladies said in Matthew 25 when asked to give up some of their oil...."go buy your own !"

    Food, water purification, ammo, cooking equipment...good stuff to barter with. I was showing my sister an excellent jet stove you can make with 4 concrete blocks. Makes your wood burn more efficiently with little waste, and a place to boil water or heat a skillet. People are going to be coming out of the cities like cockroaches. I am in a rural area where there will be more of a community effect, but its still going to be tough tribulation.

  6. I died at three years old, I drowned in a pool. I became a angel, I was in the light. I was brought back to life after sixteen plus minutes through prayer and emt's. At the age of seven I was shown in a dream when I would be with God again. He showed me I would be in my mid forties that their would be nuclear war much of America would be on fire. I am 46 years old the time is soon. There is no amount of food or water I could buy to save me thru these perilous times that are coming. Trust in the Lord...Jesus Christ. Food and water will not save you. Many of us are about to perish. It may not be pretrib that saves will just be plain death.

    1. You are correct that America the Babylon will be destroyed by fire in a Nuclear war. I believe that is described to us in Revelation.

      My study of scripture has led me to believe it occurs as part of the wrath of God and thus will occur after the rapture. Before the rapture Christians will have to endure Seal 5 when no one can buy or sell--that is what one needs to prepare for.

  7. In my opinion, the more I am prepared, the greater my odds of going deeper into the tribulation . I will be able to witness longer.

    Not preparing is the same as telling the five wise virgins,"its a waste of time having your oil". Then look what happens later. The five foolish had to desperately find their own oil. I don't want to be foolish in my Lords eyes. Of course we haven't a smidge of a chance without Gods grace ultimately being our saving factor. I may very well die in the first few days of turmoil, but my Lord will be pleased that I will be "found" providing meat for my family in those perilous times as Matthew 24:45-46 states. We are called "wise" for doing so.

  8. We will just have to agree to disagree. God has shown ME throughout MY life that I WILL NOT need to prepare. So as for me, my motto is Prepare to die tomorrow but plan to live forever.

  9. 1 out of 4 of the world's population will die before Seal 5 ever comes about. Those people will not need to prepare for seal 5 because they will be already dead. But who of us knows whether we will be one of the 3 out of 4 who will make it past Seal 4. Plus preparations can help make it through those 4 seals also.

  10. Bobbie Joe- Mutual disagreement. I doubt either of us can change the others view. Main thing is we state our case, and move on with a handshake.

  11. I agree totally. God bless you and keep up the good work you do! I follow you regularly and will continue to do so:)

  12. Stan just so you are not confused, I follow you just as much as I follow William. You are a very intelligent man. Both of you keep up the good work. I have learned a great deal from Anonymous too:). I appreciate any Christian whom chooses to prophesize and help me to look further and research.

  13. Bobbie Jo- Thanks. I have to be honest and say I didn't start reading my bible until the Venus/Jupiter conjunction back in July of last year. I said a very sincere and heart felt prayer to God about signs in the heavens. That night I was reading Revelation 12 about some lady with a crown of 12 stars and the moon at her feet? What's this all about I asked myself. First time I had ever read it or heard it. I have always been interested in astronomy and this sounded like some constellation. Turned out it was and the rest is history. I almost daily prayed for enlightenment and discernment. I was on information overload after a few weeks and I added one more word to add to my prayer request....retainment. I just had way too much stuff to remember.
    Thanks again for the vote of confidence, but I not being modest, but brutally truthful saying I am way overated by you . I appreciate being able to learn from most anyone, so I should be better at accepting that I can show something new once in awhile. God bless you and everyone here as we learn together.