Sunday, July 17, 2016

Watching in July 2016; Part 2

As forecasted several events have occurred before and after the false messiah sign on 6/6/16; The France Attacks, Turkey Coup; Events Continue at Esoteric Intervals Past the False Messiah Sign. The latest was the Turkey coup an day 39 and 40.
Based on the start date of 6/6/16 here are some other dates that need watching. But before we get to the watches Daniel Matson has identified another sign in the heavens that occurs tonight that has connections to the sign of the woman clothed with the sun. Events sometimes happen after signs in the heavens.
This also means that this conjunction on July 17, 2016 is also 400 days before the solar eclipse in Leo on August 21, 2017. It seems apparent then that this conjunction in the Beehive is  important in the countdown to 2017…
Day #42 (6 x 7) – 7/18/16. Here are some items that have recently presented themselves for that date.

Note: The video also mentioned November 9, 2016. That date is 11 days before 11/20/16 when Jupiter enters the womb of Virgo and stays there for 42 months; The Sign of the Woman Clothed with the Sun in 2017.
Another item of interest that has presented its self for 7/18/2016 was this email that I received. (HT Matt)
15 July 2016 is 9 Tammuz, the day that Babylon breached the walls of Jerusalem. (JER 39:2-3)
The Petro-dollar is the only thing holding up the USA.  Will the Saudi's make good on their threat to sell $700 billion in US Treasuries.
Now look:
18 July 2016 is 12 Tammuz. 12 Tammuz 3333 – 428 B.C.E.:
Yechezkel HaNavi (the Prophet Ezekiel) was instructed by Hashem to lie on his left side for 390 days, in order to atone for the sins of Klal Yisroel. From the 18th of Tammuz the following year, he lay on his right side for 40 days; altogether he remained lying down for 430 days. On the 28th of Av 3334 / 427 B.C..E., he arose, and on the 5th of Elul he received his next nevuah / prophecy.
That was about five years before the destruction of the Beit HaMikdash (see Yechezkel, ch. 8-10).
18 July 2016 (Republican convention begins / Beginning of America’s atonement?) + 390 days is 12 Aug 2017, 9 days prior tot he total solar eclipse that traverses the USA, Departing on the 33rd parallel (12 Tammuz 3333 above).
18 July 2016 + 430 days = 21 Sept 2017, Rosh Hashana 5778, The start of the revival after the great cataclysms? 4+3= 7 + 0 = Symbolic of the 70 years of Babylonian captivity? 
And as you are probably aware the RNC is being held from 7/18 to 7/21, 2016 in Cleveland, OH, 7/18/2016 just so happens to be the 50th anniversary date of the beginning of the Cleveland riots.
Day #44 (4 x 11) – 7/20/2016. The number 44 has great esoteric importance especially in light of President #44. Let’s not forget about this; Senior American Official Says Obama Will Not Finish His Term?! 7/20/16 is also the 4 year anniversary of the Aurora Batman shootings, strike zones 2 to 5 have yet to be fulfilledand the 47th anniversary of the moon landing.
Hmm, where have I seen the numbers 44 and 20 before?

Day #49 (7 x 7) – 7/25/16.
And here is one we are still watching for August, day #69 – 8/14/2016. Beware The Tisha B' Av Synchronicities; Is The Doomsday Clock Ticking?
Let’s not forget the latest financial forecast from Bo; Guerrilla Update Special: W/ Bo Polny!!!
That is what I have so far, if you know of anything else please comment below. Again these are not predictions, just a watch.
Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man. Lk 21:36
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  1. Bill, on the Jupiter / virgo 42 month period. The first date 9 Nov 2016 plus a 9 month gestation period comes out to 9 Aug 2017. Just prior to the 430 day mark and 20 Nov 2016 plus a 9 month gestation period (human pregnancy) is 20 August 2017, one day before the total solar eclipse traversing the usa.


  2. 20 July 2016 or 7/20/2016 7+2+0+2+0+1+6 = 18 or 666

  3. 42 months jupiter and virgo. That is no coincidence. 20 nov 2016 plus 9 months = 20 august 2017 ( right before total eclipse). Then add 33 days, woman clothed with the sun sign. ? ? ?

  4. What was the significance of the 4420 address in the screenshot with the words, 'We have to move back to Wisconsin'? Just this morning, 7/19/16 before I read your post, I past by my neighbors house which just so happens to be the same address number, and the Spirit of God brought my focus on it as I passed by. Kind of eerie. Please let me know. Thanks.

    1. It was in the movie 2012, that shot was just after the street cracked which was soon followed by the big earthquake, The movie contained a signal to the Fukushima disaster so it may have signals to other events.